Alpha Male Definition – what exactly is an Alpha Male?

Alpha Male Definition

alpha male definition

So you want to know the alpha male definition?

What exactly is an alpha male?

An alpha male is a leader of men.  He does what he wants, and bows to no man.

There’s probably 1-2% of males who truly fit this alpha male definition.

There’s probably 5% of guys who are alpha in different areas in their life, but still not all around alpha males.

The areas you can be an alpha or beta in:

  • Professional / work life
  • Relationships with women
  • Physical situations

Professional / work life


Being an alpha male in your professional or work life means that you’re in the power position.

If you’re in a company, this means CEO – or even the head of the board for bigger public companies.

Ideally, you have your own company where you’re the boss.  It can be just you, or you can have a few other employees.  Keeping it small but high margin is one option, or growing it to a multi-million dollar enterprise is another option.

Either way, you’re the boss and therefore the alpha.

You can do what you want and as long as you maintain control of your business, you’re in the right position.

In any other position, you’re pretty much a beta.

Now, if you work for a business, and want to start your own, you might be an inner alpha.

This means your instincts point you towards being dominant and independent, but you’re just not in the alpha position right now.

Many guys who are alpha with women are in beta positions at work.

Except they chase pussy on the weekends and get too distracted to become their own boss.

Fitting into the full alpha male definition means you’re the boss in your professional career.

Own your business.  If you don’t already and work for another job, you’ll always have to be in beta position, no matter how alpha you feel.

The key to becoming an alpha is to develop a side business when you’re not at your job, and eventually quit when you have enough income to make that your full time business.

Relationships with women


You can be alpha in your relationships with women, whether you’re single and fucking multiple women or in a formal relationship.

Although I prefer to be single and have multiple women.  And most guys in relationships turn more beta.

It’s simply easier to maintain being an alpha when you have options and an abundance of pussy.

That being said, being alpha when you’re single means that you fuck women for fun, and spend a limited amount of money and attention on them.

The more money and attention you give to a woman in order to have sex, the more beta you are.

I’m not saying you can’t pay for a cheap first date and not be called an alpha.

If you’re fucking on the first date, you’re generally winning.

But in general, the least amount of time and money you spend on a woman for sex, the more alpha you are.

This means that she’s fucking you for the pleasure of fucking you, and not for other types of gains.

She’s chasing your validation.

Whether she’s a fuck buddy or a girlfriend, if she is chasing your validation snd attention, you’re in fitting into the alpha male definition for being alpha in relationships.

For guys in relationships, you’re still have to spend some money and time on your woman.

If you spend less (in money and attention) than she does, you’re still alpha and you have the power.

If you spend more money on her and give her all the attention she wants, then you’re in the beta position.

Most guys are either betas or become more beta-like in relationships.

However, if your girl is still begging for your time and you’re on your meaning in life, you can maintain being an alpha in a relationship.

For most guys, I’d recommend having an abundance of women and not tying yourself down to one girl.

Physical situations

alpha male definition - physical

Being alpha in physical situations is an overlooked area.

There are guys who are pussy whipped and are beta at their jobs, but are physically strong and alpha in physical situations.

You can also be an alpha in owning your own business and being dominant with women, but then be a coward in physical situations.

You don’t have to be the biggest, strongest guy in a situation.

Although that would definitely help.

What it comes down to is not letting other guys punk you.

If you let other guys talk shit to you or shove you at the club, you’re beta in those physical situations.

By standing up for yourself and standing tall, you can be alpha in physical situations.

Especially if you’re not a big guy, this is why lifting weights and knowing how to fight is important.

With extra muscle and experience with fighting, you’ll have the confidence to stand up for yourself, even against bigger guys.

This will in turn help you to be more level headed, and will likely decrease the chance of you having to fight.

Alphas are like animals.

We can smell fear in other men.

If other guys smell fear in you, they’ll prey on you and try to punk you.

Don’t let other guys out alpha you.  You don’t have to bump into people, talk shit to strangers, or do other stupid shit when you’re in public.

Be confident in yourself and don’t look down when you see other men, as this is submissive behavior.

Alpha in all areas

If you’re an alpha in all areas, your work, relationships, and physical situations, then you’ll fit the all around alpha male definition.

There are situations you won’t be an alpha in at first.

For example, in learning new skills.

When you’re learning how to box, you’re not going to be the alpha at the boxing gym.  That’s the owner of the gym and the best fighter there.

You show respect to those guys and learn from them.  But you don’t look down like a submissive bitch, and you also carry yourself with confidence.

Or if you’re learning how to dance.  You may be physically stronger than your salsa teacher, but they’re the leader in the class.

Being an alpha doesn’t mean you have to treat other people like shit.

It means you have control over you life and you live life to the fullest.

You’re the dominant one in the main areas of your life.  You don’t let people talk shit to you.

Your finances are in your own control, you have access to pussy when you want it, and you don’t let other men punk you.

If you want to learn more about being an alpha, master these areas of your life.

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