Does She Like Me? 10 Ways to Tell She Likes You Without a Doubt

Does she like me?

does she like me?

Does she like me?

It’s normal for you to want to know if she likes you or not.  And while I have an article on signs a girl likes you, sometimes you just want some concrete examples.  That’s why I’m going to lay out some scenarios you may see when you’re interacting with girls you either just met or are in the same venue/area as.  Because if you’re unsure if she likes you, and you don’t make a move, then you could miss out on meeting a girl that was into you.  And on the flip side, if you approach a girl who doesn’t like you, it’s just an uphill battle.

As players and men who prefer to keep our power, we like to talk to girls who already like us.  That’s why it’s helpful to know “does she like me or not?”.

1. She gives you eye contact

flirting, facing her, eye contact

Eye contact is the easiest way to answer does she like me or not.  Women who like you will give you eye contact.  Most girls won’t hold it and completely stare.  They’ll look at you, look down or away, and look back at you again.  She might hold it if she’s more confident or more masculine in her nature.

But in general, a girl is checking you out and giving you eye contact, she likes you.  Out of all the reasons here, eye contact is the biggest way you can tell if a girl likes you.  Specifically when it’s a girl you’re just meeting for the first time or seeing at a club/bar.

However, it’s still useful in relationships and on dates.  Wondering if the girl you’re on a date is into you.  You’re thinking does she like me?  Well the more she’s giving you eye contact, the more she likes you.  Feminine women won’t stare, but you’ll get the feeling that there’s something there.  What you’re feeling is her attraction towards you.

2. She hangs out near you

If she puts herself near you, then she probably likes you.  I’m not talking about a crowded bar or club where there’s no room to sit.  You know the feeling when you’re at a venue, you get drinks, talk with your friends, and maybe go to the dance floor.  Then you just so happen to see a group of girls appear everywhere you are.  Chances are there’s a girl in that group who likes you or one of your friends.  If it’s you, then you’re in luck player.  You can go up and talk to her, or if there’s dancing just start dancing.  She will probably start dancing too, and you can be smooth about it.

But if a girl is hanging out physically near you, this is a massive sign she likes you.

Does she like me?  Yea bro she does.  But she won’t if you don’t make a move soon.  While texting a girl back slowly can increase her attraction, waiting to make a move in real life, where she can see you do nothing is a turn off.

On the other hand, if you make a move, then you look confident as fuck.  If she likes you, she’ll react well.

3. She texts you back fast consistently

woman happy texting man

A girl who texts you back fast all the time probably likes you.  Think about it.  Have you ever texted girls back fast consistently?  They probably were really hot girls.  You were afraid they might lose interest if you texted slowly.  In reality, this did the opposite.

It’s the same when a girl is texting you.  Her immediate responses to you are because she likes you.  She doesn’t want to upset you or turn you off by taking too long.  The only difference is you’ll still sleep with her even if she texts you back fast, as long as you think she’s attractive.  If you text a girl back too fast all the time, she’ll get tired of you.

She’s texting me back right away all the time, does she like me?  Yes.  But the key is to not get too cocky.  You can text her back in a few minutes, then a half hour, then 4 hours, then a few minutes, etc.  Don’t match her pass.  Because you can turn a girl off just as quickly as you can count to 3.

You need to know how to text women the right way.

4. She texts you back detailed

Texting is a big one.  When she texts you big, long texts, when she answers questions, chances are she likes you.  If she didn’t give a fuck about you, she would give you short answers.  But when she is consistently giving you solid responses, answering questions, and asking questions back, she definitely is showing interest.

You shouldn’t engage too much every time and become her texting buddy.  But it’s a great sign nonetheless.

5. She complains you’re a slow texter

she likes you, complains you're a slow texter

This is golden.  I’ve had so many girls complain I’m a slow texter, responder, etc.  The reason they complain is because they want a text back.  They want to feel validated.  And by you taking a long time to respond, they feel desperate for your attention.

And a girl that desires your attention to the point of complaining about your response time is a girl that likes you.

If you were texting a girl that’s a 5, would you care that she took a long time to respond?  Hell no, you’d forget about her.  If she’s a 10, then you’d be more eager for her to respond to you.

With women, it’s the same.  Except they’re also not used to the majority of men being slow to respond.  They’re used to betas texting them back right away, whenever they need validation.  But alpha males live their own lives.  We’re not always ignoring girls for the hell of it.  We’re just busy chasing the money, building our wealth, and focusing on our purposes.

6. She actually engages in conversation with you

A good way to tell “does she like me?” is to see if she’s actually engaging in conversation in real life.  If she’s holding eye contact, talking a lot, and actually paying attention, then she probably likes you.  It seems obvious, and it is.  Sometimes you just need to see if she’s engaged in the conversation.  If she is, then it’s because she likes who she’s talking to… aka you.

When you know how to talk to girls, you can use can tell when they like you.

7. She laughs at your jokes

she laughs at your jokes

Does she like me?  Well… just look at how often she laughs at your jokes.  If you’re a funny motherfucker to everyone, then this isn’t a sign.  While girls like to laugh, and being funny can increase her attraction, it’s not going to get you laid that much on its own.  The mega famous comedians get women because of their status.

But if most people don’t find you that funny, and she does, then guess what Sherlock?  She likes you.  You’re not actually funny, she just puts you on a pedestal and therefore finds your lame jokes funny.

8. She smiles around you and towards you more than others

You’re at a bar, with your boys, talking to some girls.  One girl in particular seems friendly and is smiling at you.  It’s because she likes you.

Some women smile more than others in general.  But even a happy girl isn’t going to smile much at a guy she doesn’t like.  And if she’s smiling more towards you than other guys, it’s because she’s trying to show a positive image in front of you.  Because she likes you.

9. She likes all of your pictures on social

If she likes all of your pictures, comments, and engages with your profile a lot, then she likes you.

10. She compliments you

Women who like you will complement you.  While I teach you guys not to complement women you just met, we can’t deny that it’s natural to complement someone we like.

And women who like you will say nice things about you in order to appease you.  She might tell you directly that you look good.

More often in my experience, women will compliment my shirt, my style, or just say I look handsome when I’m dressed well.  But I’ve also had girls straight up tell me I look good or have a nice body.  This happens when they have more liquid courage more often that not.

If she compliments you, the answer to “does she like me?” is a yes.  This one should also be obvious, but it’s painful to get emails from guys asking if a girl liked them after she complimented the dude.  And then he just returned the compliment, or worse, barely said anything back.  A girl complimenting you is a super strong choosing sign.  I’d say some witty joke /comment back to her like “you have good taste”.  But if nothing, at least just say “thanks, and what’s your name”.

What if she likes other guys?

knowing if girl likes you - girls staring at man

So let’s say the girl you just met is talking to other guys.  Or the girl you just got a number from is flirting with another right after you.  And you thought she liked you.  But now you’re confused.

“Does she like me?” can still be a yes.  However, you need to realize that hypergamy exists and women always weigh their options.  That’s why I tell you guys to be players to even the playing field.

She might like you, and another guy, and another guy.  And chances are that even if you do fuck her, she’s fucking other men as well.  It’s not something to be mad about.  It’s not your fault.  You just need to realize that many of these women like multiple guys.

Just like you might meet a hot girl and then forget her the next moment when you meet another hot girl.  You might like both of them, but you only have so much attention in any particular moment.  So don’t trip if you thought the girl liked you and then she also likes another guy.  You didn’t go down in value.  These women are just trying to get their options with as many high value males as possible.  That’s the nature of the sexual market place.  As long as you don’t trip, she’ll still like you too.  And you don’t need to get oneitis or become jealous off of a girl you literally just recently met.  Go see if others like you in the same venue / same night out, and date multiple women as well.

Does she like me or not?

As a strong alpha male who knows how to fuck a girl properly, you shouldn’t be worried whether or not any particular girl likes you.  But that’s not what this post is about.  You’re not a desperate chump.  You just want to know if it’s worth pursuing things with this girl or not.  Once you answer the “does she like me” question, either approach if you think she does, or move on.  If you’re unsure, don’t stress about it.  Go up and talk to the girl.  Over time, your instinct to tell if she likes you or not will improve with experience.

Don’t over analyze.  Just analyze quickly, make a decision, and get better over time.  If you’re wrong about it, then no big deal.  If you’re right, then make a move.

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