How to Attract Women: Looks, Money, Status or Game?

How to Attract Women

how to attract women

Many online dating sites and coaches over complicate how to attract women.  It’s not the hard, in terms of at least learning how to do it.  Whether you put in the work or not is another story.  Knowing how to attract women is simple.  You simply have to raise your sexual market value.  Your sexual market value is a combination of your

  1. Looks
  2. Money
  3. Status

They’re all important, to varying to degrees, to different women, and different stages of their life.  But the more you have of each the more attractive you are.

If you want to keep women attracted to you then you need to work on your masculinity + personality.  This is the ability to pass shit tests, flirt, and yet be masculine.  Doing all of these things keeps women attracted to you after they meet you.  But in order to get women to even give you a chance, you need to learn how to attract women.  And you do that by becoming more valuable in the sexual market place.

In other articles I cover how to flirt, how to talk with a woman, and how to be in the alpha position in relationships.  There’s also going to be more content on how to keep girls into you with dread game.  But for now, we’re going to focus on the first step.  This article will focus on attracting women initially.  That way you’ll have a chance at getting beautiful women.


men's style facial hair

Looks can be good looking face, your body, and also your style.  They’re important to women of all ages, but especially for women 18-25. A young hot girl may mess with an older guy whose 30+ for his resources, but she’s going to spend most of her time with her stud like peers.

Much of the red pill community thinks that the sexual market value prime for a man is in his 30’s. While that’s true for the average man, the studs have their prime in the 18-28 range. And they can absolutely kill it. A good looking guy knows how to attract women just by showing up.

Improve your looks

spend less money - negotiate gym membership

While you can’t control if you’re a natural stud or not, there’s a lot you can do to improve your looks.  You can lift weights and use a steak + eggs diet to stay lean.  In fact, every single man can have a good looking body.  That’s one advantage we have over women.  Women can get in shape, but they need to have lots of money for expensive surgeries if they truly want to have a perfect body.  But men can achieve a close to perfect body with a few years of working out.

This is the biggest thing you should do to improve your looks.  Men like women with hot bodies.  Attracting women works the same way.  Women like a hot body on a man.  You can also dress well and have a nice style.  Wearing nice dress shirts or v-necks will show off your attractive body.

The last major way to learn how to attract women with your looks is your haircut.  I say this because I see so many guys with terrible haircuts.  Having your hair down on your forehead makes you look like a school shooter.

There are so many guys who are okay or even decent looking.  But they have really bad hair which makes them look creepy.  If that’s you then get a buzz cut at least or do something stylish with your hair.  Just combing it will do wonders.

The younger you are, the more looks are important.  And if you want to know how to attract women online using dating apps, then you absolutely need to look good.


how to be a man - have style

Like it or not, money is a big factor when it comes to women, especially as they get older or if they have strong survival instincts.  You don’t need to be a trick and pay women for sex or even pay for expensive dates.  In fact if you do this then you’ll get used.

But if you can show off your money with clothes, accessories (watches + shoes), then you can use this as bait and almost instantly know how to attract women.  Because knowing how to dress well as a man is great for attracting women by utilizing looks and money at the same time.

There are tons of rich guys who suck with women. But these are usually nice guys who are out of shape and have little experience.  But a rich man who’s in decent shape and is aware of the red pill can do very well in the dating market.

Don’t be mad about money as a factor

Many men look at money as cheating or complain that women like a guy with money.  But women are survivors, it’s their job to continue on the human race.  Money is access to resources, which in the past was associated to survival.  So it’s only natural that they want a man with money.

All of you should try to get rich anyways.  Not to just get women.  You’re on your purpose and want to build wealth for yourself and help people. But getting more women is a side effect.

If you’re an uglier guy then use this to your advantage.  Don’t get mad at the fact that women like a man with money. Today is the easiest time in the history of the world to get rich.  You can work more than you peers now, make lots of money, and have way more opportunity with dating now than you would’ve 100 or 200 years ago.

And if you’re a decent looking guy money won’t make you an uglier.  Find your passion, create a business with it, and make money!


bartender, status at bar

Status, in high doses like fame, can be the most powerful thing to determine how to attract women.  Women love a high status man.  When they see a famous actor or musician they like they can’t help but go crazy over him.  Even if they’re married, have kids, or have a boyfriend.

Men don’t act the same way if we see a famous women unless she’s hot.  But women value status the most when there’s a ton of it.

The problem is that status is a very limited resource by definition.  Chances are you’re not going to be mega famous. And chasing status just for the sake of status won’t give you a big return on your investment in the long run.

It’s better to chase money and get status associated with that money.  For example, if a women finds out you’re a CEO of a company, even if it’s small, you’ll have extra status in her eyes.  A doctor isn’t famous but definitely has a degree of status associated with him.  Military men have an extremely honorable and courageous status, especially when they’re in uniform.

The best way to get status to learn how to attract women is to start a business or pursue your purpose in any other way.  Then you’ll make money and also build status within your area of expertise.

But you can also can status in smaller ways than can be beneficial to knowing how to attract women.  For example, becoming a bartender or bouncer will give you some status at a nightclub/bar.  You’ll notice women will try and hit on you if you get this kind of job.  You can also become an instructor or teach a class in something you love.  This will give you status within that class.


But having a high sexual market value isn’t enough.  If you learn how to attract women you still need to know how to keep her interested in conversation, then get laid, and keep her into you.

This is called game.  A man with no sexual market value can never develop game because women won’t give him a chance.  A man with medium, above average, or high smv can develop game through his experience with women in order to get laid and maintain relationships with them.

Building attraction and keeping her attracted

man and woman flirting, touch

Game isn’t in opposition to your looks, money, or status.  Game is simply your ability to grow a woman’s interest (attraction), maintain it, and manage the relationship.  That relationship may be one night or 20 years.

A man with average looks can develop good game and s man with good looks can develop good game.  A man with good looks can also have bad game.  A rich man can have bad game, and a rich man can also have good game.

But the better looking, richer, and higher status you have, the more chances you’ll have to develop your game.

Because you still need some level of smv to know how to attract women.  The more smv you develop, the higher a girls interest will be in you.  And the easier time you’ll have.

She may think you’re a 5, but your game can build that up to a 7 with good game.  But if she thinks you’re a 3 then your game won’t ever have a chance to be used. You need some level of attractiveness (looks, money, and/or status) to get your foot in the door. Then your ability to raise her interest more or maintain it and further the interaction is your game.

Attract women and then keep them with game

There’s no secret ways to attract girls.  The best thing for you to do is to work on the things that attract girls and then you’ll get more of them.  That’s maximizing your looks, money, and status so you know how to attract women initially.  This gets them to pay attention and maybe even fuck you once.  Then you can develop your game to help you further that initial attraction.

You develop your game by reading articles like this, going on dates, sleeping with new women, and managing relationships with them.  Game applies to fucking a girl on the first date, maintaining a fuck buddy relationship, to maintaining your alpha position with a girlfriend. Game is simply your ability to further your cause with the women and keep things going the way you want to once there’s some initial interest. If a woman has zero interest in you, it doesn’t matter if you’ve slept with 100+ women.

But if she has some interest or a lot, then you can use your game to get laid, get a relationship, and so on. The more interest she has in you the less game you need.

Some men have more game than others naturally.  They’re able to pick up on social cues and manipulate interactions with women easier than others.  People who are naturally charismatic have a lot of game because they’re good and making other people feel good. But if you’re able to figure out how to attract women initially, then you can also improve your game.

Attracting women: What to do

attracting women

Don’t overthink game. cThere’s levels to it for sure.  From just getting laid on the first date, to maintaining a long relationship, to being a player, getting really good at sex and juggling multiple women, and even applying the pimp mentality to your relationships by understand what people find valuable.

But when you’re just starting out, focus on

If you do these things then your game will develop.  Especially if you learn how to be a player and you see lots of women then your game will naturally increase.  The more your work on your looks, money, and status, the more opportunities you’ll have to improve on your game.

If you want to learn how to meet women and how to get the woman you want, then you need to become valuable.  You want her because of her looks.  She’ll want you if you have the looks/money/status and masculinity that gets her interested.

Learn how to attract women by making yourself more attractive, making yourself available through going out + online dating apps, and racking up experience to improve your game.

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