Captain Save a Hoe: Stop trying to save women

Captain Save a Hoe: Stop trying to save women

captain save a hoe

It seems like every other guy is trying to be mr. captain save a hoe.  But this must stop if men are going to lead productive, fulfilled lives, and not put all of their energy into trying to save women.

Captain Save a who?

A captain save a hoe is a man who wants to save a woman.  The literal meaning is a super simp who wants to save a real hoe (prostitute) from having to prostitute herself.  But he’s a dumb simp because she’s just going to use him and doesn’t want to be saved.

  • To be clear we’re talking about prostitutes and not sex slaves or women being trafficked.  Obviously saving someone from being kidnapped or saving a life is totally different, but I’m sure someone might get the wrong idea.

However, in real life there are many men who want to be captain save a hoe.  These are beta men who want to wife a girl up after she’s been on the cock carousel.  People have different definitions, but for this we’re going to go with women who have been with over 20 dudes or so.  When a man knowingly gets with a woman who’s been around, he’s a captain save a hoe.  He’s trying to “save” her from being passed around.  Usually because he thinks she’s so hot or so pretty and is worth saving.

This article isn’t a jab at promiscuous women.   But rather at men who are trying to wife them up.  If you’re a dude that has wifed up or wants to lock down a girl you know was promiscuous, then you’re a captain save a hoe.

Why you shouldn’t save these women

There’s too many reasons why you should stop trying to save women.  Here’s 6 of them.

1. They don’t want to be saved

woman rejecting man

These women don’t want to be saved.  The last thing they want is to actually end up happily together with a full on beta.  They want that with the masculine alpha male.  But these promiscuous women don’t want a beta chump.  However, they’ll still realize the potential benefits, like divorce rape money, vacations and so on, so once they reach age 28-33, they’ll consider being “saved”.

Don’t expect this to last though.  After a few years, she’ll dump him for someone else.  Or many other men that fulfill her sexual desires.

There are some women who have low notch counts who want a man that will provide for them.  And in return they’ll take of the household and take on a more traditional role.  These women aren’t unicorns by any means.  There’s always the potential of them wanting to divorce rape you and experience their sexuality in full later on.  However, if you lead the relationship + maintain your masculinity, chances are much better that the relationship lasts longer.

But with these hoes who’ve slept with everyone, they’ve already experienced a lot of dick.  So it’s going to be much harder to keep one loyal to you.  And they don’t even want to be saved.  Let them live their lives freely and enjoy them when they make themselves available to you.

2. Money drained – You’ll be used

Promiscuous women will use men for resources.  She might love the bad boy or alpha who makes her feel a certain type of way.  She’ll use him for his body, his confidence, and the feeling she gives up.

But they’ll use a nice guy for money.  Betas will try to shower these women with expensive dates, affection, and gifts.  And they won’t give them what they really need.  Which is a man who will lead them and make them feel like a feminine women.

That’s part of the reason many are promiscuous in the first place.  Besides having high sex drives, many of them couldn’t find men who could maintain being an alpha with them.  And the ones who did generally don’t stick around.

When a beta tries to come in and be a captain save a hoe, she’ll use this weak man for his resources.  And because she’s experienced with men, she’ll know exactly how to use the white knight.

We all use each other at some level.  But you’d much rather have a woman use you for your sex game + personality rather than your resources alone.  Of course, being on your purpose and building wealth attracts more women.  So if she likes your resources then fine.  As an alpha, you can use money as bait but not actually spend it on these women like that.

But if you’re a beta, then the temptation to wife up a promiscuous women and then spend all of your money on her might be your downfall.  Captain save a hoe will be captain spend money on a hoe.

3. Oneitis

curing oneitis

Oneitis is when a man is obsessed with a woman and thinks she’s special.  Most men suffer form oneitis at some point in their lives.  But not captain save a hoe’s of the world never learn.  They develop oneitis for these women.  And these women who “need saving” are the worst ones to develop oneitis for since they’ll drain you of your resources even more than the average woman, as mentioned above.

One of the most common ways I can tell if a man has oneitis is if he’s more invested in the woman than she’s invested in him.  Investing comes down to not just money, but also mental energy, thinking about the future, time, and effort.

A man who’s trying to save a woman is investing tons of his money, time, effort, and energy into trying to give her what he thinks she deserves.

In reality, he’s just putting her on a bigger pedestal.

4. Disconnect from friends and family

One of the worst things is to stop talking to your friends and family because of a relationship.  Many men do this in general when they get into long term relationships.  And as you get older, it makes sense that you can’t party or go out as much, especially if you have kids and so on.

However, the captain save a hoe takes this to the extreme.  Because he’s with a toxic woman, he’ll always be trying to solver her problems.  Problems that are either over played because she’s dramatic, or shouldn’t exist yet do because of repeated mistakes by her.

This will rub off on the captain’s life, and he’ll be unable to engage with his own friends and family like he used to.

5. Cucked and chucked

Captain save a hoe’s are very likely to be cucked and chucked.  This means that a woman will have a kid with you, only then it turns out the kid isn’t yours.  But the unknowing cuck still pays for the kid to grow up and pays for her lifestyle.

If the captain save a hoe every finds out that the kid isn’t his, he’s cucked aside.  It’s usually too late as he’s been paying for the kid for the past 8 or 10 years, and therefore the courts will likely make him pay child support.

It’s possible for any man to be cucked.  But it’s much more likely for a man trying to save a promiscuous woman to be cucked than a man just dating a regular girl.

6. Divorce rape

divorce and losing money

Divorce rape is a terrible thing that happens to the majority of men who get divorced.  This is when his ex-wife takes half of his net worth + alimony + child support.

Regular women divorce men all the time and collect the money.  A captain save a hoe is pretty much guaranteed  to get divorce raped from his ex-wife.

You shouldn’t be getting married at all in today’s age.  However, the captain save a hoe often thinks he’s “saving the girl” by marrying her.  Unfortunately, he’s saving her bank account, while screwing his own.

Why men become a captain save a hoe

  • No self worth
  • Blue pill mentality
  • No purpose

No self worth

female narcissist

Men become captain save a hoe’s because they have no value.  They don’t view themselves as high value men.  So to make up for that, they feel like they should fix something.  Like a damsel in distress.  If they can save this woman from her shitty life, then they’ll become valuable.

They want to be a hero to make up for their lack of self worth.

At least that’s the mindset.  This doesn’t work well in the real world.  They end up just getting used for their resources.  However, it’s critical to understand that a lack of self worth can lead men astray.  Captain save a hoe’s don’t see the value in themselves, unlike a player, a CEO, or a pimp, who all see themselves as ultra valuable men.

Blue pill mentality

Numerous men haven’t taken the red pill.  They don’t understand hypergamy, which is that women date + mate with men they see as more valuable.  And will drop them if they perceive the man to becoming weak or unable to provide.

Since many men still have a blue pill mindset, they’re looking to provide for a woman and make her their wife.  Providing for a woman and a family isn’t a bad thing in itself.  If she’s submissive and follows your lead then it can work out well.

However, the captain save a hoe’s usually choose the wrong woman.  They tend to pick used up women, maybe out of their league looks wise, who are hitting the wall or close to it.  These women have had tons of dick, and aren’t easy to have relationships with.  Which means they need an even more masculine man for a relationship to work out.

The poor blue pilled men are generally beta in their behavior, and think that this girl will love him if he provides for her.  He’ll start to act weak in the relationship, fail to lead, and eventually cause her to cheat or divorce rape him.  A red pilled man knows that providing for a woman doesn’t guarantee she’ll stay attracted.  He keeps his smv high, runs dread game, maintains leadership, passes shit tests, and doesn’t get married to avoid losing leverage over his money.

No purpose

habits for success - analyzing yourself

Beta males become a captain save a hoe when they have no overall purpose in their life.  They making working on this woman their purpose.  Which is why they try to come to her rescue.

Every man needs some kind of powerful purpose that drives him.  But the thing is, if you don’t actively create a purpose, your subconscious will choose a purpose for you.  And if you’re a beta, blue pilled, or just have nothing else going on, you might make that purpose a woman.

Especially if she’s a woman who looks like she needs saving.  Heroic energy you’re putting forth is misguided.  It should be focused on a purpose that brings you wealth, meaning, and something you enjoy.  You’ll have plenty of options with women if you’re able to create a purpose for yourself.  But when you make one woman your purpose, you’ll become captain save a hoe, and she’ll resent you for that.

Stop trying to save these hoes

captain save a hoe - stop saving women


It’s not to stop trying to save women.  You can sleep with them, date them, and be in relationships with them.  But trying to provide life for the most promiscuous of women is mistake.  Any woman who’s with you should have a better life.  But it’s not because you’re saving them.  It’s because they’re lucky enough ton be around you.

Like J-Cole says, she don’t want to be saved.  E-40 drops some knowledge on captain save a hoe as well.

If you won’t listen to me, or to them, then I wish you the best of luck.  Because becoming captain save a hoe will cost you your money, time, manhood, and happiness.

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