Dating multiple women: Why you should see many females at once

Dating multiple women

Dating multiple women

Every man should go through a player phase where he’s dating multiple women at once.  You might be a player for a few years, a decade, or the rest of your life.  Regardless, the experience you get from dating multiple women is beneficial to you for a number of reasons.

When you’re dating multiple women, you’re going to be getting more sex.  By dating I don’t mean going out on expensive dates all the time.  I mean you’re having women come over your place for an hour or two once a week for sex.

You can still go on dates with them once in a while, but the relationship is primarily about sex. You can always go from a relationship with sex and have things get more serious, but it’s harder to do the other way around.

And speaking of sex, let’s start off with the first major benefit of dating many women at once.

More sex

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When you’re dating multiple women, you’re simply going to have more sex than before.  If you see 3 or 4 girls per week, that’s sex 3-4 times a week.  Some people in committed relationships do that, but usually not for a prolonged period of time.  Things start to die down.

But when you’re just dating multiple women casually and see them once a week, it’s easy to keep the sex life alive.  After all, that’s the basis of the relationship.

Every man wants more sex, especially from attractive women.  Having more options means you will always have a fun sex life and consistent sex.  If one woman tries to cut off sex then you have many others who can fill her spot.


Dating more than one person at a time allows you to live in a state of abundance.  Abundance with not just your sex life, but also female energy in general.  You should never need a particular women or have oneitis.

But it’s normal for men to want some feminine energy in life.  When you’re dating multiple women you always have an abundance in you’re dating life.  You’re not forced to worry about messing things up with one girl because you have options.  Dating more than one woman allows you to avoid being desperate, which leads to needy behavior and a total lack of abundance.

Knowing what you want in women

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The more experience you have with women, the more you know what you want in them.  This applies whether you want to keep on being a player or eventually settle down.

It’s difficult to know what you really want when you only date a few women in your life.  But when you sleep with 20+ women and have had all different types of personalities, body types, and attitudes, you learn what you like and what you don’t like.

You can develop criteria for what kinds of women you enjoy the most based off your past experience.

More game

Game is your ability to manage relationships.  Game can be as simple from getting a girl in bed to keeping a relationship alive.  When you’re dating multiple women you get more game.

You understand when women start to shit test you, how to handle certain situations, when to make things work and when to move on.  A man with game knows that he can get other women.  This will help with any break ups he may go through.  And it will actually give him and the girls he dates the best chance at making things work.

If you only date a few women, then you won’t have the game to manage your relationships effectively.  This wasn’t needed in the past.  But in today’s era, a lack of game can lead a man to get married, and then divorce raped of his net worth.

Even if you don’t want to be a player or playboy forever, it’s essential that you’re able to see how relationships work and manage them effectively.

Higher quality

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A man who dates many women not only has more quantity, but also has more quality.  It’s easy to increase your quality of women when you’re dating multiple girls at one time.  Because you have an abundance mindset, you won’t make as many mistakes when you talk beautiful women.

This is because you know you have easy access to pussy.  So you’re much less likely to mess up a situation when you have an opportunity to make things happen with a 9 or 10.

Dating multiple women doesn’t guarantee you get higher quality.  But it’s a huge help in getting you to the point where you’re seeing attractive women consistently.

Less insecurity’s + more confidence

One of the most common themes I see from men is a lack of confidence.

When you don’t have confidence you have to be brave and courageous.  But eventually you’ll want to just be confident in your abilities to do something.  And the only way to build extremely powerful, real confidence is to get experience.

It’s hard to be confident in bed when you’re a virgin.  But once you start having sex and learn how to make a girl cum then the confidence is second nature.  Once you learn how to have sex like a master and go out and do it, you’ll be confident of your skills in the bedroom.  Because you have the experience.

If you want to be confident with women, then you need to get experience and have success with women.  Dating multiple women is the easiest and quickest way to build up your confidence with them.

Cure oneitis

curing oneitis

Be obsessed with a particular girl is one of the worst things that can happen to a man.  The biggest mistake you can make in this situation is being desperate trying to get her back or shell up.

Instead, you can cure your oneitis by going out and dating multiple women.  When you realize that you can form connections with other women and have fun, you’ll be able to get over your obsession with the girl you’re messed up over.

Living with no regrets

You don’t want to look back on your life and live with regrets.  Most men want to experience dating many girls at some point in their life to have good memories and help shape their game.

This doesn’t mean you need to sleep with 40, 50, or 100 women.  But it does mean that if you want to date some attractive women then you should.

Not trapped

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There’s no reason to feel trapped, especially in your dating life.  If you have a dead end job and want to escape wage slavery then that’s a different story.

But with all of the options in todays society, you shouldn’t every feel trapped in any one relationship.  Getting legally married isn’t an option, because that will definitely trap you.  However, even in relationships many men feel like they can’t get out or won’t have nay better options.  This usually comes from a lack of experience from dating women when they were single.

You don’t need to have multiple girlfriends at once and be cheating.  But you can definitely date many women at once casually before you pursue long term relationships.

This will help you to not be locked down in any one relationship.  And if you ever do decide to get into a relationship then you can avoiding being trapped by knowing you can go out there and date more women if this doesn’t work out.  The ability to walk away will help you to stay focused on getting the most happiness out of your life, and also give the relationship the best chance at working out.

So if you haven’t begun dating multiple women then now is the time to start.  Learn how to be a player and reap the rewards a player gets.

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