Best Sex Positions: For Men to give Women Intense Orgasms

Best Sex Positions: For Men to give Women Intense Orgasms

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The best sex positions, when combined with stamina, smoothness, and sex awareness, will allow you bring a woman on an intense orgasmic adventure.

As a man, knowing how to fuck a girl so well that she becomes addicted is a powerful tool.  Whether you want to keep a girlfriend loyal and loving your dick, or you want to keep casual flings coming back for more, knowing the best sex positions to spend your time in makes a big difference.

It’s not the only factor of course. You still need to be able to last long and know the erogenous zones of a female. But when you try the best sex positions for yourself, you’ll get a feeling of what works, how deep you can go from each angle, and how else you can stimulate the girl during sex.


The first position is missionary. It’s the most basic sex position, but it’s also the best sex position. Too many men over look missionary and never utilize its benefits. Missionary is great because it gives you the most control over your own orgasm, can stimulate her breasts and neck easily, can make eye contact, and can easily simulate her clit.

And when I say missionary, I’m talking about missionary and all of it’s variations. The main ones will be

  • regular missionary
  • One leg over shoulder
  • Two legs over shoulders
  • Pillow underneath her hips

You can make hundreds of slight variations to these ones and call them different positions. But the best sex positions you should spend most of the time during sex is going to be some variation of missionary.

Regular missionary

how to have sex - missionary position

Regular missionary is when she’s laying on her back, and you’re on top of her.  It’s the most basic sex position, but it remains one of the best.  You’re able to lock eyes with a woman and connect with her while you’re inside.

It’s best used to start sex off with.  After you’ve made her cum a few times from rubbing her clit during foreplay, you’ll tease her, and then finally enter inside of her into regular missionary.  From you can continue to rub her clit with one hand, and then use your other hand or grab her neck, feel her breasts, or use it as you see fit.

One leg over shoulder

One leg over you shoulder is when you have one of her legs over one of your shoulders, generally on the same side.  If she has a leg the the opposite shoulder, like diagonally, then that’s more like hitting it from the side.  Still a fine position, but it’s more of a doggy hybrid, talked about below.

One leg ovet the shoulder is great for going deeper than regular missionary while still having access to rub her clit or choke her.  In fact, one of my favorite things to do from this position is choke a girl.  I don’t go all out and actually choke that hard, I’m into risking lives and shit.  But I find this to be a great position to start some dominance in bed if you’re into that.  It’s also one of the best sex positions to really feel up the whole front of her body.

Two legs over shoulders

missionary variation

Two legs over the shoulders is the natural progress from the previous sex position of one leg over the shoulders.  This is one of the best sex positions for going deep.  It also gives you close access to her face.  Which means she can look at you as she cums, which will strengthen her connection and addiction to you.

Pillow underneath her hips or her off of bed, you standing up

missionary - edge of bed

Whether you put a pull under neath her or you have her off the bed while you stand up pictured above is up to your preference.  They essentially are the same position.

It’s missionary, but you’re able to go as deep as you would from doggy style.  It’s one of the best sex positions because you have the deep penetration, but also still have easy access to rub her clit with a free hand.  With her hips raised up you can get her g-spot by aiming up.

You stimulate her g-spot on the way in during the stroke, and then you continue going all the way to reach her a-spot if you have the dick size to hit it.  This is why women love big dicks.  Because they can feel a man fill her up and reach her spot in the back.  If you aren’t able to hit it, then don’t worry.  You can still hit the g-spot and rub the clit at the same time, which will give her intense orgasms.  Which will lead to her becoming addicted to your cock.

This missionary variation is best used after you’ve done regular missionary and have had a leg or two on your shoulder.  It’s the natural progression after these positions.  You can end here if you’d like, as it’s one of my personal favorite sex positions.  But if not, then it’s on to doggy style.


how to fuck a girl - doggy

Doggy is a favorite of many men and women alike.  After all, you can go deep from this position, arguably the deepest if she arches her back right.  And it feels so animalistic.  You can see her ass bounce on your dick and you fuck her.  It’s one of the best sex positions that you should be spending most of the extra time in that you’re not in missionary.

2nd half / ending of sex

It’s a great way to end sex, or to use during the 2nd half of your sex session.

The mistake most men make with doggy is rushing right into it and just not being able to last in it. Out of all the sex positions, doggy is the hardest to last in. There’s the most stimulation for a man, and the visual you get is so enticing that it just makes you want to cum. That’s why it takes a solid kegel routine, with a focus on reverse kegels, combined with real practice, in order to get to the point where you can consistently last long from doggy style.

Taking 10 minutes out of your day for a few weeks to do the necessary kegels are worth it though. Being able to last long from doggy has huge payouts during sex. This is what can get women to cum hard, cum long, and come back for more.

But like I said earlier, you shouldn’t be starting with doggy unless you’re doing a quickie, which should be less than 10% of the time you fuck. Even though it’s one of the best sex positions, it’s best saved after you’ve already made her cum a few times and want to do another last one or two times before you finish.

Natural to end things in doggy

It feels natural to end things in doggy. And if you’re new to sex or can’t last as long as you’d like, then it won’t be a big deal if you bust early during doggy. Especially if you made sure that the girl got to cum many times before during foreplay + missionary sex.

Doggy style is the ultimate test of how long you can last. If you can fuck in doggy style, raw, sober, and last as long as you want 95% of the time, then you have a rock solid ability to control your dick.

A few common sex position variations for doggy style:

  • regular doggy
  • aiming at her g-spot doggy (aiming down)
  • Her on the bed, you off the the bed

Regular doggy

Regular doggy is what I called lazy doggy. You’re fucking her from the back, but she’s just taking it, she’s not arching her back or doing anything crazy. Nothing wrong with this. I prefer to tell women to arch their back or get into it in some other way.

But from regular doggy you can also pull her hair or hold her by her throat with a hand. You can also feel her hits and smack her ass. You can reach around with a hand and even rub her clit while you fuck her. Although this will usually get in the way of you really being able to do all the way deep in her. I recommend using the clit stimulation in foreplay and during missionary to help her cum a lot, and then not spend as much time on that in doggy so you can focus on doing deep and being animalistic. But if you want to still use clit stimulation, then you’d still be giving her a good time.

Aiming down at her g-spot

doggy style to make her cum

Another slight variation on this is aiming at her g-spot.

So you are fucking her, but instead of going in at a regular angle parallel t the ground, you’re actually coming from above slightly and aiming down with your dick. The goal is to aim for her g-spot. This position is extremely effective. It can take more leg muscle stamina than you might expect though.

Having a girl lay on a pillow and you aiming downwards will be an easier to do this position. And in fact, this is one of the best sex positions because it’s super effective but also easier to do then having to aim down on her g-spot while she’s in regular doggy. With her laying down and her hips on the pillow, you’re able to go deeper using your knees to hold your up rather than be on your feet.

Her on the bed, you off the the bed

And one of my favorite sex positions is when you do doggy style with her on the bed and you off of it. So she’s in a normal doggy position, or arched, with her ass up facing the edge of the bed. You then stand up right behind on, standing on the ground, and then can fuck her. This position gives you more control because your fleet are planted on the ground, and you’re still able to go deep. This sex position goes especially well with pulling her hair or doing whatever you want.

From the side

I don’t always fuck from the side.  While it’s not a go-to position, it’s actually one of the best positions for when you’re a little tired or lazy.  I don’t mean like you’re going to cum.  More like you’ve been having a lot of sex and are actually just kind of mentally tired, or don’t want to put in the work for doggy.

Hitting it from the side is like a hybrid between missionary and doggy style.  I usually use this position to fuck a girl sensually, while still being able to grab her hair or her neck, rub her clit, and look her in her eyes.  You can’t go as deep as doggy style, but it’s great for being able to enjoy her body and stimulate her erogenous zones.

It’s also a good position to switch things up.  Most girls don’t get fucked from the side, so it adds variety to her sex life and can make things more fun.  If she has a curvy body, then you can enjoy her ass and tits at the same time.  You can feel her ass with each stroke and see her tits or feel them with your hands.

Like I said, I don’t spend the majority of my time from the side, but I like to do it as a transition from missionary to doggy with girls I’ve fucked a few times to switch things up.


sex positions - spooning

Spooning isn’t usually on my recommendations of the best sex positions.  Especially if you’re fucking a girl for the first step, you should stick to missionary and doggy.  And maybe add in from the side if you want.

Spooning is better to use on women you’ve been seeing for a while and have a connection with.  It’s a softer position than doggy and even missionary.  It can be a great way to have calm sex with a girl you have as a romantic companion.

You can still make a girl cum from spooning, especially if you aim for the g-spot, but it’s not the best sex position for really giving her intense orgasms.  However, it can be a good sex position for feeling her body and having smooth sex.

Her on top

There’s one sex position you shouldn’t do, which is her on top.  It’s true that girls can cum from on top, and they usually know how to grind on your dick to hit their spots.  But it puts you in the weaker position.  She’s in a dominant position during sex, and this dominance will translate into other aspects of the relationship, whether she’s just a girl you see casually or a girlfriend.  Rebellious Development is for men who are trying to develop themselves to their fullest ability.

And that’s what I can’t recommend having her on top.  Yes, some women enjoy this.  But those are women who are generally more masculine oriented.  Most feminine women, or women who are feminine with you, won’t want to be on top.  They’ll want you to be on top and taking control of them.

And besides, even though a girl can cum from on top, it’s still one of the worst sex positions for orgasms.  You won’t be able to go as deep, and you won’t have the ability to keep going as hard when she does get close to an orgasm.  You can go much deeper and stimulate her better in other positions.  And you can also take control and be dominant from missionary or doggy, which will turn her on more and help her cum harder.

Eating pussy

eating pussy, holding her hips in place

Eating pussy is similar to on top in that it puts you in a submissive position.  That being said, I’d rather have you guys eat pussy than be on top.  Believe it or not, it’s something I mastered early on, but didn’t realize it caused problems in my relationships until later.

Eating pussy is good for one thing, and that’s for giving many orgasms easily.  If you have tongue stamina and can focus on the clit, you can make her cum multiple times before ever fucking.

For that reason, eating pussy can be argued to be one of the best sex positions.  It’s great for giving her many orgasms and for getting her addicted to you.  So if you just met a girl and your sex skills aren’t where they should be, you can make up for it by eating pussy beforehand.

That being said, I’d rather you guys learn how to last long and avoid eating pussy.  It’s better to make her cum with foreplay by using your fingers to rub her clit.  I mean it’s easier from eating pussy.  But can still be done with your fingers without a massive effort.

I tell you guys to avoid eating pussy because it gets the girl used to being in the dominant position.  And while you please her during sex, you’re also getting pleasure.  Unless you’re doing 69, then she’s just getting the pleasure.  Eating a girls pussy too much will get her physically addicted to you, but she’ll also feel more powerful in the relationship and will try to dominate it.

If you’re determined to eat pussy, then I have a whole article dedicated to that alone.

Getting head

getting head

For women who are just casual, you definitely shouldn’t eat pussy.  They’re liking fucking other dudes, and you could be licking some stuff you’d rather not.  Instead, let her suck your dick.  Getting head is one of the best sex positions for getting a woman to submit to.  She’s literally sucking your dick.  A woman who consistently sucks your dick is in her feminine energy when she’s with you.  Which means she’s super turned on by you and your presence.

Girls that really like you will suck your dick a lot.  Just like you probably want to eat pussy of girls you really like.

Getting head is a great sex position for men.  It’s a great way to begin before sex as you can have her suck your dick as you rub her clit.  It’s also a great way to end sex as you can have her suck on it and swallow.

Master the best Sex Positions

Becoming a beast in the bedroom takes a little bit of effort and practice.  But it’s fun effort.  Sex positions are critical because that’s the basis for your sex with women.  You’re going to be in some type of position while fucking.  There’s a lot more to great sex then just the sex positions.  In this guide, you got a glimpse into that with some advice on how to best stimulate her in different sex positions.  You know what the best sex positions are, and what to do in each one.  Now it’s time to go out there and have fun with it.

If you want further info on how to fuck a woman the right way, then this article is perfect for you.

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