How Long does it take to Become an Alpha Male?

How long does it take to become an alpha male?

How long does it take to become an alpha male?

It can a while to become an alpha male.  You’re not going to be alpha overnight.

And let’s be clear on what alpha is.  It’s situational and depends on circumstances.  In this article when I say alpha I mean you’re in the best position you can be in as a man in the core categories.  This is with business, women, and physically.

You don’t need to be a billionaire to be an alpha male in your business life, you don’t need to sleep with 150 women to be an alpha with women, and you don’t need to be the Rock to be an alpha physically.  Not everyone will think you’re alpha and that’s fine.

But when I say become an alpha male, I mean you put yourself in the best position possible and you carry yourself like a man.

  • In business, that means having your own source of income.
  • With women, that means being able to lead relationships  or date / fuck the women you want.
  • And physically, it means being in the best shape possible.

Business / money

value - ceo - businessman

You’re an alpha male in business / with your money when you control your own income.  This means you work for yourself and don’t have a boss.  Or you can have a job and a side business – and the side business can pay for your lifestyle alone.  Some guys do this to make a lot of money – from a job and their own business – for a while before quitting and doing their business full time.

Which will need to happen eventually for most men, unless you love your job and your side business and have the work ethic of Elon Musk.

But even in that situation, you’re not trapped.  You have a source of income you control.

And that’s what you need to do if you want to truly be free.  Financial freedom is freedom in today’s society.  And if you want to become an alpha male, you need to have control of your money.  If you don’t, then you can only be a wage slave.

Becoming an alpha male business wise could happen within a year if you grind hard.  However you should expect to put at least 2 years in of consistent work, maybe even 3-4, in order to build your business up.  It can happen faster than that, but don’t expect it to.  It takes time.  But if you grind for 2 years on the side, putting in 20-40 hours a week into your side business then you’re going to see results.

It’s worth it

It’s worth the effort and time.  I’d rather have you become an alpha male overall.  But if I had to choose between money and women, I’d choose money.  Maybe that’s because women are easier for me naturally and I become alpha with women before I became financially free.  But the value is just so much more.

If you become an alpha male with your money you become the boss of your own life.  I would have attractive girlfriends or be single and be getting laid often.  But I’d still have to show up to work, listen, do as I’m told, and not step out of line.

So while I was an alpha male with women, I was still a beta with my money.  Which translates into the rest of your life.  You need to become an alpha male with your money.  That gives you a sweet freedom and a confidence that’s unmatched.  Nobody controls you when you don’t depend on anyone else for money.

How to own your money

financial independence - build your business

You own your money by owning a business.  That could be a service based business, a product based business, or a hybrid of both.

It could be online like

  • marketing, coaching, programming

or a physical / in-person like

  • landscaping, personal training, hvac, real estate

When you own a business, you’re the boss.  You can control your income.  And this is the most practical way to earn six figures.

Passive income

You can also invest money into real estate and the stock market to give you some passive income.  However it takes some existing wealth to be at a point where doing this is worth it.  For example, if you have 300k in the bank from working on a business for the past 5 or 6 years, you could invest 100 or 150k into an apartment in a cheap area.  As in you bought it in cash.  Then you could make 1000 or 1500 a month (before tax, hoa fees, etc) and have equity in the property.  However the key here is that you own the property, no mortgages.  So when the market crashes, you won’t be desperate to sell and can wait it out until it rises again.

And you still have 100k in the bank as a safety net.

But before you start thinking about real estate or the stock market, you need to start a business and make the money.  And if you’re starting a business around something you love to do, the money will come in time.


how to be a player - build a pipeline

How long does it take to become an alpha male with women?  That also depends.  How much of a beta are you right now?

I don’t care if you’re in the game for 10 years, you’re still going to make a beta move here and there.  Especially if you’re in a relationship, it’s bound to happen.  In fact you should be 10-20% beta in relationships.  You can’t be a ruthless alpha male all the time, although you definitely want to be more alpha than beta.

But in order to become generally masculine and alpha with women, you need to put in the work.  It takes time.  If you’re pretty beta right now, it might take a year or two.

The thing is if you put in the work, you can become an alpha male with women quicker than you can in business.  However most guys never destroy their inner beta.  They meet new girls, act alpha for a little bit, then always revert to their beta ways.

You likely know where you’re fucking up

The amount of emails I get from guys with “I know I have oneitis for this girl, but I really want to make this work” or “I’ve been seeing this girl, I acted masculine, we slept together a few times, but now I always call her, she’s showing less affection, I really like her…” and so on.

Guys like a woman and then immediately throw out all the knowledge on not just my website, but from their own experience.  They write to me knowing their fucking up, yet aren’t willing to become an alpha male.

Being alpha with women

woman choosing

You know what it takes to become an alpha male with women?  Always being able to walk away from any woman.  You’re still pursuing sex with girls you just met and you’ll put in time into relationships.  But when a woman is pulling back or trying to make you the beta, you stop that shit right there.  You stop texting her first every single time, you stop wanting more from her.

Instead you’re just trying to have fun with her.  If she’s down cool, but if she disappears no big deal.  And if she disrespects you, you call her out on that shit or you walk away.

But regardless, you need to be a man.  If you maintain your self respect when dealing with women, then you can become an alpha male with them in under 1 year.  There will be slip ups, but if you stay committed to maintaining your masculinity, you’re generally going to be the alpha.

Some women will always view you as beta.  And all women will try to put you in the beta role if you let them after long enough.  It’s up to you how you act.

Man up

But becoming an alpha male with women is possible within a year or two if you actually stop acting like a pussy.  Most men make the same mistakes over and over again.  They chase women who they shouldn’t be.  They value pussy over themselves.  If you have the mindset that women and sex are fun, but your enjoyment of life + manhood are more important, then you’ll be happier and also become an alpha male with women in a matter of time.


workout in the morning

Getting in the best shape of your life can also take years.  I’m guessing most of you already lift, eat well, and stay in good shape.  So this should be the easiest one on the list from a time perspective.  Individual workouts can be grueling.  Nevertheless, getting in amazing shape in as straightforward as it gets.

Lift weights, do some cardio, eat clean.

Many of you might already be in the best shape of your life or close to it.

If you’re overweight or not feeling amazing then you need to get on this asap.  Becoming an alpha male physically will also change your mental state.  You’ll feel like more of a man.  That will translate to your confidence with women and energy you have towards growing a business.

You’ll actually be healthier, you’ll look more attractive, and you’ll feel amazing.  Add in some martial arts training, and you’ll have the confidence to defend yourself if need be.  This will make you an alpha physically.

It takes time

So the answer is that it can take a while to become an alpha male in all 3 categories depending on where you are.  Becoming an alpha physically is the most straight forward.  And I expect most of you to already be there or be well on your way.

Women and business can take longer.  Business generally takes the longest, but is much more concrete.  If you have your money, you have your money.  It’s like having a good body.  You can clearly see the results.

While it doesn’t take quite as long with women if you put in the work, things can be gray.  You can be an alpha male with women, get in a relationship, and then over time become a beta bitch.  Or you can just be somewhat alpha before you develop a crush on every cute girl you talk to and then revert.

That’s why you need to evaluate yourself.

Are you acting like a strong man or a weak man in the situation you’re in with this girl or that girl?  If you take a step back, you can see what’s the right thing to do.  Don’t think she’s different and will react good to you blowing up her phone or professing your love to her.  Let her be the one pursuing you like that.  If you’re in it to have fun and act like a man, then you’re going to alpha with women.  It’s easier said then done, especially when you like her or she’s hot.  But that’s what separates the alphas and the betas.

It takes time to become an alpha male.  With commitment to improving yourself, it can be done within a few years.  If you never start, you’ll never get anywhere.  Look at where you are right now, and make the steps you need to own your money, be good with women, and get in the best shape you can.

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Hello Jay, I’ve been keeping up on your great articles, I met a new girl and I’ve taken her on a lunch date and she seems interested in me inviting her over to my place, we work at the same school so I’m bound to see her regularly ,will I come across as a Beta guy if I text her or call her once in a while before I invite her over to my home?


Hello I’ve read the article I have a question how do I become alpha with women if I am minority and I’m treated like minority


I have 7 alpha men, and I still live my life. They all think they got me.


No beta or alpha males and females can fight their biological desires and needs. Everything in life becomes boring. Your brain picks it up. Live life and stop worrying about your hierarchy in the animal kingdom.


Hello jay, this article has show me things i didn’t know keep up the work. I have a question,at school i have this guy that talks some jokes on my color (i’m black) i don’t know if it’s alpha to answer or beat him or just leave him alone cuz i don’t really care and i don’t have time for him. Is going to affect my reputation with girls or not?


Hello bro, i appreciate your content its very motivating. Its been six months now since i stopped sleeping with girls cause i was very busy. But now i wanna fuck one in my school, but i don’t know how to approach her. In italy girls don’t like those lines that are not natural they find it weird, i don’t know what to say. I wanna turn this girl into my fuckbuddy