Can I fuck promiscuous women?

Can I fuck promiscuous women?

A reader asked me “can I fuck promiscuous women, or should I just fuck the good girls?” Well motherfucker, who do you think you’re fucking?  You’re not fucking the good girls, as they aren’t that many true good girls anymore.  Some, but they’re locked down in marriages early on, actually religious (consistently, not when they turn 30), or aren’t fucking you.

The girls you’re fucking, even if they say they “don’t normally hook up with guys like this” are promiscuous women.

That’s a fact.  Now how promiscuous are they can vary.  If she’s fucked 10 – 40 dudes, that’s an average woman.  I wouldn’t fuck the ultra promiscuous women who have fucked 100+ men.  Not that you can ever tell for sure.

But when a woman has fucked over 80 or 100 men, there’s a vibe she gives off that you can sense.  Experienced guys will know what I mean.  I’m not asking girls how many guys they’ve fucked or believing them when they tell me a number if they volunteer it on their own.  But once you’ve been with 50 women or even 100 women yourself, you can get a sense for how she is by the way she acts.

What’s a promiscuous woman?

So what is a promiscuous woman?  Basically the majority of women today.  Like I said, the degree to which she’s promiscuous varies greatly.

But I’d say that if she is fucking 2 or more guys at once, she’s promiscuous.  If she’s fucked more than 5 guys in a year (which is very low for the average woman today), she’s promiscuous.

Most women go through stages where they’ll get into a relationship, break up and fuck 2, 3, or up to 10 guys, then get in another relationship.   They tend to repeat this cycle unless they stay with a man or get too old to keep one and stay single forever.

Don’t need to judge

The point of this article isn’t to judge women for being promiscuous.  I’d stay away from the ultra promiscuous women – the ones who admit to doing orgies, being “non-monogamous”, and who give off the “I’ve fucked well over 100 dudes” vibe.

However, the vast majority of women you encounter are promiscuous.  Most women today will be fucking more than 1 guy if they’re single and have body count of well over 10.  No, the majority of women don’t have body counts over 50 or 60.  Some black pilled men will claim every woman has fucked over 50 or 100 guys.  While they all have the potential to do so due to sex dynamics, mathematically that’s not possible.

There are women who fuck that many guys, but it’s the minority.  However, all of these women who say they’ve only fucked “7 guys” or “10 guys” are full of shit.  Their real notch count is likely 20 or 30.  Some may be lower, especially if they’re younger.  However those women will rack up a higher number unless they run into an alpha who fucks them right and decides to settle down.

Women are promiscuous

The Beta will Never satisfy her: She Craves Alpha Energy

So no need to even have to run the metrics in your head above and guess.  You can assume they are.  Once in a while you’ll meet a girl whom you get a non-promiscuous vibe from.  And once you get to know her, the veil will come off and if you have any game you’ll be able to see if she’s legit or not.

Most of you guys who are inexperienced will believe women when they say they are virgins or have only fucked a few guys.  The amount of women who have told me they’ve been with “4” or “7” or “12” guys is insane.  They’re bullshitting, but I don’t care.  Eventually once they open up they’ll tell me a more truthful number.  But I don’t care because I’m not taking them seriously.

And asking a girl her number will only result in you getting a fake number, unless you have a high level of game and can call her out when she lies.  That’s more advanced and I won’t get into here that here to confuse you guys.

Don’t ask her for her number of notches.  Once you meet her and talk to her and fuck her, you’ll get the vibe.  By her age, dating stories and interactions with guys, you’ll be able to tell.  Most women are promiscuous and that’s fine.  Just realize this as a truth before you start to believe them when they try convince you they’re better than that or angels.  If she sees you as a real alpha, she’ll give you more honesty upfront.  However, you should still take this with a grain of salt.

All women are like that

Yes, all women are promiscuous or have the potential to be.  Most women in today’s society are promiscuous and you can fuck them and have fuckbuddy relationships with them, enjoy their company, etc.

However, you should not take them seriously.  You shouldn’t consider promiscuous women for relationships,  unless she has done massive work on herself.  even then, it’s just easier to get a girlfriend who isn’t promiscuous.

Don’t indulge for too long

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Although you can fuck promiscuous women, as that will account for 95% of the women you interact with, don’t indulge for too long.

It can be beneficial to take periods where you see less women or even practice celibacy to get your energy back.   Because although fucking a lot of women doesn’t have the same effect on men as it does on women, it still will have an affect over time.  That’s why it can be good to cleanse yourself and detox.  Some men go into monk mode to raise their smv or become financially free, while others do it just to take a break from fucking a bunch of women.

The imprint

If you can’t imprint a woman, then she has no business being your girlfriend or wife.  There are women who can be imprinted, but these are women who haven’t yet been promiscuous.

They’re not angels for life, they just haven’t been damaged yet.  If you can get a woman who is still relatively inexperienced, she’ll be much easier to mold into a relationship with you and be a great woman you can commit to.  She hasn’t been hurt or been fucked super well by another man yet.  Which makes it that much easier for her to open up to you.

Nevertheless, you still need to be a leader with this woman and have game.  AWALT still is true.  It just that a woman you imprint is going to have an extremely strong tie to you and therefore can seemingly be a better woman than others.  She’s not a unicorn, it’s just that you were able to mold her and influence her life in such a way that she doesn’t ever want to mess that up.

Fucking promiscuous women

dirty talking to a girl

Yes you can fuck and interact with promiscuous women.  If you’re in the West, and even in other countries, that’s going to be the majority of women.  Most women have fucked more than 1 guy within the same week.  And most have fucked more than 5 guys in a year.  The majority of women have notch counts within 10 to 40 guys.  That’s just the truth.

Should you fuck the ultra promiscuous women?  I’m talking about the women who have fucked 80, 100, or even more men.

No, not if you can help it.  I mean you can fuck them once or twice.  But these women are simply too damaged.  Even for fuckbuddies, it’s much better to get a girl whose been with 10-40 dudes or so.   Again, not that you’ll ever know for sure.  But you want to be fucking the regular promiscuous women, date the good girls, and not mess with the ultra promiscuous women.

If you get the vibe she’s like this, it’s not even worth messing with.  But for the average promiscuous woman, you can still fuck with her.  That’s most women.  You just need to make sure you guard your heart and keep your standards high.  Don’t fall for women who are riding or have ridden the cock carousel.  Instead, just enjoy the sex and time spent together and recognitive it for what it is.

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