Don’t Make Excuses for Low Quality Women

Don’t make excuses for low quality women

Don't make excuses for low quality women

The last thing a man on the come up needs is low quality women.  Yet that’s what’s holding many of you back when it comes to your dating life.  Which then translates into your overall experience of life.  If you get caught up with low quality women then you’re going to be dealing with more drama and more bullshit than necessary.

I think we can all agree that we don’t want low quality women in our life.  We want the girls we deem as high quality.  We want the best looking girls, give us sex when we want, who are also feminine, smell good, have values, and enhance our lives.

High quality women

There’s no such thing as a perfect woman.  We’re not going to put the pussy on the pedestal.  No woman is a unicorn and there’s no way you’re going to let yourself get oneitis for a girl.  However there are high quality women.  Standards for “quality” depend on the situation.  For example, a player who sees multiple women is going to want attractive and feminine women.  But whether she’s fucking other guys or doing other activities won’t matter, as he’s not committed to these women.  He’s not even thinking about that.

He still has high standards, but he’s able to still date women that he wouldn’t promote to girlfriend per say.

And there’s guys who are in relationships or who are thinking about getting into a relationship.  They also have standards of quality women, but these are going to be more detailed and strict.  He’s really going to need to make sure her values are in line with his and she’s worthy of getting the girlfriend title.

Low quality women

The problem is that many of us settle for low quality women.  The most obvious is when guys get with girls well below their smv.  Like if you can get attractive girls with some effort, but then you start going after 5’s and 6’s because it’s low hanging fruit.

Then there’s attractive girls who are extremely promiscuous or just have low morals.  It’s one thing to see a promiscuous girl casually if she’s clear about how she acts.   She can still provide good sex, company, and do things of value like cooking,  etc.

You’re not going to wife her up, but she can still be fun and have regular human decency.  But then there are girls who have low morals and will do things like try to fuck your friend or do just shitty behavior.  Everyone is potentially capable of doing bad things, again no unicorns.  But too many of you guys are still putting up with low quality women who continue to do these bad behaviors.  It’s their fault when they do it the first time.  But it’s your fault for putting up with it and not getting rid of them.

Low quality women do things like


  • cheat on you if you’re in a relationship
  • cheat on their boyfriends with you
  • lie often
  • talk to other guys when she’s dating you – either secretly or to get you jealous
  • disrespect you in public
  • talks shit about all the other men she’s dated and how evil they all are (she’ll do the same about you)

And so on.  I’m sure I could make a huge list of all the things low quality women do.  But these are just a few.

Looking at these, it seems obvious that these are major warning signs.  Actually these aren’t the warnings signs.  These are the things the other signs warned you about.  But it baffles me how often guys ask me questions about low quality women.  They want to know how to turn things around, how to get her to act different, how they can save her.

But what men need to do is stop making excuses for low quality women.  Yes, it’s true that a masculine man can put a lot of women in their feminine energy.  And many problems you face in your interactions with women are because you are weak in certain ways.

However, you need to also realize that there are just low quality women out there.  Every girl will shit test you to a degree.  But a high quality woman will have lighter tests, with little to no disrespect, and will act right.  In fact a high quality woman will leave you if you’re acting weak rather than act too shitty.

It’s  the low quality women that will act up or do these things when you either act weak, or out of their own shittyness.  You can do everything right and still have a woman acting wrong.  Sure, realize what you’re doing wrong so you can make adjustments.

But you can’t try to fix everything with every woman.  Some women are just low quality women.  And it’s your fault because you weren’t able to tell earlier on.  Or you knew they were low quality but kept them around anyways.

Why you make excuses

Men make excuses for keeping low quality women around.  The major excuses are one or a combination of the following:

  • low value in yourself / low confidence
  • laziness to go get other women
  • weakness in not being able to walk away
  • lack of experience

Low value in yourself / low confidence

stop cheating on yourself

A confident man can conquer the world.  But a man with no confidence is going to get walked on.  If you’re able to  have enough confidence to get some kind of woman, but not enough to have a real pair of balls, you’re an average beta.  Which means you’re going to  settle for low quality women.

That’s all you believe you can get.  You don’t think you can get the 8’s and above.  So you settle for girls that you can barely get hard for.  Or you don’t think that you can get a hot girl who gets on your schedule and listens to you.

But low confidence is a self fulfilling prophecy.  Because you vibrate at a low level, you’re not able to get the high quality women out there.  You settle for low quality women because you don’t feel worthy to get the women you really want.

If this describes you, then you need to work on yourself. You need to lift weights, dress better, develop sex appeal, and your get confidence up.  You need to build value in yourself on the outside and the inside.  Then once you start getting some higher quality women, you’ll believe in yourself.

Laziness to go get other women

biggest mistake, being lazy

Scores of men are too lazy to go out and get new women.  They settle for a low quality woman who drags them down.  Or they have multiple women but they know that these women aren’t up to their standards in what they can get.

It takes some effort to get quality women, in terms of looks and personality.  As men in the game, even with an abundance mindset, we know it takes some effort to get the girls we want.  Whether that’s talking to a lot of girls, going out, or even just raising your value so high so they come to you.  It takes some work to get the best women in your life.

If this is you, you either need to dedicate more time to the game, or raise your value so high women will flock to you.

Weakness in not being able to walk away

curing oneitis

How many of you have a friend who had a girlfriend that was nothing but trouble?  Or more likely you yourself had a girlfriend at one point who was a low quality woman?

We’ve all dealt with women that don’t deserve us.  Especially if we think she’s high quality because she’s hot, and then soon learn she has a million issues.

A masculine man can do a lot to keep a woman feminine.  But current Western society has fucked up a lot of women.  And that means a lot will be low quality in terms of their values and what they bring to the table.

Sometimes  a woman can be a decent quality girl, but then become low quality when she starts to devour feminism and take power in the relationship.

That’s where you as a man step in.  You need to do the the only thing you can when you find yourself dating a low quality woman.  Dump her.  If she’s truly a low quality woman, move on and never talk to her again.  If she was just acting up and didn’t do any major fuck ups, then you can let her come crying back to you.

In either case, you need to be willing to walk away.  Many of  you have girls you need to destroy oneitis for and walk away for good.

Lack of experience

The younger or less experienced guys may just not be aware of what low quality women are like.  When you’re young, you think any decent looking chick is worthy.  But once you lose your virginity and start to date better women, you realize what a fool you were in the past.

Experience is the greatest teacher of all.  It’s ideal to learn from mistakes from other people so you don’t have to make them yourselves.  But it’s a fact of life that you need to experience some shit for it to really hit home.  I’m sure many of you have had red pill moments with women. Moments that you’ve heard from movies or from friends but couldn’t imagine it happening to you.  And then it does.  And then you man the fuck up and learn to navigate through the world.

We learn a lot about what we like from women and what separates low quality women vs high quality women through our own life circumstances.

Low quality women will make your life worse

My girlfriend dumped me, what should I do? - girl leaving man

Low quality women are women who take more than they give.  Dealing with women always means dealing with some level of drama and putting in some effort.  That’s the name of the game.

But you want to invest in attractive women, who are feminine towards you, and who will invest back even more into you.  Whether you’re seeing a few women or you’re in a committed relationship, start raising your standards.  Cut out the low quality women who don’t add value, and only deal with the women you really want to.

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Yo J, thx for the content brother, u always come with some GOOD shit, really appreciate to read your articles. I have a little situation here and would really appreciate your thought on this. I’m in a relationship with a 7-8 and it’s been 9 months now, but I started talking again to this chick that I used to just fuck 2 years ago, meme girlfriend is very beautiful and all but she lacks of experience on the sexuel level, the other bitch was a freak and I kinda miss that but I also didn’t wanted her as a girlfriend… Read more »


How to find if she is a quality woman? She talks about the love and marriage with me.. But she is talking to another married man texting him and tells that he is a caretaker. But still she is close to me. She is saying she wanna propose me and that love kind of stuff. How to find if she is worth or not? She is not more womanly. She says she is also not expressive and only more expressive to me. When I ask about him she says that is nothing and usual and she says I like you… Read more »