Alpha fucks vs beta bucks? Is is really true?

Alpha fucks vs beta bucks?

alpha fucks vs beta bucks

Alpha fucks vs beta bucks is a commonly discussed concept in the red pill world.  But it’s left some confusion.  If alphas fuck and betas pay for everything, why try and build your wealth?  Well, getting rich has numerous benefits besides just increasing your sexual market value.  But let’s discuss this further.

Why this is a saying

Women will cheat on their beta male provider husbands with broke dudes.  Or at least men who aren’t as financially stable as their husband.  The guy may be of high smv with good looks, in shape, has some local status, or he’s just the guy that was available.  He could be the mailman or gardener who gets to fuck the beta’s wife.

Hence alphas get to fuck while beta’s are paying for everything.

The beta beta bucks pays for the house, cars, and eventually her entire life when she divorce rapes him.

So when you’re just looking at alpha fucks vs beta bucks, alpha fucks seems more appealing.  And if you had to choose between the two, I’d always choose with being a masculine man over a beta.

How true is alpha fucks and beta bucks?

But how true is alpha fucks and beta bucks?  Well, it’s true to an extent.  It does happen often.  And all the time.  But it doesn’t paint the whole picture.  Plenty of wives of even girlfriends will cheat on their beta bucks provider for a man with less wealth but who can provide good dick.

However, it doesn’t paint the whole picture of the sexual market place.  The alpha fucks and beta bucks frame paints the situational hierarchy as

  1. Broke alphas
  2. Rich betas

But in reality, that’s leaving out key information.  The real hierarchy  is

  1. Rich alphas
  2. Broke alphas
  3. Rich betas
  4. Broke betas

Rich alphas vs broke alphas?

alpha male - james dean

Broke alphas are not the top of the sexual hierarchy.  The mailman or personal trainer who fucks the beta bucks wife is more desirable than he is.  However, the rich alpha is more sexually than the broke alpha.  A man who’s good looking, in shape, dresses well, and acts like a man, is going to do well with women.

If he’s rich, this will only help him attract more women.  It won’t help him keep them.  He’ll need game, or have basic social awareness, in order to do that.  But a rich alpha will naturally have this.  An all all around alpha male is a leader in his work, sexually, and physically.

When I say alpha and beta in this article, I’m mainly talking about just sexual / with women.  If a rich alpha is able to be good with women and have money on top of that, he’s the most sought after.  There’s few men like him.

Out of all men, the top 20% are alpha like.  But really the top 15% or 10% are alpha with women.  And only a very small percentage of those alphas are rich or have any real wealth.

Women like looks, money, and status in a man to initially attract the.  The man’s game/personality/masculine energy is what can escalate that further.  A broke alpha usually has looks, coupled with strong game or masculine energy.  A rich alpha has all of that plus money.

Becoming rich won’t automatically make you beta bucks.  As long as you maintain your masculine energy and your pimp mentality, you’ll be in the best position in the dating game.

Rich betas vs broke alphas?

don't pay expensive dates

Broke alphas, or lower income alphas, are still much more desirable than betas.  Sexually that is.  Women will date or marry rich betas for their money, and because they couldn’t get a rich alpha to commit.

Women will spend their youth on the cock carousel sleeping with alphas.  Rich alphas, broke alphas, alphas on the come up, and so on.  Probably some top tier betas in there as well.  The highest quality can get a rich alpha to commit.  But this is rare.  The vast majority of women are forced to settle with a broke alpha, a rich beta, or a poor beta.

The younger they are, the more the woman is likely to settle with a broke alpha.  This is because he still has potential, and she hasn’t realized the hardships of not having lots of money.  But the older a woman gets, the more likely she is to settle with a rich beta over a broke alpha.

And when she does this, she’ll eventually miss that alpha energy from her life.  Which will cause her to seek out alpha fucks even though she already has beta bucks.

The younger women who settled with a broke alpha might regret not having money once they get older.  And if her former alpha lover becomes betaized in the marriage / relationship, then she’ll  try to find herself a richer man.

Still better to be alpha in how you act vs beta

It’s better to be a king and be powerful in your masculinity than be a weak beta bucks.  When in doubt, build up yourself as a man.

But getting money and being a man shouldn’t be separate things.  There are plenty of beta bucks, but most of them are highly paid employees.

You can develop yourself as a man while still making a lot of money.  In fact, you can make a ton of money and still be alpha fucks all day long.  It’s called starting a business.  When you build a business, you become so tough, so dedicated, and so ruthless, that you develop a ton of masculine energy that you never even knew you had.  It’s like a superpower.

Ironically, you’ll probably be less of a player for the first few years of grinding out your new business.  It takes a ton of time and work to build a profitable company up.  But fi you’re able to work more than everyone else for 2-5 years, you’ll set yourself up to be rich financially, and alpha as fuck mentally.  Keep yourself in shape, dress well, and learn how to get out after spending all of your time grinding for a few years, and you’ll kill it in the dating world.

Money can tip the scale, but only helps with initial attraction

Going out alone vs going out with friends? - ryan gosling

It’s better to be the alpha fucks vs beta bucks.  But you don’t need to be a broke alpha.  Because the broke alpha is really just alpha sexually.  He has little to no resources, which means his life will still be terrible.  The broke alpha will be a beta at work, forced to work a job he hates and stuck as a wage slave like everyone else.

The beta bucks has the resources, but he has no manhood.  Money helps with initial attraction.  But you still need masculine, dominant energy, if you want to do well with women and be a winner in life.  This comes down to not just dating multiple women.  It also includes being a leader in your relationships.  And not being taken advantage of by other alpha men.  When you’re able to get money, and get it for yourself, you strengthen your manhood.

Combine that with physical things like lifting weights + training in martial arts, you’ll start to become an overall masculine man.

All of you guys should create a purpose, develop a business around it, and live life on your own terms.  Become an alpha male in your sexual and dating life, as well as in your work life.  Then you won’t be a broke alpha or a beta bucks.  You can be the rich alpha fucks.  Best of both worlds.

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