How to Fuck a Girl: Learn How to Have Sex like Pro

How to Fuck a Girl Properly: Complete Guide to Learn How to Have Sex for Men

How to fuck a girl properly

Every man should learn how to fuck a girl properly and fuck like a sex god.

This isn’t something taught in schools, but it’s essential information for any young man who’s interested in women.

Why learn how to fuck a girl well

There’s two main reasons you should learn how to fuck a girl properly.  The first, and most important, is that it’s good for you.

You’ll get more

  1. self esteem
  2. sex consistently
  3. options with dating
  4. dramatically higher likelihood of girlfriend/wife staying loyal

Good for you

Learning how to have sex and how to fuck her the right way will does a lot of good for you.

Self Esteem

It feels good when you learn how to fuck a girl so well she begs for more.  There’s nothing like it when it comes to your self esteem, especially if you’re not already good at sex.  Sex itself can be a powerful experience.  Knowing how to fuck a girl properly ensures you’re able to make it amazing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

More sex in your life

Getting girls addicted to you can add more consistent sex in your life.  When you learn how to fuck a girl properly the way she wants, women will want to fuck you.  You’ll have the girls calling you back for more.  Which leads to a better a more fulfilling sex life.

Being good at sex will get you more sex… go figure.  It make sense.  Knowing how to have sex the way girls like means that they come back for more.


Knowing how to fuck a girl the right way keeps your options when it comes to being a player.

Players have multiple women they see.

But if the girl doesn’t want to fuck again after the first time, you can’t call yourself much of a player.  A player has girls that want to come back for more sex.  And the girls will do things for players like cook food, clean up, and so on.

They do these kid of things because the players fuck the shit out of them.  They make the girl feel amazing, and a lot of that has to do with knowing how to fuck her well.

Keep your girl loyal

Even if you don’t want to be a player or playboy, knowing how to fuck a woman properly and fuck her well is crucial for your relationships.

If you’ve taken the red pill, you know the harsh realities of the world and dating.   You know how women can cheat on a good guy.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

You can use what’s being put against you.  If you learn how to fuck a girl well, then you can dramatically increase the chances of your girl being loyal to you.  This is important if you have a girlfriend, and absolutely CRITICAL if you have a wife.  I always advise men never to get married because of the threat of divorce rape.

But if you are married and you want to stay married, then you need to make sure your wife is addicted to your cock.

Good for the girls you fuck

how to fuck a girl well - it's good for the girls

Girls also love good sex.

Knowing how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god should will be physically pleasurable for the girls.

Women are sexual creatures like ourselves.  Yet they have a harder time cumming during sex due to most guys sucking at sex.  However, they have the ability to cum and cum and cum. They’re not like men where it’s done after you bust.

The girl you’re with benefits from you learning how to have sex well.  Plus, it lets her let put a lot of pent up energy from her stressful life.  Whether it’s work, an ex boyfriend, bills, or her family, women build up a lot of stress.

Being able know how to fuck a girl so well will allow her to mind and body to release the stress during sex.  And she’ll love you for that.

Women can get sex much easier then men.  But it’s very hard for them to find a man who actually will fuck them properly, and do this consistently.

Getting laid

Also, it’s important you’re actually able to get sex from girls as well.  If you aren’t able to get laid, then you’re going to be able to learn how to have sex because you’ll have no practice.

Here’s a few other of my articles to check out before hand to help you get laid

Assuming you can already get laid, let’s move on to actually learning how to fuck a girl well so you can get these girls addicted to you

How to fuck a girl the right way

sex positions, doggy style

Here’s a quick table of contents.  I recommend you read the whole thing and don’t skip ahead in the sections.  Everything here is important.

If you have the fundamentals down, then you can read once and move on to the actual “how to have sex” section.  If you don’t know how to last long in bed or you’re not that familiar with sex, then spend some time re-reading the fundamentals section. Then go on to read the article.

Feel free to bookmark this article and reference it back on your journey to becoming a sex god.


  • Defining good sex
  • Dick power – hard, healthy dick
  • Dick control – how to last long
  • What you should keep near your bed (condoms, lube, rope or kinky toys)

How to fuck a girl properly

  • Flirting
  • Foreplay
  • Sex and starting slow
  • Best positions
  • Rough sex or slow?
  • BDSM and light bondage
  • How to tell if she cums?
  • Talking dirty
  • Speaking to her soul – become a sex god

What to avoid

  • asking her if she had an orgasm
  • starting off too fast
  • eating before

What to do

  • be in shape
  • limit your alcohol
  • try your best with every girl
  • consistent sex partner


First thing we must be clear is defining good sex.

What is good sex?

There’s many definitions of ways to classify good sex.  I can talk about the emotional connection, how long it should last, and so on and so forth.  But the best measure of good sex is orgasms.  The more you can make her orgasm, and the more powerful they are, the better the sex is.

And as a man, it’s about making her orgasm over and over again.  And making her cum powerfully.  That’s what good sex is. Simple as that.  Then you cum at the very end, at your own will.

On your end, learning how to have sex and becoming a sex god requires you to make her cum multiple times.  If you do that, then you can consider yourself good at sex.

Standards for good sex

standards for good sex

As you get better and know how to have sex well, your standards for what good sex is will rise.

Cumming isn’t the whole thing that makes sex good.  But I don’t want to hear any of this “she didn’t cum but said it was good” bullshit.

You have to do your job as a man and make sure she gets off.  It’s not about being chivalrous or a nice guy.  It’s about making the sex mind blowing and getting her addicted to your cock.

A woman who’s addicted to your cock will do a lot for you.  She’ll do chores for you, make your favorite meal.  She’ll do the dirty things you want to do.  And she’ll suck your dick well.  And even for you non-players reading this, it dramatically increases the chance of your girlfriend/wife staying loyal.

Not just about cumming

Making her cum over and over again is the standard for good sex.  It’s the most important part.

That being said, there are other things during sex that also matter.  Like the connection you two have and how much you can feel each other’s souls.  But if that shit doesn’t speak to you or if you’re not there yet, then don’t worry.  Just focus on the physical part for now.

Dick power – hard, healthy dick

You need to have a hard, healthy dick before you learn how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god.  It’s just an essential requirement.  I’m assuming most of you have no problem with getting a powerful erection.  So you can skip to the next section about dick control.

But if you’re reading this and you have trouble with maintaining an erection, then don’t feel bad.  According to some sources, 1 in 4 men under 40 suffer from it to some degree.

I’ll cover how to fight erectile dysfunction in another article.


But I’d recommend you try cialis.  With a doctor’s prescription of course.

Take a 20mg pill, and split it in two.  If you’re under 30, 5 or 10mg for a night will do the trick. I’ve experimented with 10mg, and that shit will give me a rock solid dick for 48 hours.  Not a raging boner constantly, but when I get turned on it’ll stay hard pretty much on command.

That being said, I don’t suffer from ed and have used cialias for fun.  And I’m in my 20’s with no problems getting a stiff dick.  So if you do actually have problems, then you might need to take more.  But start off with a small amount, it really lasts.  And always under the guidance of your doctor.

Under 40 – Avoid viagra

I would avoid viagra, especially if you’re under.  That just gives you a major boner for a few hours.  Cialias will make your dick hard and keep it hard when you’re turned on, but otherwise you won’t be bothered with an unwanted boner.

Viagra would likely be good if you’re an older gentlemen who suffers form serious erectile dysfunction and you know you’re going to have sex that night.  For most men, I’d just recommend cialias.  But of course, I’m not a medical doctor, and this advise is not meant to be medical advise.

Other options

Let’s say you want to get something over the counter?

Yohimbe is your best bet.  I’ve experimented with all kinds of dick supplements and most of them are just placebo.  Many people speak highly of horny goat weed but it did nothing for me.  But yohimbe was almost as powerful as cialis.  This stuff will definitely give you a hard dick.

Side effects

However, you might feel more side affects.  Personally, it makes my heart beat faster and gives me the same anxious feeling I’ll have if I have way too much caffeine.  And I have a high caffeine tolerance.  This wasn’t a huge deal, and the little bit of anxiety it can cause in you still doesn’t hold back the dick power it delivers on.  I’m able to deal with it and it’s still delivered.  But if I’m going to use a dick enhancer I’d stick with cialis.

You can see the reviews here on gnc.  The stuff is legit.  Some people have little to no side effects, and others have it worse.  But if you’re looking to get something over the counter, this stuff is still legal for now.

Benefits of Yohimbe


  • cheap
  • over the counter, easy to get
  • effective dick power, no known long term side effects
  • natural


  • possible anxiety / increased heart rate, varies from person to person

Dick control – how to last long

In addition to having dick power, you need to have dick control to know how to fuck a girl properly.  Dick control doesn’t mean you’re fucking her well, but it’s still an essential tool if you want to do that.  What I mean by dick control is your ability to last long.  Meaning you can control your orgasm. So you can be fucking her slow, fast, rough from behind with her fat ass in your face, and still not orgasm until you want to.

Premature ejaculation

While 20-30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in there lives, I’d argue it’s closer to 90%.  Premature ejaculation is usually defined as men cumming within one minute or under 3 minutes into sex.

But I’d say while most men can last longer then 1 minute, most can’t last as long as they want.  If that’s you, then you need to get dick control.

Getting dick control

I have a whole article on how to last long in bed and gain dick control.

So go ahead and study that up if you don’t have complete control of your orgasm.  But in short, you can gain dick control through kegel exercises, edging, and then practicing during sex.  Kegel exercises for men should focus more on reverse kegels than regular kegels.  Both should be a part of your routine so you’re balanced within your body.

Reverse kegels + edging 

reverse kegels

However, reverse kegels, the same muscle / feeling as pushing out a shit, is what you do during sex to delay your orgasm.  Too many men focus on regular kegels, the same feeling as holding in or stopping a piss / shit, and then bust a nut when they try this during sex.

If you want to learn how to fuck a girl properly, then you need focus on reverse kegels, with regular kegels in moderation to balance, and edging.  Then get a consistent sex partner to practice how to have sex on, and try to reach different sex milestones.  You need to know how to last long if you want to be able to learn how to have sex and how to fuck the right way.e

This was the super rushed, short summary.  So if you need to learn how to last long, then go read that other article as well, or check out the article I wrote on kegel exercises.

What to keep near your bed

Learning how to have sex isn’t just about techniques. It’s also about preparation. Keep these things by your bed and you’ll have a better, stress free time during sex.

  • Condoms
  • Lube
  • Pillow
  • Paper towels



Condoms are essential.  As a player or playboy, you should be using them with every girl you fuck.  The only time you don’t use a condom if it’s your girlfriend, wife, or a girl you’ve been fucking for at least 6 months.  I don’t want you guys to catch STD’s.

As a guy whose had scares and luckily has only gotten chlamydia once in my young days (curable with antibiotics), I can tell you it’s not worth fucking these random girls raw.  Going to the clinic to get tested and then get antibiotics sucks.  And that’s the best thing that can happen.  If you get herpes, or some other virus, that’s there for life.

Keep condoms near your bed.

Stashing condoms everywhere

I keep one in my pocket, and a few in my pillows.  I also keep some under the bed, and even under the couch.  This way I never have to reach very far to get a condom. Learning how to fuck a girl well isn’t just about the sex.  But it also includes the whole process.   You need to be able to have ways to transition and be smooth.

Getting up to go to the bathroom to get a condom isn’t smooth.  On the other hand, pulling one from under the pillow with your free hand and slipping it on real quick is.


It’s always nice to have some lube around.  Not as essential if you’re a younger guy fucking younger women.  In fact, I didn’t start keeping lube around until the past year.  But it can be useful after the first round of sex to prevent her pussy to get sore from the condoms you’ll be wearing.


You should have pillows on your bed if you’re not a bum.  I recommend one pillow is for your actual head to sleep on.  You should have another pillow you don’t care about to use for sex. This is the pillow that you’ll put under her hips during sex so you can go deeper.

Paper towels

Another small, yet important part of learning how to fuck a woman like a sex god is being smooth afterwards.  This is actually also more for your sake then hers.  Having paper towels around helps you to clean up quickly.

This can prevent any cum in your condom from dripping out and staining your sheets.

And on the off chance she’s on her period and doesn’t tell you, you’ll be able to clean up before you get red stains on your sheets.  I’ve had this happen a few times actually.  Where girls were just getting their periods and didn’t know, or still wanted to fuck anyways.  Sounds cool until there’s blood that is messing up your bed.  Save yourself the trouble and keep some paper towels nearby.

Take the effort to learn how to fuck her well

The fundamentals are crucial for you to learn how to fuck a girl properly.  So if you haven’t mastered them and are still reading, at least go back after reading this and dedicate time to getting them down.

You need to be able to have dick power and dick control in order to implement what I’m about to talk about.  But assuming you’ve done that already, or at least will commit to doing that later, then read on.


being cool on date

Learning how to fuck a woman the right way starts before you’re having sex.  You need to know how to flirt with a girl.  It starts from the moment you begin talking to a girl.  Flirting with her is essentially like you two are fucking but with words.  It’s a way to test to see if the vibes are good for the real sex to happen.

And while you may not give a fuck, women definitely do.  Sex to women is about the mind.  If you can learn how to fuck their mind, then you can have the body.  Before you can learn how to fuck a girl in all types of positions, you need to be able to get into her head.


So when you talk to her, imagine you’re fucking the shit out of her and making her cum over and over again.  This can be on the first time you meet her, on the first date, or when she has just come back to your place.  I don’t care if you guys are talking about the drink you just had or her hobbies.  It’s just the way you say things.  The way you two eye fuck each other.

If you can figure out how to fuck her with your words and attitude, then she’ll be much more excited for the actual sex.  Which means she’ll cum easier, harder, and she’ll be more into it.  Which makes everything much better.



Alright, so this is where we’ll really start diving into learning how to have sex like a real player and get her addicted to you. Foreplay is just as important as the sex itself.  Let me say that again, foreplay is just as important.  Sex is very, very mental for women.  If you get her excited with foreplay, everything will be much easier when you actually stick your dick in her.

Most guys rush into things and the girl doesn’t have enough time to get excited.  Don’t be like most guys.  Learn how to turn a girl on and spend time on her erogenous zones.  Make her want you.  If a girl is begging you to fuck her, then knowing how to fuck a girl properly to get her addicted is much easier.  Because she’ll already be so horny that she’ll cum much easier for you.

Start slow

Maybe 10% or less of your sex interactions will be hot and heavy and ripping each others clothes off.  But the vast majority should start off slow.  You want her to be begging you to fuck her.  Figuring out how to fuck a girl properly to get her addicted isn’t too hard if you just slow down a bit.    This isn’t set in stone – but general guidelines to follow

  1. Kissing
  2. groping/dry humping
  3. rubbing her pussy through her clothes (meaning hand isn’t directly touching)
  4. take shirts off, continue rubbing her pussy
  5. Get her to take her own pants off, or you take it off
  6. Rub her pussy directly, specifically the clit
  7. Make her cum at least 1-2 times before every putting it in

Eating a girl out

eating pussy, holding her hips in place

You’ll notice that this guide doesn’t include eating pussy.  You can make a girl cum and cum by licking her pussy.  If you were to do this, this would be after rubbing it (step 7) and before you put it in.

I’ll make a separate guide on how to eat pussy and make her cum this way.  It can be very powerful way to make a women love your tongue.  However, I don’t want you guys to mistake eating pussy to be the same as learning how to fuck a grown ass woman the right way.

As the man, you want to be the leader.  Eating pussy is a submissive act, just like her sucking your dick is a submissive act.  I don’t want you guys to become dependent on eating pussy to make her cum.  Because then she’ll still crave that big dick energy.  She wants some man who know how to fuck a girl well and fill her up.

You’ll be the a weaker position when you’re always having to go down on her.  Instead, I’ll teach you guys how to fuck a girl with your fingers, then with your dick.  This is harder to do then just eating pussy.  But it pays off much better in the long run.

However, if you doubt your dick skills, then you can eat pussy to make her cum.  It’s the easier part of knowing how to have sex with a woman, and you can still get her addicted to you with your tongue.  Just make sure that you still learn how to fuck her with your dick too.

Step 1 – kissing 

Start off with kissing, then escalate to groping/humping.  Then start rubbing her pussy through her jeans/pants. Kiss her neck while you do this, then make your way down to her tits.  You can start to take each others clothes off, starting with the shirts.

More then half the girls I fuck take off their own pants because they want me to rub their pussy directly.  If not, then you can unbutton her jeans, then tug on them, signaling her to take them off.

Power move – get her to take her jeans off with “the tug”

I’ve found that you can destroy last minute resistance much easier if you get her to take her clothes off and make it seem like she’s the one pushing for sex.  I do this by just doing a slight “tug” on a girls clothes, and they all know that means “I want you to take this off”.  It works like magic.

However, sometimes you might just want to rip her clothes off, and that works too.

Make her cum before fucking

how to have sex - make her cum before fucking

Figuring out how to fuck a girl properly means you need to make her cum over and over again.  Most guys don’t even make a girl cum once.  Once her pants are off, you can rub her pussy directly.  Don’t just go to stick your dick in because she’s wet.  Figuring out how to have sex like a pro begins before you put your cock inside of her.  Make her cum beforehand.

Rub her clit.  Either with your middle finger, or pointer and middle finger combined.  I prefer to do this with my right hand because I’m right handed.  So I’m laying on the left side, freeing up my right hand.  It’s best to use whatever hand is dominate. That way you can focus on rubbing the clit.  Rub her clit in a circular motion.  Keep on doing this and it shouldn’t take too long before she orgasms.  And boom, you’ve already done more than most men!  It’s sad that standards are low for knowing how to fuck a girl properly, but it makes it easy for the rest of us.

Ideally, you can make her cum a second time before putting your dick in.  At this point, she should be begging you to fuck her. She will probably try to grab your dick and stick in in herself.  But… hold on cowboy.

Put that damn condom on.  Unless she’s your girlfriend or wife, you need to protect yourself from these std’s.  Knowing how to have sex like a pro is only fun if you walk away clean.

Sex and starting slow

start sex slow

She’s already came, soaking wet, your hard as fuck, and have put your condom on.

Teasing her with it

Now, tease her with it.  Rub your dick on her clit.  Make it seem like you’re going to stick it in, then continue to rub it. Remember, sex is mental for her.  And she’s already had one or two orgasms.  She should be dying for you to fuck her at this point.  Put your dick in an inch.  Then a few more inches.  Then pull out a little bit.  She should be grabbing your body and this point trying to force you deeper.  Go back in, 3/4 of the way, then pull out.  Then go slowly all the way inside of her.

Slow, deep strokes

Don’t get too excited and fuck things up.  You need to tease her still the sexually dominate man you are.  Don’t fuck a million miles an hour yet.  Fucking like a rabbit is not the right way to learn how to have sex.  You need to take things slow and make her want to you to fuck her brains out.

Even if you can last long, don’t go blasting away.  Go in once slowly, back out, then twice, back out, then three times.  o this until you get to about 10 or 12 strokes.  Slow and deep, all from missionary.  Continue to rub her clit while doing this.

You can put your non-dominate hand/arm under her neck so you’re close to her and you can hold yourself up.  Or you can put it on the side of yourself.  But I’d recommend putting it under her neck.  You’ll waste much less energy this way.

Picking up the pace

You can slowly, slowly, start to pick up the pace.  Knowing how to fuck a girl properly involves patience and you teasing her.  You should get her to cum with the big, deep, slow strokes and clit rubbing with your dominate hand.

But don’t double your speed or triple it.  Get a tempo.  Still go deep in your strokes, but don’t pull your dick out all the way anymore.  Still most of the way, but you can leave the tip in before you go all the way back inside of her.  Pick up the pace over the next few minutes.  You can kiss her neck, suck on her tits, put your hand on her throat, kiss her.  So much you can do to her.  A big part of learning how to fuck a girl properly is determining when to pick up the pace and when to slow it down.  A man must be sexually dominate yet also be in tune with the girl he’s with in order to know how to have sex in the way that’s going to make her addicted.

Best positions

sex tips for men

Tired of just missionary?  Well don’t be.  Make it more fun.  It’s one of the best sex positions for learning how to fuck a girl because you can do so much from it yet maintain control.


how to have sex - missionary position

Missionary is your bread and butter for learning how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god.  Don’t forget that and don’t betray it. When you’re a beginner and learning how to fuck a girl to get her addicted, just stick to missionary.  Even if you’re advanced as a sex god, it should still be your main position.

From missionary you can

  • rub her clit easy, easiest way to make her cum over and over again
  • miss/bite her neck, tits, body
  • make out
  • have eye contact
  • match her breathing


There’s two ways you can use breathing.  You can match her breathing, or you can do the opposite.  For example, when she breathes out, you breathe in.  I do this and tell the girl I’m having sex with that I’m stealing her breathe.  I might even take my right hand off of rubbing the clit to put it on her throat, while my left hand is pulling her hair.

Then I tell her I’m taking her air.  And that I’m stealing her energy.  This is always a massive turn on for the girls. And this goes deeper into speaking to her soul, getting a girl completely addicted to you.  I’m dominating her, and mixing a deep fuck with making love and connection.

Matching her breathe

Matching her breathe is another way to have sex on a deeper level.  Instead of dominating her, this puts you two more in sync. And is about combing your energies.  This is more advanced than other stuff you’ll read on how to have sex or how to fuck women.  But this is how you get her addicted to you.  Breathing is a small detail but an important part of learning how to have sex like a master.

This is also a turn on for women.  And makes the two of you feel connected and intense. Whereas the stealing of her air (not literally) makes her feel completely dominated and overtaken by you.

Both work very well.  Try out both of these while you’re in missionary.  She’ll feel like the two of you are one person.  Creating this connection during sex will get her addicted to you.  If you can make her cum and feel your energy then you’re learning how to fuck a girl the right way so she comes back for more.

Variations of missionary

Missionary doesn’t have to be the same, you can switch it up

Some variations:

  • Have one of her legs over your shoulder
  • Both of her legs over both shoulders
  • missionary variation
  • Both of her legs pushed forward by your arms.  You can have one arm hold back both legs, which frees up another hand to rub clit, grab her throat, etc.  Or you can use both hands to hold back each leg.  Her knees should be close to her shoulders
  • Missionary on the side, so you’re laying side by side.  You can have one arm holding up her top leg.  The other arm can rub her clit.  I lay on my right side doing this, using my left hand to hold her leg up.  Then I use my right hand to rub her clit
  • Missionary with her on edge of bed, and you standing up, not on the bed.  This gives you tons of control and ability to go deep.
  • missionary - edge of bed

And I’m sure you can come up with others on the fly.

Raised hips

Another thing I should point out while learning how to fuck a girl properly is the concept of raised hips from missionary.

If her hips are raised then you don’t need to figure out how to fuck her in the right angle.  It’s easy.  Just aim upwards easier and hit her g-spot.  I’ve been talking about rubbing a woman’s clit a lot in this article.  Because that’s the easiest way to make most girls orgasm.  Probably 2/3 of women or so cum easier with their clit, and maybe a 1/3 cum easier with their g-spot.  But most can cum from both and leveraging both is important part of your journey to learn how to fuck women properly.

Pillow under her hips

good vibes sex pillow

This can be done easily if you put a pillow under her hips.

Or even better using a sex pillow.  This is a little bit of an investment, but using the pillow wedge is an amazing investment for your sex life.  This pillow helps you get into the right angles in missionary and doggy, which means she’ll cum much more easily.  Here’s a link to it (non-affiliate).

For an even better angle, have her lay at the edge of the bed.  Put a pillow under her hips.  Then you stand up, off the bed.  You’ll be able to go very deep and also aim upwards with little to no effort to hit the g-spot.  If you do this correctly, you can rub her clit with your hand and hit her g-spot with your dick at the same time.  You don’t need to go all the way in to hit her g-spot either, it’s only a few inches in.


how to fuck a girl - doggy

Doggy is fun, and you can make her cum very hard from doggy.  When learning how to have sex, it’s the position every man wants to go straight to.

Especially since you can go deeper and harder.  It’s a great way to end the sex session.  But it takes dick control to be able to last from doggy style.  If you don’t have complete dick control either avoid doggy or wait until the end where you don’t mind busting because you already made her cum over and over again.

That being said, doggy is a ton of fun.  Knowing how to fuck a girl properly requires that you’re able to fuck the shit out of her like an alpha from doggy.  You need to know how to fuck a girl slowly and how to fuck a girl like an animal.  This is where you can finally fuck her like a rabbit.

Things to do from doggy

Considering you can last long, doggy is amazing.  You can pound it out, or have a slow/med pace.  But the power in doggy goes from how deep you can go.  And the barbaric feeling of it.

Angle her – face down ass up

There’s a reason why this is a thing.  With her face down and ass up, you can do deep and hit the g-spot.

G-spot for doggy

The g-spot itself is only a few inches in.  This doesn’t take a big dick to hit.  But from doggy, it’s about angling downwards to hit the g-spot.  If you stand on a leg so you can get more height, then you can really angle down and get the g-spot easily.


If your dick is 6.5 or 7 inches or more, then you can hit the a-spot from doggy.  This is where you can deep and feels like you’re hitting her cervix.  This can hurt and feel good at the same time to girls.

Hitting a woman’s a-spot is one way to really make her cum hard like a freak.  You’ll hear it in how she moans and how her body shakes.  If your dick isn’t big enough to reach this then don’t worry.  Just angle it downwards to hit the g-spot and she’ll still have a great time.

Hitting the a-spot isn’t necessary when you’re learning how to fuck a girl properly.  Not everyone has a big enough dick to make it happen.  Don’t feel bad.  While a big dick helps, it’s not needed to become a sex master.  Instead you can figure out how to fuck a girl well by just going after the g-spot and clit.

Rough or slow sex?

I get asked a lot by guys what’s better – rough or slow sex?  Neither is better.  And in fact, I usually do both.  If you can tell from my techniques above, from foreplay, to starting off slow, to missionary, to doggy, I start off very slow, stay slow for most of it, then medium pace, then rough and fast.

It’s usually starting off slow and ending rough.  But within the duration of sex, I’ll speed things up, lightly choke her, and go rough.  Then after she cums hard I’ll slow things down.


So it’s best to do both.  If you have a girlfriend/wife, or someone you fuck often, then be sure to switch it up.  As much as girls love rough sex, most long term partners will get upset if this is all you do.  But make no mistake.  To know how to fuck a girl the right way involves being rough and dominating her.  The key is to tease her until she’s begging you to go faster and harder.

You should also have slow, love making sessions with a girl you have a strong connection with too.  You can still go deep, and go in powerfully, at a medium or slow pace, and make her cum just as strong that way compared to rough, fast sex.  Making her cum at different tempo’s is a key part of discovering how to have sex that makes her come back for more.  Because knowing how to fuck a girl isn’t just about plowing through her pussy.  Getting good at sex involves being in tune with her.

BDSM and light bondage

how to fuck a girl properly - bdsm and bondage sex

I’m not super into BDSM, especially nowadays.  But I was very into bondage, and was shocked at first to find out that most girls (at least western girls) love it.  It was a red pill revealing to me to see the vast majority of the women I fucked love being dominated completely.  But I also prefer feminine women who desire a man who knows how to fuck a girl well.  So maybe it’s fate.

But in today’s age, many women are either experienced or at least willing to try.

BDSM isn’t necessary at all for good sex or for learning how to fuck a girl properly.  But it can be a powerful tool.  BDSM covers a wide variety of sexual acts and fetishes.  And many women will be happy if you were to learn how to fuck a girl hard with BDSM tactics + toys.

Light bondage

I’m pretty basic and stick to light bondage.  Meaning I’ve tied girls up during sex – all with consent of course.  It adds some intensity and fun to the sex sessions.

I was very surprised when I first started doing how many girls were down for it.  I’ve probably asked and done it with about half the girls I’ve been with, at least when I’m at my own place / not traveling.  I’ve only ever had two girls say no to it, which was totally fine.  But I thought more wouldn’t be down.  Pretty much 95% of girls were down to be tied up.

However girls are into this shit.  I’m also into submissive women who like to follow my lead, but still it was another red pill moment for me to see that these girls are mostly like this.  I didn’t think all of these girls would be down, let alone that excited to be tied up and fucked.

What I use

I use mainly two different products, linking to them here (not affiliates, regular links)

The first one is an under the bed bondage kit.  Easiest to use in the moment.

You can ask her during sex if she’s ever been tied up.  And if she’s down, just reach over her head and grab the straps.  Which should be right there at the front end of your bed if you set it up right – super easy to do by the way.

There are also straps to restrain her legs, but I don’t use those that much.  The second product is something you actually have to put on her before sex or stop sex to do.  I don’t use this as much, but it’s been very fun to use on regular girls I see that really love being tied up.

Do you need to do this?

If you’re a very beginner, then don’t worry about this.  It’s definitely not necessary in your journey to determine how to fuck a girl the right way.  And I prefer to not use bondage as much anymore during sex.  That being said, the vast majority of girls I’ve been with have been down for this.  Some got very excited by the idea, others didn’t seem like they cared either way but were open to it.

But after the sex, the vast majority of girls talked about how they really loved the experience. Again I was surprised at all the girls who were into BSDM.  So I’d recommend looking into it if you’re at least somewhat curious.

However, you don’t need to get into bondage if it doesn’t excite you.  But I wanted to make a clear point that many, many girls are into this.  Like I was pretty shocked when I first started doing this.  Now it’s normal to me that girls  are into it.

And it can be a great way to show your leadership in the bedroom.

How to tell if she cums?

Earlier we established that you need to make the girl cum if you want to know how to fuck a girl properly.  And therefore, you need to know if she actually cums.  Don’t ask her if she came, especially after sex.  This ruins the moment and is a turn off.   You need to be able to tell when she has an orgasm.

Now, girls can be unique in how they cum, if they squirt or not, and their exact sounds.  But most of them do the same things.

Messed up face

how to fuck a girl - orgasm face

A girl’s face when she cums shouldn’t be a pleasant, soft smile. It should almost look ugly, and very intense. Like she got stung with an adrenaline shot .  Basically, it should look embarrassing. If she looks like she’s about to get her picture taken, then you’re doing it wrong.

Legs shaking

Another tell sign is that her legs are shaking. They’ll usually start to shake before she’s about to cum, then a lot when she’s cumming.  Some girls shake a lot and some only slightly.  But you should be able to notice this.  This is involuntary, and a solid sign she’s having an orgasm.

A good sign you’ve figured out how to fuck a girl well is when you can make her cum multiple times.

In ability to speak properly

A girl isn’t able to think straight while cumming.  Just like yourself.  She shouldn’t be able to speak properly, let alone very well at all, when she’s cumming.  At most she should be able to say simple things.  Or blurt them out in between her moans.

If you ask her to say something while cumming, like “tell daddy you love this big cock in you”, she should struggle to say it clearly, especially the first time.  She should be close to our of breathe and say “I like it” or “yes like it” or “yes” if she says anything at all.  Basically she should have a hard time thinking about anything.

Talking dirty

how to talk dirty in text and in the bedroom

Talking dirty isn’t an essential part of learning how to fuck a girl properly like a sex guru, it’s really up to you.  Some people prefer not to talk dirty.  But I call those people boring.  You certainly don’t need to say dirty words to make her cum.  It doesn’t hurt though.  In fact, it can turn her on and make the sex better.  Make the sex sexier.  So how do you talk dirty?

You can start off simple.  Tell her

  • “you feel so good”
  • “you’re so tight”
  • “I can feel your warmth”
  • “I’m so deep inside of you”

This is light, it should be true, and should make her feel good. You don’t want a girl to be insecure during sex.  Most women nowadays have seen enough dick to be comfortable, but it’s never a bad thing to say things like this.  Don’t go overboard on the compliments.  No need to tell her she’s beautiful or how amazing she is.  You’re already fucking her.

Light, sexy compliments at most

But you can do light, sexy compliments that will make her feel good and turn her on.  Then as the sex progresses, you can go a little further.

  • “it feels so good inside of your pussy”
  • “I love how wet you are right now”
  • “you look so good with my cock inside of you”

As things progress and you’re going faster, rougher, you can advance your dirty talk

  • “I can feel you about to explode”
  • “Don’t cum yet” (this will tease her and will actually encourage her to)
  • “You’re so good at taking this cock”
  • “You’re such a dirty slut for my big cock”

And so on.  You’ll be able to develop your own style the more you learn how to fuck a girl.  Some dirty talk uses dirty words.  But some of the most powerful things to say to a woman don’t involve that at all.  For example, the “I can feel you about to explode” line always turns on the girls.  It even makes them cum harder.  I also use some of the regular dirty talk that you might find elsewhere.

But mix in powerful statements like that.  Most guys just say things like “like this cock?” and “take this big dick you slut”.  You can use some of that.  But also use statements that will plant ideas in her head.  This will build up her orgasms even more.

What not to say

dirty talking to a girl

Don’t ask her questions during sex, at least not stupid ones.  Communicate by listening to her body.

Way too many guys ask the girl “Like this big cock?” or “you like it like that?” and so on.  Even worse, some guys don’t even lead and will ask the girl what position she wants and how she wants to fuck.

The only time you should ask the woman is before you fuck her.  When you’re teasing her rubbing your cock in her clit, you can ask her, in a teasing manner, if she wants you inside of her.  This way you get consent and make her beg for it.

Stop asking questions

But outside of that, don’t ask the women questions during sex.

Learning how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god isn’t just about moving your dick and thrusting.  It’s also about you leading.  As a man, you’re the leader.  Yes, figuring out what she wants and likes is important.  But you do that by picking up on non-verbal cues.

Like the way she reacts to how you move, and certain positions.  But if you follow my advice, pretty much all women like it slow, like to have you make them beg to fuck faster, and fuck the shit out of them.  They all like to:

  1. cum before sex
  2. cum while you’re going slow
  3. and cum when you finally fuck the shit out of them like they’ve been waiting for

You don’t need to ask if they like this or like that.  It’s weak and it’s just not good dirty talk. Now, asking a girl “you like this big cock” in a confident manner won’t turn her off. It’s more of a statement than a question.

Statements and guiding her

But it’s better to just use statements.

You don’t want to get in a habit of asking her questions during sex.  You do that for conversation.  When you’re figuring out how to have sex like a sex god, focus on leading and listening to non-verbal cues.  And if she likes something in particular, like you pulling on her hair or grabbing her neck, she’ll let you know by telling you or the way she reacts.

Speaking to her soul – Become a sex god

speaking to her soul - becoming a sex god

Speaking to her soul is the next level of talking to her.

It’s not just talking dirty to her.  It’s getting deep in her head and getting her to fall in love with you.  To get completely addicted to you.  This will be hard if you’re a complete beginner.  In fact just ignore this for now.  But once you know how to fuck a girl at a high level, you can begin to understand and implement this.

This is steps beyond just learning how to have sex well.

It’s getting a girl in a trance.  And this is metaphysical.  If you don’t believe in the stuff I’m talking about, then you can skip this section.  There’s too much to cover anyways.  But if you want to speak to a woman’s soul and get her completely addicted to you, then it requires you to get on the metaphysical level of existence.

Powerful orgasms

The first thing you need to do is make her orgasm repeatedly and powerfully.  The orgasm not only feels amazing physically, but it opens her up emotionally and spiritually.  And not just orgasming with a vibrator or a toy.  Orgasming with you inside of her, controlling her, guiding her.

Looking at you when she orgasms

The easiest way to get starting with soul speaking, or getting a woman sprung to you, is getting her to look at you when she cums.  The reason men get addicted to porn or certain fantasies isn’t just because they masturbate to it.  It’s because they orgasm to it.  When you orgasm, you’re creating a bond and connection with whatever you’re focusing on.

The biggest mistake to make is to make a woman cum and then have her focus on nothing.  Although it’s hard to focus on anything completely, you need her to associate you with that feeling.  When you’re figuring out how to fuck a girl properly, the first stage is to get her to cum.  The second stage of knowing how to fuck a girl properly is to get her to focus on you when she cums.

And you do that by making her look at you when she cums.  When you can tell she’s cumming, tell her to look at you.

  • “look at me when you’re cumming babe”
  • “let me see your eyes”

Once she’s looking at you

It should be difficult for her to maintain consistent eye contact because she’ll be cumming.  But you just need her glancing at your eyes at much as she can.  This will imprint you in her mind.  Then, when she’s making eye contact with you, tell her

  • “I’m stealing your energy as you cum”
  • “give me all of your essence”
  • “look at me babe… I’m stealing your soul”
  • “you’re mine, you’re under my control”
  • “Surrender yourself to me”

You have to not just say this.  But say it with power.  And say it with Truth.  This is next level shit.  Most men can’t make a woman cum.  And the ones who do waste it by asking the girl if she likes it, or saying nothing.

But if you get her to look at you, then she’ll imprint you.  She’ll associate you with he feeling of orgasm.  And she’ll open up her soul to you.  It’s not enough just to speak these words to her.  You have to mean them.  And she’ll love you for making her surrender to your manhood.  Knowing how to fuck a girl better than anyone else requires you to get her to surrender to you.  You’ll need practice to get this down.  But if you can learn how to fuck a girl and get her to surrender, then you’ll have a submissive girl who will be willing to do a lot for you.

Your energy

Speaking to her soul isn’t doesn’t just require a mindset change.  It requires you are in tune with your own energy.  You need to be able to feel your power, your energy, your life force.  And you need to be able to feel hers.

This way you can manipulate the energy.  Learning how to fuck a girl to get her addicted to you requires that you’re able to tap in to your own energies.

Dominance and stealing her energy

As you can tell, peaking to her soul requires dominance and stealing her energy.  But this isn’t just raw dominance in fucking from the back or tying her up.  This is learning how to fuck a girl so well that she’s never felt anything like this.

It’s getting her to look at you while you tell her you’re stealing her energy.  Then as you actually focus on taking it from her.  You also have to look into her eyes and imagine you’re literally taking her soul from out of her.

The best way to think about it is that you’re passionately dominating her.  You’re taking her energy.  Like a vampire.

What to avoid

A few things to avoid when learning how to fuck a woman the right way – before sex, during and after.

Asking about orgasm

Like I said earlier, asking questions during sex is bad.  And asking questions after can be fine or it can be bad depending on what it is.

But one a big NO is asking her if she came.  Don’t ask her if she had an orgasm.  You should be able to tell when she’s cumming. If you can’t, then you need a little more practice, and probably need to actually make her cum.  Nevertheless, don’t ask her if she cummed.  If she didn’t, then she’s going to have to tell you no or lie to you that she did.  And if she did, it will still be annoying that you asked.  A guy that made her cum should be able to tell.

You don’t need the validation of knowing.  At least not to her.  That way it’s more natural.  However, part of learning how to fuck a girl properly is being able to tell if she orgasmed or not.

In your own mind, you should have the goal of making her cum. And you should know if she cums or not.  But if you don’t, avoid asking.  It’s a weak move and lowers your value.

Instead, get better at making her cum by focusing on the clit, and get better at noticing signs.  But to help you out, it’s usually pretty clear when a girl orgasms.  So if it’s not, you either need more work to make her cum, or need to focus more in the moment.

Starting off too fast

A big part of learning how to fuck a girl properly like a ladies man does is slowing down.  I mentioned earlier in the article to go slow.  But I realize that some of you may rush into things.  Maybe she’s really hot and you just wanted to put it in and go fast.  Alright, well you can have a few of those to realize it’s not the way to do it.

But you really need to focus on slowing down.  Don’t be so quick to stick it in.  Make her cum before you even put your cock inside of her.  She’s not going anywhere. She’s in your bed and want to fuck you.

Most men start off way too fast.  Don’t be one of those.  Start slow.  Actively try to wait until 10-15 minutes of foreplay before fucking her.  See if you can even make her cum twice before sticking your dick in.  This will turn her on even more.  And you’ll have to do less to make her cum once you’re inside.

Figuring out how to fuck a girl well is so much easier if you just slow down and focus. Don’t worry about sticking your dick in.  Have the goal of making her beg for it. Both of you will have a better time.

Eating before

pizza - don't eat before sex

Eating before is a big no.  Bad idea.  Having a full stomach can slow you down, kill your cardio, and even make you tired to the point where you might not want to have sex.  A sex god in training needs to either not eat or eat lightly before a sex session.  Happy hour and an appetizer can be fine.  But a whole pizza or burger can can figuring out how to fuck a girl properly difficult because you’re not in the best position.

If you’re on a date and you’re hungry, then you can eat a little.  Having a drink and an appetizer is fine.  Although I avoid food if I know I’m gonna have sex in the next 3-4 hours.  If you do eat, keep it light.  A light appetizer, a small dessert, or a drink.

Because the best time to eat is after sex.

Don’t get full before sex

Unfortunately, many people start dates with a dinner and then proceed to sex.  You’re better off meeting a girl for drinks, fucking, and then get a meal on your own.  Or have her make you something after.  Even if you have a girlfriend, get food with her after sex.

Would you eat before a cardio workout?  No.

Maybe something small.  But you wouldn’t eat a pizza or pasta dish.  Treat sex the same. Learning how to fuck a girl like a sex god also means you need to watch what you’re putting into your sex god body.

Because a sex god needs to have an empty to light stomach.  He doesn’t need to feel the pizza and tacos go back and forth in his gut as he’s trying to her the best fuck she’s ever had.

How to have sex – what to do

You know how to fuck a girl properly and what do avoid.  Here’s a few things you should do as part of your sex game plan, besides the actual sex.

Be in shape

women like a hot body

Besides having dick power and dick control, you need to be in shape.  Controlling your orgasm with dick control is essential.  But you also need to have decent cardio.  Fucking these women can actually be a workout.

If you’re out of shape then you might be tired in certain positions.  The last thing you want is to be there fucking and wishing it would end because you’re out of breathe.  Learning how to have sex is hard enough.  Getting on the treadmill and lifting weights is simple, so at least do that.

Limit your alcohol

james bond - limit alcohol

It’s best to be sober.  But I know you may have a drink or two before sex, especially if you’re getting laid on the first date.  That’s fine, but just make sure not to go overboard.

It’s hard to learn how to fuck a girl properly to get her addicted, let alone actually have to go do it when you’re drunk as fuck.  If you’re getting wasted to last long, then you haven’t mastered dick control yet.  And if you’re just drinking too much, then watch your liquor.

You also want her to be sober or very close to it.  One because consent is important, you do’t want to go to jail.

And two is because you want her to feel what you’re doing.  If you learn how to fuck a girl properly and do everything right, but she’s too drunk to feel you or remember, then it’s pointless.  Plus drunk sex is very low quality compared to sober sex when you master your sex skills.  Getting drunk does not make up for learning how to fuck a girl or last long.  You won’t be able to really connect and make a girl addicted to you unless you’re under full control of yourself.

Try your best with every girl

You need to try your best with every girl, every time.  Especially when you’re still learning how to fuck a girl properly and honing your skills.  Fucking women well is like muscle memory.  Don’t slack off or get lazy.  Put the effort in with every girl you bring home so you can practice.

Consistent sex partner

Ideally, you’ll get more consistent sex because you’ll now know how to have sex the way she likes it.  When you learn how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god, then women will want to keep on coming over.  However, if  you’re not great at first, then it’s ideal to have a consistent sex partner.

You can have one if you have a girlfriend / wife, or multiple consistent sex partners.  The more you have the better you’ll get.

All of the techniques I discussed work.  But you need to practice them to get better and master them.  Reading it won’t make you a sex god overnight.  You have to implement what you learn to really figure out how to fuck a girl the right way.

Plus, you may develop slightly different positioning or preferences depending on your style, body type, fitness, and even the size of your bed.

Don’t give up when you’re learning how to fuck a girl properly like a sex god

If you haven’t had a lot of sex, or you’ve developed bad habits, like rabbit fucking from the first stroke, then don’t get discouraged.  It may seem like a lot of work to put into this.  But soon enough it becomes second nature.

I don’t have to think about having to put effort into the sex session or what to do.  It’s second nature for me and it’s fun as fuck.  I have incredible, amazing slow love making sex and deep, powerful fucking as well.

It’s like anything in life.  Being a beginner is tough.  There’s a lot of effort and mental energy you have to put into this.

But the benefits are huge.  You’ll have an incredible sex life and you’ll feel amazing. The girl you’re with, whether serious or casual, will also love you for how you make her feel.  With information all here, you have what you need to up your sex game.  And you deserve that.  Put in the effort and give yourself the power of becoming a sex god.  Learn how to fuck a girl properly and then you’ll be able to get these women to come back to you.  When you know how to have sex like a real man, both you and the women you sleep with benefit immensely.

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This is awesome tips! Every guy needs to read this…maybe even some girls if they want! I love how you put energy into writing this for people, wonderful job. Hmu sometime maybe LOL!


Yes,its really usefull

Ernie Vision
Ernie Vision

I can’t tell you how much this helped me a married man of 23 years! I thought I was good and that my wife just faded from sex because of time. No, I need to relearn the correct way to make love to her, and forge myself back into shape!!


You’re right, most guys don’t know how to fuck properly, and I’ve never been well done or even had an orgasm with the 2 guys I’ve been with. I hope more men and women read this and realize that they need to work hard and try hard – things don’t just come for free.