How to get a Fuckbuddy: 4 steps to getting a casual sex partner

How to get a Fuckbuddy

Every man wants to know how to get a fuckbuddy.  I don’t actually like the term fuckbuddy, because a woman you’re fucking isn’t your buddy.  But I got this question from a reader, plus it’s good for SEO.  And I know a lot of you guys want women to see for casual sex on a consistent basis.

That’s what a fuckbuddy is.  A woman you see consistently for sex that you’re not in a relationship.  It’s also called friends with benefits (fwb).  Sometimes you’ll see on girls dating profiles that they’re not or they are looking for fb or fwb, which means fuckbuddy or friends with benefits.  Many girls will outright say they’re not looking for this, which is often not true. And some will say that’s what they’re looking for, in which case they probably have a few fuckbuddies. But they’re being honest about it.

The goal of this article is to teach you how to get a fuckbuddy so you can have sex with a girl that’s not your girlfriend.  If you get a few of these going then congrats, can become a successful player in the game.

1. Raise your smv

man working out, increasing smv

Improve your looks, money, and status.  But especially your looks.  Women who want you just for sex are sleeping with you because of how you look.  And they continue to sleep with you because your masculine energy is present.

Basically you look good enough to fuck.  And then you don’t mess it up be acting weak.  Sometimes looking good means looking like the pretty boy, sometimes it means looking like the tough guy, and sometimes it she wanted to fuck and you looked just good enough for that first time.

Do everything you can to look as good as possible.

The biggest thing you can do is lift weights and eat well.  Any of you can get an incredible body.  And women want to fuck a guy with a good body.  They’ll settle for other guys with not as good bodies if they have good charisma/personality, social standing, or are their type for another reason.

Looking better = better options

But every single one of you will have more options to get a fuckbuddy if you look good.

Put the time in at the gym.  You want a sexy body on a girl and she wants the same on you.  Fuck the dad bod bullshit.

The next thing you need to do is have good style.  This can be a simple v-neck that shows off your bod, dark jeans, and a decent pair of shoes.  If you’re in a more formal setting then a trendy button up shirt can look good.  The key is to have something that shows off your body but not too flamboyant.  Because you still want to be masculine.

If you have any tattoos that can be seen with your sleeves rolled up or with a button down then that will make your more fuckbuddy material.  It’s not a requirement by any means.  But you can go for the stylish, yet masculine bad boy look. Knowing how to get a fuckbuddy comes down to looking like a guy that women want to just fuck.  That’s going to be a good looking / masculine dude.  Use your style and body to keep you looking good and as bait.

Looks and masculinity are key

Social status and money can help.  But when it comes to just figuring out how to get a fuck buddy, your looks and masculinity are going to be more important.  If you have status, like you work at the bar/club, or you have a solid social circle, then that will only help.

You’re raising your smv but not focusing too much on the money.  You can still build your wealth and get your money up, but showing off money too hard isn’t that productive in getting a fuckbuddy. Still useful, but not necessary. Of course if you have a lambo or can show off massive wealth than you’ll always have women that want to fuck.

Just remember that you don’t need to be rich to know how to get a fuckbuddy. It helps, but keep the focus on raising your looks up.

2. Become present in the game

nightlife club, being in the market

Raising your smv and becoming better looking will help attract girls toward you.  Especially the kind that want to have you as a fuckbuddy. But you still need to be present in the game.

That means that you’re:

  • go out on the weekends
  • active with online dating

Doing these things is how you meet more women to sleep with.  If you’re not in the game then you won’t have many opportunities to meet women.  Raising your looks and your overall value in the sexual market place will make you a great fuckbuddy candidate.

You still need to go out and be in the market though.

If you don’t have any fuckbuddies or girls you sleep with consistently, and you aren’t that experienced with women, then this can seem daunting.  Especially when you go out and do online dating and don’t have much success at first.

It takes time to build a pipeline

Remember to cut yourself some slack.  You need to give yourself time to get into the flow of the game.  Whether you’re new to being a player or you just got out of a relationship, it takes s little bit of time to get your rhythm going.

In fact, it might take a month or two of going out consistently and using online dating to get a fuck.  That’s okay.  You might see guys bragging online about boning 2-4 girls a month.  Half of that is bullshit.  Some of it are guys with low standards.  And only a few guys actually do that legitly, consistently fucking hot women.  The average guy only sleeps with 8 girls in his whole lifetime.  So you’ll do fine.

For all the new guys, push yourself to get out there. Once you get the first lay, then you’ll have more momentum and will be able to get your 2nd and 3rd.

3. Start sleeping with women form your pipeline

Sexual Tension: the 7 Signs and How to Create it

Once you meet girls at the nightclub, out dancing, or online, it’s time to sleep with them.  Ideally you sleep with them on the night you meet them, but that usually won’t happen.  Often times you can get them to come right to your place from tinder.  And if you can’t then you can always try to get laid on the first or second date.

Either way, you’re going to start sleeping with women from your pipeline.

This is where you begin the process of actually getting a fuckbuddy versus just a pump and dump.  And it starts by fucking them well.  If you give her a good time then she’ll want to come back for more.  If she didn’t have a good time then she won’t be seeing you again. Back in the day fucking a girl once would be enough to get her attached to you.  In today’s day and age you need to do well.

Don’t worry.  With some practice and reading my article, you’ll be able to fuck women properly.

4. See them on a regular basis

does she like me?

After you sleep with them and do it well, you just need to invite them over again for a good time.  You can get her on a schedule to come over once a week on a certain day.  For example, Friday evenings at 7pm after work but before you go out.  Or whenever works for the two of you.

Let me clarify and say that you don’t literally tell her “hey let’s get on a schedule”.  You just ask if she wants to meet up next week and find a time that works.  And then you start to do that time each week.  Sometimes schedules change and you or her will have to cancel or rearrange things.

However if you’re able to do this then you’ve successfully learned how to get a fuckbuddy.

In this example I told you to hit her up.  And if you fucked her well then that’s fine.  Sometimes I like to wait until the girl hits me up and get her to chase me.  It’s a matter of preference.  It’s more powerful if you don’t text her and wait for her to reach out to you to schedule the next meet up.  Play around with it and find what works bet for you.  I like it when girls chase me.  However, some girls believe the guy should text first and you’ll miss out on some.

If you lay it down good in the bedroom, then chances are high you’ll be able to make her your fuckbuddy.  You shouldn’t get ghosted from sex.  If you are it’s because you didn’t do a good job in 3/4 of the time.

Or she cheated on her boyfriend / husband with you and she’s fearful of getting caught.

However, 80 to 90% of the time this should result in you getting a fuckbuddy to have fun with.

Most fuckbuddies will want to date you or fall off

fuckbuddies, honeymoon phase

After seeing a girl as a fuckbuddy for a while, she’ll eventually try to settle down with you or someone else.  Especially if you learned how to fuck a girl like a beast.  She’s going to get addicted and want to lock you down.  Or she’ll go searching for a man who will date her.

This is called burnout.  It will happen with the majority of the girls you have as fuckbuddies.  Because they’ll eventually get tired of just having sex and push for more.

Some girls will only last a few months, others will last 6 months or even a year as a fuckbuddy.  Just know that you’re not really her buddy.  She’s feminine and your masculine.  She’ going to want to lock you down at some point or some other soul.  Make sure to guard your heart and be ready for her to disappear when you’re not ready to move forward with a relationship.  Since you already know how to get a fuckbuddy, you should have no problem getting another one, two, or even three.

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What state do you live in? You sound like you’d be the perfect fuck buddy! In all seriousness, let me know if you ever want to get together. 🙂 I’m a software engineer in my 30’s.