First Date Tips: 10 Red Pill Lessons to get Laid

First Date Tips: 9 Red Pill Lessons Players should apply

first date tips

I’m putting together a list of first date tips you can use for success on your next meet up with a woman.

First impressions are important.

Starting strong can lead to a quality fuck or a long term girlfriend.

However, a weak start can ruin your chances with this girl.

That’s why I put together a simple list of first date tips you can follow to make sure you have a great time and seal the deal.

1. Going for sex / asking her back home

man leading woman home

You’re on the date to get laid.

Most of the other articles you’ll find on the internet are blue pill bullshit that will tell you to wait and take it slow.

But I’m here to tell you they’re wrong.

Going for sex doesn’t mean you’ll always get it.  But it sets the tone.

This doesn’t mean be creepy, weird, or give any unwanted advances.  And if a girl is drunk then definitely avoid trying to get her home.

But for most situations, it means to invite the girl back to your place and make your intentions clear.

Girls know what you want

Girls know what you want, so you’re not fooling anyone.  You may as well make it clear that you’re there for the sex.  If they want to give it to you, they will.

If not, then you’re not gonna get it from them.

But 3/4 of my fucks came from the first meet up with a woman.

The rest came on the second time, and a small minority came from the third time I ever saw them.

Out of all the first date tips I’ll give you, this one is the most essential.

If you don’t at least go for it, she’ll either friend zone you, or just think you’re not interested.

Many girls will suddenly disappear after you thought you two had a great first date.

Except you didn’t.

You were trying to be a gentlemen and a nice guy.  But you ended up turning her off or letting her down.

Ask her back to your place at the end of the date.  You have nothing to lose and a fun night to gain.

2. Let her talk

woman talking on date

I don’t know if you guys know this.

But this one applies to more than just first date tips.

Let the girl talk.

Women love to talk.  It’s one of their favorite things to do.  They can talk for hours and hours.

Now, you don’t want to be there for that long.

But you definitely want to just let her talk.

Ask her questions, chill, and let her talk

Ask her questions about her day, her week, work, friends, and eventually about her family, childhood, and so on.

Whether she’s extroverted or introverted, every girl I’ve ever met loves to talk.

You don’t have to worry about what to say.

Just keep the focus on her and what she’s up to you.  If she asks you questions about your life, of course you can share.  But keep it short and sweet.  Be funny and witty, and then switch the focus back to her.

The more she talks, the more she’ll like you.

3. Don’t let her talk for hours

don't let her talk for hours

However, as a man, you need to value your time.

First date tips usually tell you to let the date go as long as needed.

Some will be shorter than others, but it should be no more than an hour.

If a girl is into you, then a half hour to an hour is perfect.  Or better yet, 10 minutes is great too.

But if you’re there for 2, 3, or 4 hours, you need to shorten the date.

Ask her back your place sooner.  Have 1 drink, and then tell her she needs to try your favorite cocktail at home.

Don’t tell her what it is, just that it’s good as fuck.

If she’s semi interested in you, this is more than a good enough excuse to come home.  If she doesn’t want to come home yet, she’s not down.

And there’s no point in you listening to her talk forever.

4. Go somewhere cheap

cheap places - dive bar

Let’s touch on money really quick.

Spend less of it.

Never go on an expensive date, especially the first one.

You want to go somewhere cheap.

A dive bar or coffee shop are both perfect options.  Out of the two, I prefer the bar.  But maybe you don’t drink or she doesn’t, so a coffee shop is fine too.

This way you’re not super invested in the date.

If you spend a lot of money, you’re going to expect to get something in return.

Buying a woman an expensive meal won’t make her like you.  It will make her like that you pay for her food.

But if you buy her a cheap cocktail at happy hour, then you’re not investing much.  And she won’t try to use you for your wallet.

A question I a lot get is – should you pay for her?

Let’s clarify that these are first date tips.  If I meet a girl at a bar or club, I never, ever buy her a drink.

But if this is girl you met on tinder or in person, then it’s not a big deal.

She’s already agreed to go on a date with you to a cheap place.

So she has some interest in you.

I’ve bought my dates drinks / coffee before, we’ve paid for our own, and I’ve had girls pay for me.

As long as you’re at a cheap place, it won’t really matter.  The $5 happy hour beers or cocktail won’t make her think you’re a beta buck bitch.  But if you don’t want to pay, she should definitely be able to cough up a few bucks.

5. Be cool, confident, and chill

being cool on date

You want to be cool, confident, and chill.

Yes, you’re going for th fuck.

But think of it this way.

You’re seeing if she’s cool enough for you to bring back and give her the best sex of her life.

You’ll need to tone down this affirmation if you suck as sex or have really low confidence.

Player mindset

But eventually, that’s the mainframe you’ll want to have.

You’re doing this to trick yourself into thinking you’re the shit.

Once your confidence is sky high, then this is how you’ll think.

Big time players or playboys have fucked a lot of women.  They know they have their choice when it comes to fucking these females.  They’re going to try and get laid, but it’s fun for them.

Don’t stress

It’s not something to stress about.

Instead, it’s something to look forward to after a long day of grinding towards your purpose.

Your purpose is a business you created.  It’s what you put your stress and focus onto.

Going to meet women is just a thing you do at the end of the day to relax.

Think of it as a fun game.

You’re trying to get laid, but you’re also seeing which women are worthy of you fucking them.

You take the lead, but you’re the prize

As the man, you’ll still have to take the lead, invite them back to your place, and make the move.

But you’re the prize.  They’ll realize that at first, or after you get them addicted to you.

6. Go on dates with women who have high interest

first date tips, date a girl with high interest

You won’t need many first date tips if you meet up with women who have high interest with you.

Now, if she’s meeting you at a cheap bar, she probably already has a decent level of interest.

So she’s already qualified to a degree.

But if you want to make things easy for yourself, then go on dates with girls who seem like they’re into you.

It seems like common sense.

Nevertheless, so many guys wright to me about all the girls who acted bitchy to them or outright flaked on their date.

I can never guarantee a girl won’t fake 100% of the time.  But if she likes you, then chances are much higher she won’t.

And if she does, then at least you picked a place walkable to your apartment (see the point on location below).

Low interest girls are frustrating

Plus, if a low interest girl meets up with you because nothing better came up, then you’re in for a bad time.

Most of these girls will end up flaking on you anyways.  However, if she shows up and is a bore, leave the date or ask her back to your place.

She’ll probably say no.

But I’ve actually had a few seemingly bad dates go home with me just cause I asked.  Or maybe she doesn’t really like you but she’s horny so she’s will to try.

If you’re new to the game, or if she’s attractive, then you probably won’t give a fuck.

7. Look good and have style

style to defeat black pill

You’re going to want to look good.

This should go without saying.  But I’m going to say it just to make sure.

A lot of this will depend on the city you live in, where you’re meeting, and your age.

Your age and style

If you’re 24 and meeting at a dive bar, then you can wear cool shoes, jeans, and a v-neck.

If you’re 38 and meeting a slightly nicer bar, you may look better with a blazer and v-neck plus jeans.

Well, any man probably looks better in a blazer.  But you don’t want to be too overdressed if you’re going to a chill, cheap place.

Look a little better than the standard attire

It’s always better to look similar or a little bit better than wherever you’re meeting at.

Living in San Francisco, I tend to go with a button up that shows off my body, a nice jacket, or v-neck.

Occasionally I’ll do the v-neck with a blazer if I’m getting done with work or I’m dressed up for some other occasion.

For men in their 30s and 40s, this is a great way to dress.

Younger women aren’t dating you because you look like a punk.  They want a nicely dressed older, mature man.

Young guys, don’t dress too old

On the other hand, if you’re 18, you shouldn’t act like your 40.

The girls fucking with you want the fun, rebel, young cock energy.  You can dress stylish, but cool and not too formal.

8. Location, location, location

location is important on first date

One of the most important first date tips is to plan this shit out.

You need to live in a cool, trendy part of the city.  That way you have plenty of bars and coffee shops within walking distance.

Location is key.

After all, almost half of your game is just good logistics.

You need to set up the date somewhere walking distance to your place.

Or if anything, a 5 minute uber/cab ride.  But ideally walkable.

San Francisco has been called one of the worst cities to date in for men.

I’ll agree that the gender ratio’s fuck things up.

Living in a trendy/cool part makes a huge difference

But I live in a trendy part (near polk st), with plenty of bars and coffee shops.

In fact, I always invite girls to this one bar that’s literally on my block.

It just makes things so easy.

I can’t count how many times girls asked where I lived when I asked them to come back to my place.

I told them literally 2 minutes away, and then they’d say “fine, we can go to your place”.  But they were always happy as fuck they had a great excuse to come back to where I lived.

But if you live far away, then the girl has a high chance of flaking out.  It may be too much of a hassle to drive 20 minutes, then park, then go back to your place.


Location will make your break your date.

You need to be working on building your wealth so you can afford a nice spot in a central location.

This will make first dates so much better.

Plus, girls will be more willing to meet you.  If you live where “it’s happening”, then the girls will be more excited to visit you.

They want to tell their friends about the cool guy they went on a date with downtown.  Not the guy who lived in the suburbs and the struggles to dealing with commuter traffic just to meet the guy.

9. Have multiple dates

when to be a playboy

The only way to apply these first date tips effectively is to do the grunt work (like getting a good apartment) and then practicing.

You do this by having multiple dates.

Apply different first date tips on different dates.

Try being cool and confident on one date.  Then try harder to get her back to your place on a different one.  Put more effort into your looks on the next, and so on.

Eventually, you’ll be following all the lessons and becoming successful.

The ground work items like location and going somewhere cheap are more like prerequisites.

Foundation First

Once you take care of the foundation, then apply the other pieces of advice.

Another reason you want to have multiple dates, especially at first, is because you can’t predict who will flake.

Eventually, you’ll get better at seeing which girls have high interest in you.

But that might be tougher to tell when you’re getting started.

Pick a few days you ignore women and produce results for your business.

Multiple dates in one day

Then pick a day, like Saturday, to set up 3 or 4 dates.

If the first date flakes, you have the a 2nd one, 3rd one, and 4th dates all as backups.

Give your highest priority girl the first time slot.  If she shows up, you can flake on the others.

Give your 2nd highest priority girl the 3rd time slot.  That way if the first girl shows up, you can flake on the 2nd date, and still see your 2nd priority girl.

  • 1 date 2pm – girl you want to fuck the most
  • 2 date 4pm – girl you want to fuck 3rd most
  • 3 date 6pm – girl you want to fuck 2nd most
  • 4 date 9pm – girl you want to fuck the least

You might say this is fucked up.  And it is.  But it’s what girls do.

And if you want to have the greatest options of women, it’s what you have to do too.

10. Don’t drink too much

don't drink too much

Neither you nor your date should drink too much.

You don’t want to get too drunk that you can’t get a boner, puke, fall asleep before sex, or worse, blackout.

You also don’t want to sleep with drunk girls.

If you’re both slightly buzzed that’s fine.  But control your alcohol.

My rule of thumb is one drink at the bar, and then you can have a nightcap at your place.

I always tell girls I’ll make them my favorite cocktail at my apartment, which happens to be right down the block.

More than half the time I never even make a drink or for us.

However, even when I do, I don’t make it too strong.

If you’re having multiple drinks, you need to make sure you and the girl are chilled.

It only takes one bad mistake

One bad mistake could lead you to not use a condom and get her knocked up, or have her blackout and then you land in jail for rape.

Even on a lighter scale, you don’t want to cock block yourself because you got too drunk and ended up with whiskey dick.

Of all the first date tips, this one should be obvious.  But too many guys drink too much or sleep with girls who are too drunk.

It’s not worth the risk.  After the first drink, invite her back to your place.  It’s also a good time mark to make sure you’re not at the bar for too long.

First Date Tips, apply and nail the first date

Apply these first date tips when you meet up with women.

Practice makes perfect.

The more dates you go on, the better you’ll get.  Eventually, you’ll be fucking most of the girls you go on first dates with.

Just remember, dating these women is a fun past time.

Keep your business and financial independence as your #1 priority.

Because getting laid and meeting women doesn’t pay the bills.

Growing a business and building wealth pays the bills and adds immense value to your life.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.

Best of luck to you and enjoy your time in the game.

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