Female Narcissist traits: 8 things to Avoid if you Hate Drama

Female Narcissist Traits to avoid if you hate drama

female narcissist

Knowing the key female narcissist traits to watch out for will help you to avoid this type of women.

What exactly is a female narcissist?  

Men and women can both be narcissists.  And many confident people, including myself, can be narcissistic at times, or at least perceived that way.  But the majority of people aren’t full blown narcissists.

A narcissist is a person who is overly self involved, vain, and selfish.  They get gratification from admiration of their own attributes.  But it’s not just loving themselves.  They often demand that others do so too.  And when they don’t get that, then there’s a lot of problems.  Because they have deep insecurities about their real value.

Being a slight narcissist can actually be beneficial for you as a man.  Having confidence in who you are and what you’re capable of will help you excel in the business world and will even attract women towards you.  But only to a point.

A full blown narcissist relies on validation from others to feel good.

A female narcissist is the feminine version of this.  And while male narcissists can be annoying, they’re only ever a real problem for you if you have one as a boss.  If you have a friend who’s truly narcissistic, you can kick them to the curb.

Why you need to avoid female narcissists

But if you’re dating women, then it’s absolutely necessary to avoid female narcissists.

Now let’s be clear before we get into it.  Most women rely on validation to some degree.  This is in their nature.  A women wanting to feel attractive and cared about is normal.  And women relying on validation from men to feel good about themselves is standard.  It’s not a bad thing in itself.  We can use this need for validation to get laid or even maintain relationships.

And most women are all a little crazy.  Like a 3 to 5 on the crazy scale, if 1 is sane and 10 is totally crazy.

However, the female narcissist takes this to the extreme.  She desperately needs attention more than the average female.  And if you’re not careful, dating one can cause a lot of problems in your life.  Watch out for these female narcissist traits so you can avoid these types of women and have an easier life.

Female narcissist traits 

  1. Sabotaging your relationships with other people
  2. Insane jealousy
  3. Demanding more time
  4. Temper tantrums
  5. Spending too money
  6. Cheating
  7. Blaming you for her faults
  8. Has no female friends

Sabotaging your relationships with others

A female narcissist will do whatever she can to get all of the attention that’s possible.  And this includes sabotaging your relationships with other people.

You’ll usually see this when your girlfriend is trying to destroy relationships with your friends.  But this can even go to the level of your family.

A normal girlfriend won’t want you to go out as much.  She’ll try to deter you from going out with he boys in favor of spending time with her.  But a female narcissist will go to extremes.  She’ll say bad things that are unwarranted about your boys.  She’ll try to make outrageous claims about their character.  Even worse, if you bring her around your friends, she’ll start drama with them.

If you’re not giving her what she considers enough attention, she may flirt with one off your friends to see how you react.

And she can even extend this into your family life.  Starting drama with your family and even being too friendly with your brother, cousin, father, etc.

This is the crazy shit you hear on the internet or from one of your bros.  If this is your girl, this isn’t normal behavior.  It’s one thing for her to not want you to go the strip club with your boys.  But to sabotage your relationships is another level.  This isn’t to be confused with you neglecting your other relationships because you’re obsessed with your girl.  But if out happens to you, then you shouldn’t, because the signs will stare you right in the face.

Insane jealousy

jealousy man and woman

Another trait of a female narcissist is insane jealousy.  You can already see this if she’s trying to sabotage your relationships with friends and family.  But right now we’re talking about jealousy with girls.  Creating a little bit of dread and healthy jealousy can be fine for any relationship.

However, the female narcissist will get jealous at anything.

  • You took too long to call her back?
  • Starting to get in shape?  For who?
  • Why are you trying to make so much money?

These, and many like them, are the crazy questions that she’ll hound you with.  If a girl you’re with is constantly accusing you of cheating or sneaking around, she’s likely a female narcissist.

Even with girls you see casually, you can see the jealousy start to emerge.  Women who have no promised commitment to you but still act like they own you are to be avoided at all costs.

Demanding more time

Every woman wants more of your time.  They don’t really want it though, because once you give it to them they’ll get bored.

But a female narcissist will be like a rabid dog, always demanding more of your time.  She wants all of your attention, every last bit of it.  She’ll also get bored like a normal girl, but not before she spits you up and chews you out.

When you’re spending time away from her, she’s not getting the energy she needs.  Because a female narcissist is a energy vampire.  She lives off of your energy.  And not in a good way, she’ll drain you of all of your ambition, hopes, and ability to get shit done.

Temper tantrums

woman temper tantrum

What do little kids do when they’re mad or upset?  They throw a temper tantrum.  What do the female narcissists of the world do when they’re mad or upset?  They also throw temper tantrums.

Temper tantrums – according to kids health – range from whining and crying to screaming, kicking, hitting, and breath holding.  Little kids do this because they’re frustrated when they can’t get a parent to do what they want.  However, they grow up an eventually learn to deal with this frustration in other ways.

Everyone gets mad sometimes.  But the female narcissist will throw tempter tantrums and consistently show that she can’t control her anger.  Be on the lookout if your woman is someone who always yells, screams, tries to hit you, or even threatens to hurt herself.

Spending too much money

This can be a tougher one to see, since women like to spend money in general.

In fact, the average American has less than $5,000 in a savings account.  Men have a median of $7,000 and women have a median of $2,000 in savings.

So the average person in the US has little money.  And the average women saves a lot less than the average man, which means she also likes to spend more.

But a female narcissist takes this to the next level.  She’ll go massively in debt to go vacations, live a lifestyle way above her means.  And she’ll try to get you to pay for it if you’re seeing her.  A normal girl might spend too much, and even go into debt.  But she’ll still pay for her own bills.  The narcissi will attempt to take advantage of other people in their life to get them to pay their expensive lifestyle.

If a girl you’re seeing is trying to pass her costs onto you, don’t fall for the bait.  Unless you’re married, because then you’re basically fucked.



There’s a few types of women that cheat.

High likelihood of cheating

  • Nympho – a women who’s very sexual, promiscuous, can’t control her sex drive.  Not necessarily a bad person, but just very slutty.
  • Gold digger – she’s with you primarily for money.  Can leave you at any time for a wealthier man
  • Narcissist – She can also be a nympho/gold digger, but doesn’t have to be.  Craves a large amount of validation/attention, even by women’s standards

Low likelihood of cheating

  • Virgin / low notch count girl – still can cheat, but is less likely
  • Religious girls – girls with strict religious upbringings that believe their religions are less likely to cheat.  A girl who grew up religious but has rebelled against her upbringing doesn’t count in this group

These are women who have a high likelihood and low likelihood of cheating.

Cheating with the intent to hurt you

Any woman can cheat of course.  But there are women who are much more likely than others.  If a woman cheats on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a narcissist.  She could just be a horny woman who was shitty enough not to end things with you before she cheated.  Or she could’ve been a normal girl who was tired of your weak dick game, so she eventually cheated.

But a narcissist will cheat on you and not feel bad for it.  In fact, she might do it to hurt you.  Like in jarhead when a guys wife sent him a video of her getting fucked by the neighbor for revenge.  That’s  a female narcissist if there ever was one.

Blaming you for her faults

Blaming you for her faults is another trait of a female narcissist.  It’s something you’ll notice in male narcissists as well, if you have any that are friends.

A regular person would own up to their faults.  They can take a step back, reflect, and look at what they need to improve.  But the narcissist will blame others for their short comings.  Even in calm moments, they can’t look at their life and see how they’ve messed up or made mistakes.

If a woman if always blaming you for her life situation or her happiness, then that’s a major sign you shouldn’t associate with her anymore.

Has no female friends

The last trait of a female narcissist is that she has no female friends.  This is a huge red flag.  If there are no other women that want to be friends with her, then that’s likely because they can’t stand being around her.  Social women have tons of friends.  Introverted have fewer friends but usually very close ones.

The female narcissist may know a lot of people or not.  But she likely has no close friends.  Sure, she might have a bunch of dudes that want to fuck her.  However, the women she comes across knows that she’s no good.

What to do if you’re dating a female narcissist?

man leaving girlfriend

While all of these are signs, if you see multiple of them, you’re likely dating, married to, or even just casually seeing a female narcissist.

The biggest of these signs are the sabotaging of your relationships, temper tantrums, and having no female friends.  The other ones are still potential traits she can be one, but many girls have those.  But if she has any of the 3 I just mentioned, run, don’t walk.

If you’re not married to her, the best thing you can do is cut it off.  Don’t let any amount of oneitis you have for her blind you.  There’s no fixing a female a narcissist.  Don’t try to save her.  She will crush you if you let her.  Dump her, ghost her, whatever you want.

But trying to maintain a relationship, whether casual or serious, with a female narcissist will only give your life more drama.  These kind of women will drain your life force.  End things with her, and meet women that bring value, not insanity.

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