What’s up world.  Due to creating Rebellious Development and becoming a blogger, you’ll know me on here as Rebel J, or simply Rebel.

My purpose is to help men live better lives by improving their lifestyle.

Rebellious Development is about self development for men, with real strategies and advice.

I’m not the best writer in the world, nor do I ever have the goal of becoming that.  But my content isn’t for fawning over well written words that sound nice.  It’s for actionable advice and to get you to make changes in your life.  What I make up for in below average writing ability is real content and shit that will actually improve your life.

Rebellious Development is about developing yourself outside the mainstream programming.  I liked the redpill analogy because it was about looking at the world the way it really is instead of the way you were taught it is or wish it is.   And while the redpill is usually associated with dating / women, like a lot of my content, I also focus on creating the best life for yourself as you can overall.

I’m not a pick up artist.  It’d be more accurate to call be a self development guy, a player, or even a dating coach who also focuses on business and your entire lifestyle.

I want you to have the ultimate lifestyle by getting control of your money, your dating life, your health/fitness, and taking action to determine the outcome of your life.

I provide straightforward game plans to help you win in business, relationships, and developing the mindset of a boss.

Most men, and people in general, are too afraid to follow their dreams.  And from  what advice I’ve seen on the internet is mostly bullshit.

The reason I started Rebellious Development is to give men a resource with methods that solve the biggest problems men face in today’s world.  My blog and content are all aimed for the sole purpose of providing value to you guys.

So you can improve your lives, build wealth, get the girls or the girl of your dreams, and then help other men do the same. There’s a lot of empowering advice for women, but not a ton of practical, realistic, actionable advice for men trying to succeed.  I just see a lot of fluff, non-sense articles written by guys who never started a business or who suck with women.

I don’t claim to be the best businessman or the worlds greatest player.

But I’ve had a lot of success with women without having to be a pick up artist, I’ve built this business, I’ve built a small  but very profitable media company, and I made six figures when I worked a corporate job.  So I’ve reached high levels of life in the areas that most men care about.

I don’t say that to brag, but just to justify where I’m coming from when I give you a method to help accomplish a goal. I’m here to help you guys succeed in life.  I appreciate the comments and sharing of the articles I write here for guys and hope you enjoy the content.

Whether you want to call this red pill or modern masculinity, it makes no difference to me.  My goal to is to provide value you to men.  To help you live better lives with game plans to tackle your core problems.

It’s not only how I make my living, but it’s what fulfills me and it’s what I love to do.

Enjoy your time on the website and let me know if there’s any articles you want me to do.  Use the information on Rebellious Development to help you advance in life and become a happier, more fulfilled man.