Does money increase your smv or turn you into beta bucks?

Does money increase your smv or turn you into beta bucks?

can money increase your smv? or make you beta bucks? jeff bezos

Can money increase your smv, or does it just turn you into beta bucks?

This is a good question that has come about twice in the past few weeks.  And while not too common, it raises a good point.  Money is definitely part of your smv.  Yet there are plenty of beta bucks and broke dudes who seem to be alpha fucks.  So should you just try to be a broke alpha instead of getting your money up?


Your smv is your sexual market value.  Without taking account your game, which is your confidence/personality/how you make a woman feel, your smv determines where you initially stand in the sexual market place.

Money is a part of your smv.  Your looks, money, and status all determine where you stand in the battle to get a high quality mate.

More money can potentially make you more valuable and help you to get hotter women.  However, there are tons of men who get money but act weak.  We call these guys beta bucks.  Women walk all over them and use them for their money.  Which leads to the question does money increase your smv?

When money increases your smv

  • when you use it on yourself
  • are outcome independent

When you use it on yourself

style to defeat black pill

Money can massively increase your smv when you use it on yourself.  The simplest ways to grasp this are buying things like expensive watches, cars, shoes, and other style accessories.  This is using your wealth on yourself.  It’s like bait to lure women in.  But you’re not actually buying it for a particular woman.  If a woman thinks you’re more appealing because you have a nice car or watch that’s great.  However, if she doesn’t then it’s not like you flushed the money down the toliet.

You still have the stuff you bought for yourself regardless of whether you fuck specific girls or not.

Now, I discuss in articles why you shouldn’t buy a sports car or expensive things.  But that’s in the context of going in debt to do so.  Or when you have a job you hate and want to quit.  If you’ve built wealth and have financial freedom then go for it.  Buying a Mercedes in cash is fine when you can afford it.  You can afford to be a little stupid with your money and have some fun once you’ve gotten to a level of freedom.

Another way of using money on yourself is to buy a nice house or rent a solid apartment.  Girls will see this when they come home with you.  If anything, this prevents some girls from being turned off.  When a woman is super into you, she won’t care where you live or what in.  But many women will want to be fucking a man who is of means, especially if she perceived you of having money before.

However, I know many of you are younger.  I don’t want you blowing all of your money to get girls.  Instead, just use it to increase your style a little bit.  The older you get / more money you earn, the more you can use money on yourself to increase your smv.

Outcome independent

how to be a man - have style

Money increases your sexual market value when you use it to enhance yourself and outcome independent.

This means that you know a nice watch and pair of shoes can help you be more attractive.  But you also know that just because you have these things doesn’t mean every girl will like you.  You’re not depending on your money to get laid.

For example, I had a bmw for a while.  It was a used 5 series with over 100,000 miles on it and was over 10 years old.  So it wasn’t worth anything near the cost of a new car.  However it still increased my smv a little bit when girls saw it.

That being said, I never depended on it.  Most of the girls I fucked never saw my car anyways.  And when they did, I never tried to show it off or expected they’d like me because I drove a used beamer.  Girls who knew cars knew it wasn’t worth that much.  And ones who didn’t either thought it was nice or didn’t car.

It increased my value a little bit for the ones that thought it was nice.  But I was never dependent on it.

Just like when a I wear a nice watch.  I almost forget I put it on.  Sure, some girls comment on it once in a while.  But I never go out of my way to try and show it off other than just wearing it.  I’m outcome independent.  I know that the watch can increase my smv to some women, but I never try to rely on just a watch to impress a girl.

How money makes you into beta bucks

While you can have money increase your smv, most men with money are beta bucks.  That’s because beta bucks end up:

  • using it directly on woman in order to attempt to get laid
  • expect that women will like you just because of your money

Using it directly on woman in order to attempt to get laid

don't pay expensive dates

Using money directly in order to get laid is what makes you beta bucks.  But buying expensive dates or gifts for a woman, you’re giving away the thing of value.  Which is your money / resources.  Since you gave your money away, she will require you spend more of it or she’ll dip out.  Most women will stick around for a little bit to get more usage out of you.

Eventually, some beta bucks guys get laid like this.  However, they need to spend a lot of money, get used a ton, and lose out on a lot of ass.  they’d get laid a lot more of they showed off their money without spending on a woman.

A male mind would think that if you spend money on a woman she’ll return the favor and fuck.  But most women will do the opposite.  They’ll dry up and become un-attracted to you.  Because you showed you’re beta bucks.

Expect that women will like you just because of your money

Money definitely helps you get laid if you’re outcome independent as discussed above.  But if you expect that women will like you because of your money, then you’ll be disappointed.  Because unless you’re a mega-millionaire and hang out strippers / gold diggers, money is just one factor.

Expecting that women will fuck you because of your money only works when you have yacht money and are flying women to Dubai.

Money increases your smv

On a smaller level, money increases your smv.  But you can’t depend on it solely.  You still need to be in shape, know how to flirt, and be a masculine man.  If you expect women to like you just because of your money, you’re going to get rejected a lot more than you think.  And the women who do hang around you will like you only because of your money.  When a woman lieks you because of the total package you offer, she gives you a different type of love and affection.  When a woman just wants your money, she’s going to treat you like your beta bucks.

I’m not saying you can’t fuck women who think you’re a beta at first.  But you never want to expect that girls will just like you because of your money.  That’s how you get labeled as beta bucks.

Instead, think of yourself as a masculine, successful man.  The money you’ve earned is great.  But it’s really just a manifestation of the value you provided to the world.  It’s not the value itself.  That would be you, the man.

When you have the mentality of a pimp and know the value you can bring to any woman, then your money is just a benefit of the value you give to the world, not the value itself.

Masculinity is essential

james bond - smirk

Money with masculinity makes you into a boss.  The rich alphas are at the top of the hierarchy.  This means you don’t put pussy on a pedestal.  You don’t need a woman to complete you.   And you know that money helps attract women.  But it doesn’t mean every woman will like you.  With the ones that do, you know spending it to get pussy will get you little sex and affection.

That’s why you need to maintain your masculine energy.  Doing this will make you a rich alpha.

It goes like this

  • rich alpha
  • broke alpha
  • rich beta
  • broke beta

It’s better to be rich than not be rich.  But you still need to be a man, aka an alpha, no matter what.  If you can’t pass a shit test or stand up for yourself, then all the money in the world will just get you taken advantage of.  But if you have tons of money and are a motherfuckin’ man, then it will help attract more women into your life.  Your masculinity will make sure you don’t become a beta with these women.  You’ll still be able to flirt with them, not glorify their vagina, and know that you’re a man with options.  Then your money will increase your smv without turning you into beta bucks.

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