Dread Game: How to keep girls Interested in you

Dread game

dread game

Dread game can be a powerful tool in a man’s arsenal for getting girls to chase him.  If you have been a player or a busy, career driven man, you’ve probably used dread game without knowing it.

What is dread game?

Dread game is using a fear of loss in order to get a girl to chase you and raise her interest.  It’s used with girls you’re already seeing.  This can be a girl you’ve fucked a few times, for a few months, a girlfriend, or even your wife.

You can use dread game by ghosting / not responding, flirting with other women, or even just putting less effort in.  It can vary by how you choose to use it and what type of relationship you have with the girl you’re seeing.

Like I mentioned, you’ve probably used dread game without knowing it.  Whenever a girl has been blowing up your phone or your girlfriend was mad at you for checking out another girl, that’s dread game.

You’re causing her to worry because you have a declining interest in her.  And that will raise her interest in you, given you don’t over do it.

Why you should use it

man leaving woman in bed

We’ll get into how to use dread game with women.  But first it’s important to understand why you should use it.

When women feel that they have you locked down 100%, they get bored.  They want what they can’t have, just like you want that hot as fuck girl that seems just out of reach.  If your girl is always secure about the relationship, this will lead to her dumping you, cheating on you, or just giving you more drama.  Some drama is good, but not the kind a perceived beta gets.

It can be seen as fucked up or manipulative to use dread game.  But every successful relationship as some level of it.  Because if you don’t, then the girl will eventually leave you.  This applies to girls you’re just fucking to your wife.

You shouldn’t overuse dread game.  I’m not saying your goal should make the women you see to always feel insecure and like shit.  But yes, you have to make them feel like they don’t have a full grasp on you.

Whether you want to be a successful player or just have a happy relationship, some level of dread game is necessary.

How to use it effectively with girls you see casually

Keep in mind this is for girls you’re already seeing, meaning you’ve fucked at least once.

It’s pretty easy to use dread game with casual relationships.  You have less attachment with these girls than serious relationships, so acting like you don’t care as much will be easier because it’s true.

Some examples of how to use it with women you see

  • Texting – respond slow, short answers
  • Cancel or push back plans
  • Going out with your bros
  • Her seeing your phone blow up when you hang out
  • Mention other girls you met

Just out of reach

woman choosing

If there’s one phrase I could use for dread game with girls you casually, it’s that you’re always just out of reach.  Not that you never hang out, because you still need to meet up to fuck.  But that locking you down into something more serious is just out of reach.

You’re available once in a while, but usually not.

Variation is key

You don’t want to always use it.  Otherwise the girl will just lose interest.  However, you can use it more and more when she really likes you.  Just be prepared for the extra drama that will ensue.

Texting example

For example, if she texts you in the morning, you can wait until evening to text back.  Then if she texts can right away, you can wait 10 minutes, text back, and then not respond to the next day.  This is a give and take.  You’re giving her some hope, after not texting all day you give her some attention.  Then you pull back.

All of this is easy to do if you’re naturally busy.  For example, let’s say you’re grinding all day on your business.  You text her back at the end of the day, she responds, then you respond and then go to sleep.  This way you’ve implemented “dread game”, but you’re not trying to calculate exactly when to hit her back or do mind games.  You’re simply a busy man.

However, you can also do it purposely.  I just recommend you guys have other stuff going on in your life.  Then stuff like this will come about naturally and you won’t feel bad about it.

How to implement dread game in your relationships

man leaving house - dread game

Now this is where dread game can be especially useful.  It’s easy to do it when you’re seeing 3-6 girls regularly and are meeting more.  You’ve probably already doing it if that’s the case.  Since you’re so busy being a player and balancing everything else in life, you just won’t have time to give the girls attention.

Harder to do in long term relationships

But it’s hard to use it in relationships, especially the more you like her and the longer you’ve been together.  That being said, it’s even more important.  With a casual thing, if a girl loses interest then no big deal.  You can just replace her.

However, a girlfriend or wife losing interest can lead to a bad break up or even worse, a divorce rape if you’re married.

This is why it’s crucial to know and use it when you’re in a long term relationship.

Dread game in relationships

So how do you use it effectively in your relationships?

  • Texting – Don’t text all day long
  • Come home late sometimes
  • Lift weights and stay in shape
  • Get mad at her once in a while
  • Let her initiate sex
  • Stand up for yourself

These examples are similar to when you’re single, but you have to alter them off course.  If you’re married / have a girlfriend, then you can’t completely ignore a text.  Or can’t do that often.

But you don’t have to text her back right away every time.  Let her wait and get excited to hear back from you.

Coming home late

And one thing you can do differently is coming home late once in a while.  Work more and stay at the office late.  Or go do a hobby like boxing or salsa dancing after work and then come home.  This will give her a chance to miss you and wonder what you’re doing that’s more important than her.

Even if she complains about this, she’ll like it.  Because women want a higher value man than her.  Then when you do come home regularly, she’ll cherish you and enjoy it more.  Because she’ll learn than your time is valuable.

Stay in shape

alpha males like arnold lift weights

Lift weights, eat healthy, and stay in shape.  Keeping your body fit will ensure that you’re sexually attractive.  And if your girlfriend / wife notices you’re still hot, then she’ll think other girls will think you’re hot.  Which will cause her to worry and make sure she values you.

There are a ton of benefits to staying in shape besides it being a part of dread game, but it’s a nice bonus.

Get mad at her once in a while + stand up for yourself

I know a lot of people are going to take this out of context.  But any man with experience knows that your woman can’t always be happy with you.

She needs to feel a wide variety of emotions.  And if you’re never mad at her, then you’re weak.  Because she’ll do things once in a while that should get you mad.  Unless she’s the perfect wife / girlfriend, she’ll mess up.  No need to yell or throw a fit.  But get mad at her when she disrespects you or when she messes up once in a while.

Doing this, and standing up for yourself, will show her that you’re authentic.  You’re not afraid to drive her away by always pleasing her.  You’re a high value man.  Putting pussy on a pedestal isn’t something you do.  If she shit tests you or does something that you deserve to get mad at, then be a man and stand up for yourself.

Give her a chance to initiate sex 

girl initiate sex

When you’re single and inviting girls over, it’s going to be you that’s initiating sex most of the time.

But when you’re in a relationship, you should let your woman do sometimes too.  Because if you’re always trying to have sex with her, then she’ll use that power against you.  She’ll use sex as a weapon to get you do bend to her will.  But if you’re not always pushing for sex, then you let her build up desire.  You make her try and get sex with you.

When you come home after a long day from work, get in bed, and she’s in lingerie or naked, she’s chasing your attention.  This is exactly what you want.

Of curse you can still initiate sex.  But don’t over pursue sex.  Give her a chance to get horny and fuck you.  Plus, if you’re not always trying to have sex with her, then she might think you are seeing other girls or are thinking about other girls.

This is a great example of how to use dread game to get more sex.  She’ll use sex to make sure you stay interested in her and to keep you from going astray.  You don’t need to actually cheat on your woman.  But just give off the vibe you don’t need sex from her.  Let her build up desire towards you.

Don’t overuse

No need to over use dread game on a girl whose highly loyal and in love with you.  More extreme dread game is better used on girls who seem to be losing attraction or not have that much.  Like if she’s not having sex whenever you want.

It’s important to have some dread in a relationship.  A man whose on his purpose and keeps in shape will naturally have this.

Overuse and constant jealousy, like heavily flirting with other women when you’re married, will create attraction.  But it can cause an insecurity overdose if done for too long… and can cause a girl to eventually dump you.  Or divorce you.

Being the one who cares less

If you’re the one who cares less, then you’re in the better position.  This is more difficult to do if you’re married because your assets are on the line.  Which is why I recommend to you guys to not get married.  Ironically, if you’re married then having a healthy dread game is even more important.

Because if you care more, then your woman will feel this and start to test you more and more.  She’ll feel your less valuable than her, and women hate being with a man of lesser value.  Which is why she needs to feel that you care less than her.

High sexual market value is dread game

the player mindset

You need to always be raising and maintaining your smv.  Doing this will keep the value high in your woman’s eyes.  And her respect and attraction for you will stay high.  Which gives you a much better chance at keeping the relationship alive.

You do this by

  • Increasing your money and career
  • Lifting weights and having a great body
  • Keeping your style amazing
  • Social life

If you’re always increasing your value, then you’ll have the most powerful dread game.  Because your girlfriend / wife will always know that you can replace her.  And this will keep her attracted to you.  Women want a man who’s the prize.

They want a man that other women want.  You don’t have to be flirting, talking to, and fucking other women.  Simply getting more money, staying in shape, and having a life outside of her will keep your value high.

Always ready to walk away

The ultimate dread game is being able to walk away.  This shows that you truly don’t need the girl, and you can walk away from the relationship.

However, this only works if you really mean it.  If you walk away, but then come crawling back a week later, you’ll look weak and this will backfire.  Threatening to walk away or end a relationship shows that you will be fine without her.  Although this may make her mad, or may make her cry, this is the highest form of self confidence.

You use this when you’re at a crossroads in a relationship.  If your woman won’t stop disrespecting or won’t let you run the relationship the way you want to.

This is a powerful tactic, and using it can help to save and repair your relationship.  However, you must follow through on it if need be.

If you have any oneitis over the girl you’re seeing, you need to cure this as soon as possible.  Your need for her will mess up your ability to walk away.  And you won’t be able to use dread game effectively.

Break up example

For example, if you tell her to adjust her behavior or you’re going to break up with her.  The ideal scenario is she apologies and then tries to fix her behavior.

But you must be ready for her to get mad at use the Marilyn Monroe quote “If you can’t handle be at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best”.  Then you tell her “We’re done.  Give me a call if you decide to grow up and fix x, y, z”.  From there, you walk out the door.  If she calls back and apologies then you have the option of getting back together, but this time on your terms.

If she doesn’t call back, you move on with your life.  Chances are that she’ll call back, you just have to be willing to wait.

When in doubt, follow your purpose

don draper - waiting until you're older to have kids

When in doubt, follow your purpose.

A man with a purpose is unstoppable.  Your purpose will bring you wealth, fulfillment, and it will make you happy.  It will take up your time and make you valuable.  You won’t have to worry about using dread game to get your girl to chase you.

By making your purpose your #1 priority in life, most of these things will come naturally to you.  Your sexual market value will be higher and you’ll have limited amount of time for your relationship.  The time you do have will need to be used wisely.

You want her to chase your attention

Have your girlfriend / wife / girl you see casually chase your attention.  Give little attention to your casual girls, and of course more to your gf / wives.  But the point is they should be chasing your time and attention more than you chasing them.

If you do this, she’ll have a healthy knowledge of your high value, and she won’t want to do anything to mess your relationship up.  Running dread game shouldn’t be about making a woman panic to and always feel like shit 24/7.  Rather it’s used to keep things interesting, just out of reach, and always holding you in a powerful position.  If you do this, your relationships will be better, and the women in your life will love you more for it.

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