How to Fuck More Women: 9 Ways to Increase your Notch Count

How to Fuck More Women: 9 Ways to Increase your Notch Count

how to fuck more women

Figuring out how to fuck more women is every man’s inner 15 year-old dream.  Whether you’re a complete virgin or you’ve only slept with a few girls, it makes sense why you want to increase your notch count.

You want more experience.  Maybe you want the fun experiences of exploring different bodies.  Or you want to justify to yourself that you’re a worthy man.  And let’s not forget how many men want to know how to fuck more women just to brag.

Not all of these answers are equal in their reasoning.  But if you want to know how to fuck more women then that’s something you need to learn how to do.  Otherwise you’ll regret not getting laid more when you’re older.

So it’s best to go out, increase your notch count, and have fun dating multiple women.

1. Go out the nightclubs + bars more often

nightlife club, being in the market

Going out to nightclubs and bars means you’re going to meet new women more often.  And if you want to know how to fuck more women then this is a good place to start.

Women go to nightclubs and bars to have fun and some are there to meet guys.  Nightlife is a place where women expect you to hit on them, and the ones who are open to you will be even more so at night.

The key to going out to nightclubs and bars is go to ones that have good ratios and have good logistics to where you live.  Some places like SF always have bad ratios and others like NYC typically always have good ratios.  But regardless, going out to nightclubs + bars will put you around more women.  You need to go out if you want to increase your notch count.  Hit up the boys and plan a night around the city.

2. Learn how to dance – salsa or bachata

salsa nightlife

Better yet, if you’re going to go out then salsa / bachata clubs are the best kept secret.  They usually have better ratios and you’ll be in a position where it’s normal to ask any girl you want to dance.  There’s a learning curve which can make it difficult if you’re a beginner.  But an investment in lessons and working hard for a few months is well worth it.  Learning how to dance is one of the best ways to also learn how to fuck more women.

Just by going up and dancing with multiple women you’ll find ones that like you a lot.  Those women will make it easy for you to fuck because they feel chemistry with you.  Dancing is like flirting with your body but it’s socially acceptable.

You can also use your salsa / bachata skills at a regular nightclub.  Because to succeed at a regular nightclub you need to know how to dance, have a table/VIP section, or have status.

I say just learn how to dance.  Women will want to be the ones dancing with you, you’ll meet lots of women, and you’ll actually have a good time.

3. Get a job in nightlife, bartender or bouncer

bartender, status at bar

But you can also just gain status at a nightclub.  You can do this and make some extra side money by being a bartender or bouncer on the weekends.  You might not always be able to get laid when the girl you just met is leaving and you’re still at work.  On the flip side there will be plenty of numbers and girls who are willing to wait for your shift to end.

Knowing how to fuck more women is easy if you can have a way to get extra status boost.  Working at a nightclub venue, given you’re not a dishwasher, is a nice way to do this.  Plus you’re making money vs spending it, which is never a bad thing.

Bartenders and bouncers are associated with having a high notch count for a reason.

4. Optimize your body and style

how to be a man - have style

Improving your sexual market value is an obvious way to know how to fuck more women.  Yet so many men still don’t do it.

The easiest way to improve is drastically is to light weights, get in shape, and dress well.

  • lifting weights with a full body workout in the morning 2-3x a week
  • combined with a steak and eggs diet
  • wearing nice dress shirts, dark jeans, nice shoes, watch, and good hair

And you can easily raise your rating up 1-3 points.

Girls want to sleep with attractive men too.  Make yourself more attractive and you’ll get more sex.

5. Move to an easier city/location

city life

Go where you’re desired.

Location makes a big difference when it comes to meeting women.  And if you want to know how to fuck more women then you need to be in a place where you’re in demand.  Places like New York City are great for most men because of the gender ratios.  Small suburbs, country towns, or cities like San Jose or Seattle are going to be harder.  The towns are either too small or the ratios are bad.

As a young man who wants to determine how to fuck more women, you need to go where there are lots of women who want to fuck you.

Going to a city is the first step. T hen choosing a city where you’re especially in demand is another step. This might mean even going to different countries.  Whether you decide to live in those countries full time is up to you. But it’s jot rocket science that you can massively increase your notch count by going to a country where you’re high in demand.

Will going to Thailand or the Philippines to sleep with 30 women help your game that much?  Not really. Nothing wrong with it if you like those places.  But if you go where you’re wanted then you’re bound to increase your notch count.

The best move for most guys is picking a city in their country that’s optimal for them.  However, going abroad is an option that more and more men are opting for, so don’t count it out.  It might for a few months or you may fall in love with a new country and make it your new home.

6. Live in a central / trendy spot

central location in city

Good logistics enhance your ability to know how to fuck more women tenfold.

That’s why I constantly tell you guys to live in the cool part of your city.  Living in a central / trendy spot of a city will do a lot for your notch count.  Paying a nice chunk on rent is one the thing you should spend good money on.

Women will be more willing to come to your place since you’re in the hot spots.  They’ll also be much more willing to meet at bars near your place for first dates.  And this will lead to more first date lays.  A lot more first date lays means more sex and a higher notch count.

7. Leverage online dating

tinder matches phone

With tinder, bundle, okcupid, and dating apps on overload, you’d be dumb not to leverage the internet to meet women.

It shouldn’t be your sole source.  You should still go out and meet women in real life.  But online dating is so big that you could stick to it if you wanted to.  Some women will come right to your place.  Others will be willing to meet up at a bar nearby and then come over.

In the 21st century, women want to fuck men too.  And they don’t need to depend only on nightlife anymore.  Get your best photos, swipe or message a ton of girls, and learn how to fuck more women by using dating apps to your advantage.

8. Achieve great success in your field

man leading woman home

Success on a man is like big boobs, a small waist, and a big ass on a woman.  Achieving great success in your field will result in women who want to fuck you and will seek you out for that.  Get to this point by actually focusing on what you want to do in life, putting years of grinding and working long hours.  And then reap the benefits of money, satisfaction, and women who chase your attention.

9. Become a player

increase your notch count

The 80/20 rule applies to dating.  80% of the women fuck 20% of the men.  I’d go even as far to say 15 or 10% for the men.  These men are the players.

Players date multiple women at once.  When you fuck multiple women and see them each once a week, you start to get in a flow.  You have a different energy about you. Other women can feel that you’re sleeping around and having a lot of sex.  And they love it.  They love the confidence and sexual energy that will radiate from you.

Stop hitting and quitting decent looking women who have sex with you.  Keep them around and use them to attract other women.  When you have sex at home, it makes getting more of it even easier.

How many women is too much?

I recommend you get your notch count up to a total of 15-20 and then go all in on your purpose.  Have some fun then chase money over ass for a while.  Your notch count will still increase over time.  But it won’t be your main focus.

Alphas fuck anywhere from 25 women to hundreds.  As long as your decent looking or well put together, sleeping with 3 to 4 women a year for 10 years would put you way above the average of 7 sexual partners for a man to have.

There’s no magic number.

Getting to 15 to 20 will give you some decent experience and fun.  Making it to 25 will make you a player. And getting to 40 or 50 puts you at an advanced level, given they’re decent looking and you didn’t pay for it.  If you want to be a true player then you’ll need to be able to keep the girls coming back for more.  But that’s for another article.

Determine how to fuck more women by combining a few of the methods above.  Get amazing at sex, keep them coming back for more.  And then focus on building your wealth.  Because once you learn how to fuck more women + increase your notch count, you’ll realize it’s not a big deal, and you’ll be able to enjoy women a lot more.

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