Drama Queen alert: 9 Signs She’s Going to Drive you Crazy

Drama Queen alert

drama queen

A drama queen can make your life a living hell.  Women can drive men crazy, but the drama queen takes things to the next level.  She thrives off of drama and conflict.

All women are emotional and can cause drama at times.  Especially if they’re dating a beta male or an alpha whose starting to get oneitis.  So it’s important to realize the difference between a weak man + unhappy woman and then the straight up drama queen.  Then difference is that the drama queen shows signs early on that’s she’s going to drive you crazy.

Here’s a few of the common signs that modern day drama queens can’t help but give off.  If she shows one of these, you can be suspicious.  If she shows two, she’s most likely a drama queen.  And if she shows three or more, she’s definitely a drama queen whose going to drive you crazy.  Recognizing these and learning how to spot a drama queen early on can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

1. Wants to share passwords

A girl who wants to share passwords for everything is one to watch out for.  This goes for phone passwords, email, your facebook/instagram login, everything.  This is a sign that she’s not only a drama queen, but that’s she’s controlling.  She’s extremely insecure and needs to make sure you’re not cheating, or she is just trying to make you a supreme beta.

Either way, sharing passwords is never a good idea.  Even if you have nothing to hide, the fact that you need to share passwords just shows the lack of trust.  More importantly, you’re giving her too much power and control over your personal life.  You can never run dread game when a girl knows the passwords to everything you have.  You can’t even have your own space.

When the two of you break up, she’s going to be able to login to your accounts and can do some serious damage.  If you doubt that she will, then you’re seriously undermining what a drama queen is capable of.

Never share passwords with a girl.  Not because her ex cheated, and not even if you cheated on her.  A girl who’s persistent on wanting to get your passwords is likely a drama queen, and even if she’s not, she’s for sure a toxic individual.

2. Calls you randomly all the time

woman calling man, on phone

Your girlfriend might call you once in a while unplanned.  Even some girls you’re just casually seeing might call you out of the blue.  Especially if you learn how to fuck women so good that they get addicted, sometimes they can’t help but check in on you.

But the drama queen will call you randomly all the time.  And not in a good way.  She’s calling because she’s yelling, complaining, or starting unnecessary commotion of some sort.  If you’re new to the game and haven’t been with many women, you might start to become a captain save a hoe and always appease her.  But if you have any common sense, you’ll realize she’s calling you because she just wants to start drama.

She might do this when you’re supposed to be hanging out with your boys, when you’re out without her, or even when you’re at home but just not in her presence.  She’s looking to keep you off your center.  For whatever reason, your attention wasn’t focused on her.  The reason she’s calling is to make it about her.

And I’m not talking about a girlfriend who calls you once a week or once in a while.  I’m talking about a girlfriend or girl you see casually who will always call you at night when you’re not with her or just at random times.  If she does this often, and she usually has a problem to complain about, she’s a drama queen.

3. Every ex boyfriend has “screwed her over”

This is a big one many beta males or just inexperienced guys miss.  They think because a girl has a lot of ex boyfriends or guys who screwed her over that she has a tough life.  They want to become captain save a hoe.  But what you guys don’t realize is that it’s bullshit.  If a girl dates 5 guys and one was bad but 4 were good, she’s probably telling the truth.  But if all 5 were monsters, what do you think she’s going to say about you when you two part ways.

She’s either play the victim (95% chance) and will say the same about you, or she’s telling the truth and has bad taste in men.  Either one is a sure sign that’s she’s a drama queen.

Drama queens will try to make you feel bad for them about their lives.  Usually in the form of “every guy I’ve been with has screwed me over”.  Girls who have a dramatic personality blow things out of proportion and make themselves the victim.

4. Daddy Issues

daddy issues

If a girl has daddy issues, 9/10 you shouldn’t date her seriously.  You can still sleep with her casually.  After all, if you didn’t sleep with any girls who had daddy issues, that means you have to avoid half of the women that are available.  But you definitely shouldn’t make her a girlfriend if she has daddy issues.

Because the drama queen usually has daddy issues.  The reason she causes so much drama anyways is because her dad didn’t give her enough attention or acted like a total beta.  Most of the time it was because he wasn’t in the picture or just wasn’t around enough.

I don’t wish a bad childhood on anyone.  But you can’t save this girl from herself and lack of a strong father figure.  The drama queen usually comes from a broken home or is the product of bad parenting.  She’ll always have a need that you can’t fill.  Fill her holes if you want, but don’t try to fill her deeper needs.  Because the drama queen with daddy issues will suck you into a vortex.  You’ll end up worse than her after she makes you a beta and then dumps you.

5. Threatens to break up when she doesn’t get her way

I’m not talking about small things like marriage or having kids.  Women will break up with you if they want these things and you’re not going to do it.  I’m not justifying the behavior, but it makes sense for a woman who wants to dominate her man.  Definitely don’t get married and only have kids when you want.

But when she threatens to break up over small things, like how you didn’t compliment her, or you choosing the wrong food to eat, you know you’re dealing with a drama queen.

A drama queen will use the power of a break up to make you submit to her will.  If you give in, then you’ve lost.  You’ll begin to lose even more power as she gains more of it.  And then she’ll throw it back in your face later about how you need to change or she’ll dump you again.

The best thing you can do is stand strong, dump her ass, and make her submit when she comes crying back.  Most women will be feminine after this, especially if you stay in your masculine frame.  But a drama queen will return to her ways soon enough.

6. Withholds sex when she doesn’t get her way

date, girl looking away

Similarly to breaking up, the drama queen will withhold sex when she doesn’t get her way.  Now, out of all the ones on here, this is the one that isn’t necessarily a sign by itself.  Because many women will withhold sex from their man in relationships.  They do this not because they are always drama queens, but due to boredom or the man acting weak.  If you don’t lead and remain alpha in the relationship then your girlfriend will give you less sex.

The drama queen is different because she’ll withhold sex to get what she wants.  Which is more of your attention.

7. Never satisfied with your decisions

She’s never satisfied with the decisions you make.  Whether it’s your career choice, the car you drive, or what restaurant you chose for dinner.  A woman whose never satisfied with your decisions is an unhappy drama queen.  And similar to the wanting to share of passwords, she’s also likely controlling.

The reason she’s not satisfied is because she can never be happy.  Criticizing your decisions make her feel higher than you.  And if you have any backbone at all it will cause you to fight back with her, which leads to you two having arguments.  And she gets what she wants, which is a dramatic scene and your full, undivided attention.

8. Consistently attacks your character

woman temper tantrum

Worse than criticizing your decisions is going after your character.  The drama queen will do this is she’s looking for an especially interesting evening of drama and chaos.  Or if you don’t bite at her attacks to your decisions, she’ll be left to resort with attacking your personally.  This is really the same as above, but in a more extended form.

A woman might disagree with a decision, but a feminine one won’t say anything if she doesn’t need to.  If it’s something where she needs to, like she knows you’re driving the wrong way, then she’ll point it out but try to be polite about it.  The drama queen will criticize your harshly for any wrong decisions, or at least one she thinks are wrong.  And if you don’t join the drama at that, that’s when the character attacks start.  If she consistently attacks your character, she’s going to drive you crazy.  She’s a drama queen that needs to be dumped.

9. Acts like a child for attention

The biggest sign to tell if she’s a drama queen is if she acts like a child for attention.  She’ll throw tantrums, start fights, and be rude just so you give her more attention.  Women thrive off of attention.  Even the best girls who had strong, present fathers still need your attention, and might cause some drama to get more of it.

But the drama queen can’t get enough.  She’ll always act like a child and do childish things.  And you’ll notice it not just with her and you, but with her friends and with her family.

Avoid the drama queen

There’s no need to entertain the drama queen and have her as part of your life.  That’s why you need to learn how to spot a drama queen by looking for these signs as early as possible.  All women are emotional and can cause some drama.  But you don’t need to try and figure out how to deal with a drama queen girlfriend.  It’s too much trouble for too little return.

She’s going to drive you crazy and any value she adds will be little in comparison to the drama she brings.  Avoid the drama queen at all costs, and sleep better at night.

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