How Dan Bilzerian Gets girls:  Use status + sexual social proof to get laid

How Dan Bilzerian Gets girls:  Use status + sexual social proof to get laid

Dan Bilzerian gets a lot of girls.  If you follow him on Instagram or check out his profile once, you see all of the girls he’s with.  Even if you somehow didn’t see the girls he fucks, he openly talks about it.  He also has millions of follows, is in great shape, and is a millionaire.

Becoming Dan Bilzerian sounds like a lifetime of fun.

Dan Bilzerian Game

When you’re Dan Bilzerian, you’re a famous playboy who gets his pick of the women.  He’s like a Bruce Wayne without the Batman shit to worry about it.

Dan Bilzerian leverages fame, status, and hot women – also called  sexual social proof – in order to get other hot women.

Will you ever be like Dan?

No, you’re probably never be Dan Bilzerian.  You’ll probably never get close to Dan’s level.  He has millions of dollars and nothing but time to slang pussy, travel the world, shoot guns, play poker, and hang out with cats.  So what’s the point in even talking about Dan Bilzerian or guys like him who get to fuck all of the hot women?  It seems unfair, but as guys who have taken the red pill, we look at the world for what it is.

Well, we can actually learn something from Dan.  Dan Bilzerian is clear as day proof that hypergamy is real.  He’ll openly talk about being with tons and tons of women, and women still fuck with him.  That’s because is sexual market value is so high.  He has fame, money, and looks.

He should serve as a reminder that we all need to maximize these areas if we want to fuck hot women consistently, or at least have options in our lives.

Creating a lifestyle that gets girls

Dan goes further than just leverage his smv to get girls.  Dan Bilzerian created a lifestyle in which women can come to him.  He  literally uses social media to show off his life and get him more women.

This is something you can mimic on a smaller scale.  No, you’re not going to be Dan Bilzerian overnight.  But if you leverage his tactics, then you’ll actually get a lot more girls in your life.  You don’t need 20 or 30 million followers for this to work.  If you have Instagram and even just get to 2000 followers, and have a decent ratio of followers to people you’re following, then you’re at a good place.

If you can still implement what he does on a smaller scale and have tons of women in your life.

Dan Bilzerian grew his social media, shows off a cool life, and posts pictures of girls in some of his pics.  He gains status through social media, builds rapport and mystery at the same time by showing off his life, and then will show off girls as well to get  sexual social proof.

Step by Step

I just gave you the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle game.  Let’s break it down to make it easy as fuck for you.

  1. Get Social media
  2. Do dope shit in real life and post about it
  3. Get girls in some of the pics

Get Social media

how to use Instagram to get laid

The first step to using Dan Bilzerian to get girls to get laid is having social media.  There’s some guys that write to me that say “social media is for pussies” or “social media is stupid, I don’t need the attention”.  Alright motherfucker, you do you.  Do I love that social media is the way we communicate with the world nowadays?  No, but I also don’t hate it.  It is what it is.  It’s the way most people, especially most girls, use to interact, connect, and judge others.

You could complain about that all day long.

Or you could say “hey, why don’t I just play the game, get social media, and use it to my advantage”.

Do you need social media to get laid?  No.  But if you want to have girls chase you because they think you’re a high value man, then social media is a super easy way to inflate or raise your smv.

Social media is how you can use hypergamy to your advantage

If that’s you, then use hypergamy to your advantage.

Download Instagram and work on blowing that up.  You can follow and unfollow people for 6 months to a year.  If you can get to 1500 or 2000 followers then that will be solid.  The more the better, but the big thing is having a good ratio.  It’s better to have 2000 followers and be following 400 people than to have 5000 followers and also be following 5000 people.

Yea, it’s a grind to get your following up at first.  It will be slow as fuck.  But once you get to 1000, it’ll get easier and easier.  Stay consistent now so you can reap rewards of the Dan Bilzerian game later.  If you get a following on YouTube or TikTok, that can also help out a ton.  It can also add to your IG following if you link them.  But right now I’m focusing on Instagram as that’s the most used and best platform for this game to world.

Do dope shit in real life and post about it 

going out with friends - social proof

While you’re getting your followers up, you also need to do shit.  This will give people a reason to follow you.

Think about it like this – you’re a producer.  Most people spend time on Instagram and social media consuming content.  Not you.  Not anymore.  You’re going to become a producer.  When you go on social media, it’s to post shit about your life.  This “games” all the people who follow you.

They get to see you living life.   Overtime this will blow up the image of you in their head.  This is how you gain mindshare in the brains of all of your followers.

Including the girls in your life.  There will be girls you’re fucking and girls you want to fuck that can see your Instagram.  Both your regular posts and your stories.  This gets them looking at your dope ass life and wanting to be part of it.

Post pictures of you traveling, in business suits, nightlife, in the city, with cute animals or babies, with friends, etc.  You can post selfies as well, just make sure that’s not the majority of your pics.  All of this will help to game girls you just met,  girls you meet on online dating, girls you meet directly on Instagram, and girls you’re already sleeping with that you add on IG.

Get girls in some of the pics

How to create sexual social proof

And where you really begin to leverage Dan Bilzerian game is by posting pictures of girls.   Here’s the thing – girls don’t have to be in all or even most of your pics, just have them once in a while.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fucking the girls or not, having pics with you and girls will give you sexual social proof.  As long as the pics look like the girls like you and not like you’re a beta friend.  Of course if you are fucking them and they’re showing higher interest in you in the pics, then that energy will come across.

The hotter the better.  If there’s a lot of girls and just you – like you and then 4 or 5 girls – the standard for each girl doesn’t need to be as high.  Women look better in groups.  If there’s a group of 5 girls and one of them is an 8 and the rest are 6s and 7s, then they tend to look better.  It’s a trick of the brain.

If you’re with one or 2 girls, then make sure they’re pretty hot, or at least respectable.

Begin to game girls on Instagram

Grow your following.  Get girls you meet in real life or online dating to add you on Instagram.  Especially when things seem to stall out.  My go to when I meet a  girl on a dating app like tinder or hinge is to invite them over.

But if they’re hesitant or not being compliant, then I tell them to add me on Instagram.  Then the chances of them wanting to see me go way up as they can see I’m a high value man.  They can see that I travel, have a life, and that other women want me.  If they’re on the fence about fucking with you, this will usually bump them over the line.  If it doesn’t, then at least you got another follower and girl to like your photos and help you game other girls.  But the better your profile, the more likely it will help.

I’ll also add girls I already am seeing just to run some dread on them and build some healthy competition into their heads.

Social media will game a lot of girls at once

If I meet a girl in real life, my go to is adding her on Instagram.  This way she can see my life and then not forget so easily like a phone number.  When you get a  girls number, if you don’t meet up within a week or two, then chances are slim you ever will.  But this is the reverse on Instagram.  I can add a girl, forget about her for a few weeks.  And then after her seeing my dope life, I can DM her to meet for a drink, and then meet up.  Because instead of becoming a name in her contact list, I become an image in her head.  She sees my stories, my posts, and starts to build me up in her mind.  She gets a chance to wonder about me.

In  fact sometimes girls will even DM me by reacting to one of my stories.  Then I ask them to meet up.  Easy as fuck.  You can also DM girls to places you’re going to travel to and then have a pipeline of women to whenever you’re going to on vacation or moving to.  More on that in future articles.

Use Dan’s tactics to take advantage of hypergamy

girl happy to get text

With the dating game, it’s winner takes all now more than ever.

If you become a top tier man, and you get the status + sexual social proof to show that off, you can have girls coming to you.  Some girls will even DM you first.  Other times you’ll see girls who had medium interest in you all of a sudden want to hang out with you when you add them on Instagram.  I’ve had tons of girls who seem kind of interested  by not high interest,  all of sudden to want to hang out after I add them on Instagram and they see my life.  They see I have a lot of followers, they see me traveling, and they see me with other girls.

Will every girl want to fuck you?  No, there will always be girls that just don’t like you.

But if you leverage Dan Bilzerian’s game to create a lifestyle where girls come to you, then you’ll have a way easier time in the dating game.  Using social media to use hypergamy to my advantage has been in a game changer for me.  It takes time to build up a profile, but with 6 months or a year’s worth of work, you can get at some of the best girls in you city to cities you travel to.  If you have a girlfriend then you can use it as a way to keep her on her toes.  You can also show off a hot girlfriend which will give you sexual social proof to other girls if you two ever break up.

There’s too many advantages not to use this in your life.  It’s 2020, and if you want to be a king with women, take some notes from Dan Bilzerian and try this shit out.

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