How to be a Smooth Talker: Talk to the ladies like James Bond

How to be a Smooth Talker

how to be a smooth talker

Knowing how to be a smooth talker is the difference between a cool player and a guy whose kind of awkward.  While there’s nothing wrong with being a beginner in the game, you want to get to a point where you’re not weird.

If things are awkward in a conversation with a girl, it’s because she doesn’t like you or you aren’t a smooth talker.

If you’re talking to a girl who didn’t give you any signs of interest, and she’s not engaging with you, there’s nothing you can do.  In that case, it’s just a numbers game of approaching women until you find a girl that likes you.  But assuming you’re talking to girls who showed some interest at first, either through eye contact or another sign, it’s up to you to know how to be a smooth talker so you can escalate the conversation.

She may like you, but if you’re awkward or can’t be smooth in the conversation, she could lose interest.  Which means you’re losing on an otherwise fun opportunity.  But don’t worry.  I’m going to show you how to be a smooth talker with women you’ve just met so you’ll have the best chance of making things happen.

Never use pick up lines

woman rejecting man

The first rule to follow when learning how to be a smooth talker is to never use pick up lines.  Pick up lines are corny and only hurt your chances.  If you use them on 20 girls, and 1 or 2 respond well, those 1 or 2 girls would’ve already liked you and you would’ve been better off without the lines anyways.

Instead, either be direct or use your surroundings.

Being direct just means you go up and introduce yourself.  If you’re approaching women who gave you eye contact, then the conversation should be smooth.  If you’re approaching random girls, this is still better then this is till better than corny pick up lines.

Use your surroundings

Using your surroundings is being witty.  For example, if she’s at the bar you can go up to her and ask her if she ordered a drink for you yet.  Or you can make a comment about her drink.  If she’s looking at groceries at the store, you can make a comment about the food you’re both looking at.

Making a comment about your surroundings is an easy way in because it’s natural.  And since it’s natural, it’s just smooth.  There’s no other way to put it.  You can still do this to girls who aren’t checking you out, and if she likes you then it will be smooth.

But ideally, if a girl checks you out and you come up to her and say something about the surroundings or make a joke, then you won’t need any more advice on how to be a smooth talker.

Learn how to Eye Fuck

james bond - smirk

Above you have James Bond using the eye fuck and player smile (more on that below).  The eye fuck is when you and a girl lock eyes, and the connection is strong.  You have the intent of fucking the shit out of her because you know how to fuck a girl properly.

And that energy is channeled through your eyes into her eyes.  There’s nothing verbal about this.  But a lot of being a smooth talker isn’t about what you actually say.  It’s about your energy.  It’s about how you make the girl feel.  You’re only smooth if she thinks you’re smooth.

The eye fuck is used to turn a girl on and connect with her.  If a girl likes you and you eye fuck her, then she’s definitely going to think that you’re a smooth talker.  Because your face, your expressions, and the energy you give off communicates so much to a girl.

Use the Player Smile

player smile

James Bond is also an excellent example of the player smile.  In this case here it’s really more of a smirk.  It’s not a full out goofy smile, but more of a half smile.  It’s not like you’re half happy.  But instead, it’s more of a content “I know I can have some fun with you later” kind of smile.  If you have that mindset in your head, the right look should naturally come out.

It’s also like the slight smirk / smile you get right after you’ve had sex with a hot girl.  That’s why I recommend inviting a girl you see casually over for sex before you go out.  Then when you talk to girls, you’ll already have your player smile available at will.

The player smile is a powerful tool in learning how to be a smooth talker.  If you have a real one, then the right words will come out, and you’ll be able to say them in a powerful way.

Talk less

Learning how to be a smooth talker sometimes just means shutting the fuck up.  When you imagine a man who’s smooth, do you think of a rambling geek, or a man of few words?

You thought of a man who said less but had power when he talked.  Knowing how to be a smooth talker is just like that.  You’re not a mute, but you need to let the girl talk.  Your job is to ask questions, make witty comments, and pursue sex.

Women will talk if they like you and you give the the opportunity to do so.  Knowing how to talk to women really means that you just get them comfortable talking to you.

Then your job is to steer the conversation the way you want it.  But this doesn’t mean talking more.  In fact, you should be talking for 30% or so of it.   Of course you’ll need to begin the conversation if you’re approaching her.  But you want to get her talking.

Be a boss and let the girl talk.  If she likes you, she’ll be wanting to prove herself to you anyways.  If you talk too much, it looks weak.  Because men are about action.  Work on communicating with less words when you’re talking to a girl.

Be extremely confident, but calm

player with women, confident

If you’ve seen a pattern here, you’ll realize most of the tips to learn how to be a smooth talker aren’t really about what to say.  That’s because talking to girls isn’t about memorizing scripts.  There’s no magic lines that make you into a smooth talker.  It’s about the way you present yourself, the way you talk, and the vibes you give off.  If you have the right energy about you, then you’ll be a smooth talker to her.

And the best energy to have is extreme confidence, yet calmness.  We usually think of extreme confidence as yelling, beating out chests, and other powerful actions.  And while there’s a time and place for that, that’s not how you learn how to be a smooth talker with the ladies.

Instead, you want to have extreme confidence, but a calm demeanor.  You’re still masculine, hold yourself up high, and have a strong presence.  But you’re not desperate for pussy.

The best way to have this type of mindset is for it to be true.  It’s another reason why it’s good to have sex before you go out.  But even if you didn’t have sex that day, having a team of 3 or 4 women you sleep with regularly will give you this confidence.  You’ll have a real abundance mindset.  It’s because you already have pussy lined up.

That way you’ll be confident when talking to new girls, yet calm because you’re not desperate.  It’s the perfect balance that translates to you being a smooth stud with women.

Handle Objections like a boss

Objection handling is key for anyone in sales.  When you’re learning how to be a smooth talker, you’ll also need to handle objections.  Except in dating terms, we refer to these as shit tests.  Light shit tests you can reverse it on her or say something witty back.  Major shit tests require you to pull back.  If she’s giving you a major shit test, the smooth talker thing to do is to actually stop talking with her all together.

A smooth guy isn’t going to deal with a woman who’s yelling at him or is extremely upset, especially in public.  Of course, if you invite her back to your place and she’s smiling but says something like “why should I?”  then this is a light shit test / flirting and you can say something like “you know why” or “you’ll have to find out”.  Guys make the mistake of overreacting to small shit tests and just give up or get butthurt, and on the flip side, engaging too much with major shit tests that in stead require you to pull back.

But if you can figure out how to tell the difference between the two, you can learn how to be smooth rather quickly.

Channel your Inner James Bond and Learn How to be Smooth

You’re not going to be saying corny shit out of a movie.   But channeling a smooth talker character like James Bond is a great way to think about it.  Imagine how James Bond would react.  In most cases, he’d say something witty and reverse it back on the girl.  He does as excellent job of eye fucking women and using the player smile.  Learning how to be a smooth talker is more about the energy you bring when you’re talking to a woman.  When you start to become a player and talk to many women, you’ll learn how to flirt, how to turn them on, and be able to clearly see the signs she likes you.  You’ll learn to think like a pimp, and spend your time on girls that already like you.  It’s life on easy mode.

If you’re confident, calm, and thinking about how well you’re going to fuck her, and she has mutual interest in you, chances are you’ll know how to be a smooth talker in no time.

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