Cheesy pick up lines – why they don’t work, what do instead

Cheesy pick up lines – stop using them

It’s hard to believe some people still try to use cheesy pick up lines to try and get girls.

“I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your heart?”

“Who lies more, guys or girls?”

Seriously, if you use cheesy pick up lines, or pick up lines at all, cut this shit out.

Why they don’t work

Pick up lines don’t work for a lot of reasons.

They’re creepy, funny for a second at best.  

pick up lines suck

Most guys who use pick up lines come across as creepy.

Wouldn’t it be weird if someone would come up to you and ask you a weird question or say something stupid in the hopes of trying to have sex with you?

That’s exactly how you make a woman feel.

The time it can work is if the girl thinks you’re attractive.

But even if you’re an attractive guy, you lowered your status by using a cheesy pick up line.

It’s desperate

If you have to use a cheesy or weird pick up line in general, you’re desperate.

You think it’s your best chance at getting at a girl.

Normal people don’t go up and use weird phrases hoping a girl like it in order to get at her.

Now, I’m not saying to be a normal person, I want you to be better!

However, when it comes to girls, seeming like a normal, cool guy, is WAY better than coming off as a weird motherfucker.

The mindset is fucked up


You’re coming from a place of lack.

If you have to use a pick up line at all, you don’t value yourself enough.

You think that you need to say something clever in order to get a girl interested in you.

Big mistake!

Girls like you based off of your look, how you talk, and how you make them feel.

But when I say how you talk… I mean the conversation.  Like how the conversation with them goes.

It doesn’t mean using cheesy pick up lines in the hopes of getting her attention.

Think about it.

If you thought you were a better catch, you wouldn’t resort to trying to figure out the best line to get a girls attention.

What to do instead

natural approach

Pick up lines don’t work.  Just to be clear, we’ve established that.

If you say something to a girl and she likes you, it’s probably not what you said, it’s how you said it.

And more importantly, if she liked you look and your overall vibe.

So if you used a pick up line, and you ended up fucking the girl… you probably would’ve fucker her without using the pick up line.

In fact you would’ve had a better shot at it.


What should you do instead?

It’s best to approach girls who are interested in you.  Women do the choosing.

This means that if a girl is checking you out, and she’s above your minimum standard, you should approach her.

And what should you say?

“Hey, how’s it going?”

or “Hey, I’m (your name)”

Yea, that’s it.

She’s not choosing you, should you still go approach?

Well, it’s not my style to cold approach every cute girl you see.  But a girl is either going to like you or not.

If you’re cold approaching women, it’s a numbers game period.  Cheesy pick up line or short introduction, it’s the same.

In fact with the shirt introduction, there’s no humor involved.  So you’ll be able to tell sooner or not if she actually likes you.

If you tell a cheesy pick up line and she laughs, she might think its funny, or she’s just being awkward.

But either way it doesn’t mean she likes you.

So in that case, you should still say either of the two variations, or however you’d introduce yourself to someone.

If you go up and say “Hey, I’m (name)”, to a certain amount of women, eventually there will be one that likes you.

The point isn’t to use a line that makes a girl like you.  The point is to find the girls that like you already.

If the girl is feeling you, then continue talking to her, get the number, and meet up later.  If she’s not, don’t spend time trying to win her over.  You can’t convince a girl to like you.

And even if you could, would you really want to knowing there’s tons of other women out there who like you who you are?

I’m lazy, I’d rather go for the women who already like me and maintain my self respect.


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