Dodge Divorce Rape at all costs

Dodge Divorce Rape

divorce rape

Divorce rape is when your wife divorces you and takes half or more of your net worth.  It can also include alimony and child support.

You need to dodge divorce rape at all costs.

While paying for your children is the right thing to do, giving up half of your net worth plus alimony isn’t.

Divorce rape will financially ruin the vast majority if married men.

You need to do everything in your power to prevent divorce rape from happening to you.

You can either

  1. Not get married (recommended)
  2. Get divorced if you’re broke and haven’t made your money
  3. Stay married and dodge divorce

Don’t get married

avoid getting married

The easiest way to dodge divorce rape is to not get married in the first place.

Getting stripped of your assets should be a good enough reason if there ever was one to say no to marriage.

A 50% chance of losing half your shit is a bad business deal.

Ask any business owner if they’d take a risk like that, and they’d all say no.

Especially when the upside is nothing. You can get kids and a relationship without the government involved.

But if you need some other reasons, check them out here

Don’t live together to avoid common law marriage

Common law marriage exists in many states in the U.S.

And it’s presence will probably continue to grow throughout the west.

At it’s core, if you live with a woman for a few years, then courts see you as legally married.

Which means you can get divorced raped when you break up even if you never engaged in a marriage.

If you live together, have a legal agreement

legal agreement

For whatever reason, you decide to live with a girl.

Maybe you’re just a fool, or maybe you’re having kids.

In this case, you can still get a legal agreement to protect your assets.

You need to spend a little bit of money on a good lawyer to help you out with this.

Be clear with girl about what you’re doing and have her sign it before she moves in.

The best defense is a good offense.

You gotta be proactive about this shit. Laziness can lead to financial devastation, so don’t skip this step and think you’re good just because you’re not married.

If common law marriage isn’t a thing where you live, then you should be okay in theory.

But that’s not a risk I’d like to entertain. Get an agreement lined up to protect yourself.

If you’re married

marriage is expensive, wedding and ring

Get divorced when you’re broke.

You can only get divorced if you have no or little net worth.

For example, you got married young, are together for a few years, and then get divorced.

You might not lose much or any money if you don’t have any.

This is the best situation to be in for a divorce.

Well, besides marrying a rich woman and actually getting money from her.

Emotional pain that comes with break ups might still be there.

Divorced when you’re broke

divorce when you're broke

But getting divorced when you have no real money won’t set you back financially.

And as a man who’s taken the red pill, your biggest priority must be financial independence.

So consider yourself lucky.

Very, very lucky.

Or smart that you got out while you did.

If you had kids then there’s child support.

But child support is still much less than divorce rape and alimony.

Pucker up and pay the child support.

Half of it mught go to your kids and the other half will go to your ex’s spending habits.

But you’ll be able to still do well if you’re a driven man with visions of becoming an entrepreneur.

Stay married

stay married to dodge divorce rape

The other way to dodge divorce rape if you’re already married is to stay married.

Sounds like common sense.

Some men are in such terrible marriages that they’re willing to get divorce raped just go get out.

However, I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re actually rich.

If a man worth 20 million has to give up 10 million, he’s lost a shit ton of money.  But he still has 10 million dollars.

You’re not rich

don't blow money

Unless you started building wealth young and are that rich, then you need to stay married if possible.

Especially if you’re in your 40s, 50s, or older.

But if your wife is bearable and you’re not divorced, try to keep it alive.

This means running game and doing everything in your power to keep the marriage alive.

Which means raising your sexual market value and making sure you’re the best choice your wife has to choose.

Lessen the chance of divorce

Essentially, you’re lessening the chance of divorce rape.

You’re never in the clear or good to go.

You can always get financially ruined years later, even in your 50s, 60s, or even 70s.

Nevertheless, you signed that government contract.

You chose to get married.

So if you want to keep it going, then do what you need to do.

Reduce your chances of a divorce by…

  • Make more money, and sell the vision of making more money
  • Be the best father possible to your kids… and get your kids on your side
  • Get in the best physical shape of your life
  • Eat healthy
  • Learn how to dance
  • Add other interesting hobbies / passions that make you cool, even amongst your peers
  • Sell the vision of wanting to be a grandfather… always be selling the vision of your future together


dodge divorce rape by making money

Getting more money seems like you’re encouraging your wife to divorce rape you, right?

Well, it kinda is if you’re going to win the lottery.

But if you start making a little more money, and show ambition, you can increase the chances of your wife not wanting to leave you.

If she thinks you’ve hit your potential then she’s likely to get her money and get out.

On the contrary, if she thinks you’re just warming up, then she might stick around for a while.

Get on your grind, increase your income, and do this until you retire.

By then, she’ll be past menopause and divorce raping you won’t be worth it.

Fatherhood… be the fun parent

Great fathers get dumped all the time.

But that’s generally because the good fathers are nice guys who lose their masculinity.

And it’s sad to see these guys get divorced raped.

Still, being a great father can actually be one tool in your arsenal to prevent a divorce rape.

They key is you don’t want to be just a great father, but you want your kids to love you.

There are great dads who have kids, and the kids don’t really appreciate their dads until they’re adults.

Role model and the fun parent

fun father

Dads are usually the working role model and don’t have as much time for the quality time.

And while you want to be a good role model, you want your kids to also think you’re cool and fun.

You want your kids to think you’re the best dad in the world now.

If you have little kids, check out this wiki article on how to get them to love you

I’m not a parent so can’t give any of my own advice.

But if your kids love the shit out of you, then getting a divorce will be much harder for your wife to follow through with.

And if your kids are older, having them on your side is even more powerful to dodge divorce rape.

They can actually understand what’s going on and can give your wife shit about trying to leave you.

This will make any divorce much more difficult for your wife to emotionally pull off.

The fear of her kids hating her for leaving you can influence her to stay with you.

After all, the majority of women still hold their kids as their #1.

Many fathers make the mistake of not being fun and therefore not being the favorite parent.

You have to discipline your kids.  But remember to be reasonable and be fun too.

Physical shape

Staying in good physical shape will keep your wife physically attracted to you.

Even if you’ve fucked up in other areas, having a husband who is still easy on the eyes and fun in the bedroom will lessen the chance of a divorce rape.

Bringing home the bacon and being physically attractive s the best of both worlds.

Make sure you lift weights to keep your muscles strong and firm.


healthy food

In addition to lifting weights, eat quality foods to stay lean and watch your overall health.

Nobody likes a spouse who gets overweight and unhealthy as they age.

If you’re in your 30’s-50’s, you can still stay relatively lean and healthy, granted you don’t get any life threatening diseases.


Learning how to dance can make you more desirable to your wife in ways she hasn’t felt in years.

It’s one way to make her “feel something” with you.  Dancing with her is an incredible way to flirt with her and make her feel like there’s chemistry.

If you learn salsa, you’ll also learn to lead her in dance.  Leading her in dance will translate to the rest of your relationship, and will lessen the chance of divorce rape.

Usually how you start is how you finish.  But, dancing is a life hack that can help turn the tide of a relationship.

Dancing will also mean that you dance with other women at your dance classes or when you go out, which will bring a healthy dose of jealousy into your relationship.

You’ll also notice you’ll have more sex with your wife.

Sell the vision

couple on beach

Always be selling her the vision of your future together.

Even if you’ve been with your wife for 10 years, talk about the next 20 years.

Sell her on the vision of grandkids, where you’ll retire, and places you want to visit.

All of these words will plant seeds in her mind.

She’ll start imagining what else is in store for your future together.

Combined, these ideas will dramatically reduce the chance of her wanting to leave you.

Because she’ll think of these things that she wants in her life and that she can have them with you.

Make her think about your future together

Even women who divorce rape their men usually aren’t gold diggers from the start.

They want to get out out of relationship because they’re bored, found new dick, etc., and want to get as much money as they can from you.

It’s not right.  But the point is that they usually still want things like grandkids, world travel, and other beauties in life.

If you sell her on these dreams, then she’ll paint a picture of her future with you.

This will make it much harder to leave as she “won’t be able to imagine her future with anyone else”.


curing oneitis

Chances are, you’ve felt that way before about a girl.

And that’s because you played out future scenarios in your head of your life together with a person.

Whether that’s your current wife, an ex-girlfriend from high school, or whoever.

You’ve probably had oneitis for some girl at one point in your life.

Get your wife to think that way about you, and you’re a big step closer to dodging divorce rape.

Marriage isn’t worth the risk

don't pay expensive dates

Never sign on that dotted line.

If you’re not married now then you know you can’t make the decision to do it.

You can still have kids without getting married.  Every other living animal does that.

Child support alone is much less than half of your net worth + alimony + child support.

But at the end of the day it’s your life.

Just don’t get mad when wife’s divorce lawyer gives you a call.

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