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What do women want in a man? 9 attractive traits

What do women want in a man? There are things that most women want in a man. Whether they’re looking to settle down, or looking to be a player or playboy, there are many traits that women want and

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Incels are Nothing New: Why Desperate Men Need to Improve

Incels – Nothing new Incels are geeks online who identify as involuntary celibate. They can’t get laid for shit.  And they’re mad about it. Maybe some of them are ugly, overweight,

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Oneitis Cure: Full Guide on How to Stop Obsessing over any Girl

Oneitis cure Finding a oneitis cure is necessary if you want to get over any girl you can’t stop thinking about.  Oneitis is what is referred to in the red pill community and forums as obsession

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Men should not get Married: 10 reasons why you Need to Avoid Marriage

Men should not get Married: 10 Crucial Reasons In today’s modern era, men, under no circumstances should get married. Well, unless of course your future wife is much richer than you and you plan

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How to get a Girlfriend: Guide to get the Perfect Girl

How to get a Girlfriend While a lot of guys want to get laid, I’d say a majority of guys just want to learn how to get a girlfriend.  I’m an experienced player, but I also had a girlfriend

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