Good looking guys who can’t get Hot Girls

Good looking guys who can’t get hot girls

Good looking guys who can't get hot girls

Good looking guys who can’t get hot girls… sounds like a joke right?  But this is actually a common problem.  Especially with introverted good looking guys who spend time on the internet or just who don’t go out as much.

There’s also a lot of good looking guys who get good looking after puberty and in their 20’s.  For these guys, they might’ve not gotten a lot of attention growing up and now they know they look good, but still act like they did before they became good looking.

At the end of the day, we all want the hottest girls we can get.  We also want feminine, nurturing, high quality women in other aspects.  But we all care about looks and want the best looking girls.  Nothing wrong with that.

And many times you see some of the best looking guys alone or with girls far below them.  Yet we see hot girls talk about the hot guys yet usually date guys below them.  It’s rare when we see a couple who we think are both equally hot.  When we do, everyone praises them as being a perfect couple out of a Disney movie or something.

Reasons why good looking guys can’t get hot girls

But why can’t good looking guys get the hot girls?  Well, they can.   Some do.  But many, many good looking guys live far below their potential.  And the biggest reason why?


That’s the reason why.  No, it’s not cause hot girls don’t want a guy hotter than them.  That’s complete bullshit.  I’ve had girls say that about me… yet they’ll still happily date me, sleep with me, and want to bring me around their friends to show me off.

Trust me.

Women might be intimated by a good looking guy to an extent, but that will not prevent them from dating a good looking guy.  Girls say “I prefer guys who aren’t as attractive as me” because they’ve been pumped and dumped by good looking guys, can’t control them, or they simply don’t get approached by the studs.

And why not?  Why don’t all of the good looking guys, possibly yourself included, approach the hot girls?

Good looking guys get spoiled.  You get lazy.

Used to 6’s and 7’s approaching them and making life easy

group of girls checking out a guy

8’s, 9’s, and 10’s will give eye contact to good looking guys.

This is an invitation she’s giving for the man to approach.  But most good looking guys are too spoiled by 6’s and 7’s approaching them.  They don’t approach because they aren’t used to having to do it.  And then they think the hotter girls that looked at them weren’t that interested.

In reality they were.

But beautiful girls want you to approach them.  They’ll indicate their interest in you by looking at you.  However, they expect you to make the first move.  That’s the name of the game.  I consider myself to be a pretty good looking guy.  And the hottest women I’ve ever fucked or dated have all been from me approaching them.  I’m no pick up artist.  I’m about having a pimp mentality in my life.  That means maximizing what you do and spending your energy on things that get you results.  And when it comes to the dating game that means being a player and let girls do the choosing.

You guys know I don’t teach you to stay stupid shit or memorize dumb lines or scripts.  I also think it’s dumb to talk to every cute girl you see and waste your time.

Hot girls generally won’t approach… you need to do that

But……. I preach to approach the girls who check you out that you also like.  The beautiful women I’ve been able to date usually chose me.  Meaning they gave me eye contact then I approached them.  There have been times when I just approached them and it worked, but that’s not the way I prefer to do my game.  I prefer to talk to girls who like me.

And if you’re a good looking guy, you’re going to have girls check you out.  Girls that are 4’s, 5’s, and girls that are 8’s, 9’s, etc. will all check you out.  Just like all guys will look at the 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s.

That being said, the hottest girls generally won’t approach you.

If you’re Michael B. Jordan, Chris Hemsworth, or the Rock, then they will.  But none of us are on that level of fame or even just combination of looks + money + status + charisma.

Being a good looking guy gives you a big advantage in the dating game.  But don’t think that it’s the end all be all.  You still have to be a man and make the first move if you want to sleep with + date the hottest girls.  You can’t be a pretty boy who sits in the corner and acts like a bitch.

Instead you need to be a confident, masculine motherfucker, who can use his good looks as a tool.  Before you’re a good looking guy, you’re a motherfucking man.  You just happen to be a motherfucking man who looks good.

How to overcome this

the player mindset - affirm you're a player

Go out and talk to hotter girls.  You need to be in the real world.

Good looking guys can do very well on tinder or dating apps if they get pictures to reflect their looks.  And while you can fuck some 8’s and the occasional 9 or 10 from online dating, even the good looking guys are going to get the hottest girls from real life.

Online dating is still a great pipelining tool to meet and hook up with cute girls.  However too many good looking introverted guy use it as a crutch.  Again, nothing wrong with it.  I’m a fan of online dating.

But as a good looking guy who wants to use his full potential, you need to also go out.  Out to nightlife venues like clubs and bars, out dancing, out with the boys, and out to social activities.  Because this is what’s going to allow you to get in person with hot girls and actually approach them.

You need to start talking and flirting with hot girls in real life.  If you see less good looking guys than you with hot women, chances are small he fucked that chick from tinder.  She might not have even matched with him on that, even though you would’ve.  But in real life he was able to show his personality and make her feel good and get himself to grow on her.

Be more Aggressive 

flirting, facing her, eye contact

All of the good looking guys out there would massively benefit from acting like they’re a little bit less attractive and being more aggressive.

That sounds weird coming from me.  The style I usually tell you guys is to play it cool.  But I think too many men misinterpret this as doing nothing.  Sitting in the corner “looking cool” doesn’t look cool.  You just look bored.

You need to actually just be a cool dude who isn’t afraid to have fun and meet women.  You don’t need to become a flamboyant pick up artist whose an entertainment monkey.  If that’s your natural  personality then you do you.  But most guys don’t need to be like that.  You just need to have fun in a chill, authentic way.

You can still be cool and chill, yet approach women that give you eye contact.  As a man you need to have some aggression in you.  Some masculinity.  The will to procreate and pursue women needs to be in you.  Not thirstyness.  You don’t have a scarcity mindset.  After all you’re one of the good looking guys.  You can get tons of girls.

But you need to have some desire that will push you to go talk to hot women.  You need to get over yourself and just go have fun with it.

Reframe your mind

If you reframe the way you think, then talking to hot women can be fun instead of nerve wracking.

Here’s how I view talking to hot women.

  1. Hotter women are more feminine to me, which brings out my masculine side, and that feels good
  2. I’m a stud and beautiful women are a fun part  of my life.
  3. Lowering my standards is doing a dis-service to myself, the women I date (because I won’t have any care about them), and the hot women (because they miss out on me)
  4. I don’t want these hot women to miss out on a great catch like me, they deserve to have some fun from a a high quality man like myself.

These kind of mindsets have paid off dividends for me.   I used to use them as affirmations when I would go out, and trust me it fucking works.  Of course you still need to talk to girls and take action.

But I believe the energy you put out to the world is what you get back.

If you really believe these  hot women deserve to catch a break with a good looking guy like yourself, or even just a high quality man like yourself, then you’re winning.  This mindset puts yourself on a pedestal as being the prize, while also allowing you to have good energy towards the women.

You want them to have the chance to experience you.  If they miss out on meeting you, then they may never have the chance to meet a guy of your caliber.  That’s not fair!  They should get to experience your amazing, fun energy and create memories with you.

Be a man and believe in yourself

how to get one night stands

If you can actually think like this and believe it, then you’ll have an insane confidence, drive to talk with women and ability to flirt, while at the same time not being desperate at all.  You’re not talking to them because you need to.  You want to, sure, but it’s more so they can benefit from experiencing you.  Because you have a mindset of complete abundance.

This is how you can think so highly of yourself yet in a way that doesn’t being other people down.  You can tease the hot girls and flirt with them super easily if you think like this.  And if things don’t go well then no big deal.  You were just giving them a chance, now it’s time to give all of these other girls a chance.

Get good energy, increase your confidence, become more social, and start approaching girls.  If you do that and stop being lazy, any good looking guy can do extremely well with hot women.

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