Cost of a Wedding: Why you Can’t Afford to Get Married

Cost of a Wedding

cost of a wedding

The cost of a wedding in today’s age is just unbearable.  Unless you’re completely rich and money means nothing to you, most men throw away thousands of dollars on wedding costs which they can’t afford.  Half of them will definitely regret this cost of a wedding once they get divorced, and even of those who stayed married, there’s another half of those guy or so who regret it.

And unless you’re marrying the daughter of a billionaire or she’s the breadwinner, chances are the big cost of a wedding is coming out of your pockets.

Just in case any of you are still thinking about getting married, hopefully this will deter you.


The average cost of a wedding in the United states, as of 2017, is $33,391.  That’s over 30 grand for the average wedding cost.  That’s not even thinking of the average cost of a wedding in California, New York, London, or other high priced areas.  Why so much?  Well you need to pay for

  • venue
  • photographer
  • invitations
  • decorations
  • wedding dress and suit
  • wedding planner
  • music
  • cake
  • reception

And potentially many other things.  To be fair, according to the survey I cited above, 45% of the cost came from the bride’s parents, the groom and bride contributed 41%, groom’s parents pay for 13%m, and 2% is paid for by others.

However, I know many of the betas are paying for the majority of the cost of a wedding.  Even if the groom and the bride pay 41%, .41 x $33,391 = $13690.31.  So the two of you would still be paying 13 thousand dollars for a wedding.  And the majority of that, if not all of it, is coming out of your pockets.

And this is only factoring in that the woman’s parents are paying for 41% of it.  Which means her parents need to have the money and be in her life.

If you guys are dating women who come from broken families, then you can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t be getting much support towards that 33 thousand dollars.

The cost of a wedding is too damn high

wedding ring too expensive

Men, the cost of a wedding is too damn high.  Whether you’re paying 13 grand or 33 grand, it’s simply too much.  That’s not even considering the high spenders (those who spend over 60k), where the average is $105,000.

If you have a million dollars in the bank, then fair enough, you can afford to get married.

But the rest of you simply can’t pay for the cost of a wedding.  You’ll be using most of your savings just to pay for one day.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Even a car, which is a depreciating asset, will bring you value for at least a few years, almost everyday.  But a wedding?  There’s nothing to justify the cost of a wedding in the United States.

And I’m guessing it isn’t much better in other western countries.

You need to break free

Reasons for Leaving a Job

I tell you guys all the time that you need to break free from wage slavery.  You need a freedom fund.  This is money in the bank that allows you to not work a job you hate.

The vast majority of people are stuck in wage slavery.  They work for people they hate, doing something they hate, in order to pay for a lifestyle they can barely afford.  Most people are a few paychecks away from having the bank knock on their door.

It’s simply no way to live.  As alpha males, all of you need to start businesses.  You need to have money in the bank, and a business on top of that to produce income for you.  Tons of money in the bank as back up and money coming in.

Freedom funds can vary.  But you need at least 50k.  I’d like to see most of you get to 100k.  Once you have 100k in the bank, you can invest more into real estate, the stock market, and so on.  Until you save up enough money, you’re just a slave to the system.

I can’t burn this into your brain enough.  You need more money in the bank.  That’s wage slave protection.  And you need a side business that can become your full time business.  Something you love that can build wealth.

“I don’t care about money”

hating your corporate job

You’re either a liar or you just don’t know what you don’t know.  You don’t need money for money’s sake.  You don’t need cash to buy luxury items.  Money is freedom.  When you have money in the bank, you aren’t forced to do something you don’t want to do.

Like work a job you hate.  Financial independence needs to be your #1 priority.

Everything costs money.  If you’re able to live like a minimalist, work more than everyone else, spend less money, and save, then you can make a ton of money.  Then you can buy luxury items, go on nice vacations, and live in a big house.  Or not.  But the point is that when you’re still grinding, you need to spend way less.

Stop spending money on things you can’t afford

stacking cash

Which means not blowing money on things like weddings.  The cost of a wedding is way too much.  That’s 13, 30, or even 50 grand that you could’ve invested into a business.  Imagine that.  You invested all of that cash you stored up into a business you created.  A business doing what you love and helping others.  A business that will produce income for you for years to come.

Grinding for 2-5 years on your business can set you up for the rest of your life.  And then you can blow money on stupid things.  Or you can still avoid marriage.  Whatever you decide is up to you.

But for 99% of you, the cost of a wedding is simply too much.  Even if you have 100k in the bank, you can’t afford a wedding.  Because your fiancee is going to expect you to blow at least 30 of that on the wedding.

Run your life like a Business

You’ll be spending 30% of your net worth on 1 day.  How can you possibly justify that?  As a business man, you simply can’t.  You don’t need a pimp mentality to know you’re getting screwed with that kind of investment.

If you’re spending a huge portion of your total worth on one day, you can’t afford a wedding.  You need to save that money + invest it into your business.  Your future wife might want you to be a good boy and have a safe job.  Paying for a big wedding will help to ensure that you might not take the risk of starting your own business and become free.

Even if she wants you to be the alpha male, it’s going to be tough to be independent when you’re throwing away capital for a 1 day celebration of a relationship that you’re already in.

Divorce Rape

divorce and losing money

We can’t mention the cost of a wedding without talking about the biggest cost… divorce rape.  Half of marriages end in divorce.  And even if you vow never to get divorced, the majority of divorces are initiated by women.

Which means your “wife for life” can separate from you when she wants.  And the odds are in her favor that she’ll get to suck you dry of half your net worth, alimony, and possibly child support.

A rich man will lose massive amounts of money.  Jeff Bezos may lose $70 Billion, which is unreal.  But even then, he still has another 70B.  A man with 100M will still have 50M afterwards.  I’m not saying it’s justified, because sucking these man of their money out of divorce is just wrong.

But a rich man can survive a divorce rape.  An upper middle class, middle class, or working class man can’t afford to lose half of his net worth.  If you have 300k in the bank at the time of divorce, that’s going down to 150k.  Then on top of that, you’ll likely owe alimony and child support.  Which means you’ll feel the pressure of your wallets being drained.

You’ll likely have to move out of the nice house you bought and move into a small apartment that you would have lived in when you were younger.  The your ex wife will have the nice house you’re still making payments on.

You’re not above the game

Divorce rape is fucked up.  But it’s the norm nowadays.

The cost of a wedding is much more than just the wedding day itself.  It’s the gamble you’re taking on the marriage.  And it’s not something you have control over, no matter how masculine you are.  The current court laws give natural hypergamy too much of a power.

In ancient times, if a woman monkey branched to another man, the other man could just move on with his life.  But in modern times, he’s forced to give up his resources to support her, even though she could be on the cock carousel again while he’s paying for her lifestyle.

Don’t be that man.  The cost of a wedding can ultimately end up ruining your life.  And if you think it can’t happen to you, you’re being ignorant.

“But I need to get married to have kids”

avoid getting married

No you don’t.  Plenty of men and women have kids before marriage.  Marriage is simply a contract we make with the government to tie our assets together with a woman.  And it let’s the government redistribute your assets to her if she wants to leave you.  Weddings cost so much money for no real benefits.

You can have kids without getting married.  Every other animal does it, and so do many humans.  It’s true that kids grow up happier with parents who are married.  But if you co-parent, you can still give your kids a great upbringing and childhood.  I’m not saying you can’t be in a relationship with the mother of your children.  Instead, I’m just saying to avoid the cost of a wedding and divorce by avoiding the marriage contract.

Protect your assets

You can choose to be with her for as long as you two are together.  If you break up, you won’t lose half of your net worth.  Your kids will be happier raised by two parents rather than see their parents split apart and then barely see their father growing up.  Weddings cost you not only in the short term, but potentially your livelihood in the long term.

If you avoid the atrocious cost of a wedding, you can save yourself a lot of money in the short term, and avoid financial devastation in the long term.

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