Easiest Way to Meet Hot Women: Learn How to Dance

Easiest way to meet hot women that no one talks about

learn how to dance and meet hot women

You want to meet hot women?  And you want it to be easy right?

Well, of course you should get into the bet shape possible, create your purpose, and get your money up.  But let’s be real.  It’d be nice to get more women now too.  Or at least in the next 6 months to a year.  And even if you don’t become successful in the next few years, you still want to be able to get with hot women.

I can’t work miracles.  I’m not going to promise that if you’re a 3 or 4 that you’re going to get an 8, 9, or 10.

But I can bet that you’ll be able to get girls 2-3 points higher than you doing this one thing more often than anything else besides paying for it.

And you know what that is?  The one thing that most men who aren’t overweight and shower regularly can do to get attractive women?

It’s dancing.  Learn how to dance!

Learn how to dance

salsa dancing - best places to meet women

Every single man should learn how to dance.  It will take you years to become a master.  But it will only take a few months to become good enough to get other beginners, which there are tons of.  And you can become decent in a year.

I’m not talking about dancing by yourself.  Dancing as in partner dancing.  Specifically salsa and bachata.

Most men won’t do this.  And the guys who do it are usually weird or odd in some way, and they still often times get girls.

If you’re in shape, dress well, have average social skills, and just show up to salsa/bachata classes once or twice a week for 6 months, you’ll know how to dance.  If you do it for a year you’ll be decent and be able to meet hot women who are beginners.  During night outs, 1/3 to half the people are beginners, some intermediate, and then some super advance.

Low competition

There aren’t too many advanced studs.  Sure, there are some.  But not many.  And many of the best dancers that are men are instructors or really old.  The competition is low.

There will always be tons of guys who are better than you.  I’m not saying there’s a lack of good dancers.  But after going for a few months you’ll realize that you’ll no longer be in the bottom third or half of people.  And there are tons of girls who are beginners who are just going to have fun and meet a guy.

The amount of dancers who have high sexual market value (outside of their dance skills) are low.  There’s only a few studs.  Some decent looking a regular dudes.   And a ton of weirdos and creeps.

So if you’re a normal guy, who is in shape, dressed decently, showers, and is at least a 6, you’ll do well.  If you can make yourself a 7 or 8 in terms of general looks, then you’ll kill it at salsa/bachata dance clubs.  Not your first week or two.  You’re still learning then.  But after a few months all of the beginner girls will love you.

And even some of the advanced girls will like you just for trying.  Some of them are bitchy and stuck up.  you’ll be able to tell right away who likes you and who doesn’t.

Focus on the beginners and just having a good time

But just focus on the beginner girls.  There’s tons of hot women there to go around who are just looking for a good time.

The competition in terms of smv with salsa and bachata clubs in generally low as fuck, especially compared to normal clubs.

In a normal club, I feel anywhere from an 8 to 9 depending on the competition.

But in a salsa club I feel like a 10.  Besides the instructor / teacher / DJ (often times a class before social dancing), there’s not too much competition in terms of decent looking, normal guys.  And when there are some, I feel like no one is that much better than me or really outshines me.  And if there is one person that guy can’t dance with every girl at the same time.

Maybe it’s cause I’m  a cocky asshole and have an ego.  But compared to regular clubs with young fit men, the competition is much lower.  There are lots of nerdy types attracted to dancing when it comes to the men.  Which is odd because there are usually tons of hot women.  Of course there are ugly girls and average girls too.

Feminine women

feminine women when you learn how to dance salsa/bachata

And the women who are into these dances are very feminine.  Which in my mind can make some hot women even hotter.

Because salsa and bachata are lead and follower oriented.  One person, the man, is the leader.  The other person, the woman, is the follower.  It brings out the masculine and feminine energy by design.  You’re forced to lead and guide the girl.  You need to be firm, strong, and decisive.  She needs to follow, be graceful, and go with your flow.

Women are put in their feminine state when they dance this way.  And the women who are down to be a follower are also much more feminine in general compared to the general population.

You’ll meet lots of hot women are also feminine.  And they’ll be more receptive to you if you’re masculine and lead.  This will help you especially if you’re not exactly a 10.  Due to the competition being lower (not in dancing skill but overall looks and charisma), you’ll already get a natural boost of half a point or even a full point.  Factor in that you can lead her and be masculine in a direct way, and you have a better environment for girls liking you.

Women are willing to dance

salsa dancing

At regular clubs, some women will dance with you.  Many get off at denying you.  That’s why I don’t ask women to dance at nightclubs.  I either play it cool with the boys.  Or I dance by myself and wait for the girls to come to me.  But it’s way different when you learn how to dance and go to a salsa/bachata club.

It’s expected that you dance.  The man goes up and asks the woman to dance.  90% of the women say yes, as they’re also there to dance with a man.  It’s part of the etiquette. And when a woman does say no, it’s polite.  You also don’t look bad.

Women who say no generally just aren’t in the mood, want to take a break, or more than likely have a boyfriend in the bathroom.

At a normal club, getting rejected by a girl will kill your chances with the other girls who see you get denied.  At a salsa club if one girl says no, you can ask her friend or any girls right in the area.  Because it’s not seen as a rejection of you trying to get some ass.  You’re there to dance and so are the vast majority of the people.

Easy to tell if the girl likes you

couple salsa dancing

And you can tell after one song if a girl is into you or not.  Whether you’re a good or bad dancer, she’ll give you eye contact, laugh, hold onto you and touch you just a little more than what’s necessary.  It’s one of those things you can literally feel because you’ll be dancing with her.

At a regular nightclub a girl can grind on you all day long and then walk away with her friends.  After all, you’re the one getting her ass rubbed on your dick.  It’s a tease for you.

But when you’re dancing salsa or bachata, you can clearly see if the girl likes you or not.

It’s a great feeling when you’re dancing with hot women and they’re receptive to you.  Not every girl will be of course.  but when you’re one of the higher smv in the venue then it’s bound to happen.  Plus you’ll dance with 10-20 girls if you’re there for a few hours of dancing.  Even if you’re not looking for it, there will be hot women into you.

Worried about not being able to tell?  It’s customary for two people – unless they go together – to dance for 1 song.  If she sticks around at all afterwards and seems like she wants to talk or dance again, then she likes you.

Attractive hobby

Knowing how to dance is an attractive hobby for meeting hot women, or any girl.

Besides actually meeting girls at salsa or bachata clubs, or even dancing with girls at regular clubs using your dance skills, it’s just an attractive hobby to have.

You can use pics of you doing this on tinder, okcupid, and other dating apps to get lots of attention from women.  Many of the women I match with will comment about me being a dancer or ask me about it.  I rarely ever take them out dancing, but it’s a cool thing to talk about.  And since you dance with girls, other girls tend to think you’re cool.  Which is ironic because many guys who are into dancing are more nerdy.

When you’re on dates and girls hear you’re a dancer they’ll automatically think you’re good in bed, even though there’s not real correlation.  I learned how to fuck women well before I learned how to dance.  But hey, I’ll take it.

Can meet tons of hot women and have an abundance mindset

meet lots of women dancing

It’s easy to have an abundance mindset when you can go out and dance with 10-20 girls in a night.  There will be plenty of hot women around.  Sure, you’ll dance with ugly and average women too.  I ask any female to dance.  I’m there to have a good time and have good energy.

Do this and you’ll also get to dance with plenty of hot women.   And if you go out once or twice a week, you’re bound to meet good looking girls who also like you.

For men, learning how to dance is one of the best ways to get an abundance mindset.  You’ll constantly be surrounded by women.  And not just near them.  You can go to bars and clubs and be around women.  But when you’re dancing with women, you’re getting used to lots of feminine energy.

You won’t pedestalize hot women as much because you’ll get used to dancing and being around more of them.

It’s actually fun

It’s actually fun to learn how to dance.  Dancing is good exercise (although not anything to replacer lifting, martial arts, or cardio) and it’s fun.

Besides meeting hot women and eventually getting laid, dancing with girls is fun.  Knowing how to dance for guys with salsa or bachata isn’t too hard.  You don’t need to become a pro.  Sure, you might not love it your first class or two.  But push through it.  Once you’ve attended a few classes, can do the basic step, and learn a spin or two, you’re going to have a great time.

Learn how to dance, meet attractive women, and enjoy yourself

If I had to name one hobby or activity that’s fun, relatively low cost, and will allow you to meet hot women much easier than with regular nightlife or online dating, it’s be learning how to dance.  Specifically salsa and/or bachata.  While they’re different dances, most clubs that do one also do the other.

You have to put in a little bit of work.  But you don’t need to be a pro.  You just need to be okay.  The amount of work needed to be a decent beginner dancer that can meet hot women who are also beginners or just like you is way less than rising up in the sexual market places through traditional means like becoming a millionaire or famous.  I’m not saying you’re going to have the hottest women like those guys enjoy.  But you’re going to deal with, on average, more hot women than you likely did before.

Go to a dance class once or twice a week for a few months.  Do a google search in your area.  Most cities/ metro areas have clubs that do a lesson and then do social dancing all night afterwards.

Learn how to dance, meet hot women, and enjoy yourself more when you go out.

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