Guard your Heart: How to Avoid getting attached to a woman

Guard your heart: How to Avoid getting Attached to a woman

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People telling you to fall in love and not guard your heart are giving you terrible advice.  It’s not to hate on love.  Love is incredible.  But it’s a feeling you can enjoy without getting attached to a particular woman.

Life isn’t a Disney movie.  In the real world, getting attached to a woman and failing to guard your heart will lead to many bad things and no good ones.

Guard your heart means to watch your emotions and not fall in too much in love with a woman.  You can love family, friends, and even a woman you care about and love.

But to fall completely in love with her is a mistake.  You’ll actually ruin the chances of the two of you working out. Whether she’s a girlfriend and you want to have kids, or just a girl you’re seeing for sex, you need to avoid getting attached to her.  At its worst, failing to guard your heart can lead some men down dark paths.  I used Mac Miller as an example above not as a diss, but to show that even a successful man with high smv can become self destructive if he creates no protection for his emotions.

You need to avoid getting attached at extreme levels.  Otherwise you’ll be vulnerable to make weak decisions and ultimately lose.

Why you should guard your heart

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You should guard your heart to

Guarding your heart allows you to think with a clear mind.  You’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself at any given time when you’re dealing with a woman.  And you guard your heart by avoid becoming attached to a woman.

It’s impossible not to have some attachment to some women.  When you start seeing at 9 or 10 more often and the sex is amazing, you start to like her more than the others.  And if you ever get into a relationship, you’re going to have some attachment to your girlfriend.  You can’t tell me you’ll date a girl for 4 or 5 years and not have some attachment towards her.

However, you need to guard your heart by lessening the attachment as much as possible.  This will make it easier for you to

  • stand up to her when she acts up
  • lead the relationship like a man
  • keep her chasing your attention
  • be willing to walk away

And if you’re able to do these things, then she’s more likely to stay with you anyways.  It’s a win-win.  Avoiding attachment is key for men who are trying to have control of their lives and have consistent happiness.

Avoid getting attached

  1. Stay focused on your purpose
  2. Get her attached to you
  3. See multiple women
  4. Limit the time you spend with her
  5. Don’t neglect your friends or family
  6. Keep up with your hobbies

Do these 6 things and you’ll be able to guard your heart effectively.  This doesn’t mean it’s easy to have to cut off a hot girl or break up with a long term girlfriend.  But you’ll be less attached because you did these things and will be able to make the best decision for yourself instead being a slave to your oneitis.

1. Stay focused on your purpose

start a business instead

I say it in most articles and I’ll keep on saying it.  Your purpose needs to be the most important thing in your life.

Men are meant to have purposes.  In ancient times, our purpose was simply to survive.  We hunted, killed animals, and helped our brethren fight against other tribes.  We had the purpose of living to the next day, having the best mating options, and protecting our families.

In today’s era, most men are lost since they have no purpose.  You must create your own purpose, which is a meaning in life.  Combine something you love, you’re good at, and can make money with.  Ideally something that can make your rich one day.

A man focused on his purpose has his heart invested in that.  Which doesn’t leave much room for him to get attached to a woman.  And having your heart invested in something that you can control, like a business, is a much better bet than putting it into something you can’t control, like a particular girl.

Create a purpose and manifest it in the form of a business.  Start it early and you can even build wealth from a younger age than most.  Become attached to your purpose and you won’t have to worry about avoiding attachment with women.

2. Get her attached to you

james bond - smirk

Another way to guard your heart against becoming a total simp is to get her attached to you.  When a woman is attached to you and head over heels, it’s easy to avoid getting attached to her.  There’s something about having a woman who’s in love with you that gives you lots of confidence and yet causes you to not care too much about her.

When she’s attached to you, she’ll text you first most of the time, try and get you to meet up, and always give you sex when you want it.

Make a girl like you more than everything else in her life.  She’ll be doing everything she can to please you.  And since she’s doing all of the work, you won’t be as attached as she is.

3. See multiple women

player with women, confident

When you see multiple women, you’re getting your source of sex and affection from multiple areas.  So it’s not a big deal to cut one off or to avoid getting attached to one particular girl.

The key to doing this is not to be a playboy forever, where you’re just hitting and quitting.  Instead, you want to be a player over a playboy for most of your time in the game.  Players see women multiple times and for as long as the woman is willing to give sex without a relationship or until she acts up too much and needs to be let go from the team.

As a player, you have women you see consistently as well as new women always ready tor try out.  You’ll like some women more than others, but it’s easy to guard your heart when you see 3 or 4 different women a week.

If you have a girlfriend, then this won’t be possible.  You might be surprised, but I don’t recommend going around and cheating on your girlfriend.

You’re naturally going to be more attached to her since you don’t have other girls to see.  But you’re going to have to make that up by focusing even more of your purpose and working more than everyone else.

4. Limit the time you spend with her

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Men are simple.  The more time we spend with a girl, the more we get attached.  So you must watch how you spend your time like a hawk.  Don’t spend every second of the day with her.  All women will demand you give them more time.

But don’t do this.  You’ll only be letting your guard down and build more attachment.  On the flip side, she’ll lose interest and build resentment for you giving her too much time.

Women lose attachment to a man if they spend too much time with him.  They’ll act like they want your time, but once they get it they’ll be done with you.  Trust me on this.  Don’t call her out and tell her that she doesn’t really want more of your time.  Instead, just focus on giving her quality time when you’re with her, make her cum over and over again when you have sex, and stay busy on your purpose.

If she’s your girlfriend or a girl you’re seeing, you can still go out on dates and do fun things.  But it’s the quality of time that matters.  Give her too much quantity and she’ll get bored of you.

5. Don’t neglect your friends or family

less time with the boys

Don’t neglect your friends or your family for any girl.  Your friends and family are going to be the people who actually care about you and are there for you.  They’re going to be the ones who you can go do fun things with regardless of who you’re dating or what your life situation is like.

If you neglect them, then you might not have people to do things with when you two break up or fight.  And then you’ll have sacrificed relationships with other people for a woman.

This will actually increase the chance of her becoming bored of you.  And it’s hard to guard your heart when you cut everyone off and only have a specific girl as the one person in your life.

Make time for friends and family.  Keep your social circle strong.  This will ensure that you don’t become attached to a woman simply because you have no one else in your life.  And your ability to move on if need be will be much easier when you have good relationships with other people.

6. Keep up with your hobbies

salsa nightlife

You’ll regret giving up your hobbies for a girl.  Keeping active with the things you love will prevent you from putting all of your passion + love into one girl.

Your hobbies can never leave you, only you can leave them.  Whether you love lifting weights, martial arts, dancing, surfing, basketball, fixing cars, hiking, or anything.  Don’t give up your hobbies for her.  Instead, let her miss you when you go enjoy them.  She’ll respect you more for having passions outside of her and you’ll actually be doing things you love.

Plus, if you have hobbies that increase your sexual market value like lifting weights or dancing, then you’ll be able to keep her on her toes.  This is also called dread game, and it’s used to keep a woman at a healthy level of jealousy so she puts in the effort to keep you.

A lesson on investment

The more you invest, the more attached you get.  Avoid getting attached to a woman and guard your heart by watching how much you invest and give up for her.  Because the more you invest in her, the more attached you’ll be.

Guard your heart by making sure she invest more time and energy than you.  This is not for when you first meet a girl but after you’ve slept together and see each other a few times.  You’ll have to put more effort into pursuing a woman you just met, but then you need to pull back and let her chase you.

If she’s more attached than you, then it’ll be easy for you to not be attached to her.  This is something that pimps know in the game, and something CEO’s know in business.

It sounds like an odd situation if you’re new to the game.  But it’s not the same for men and women.  You can see a woman regularly for a few years and have her be more attached than you.  However, if she starts to get less attached than you then she’ll lose attraction for you.  And the relationship will become bad or non existent.  That’s why it’s critical that she cares more than you.

Guard your heart for the sake of your own happiness.  But also for the sake of the relationship, no matter how serious or casual.  A man will continue to see a woman who’s more attached to him, but a woman won’t continue to see a man whose more attached to her.  She’ll use him and then go for another man who she saw as the sexual alpha.

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“A man will continue to see a woman who’s more attached to him, but a woman won’t continue to see a man whose more attached to her.”


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