How to get a Girl to Submit to you: Only 1 Key thing to Dominate her

How to get a girl to Submit to you

how to get a girl to submit to you

Understanding how how to get a girl to submit to you will get what you want out of women.  Whether you want to sleep with different women or even have a committed relationship, the game is the same.  In fact the more you see a woman, the more she needs to submit to you if you want to get what you want.

When you’re just fucking with a girl for the first time, knowing how to get a girl to submit to you is still helpful.  But it will just be scaled back.  If you can already get laid with women relatively quickly, then you already are able to get women to submit to your dominance rather quickly.

However, this gets harder and harder the more you like a girl.  But if you start off strong and are able to know how to get a girl to submit to you from the beginning, then you can keep up your dominance for the whole relationship.  And by relationship I mean you could be fucking her a times, a few months, or even have her has a girlfriend.  Every interaction is a relationship, whether she’s a fling or an actual girlfriend.

The point is that the more you see her, the more important getting her to submit to you will be.

Getting women to submit to you will give you

  • sex
  • affection and love
  • effort

A masculine man wants a woman to submit to him.  This ensures he has the power and he’s able to lead.  Some women submit easier than others.  This has to do with how masculine you are, and how much she likes you compared to how much you like her.

When she cares more, aka she likes you more than you like her, then she’ll submit to you.  Because you’re willing to kick her to the curb.  Which means you’ll stay masculine enough to get her to submit to you and your presence as a man.

That’s the ideal situation.  However if you aren’t sure if she likes you more – like most of the emails I get from guys where he likes her more – then don’t give up hope.   You can still turn things around as long as you haven’t become feminine.

Feminine women want to submit

couple, quality girlfriend

Women want to submit to a masculine man.  It makes them feel alive and feminine.  Not submission like they want to be forced to marry a lame guy in some arranged marriage.  No.  They want to choose to surrender themselves to a man.  This activates their femininity.

Even masculine women can be put in their feminine state if a masculine man can make her submit to him.

Don’t fall for her shit

So if she likes you more, then she’s already submitting to your masculinity.

But what if that’s not the case yet?

Well you can learn how to make a girl submit to you if you can do this one thing.  And that’s passing shit tests.  Shit tests go further than just getting the girl not to flake or getting the pussy for the first time.  All of your fuckbuddies or girlfriends will shit test you.

You just never notice it with the ones you barely care about because you pass those shit tests with flying colors naturally and she stays submitted to you.

It’s with the hottest girls or the girls you like that you tend to overthink things and fail shit tests.  Basically,  failing a shit test is when you put the pussy on a pedestal in some way and sacrifice your manhood in order to appease her.  This shows her you’re weak and less valuable than her.  She can’t submit to a man whose worth less than her.  Every woman can only submit to a man she sees as above her.

That’s why passing her bullshit and be a man is the key to knowing how to get a girl to submit to you.

When will she be fully submitted with no shit tests?

Shit tests don ‘t ever stop.  Even old elderly women will still shit test their old husbands.  Most of those guys have either become beta or are able to act alpha because they don’t care about getting pussy anymore csause they’re old a as fuck.  But the point being is they don’t ever stop.

It’s in a woman’s nature to shit test you.  So if you want to learn how to get a girl to submit to you by getting a girl that will never challenge you, then goodluck.  It doesn’t exist.

Shit tests and her struggle for power can be greatly reduced if you pass her shit tests well.  Maintain your masculinity and they’ll be fewer and farer between.  If she comes from a family or culture where feminine submission is supported, aka it goes with her social conditioning, then you’ll also have a lot less shit tests and she’ll stay submissive easier.  However, even a woman from a more feminine culture will shit test you and gain power if you let her.

Aren’t western women too masculine to submit?

shit test 101

And even though western women have become feminized and masculine with how they’re taught to act, which means more shit tests, most are still feminine deep down.  Not all, because they are some naturally masculine women, but most.  So don’t give into the bullshit that all western women are masculine.  They’re only like that to the betas.  They act feminine around the alphas.

Think of the Rock.  He’s alpha as fuck in terms of looks, physical power, success with money, fame, being charismatic, and so forth.  Women will naturally go to their feminine state with him.  They’ll try some minor shit tests, but he’ll pass with flying colors because he’s so masculine and won’t even care.

Now, are you that successful or masculine?  No.  But the point is that the majority of women that are attracted to men will be feminine if the guy can pass shit tests and is masculine enough.

But you will be tested

However, let me restate that every woman will try to test your power.

This is how they ensure you’re still strong and are a good mate.  It’s evolution so there’s no going around it.  So before you write your girlfriend off as a drama queen, take a look to ensure that you are indeed a dominant strong man who she’d want to submit to.

Common types of tests

making a woman submit - her not interested in sex

There’s all different types of ways a girl can test your manhood.  If you pass these tests, then you’ll be able to know how to get a girl to submit to you.  If you fail, then you’ll be submitting to her.  There’s no middle ground.  Someone is always submitting to the other person.  Some relationships it goes back and forth and there’s constant fighting for power.  Others it’s one person dominating.  If you want to be in a happy relationship, she needs to submit to you as the man.

Some common tests you can see from women to test your dominance are:

  • Less sex
  • Hot and cold
  • Talks about other men
  • Stops texting first

There’s a million ways a woman will try to get you to submit.  But these are some of the most common.  Women use sex as a manipulation tactic.  They use it to get you addicted and then pull back on how much you get so you submit to them.  In the end they’ll lose attraction to you for complying with them, but it’s part of their nature to test you.

Get her to submit to you by ignoring this and not getting pussy whipped.

Women will also  try to go hot and cold on you, talk about other men, and stop texting you first or as much.

Two ways to react to her struggle for Dominance

There’s two ways to react that will give you a chance to maintain the masculinity and get her to submit to your dominance.

  1. Call her out and be willing to walk away
  2. Give her less attention

Call her out and be willing to walk away

man up like the rock

The first option is to call her out on this.  For example, if she’s giving less sex, you can have a talk with her and tell her the sex has been less and that’s not ideal for what you want.  Or she’s been hot and cold and you want her to be more stable.

For stuff like not texting you as much, it’s not even worth mentioning.  This should only be used for bigger stuff like less sex, her acting off, and her talking about other guys.

And even then, for most of us, this is actually the worst option.  It’s still better than becoming beta and letting her dominate you.  You’re being direct and upfront which is masculine.  However, this only works if you’re willing to cut her off right away.  And only for big stuff.  Do not ever call out a woman for not doing something small like never texting you first or not showing enough affection.  Stuff like that she needs to do on her own.  It’s better the other stuff she does on her own too, but you can get her to submit if you’re masculine in how you approach it.

Must be confident as fuck

If you have any bit of self doubt, do not try this.

Because you must be willing to walk away.  And you can’t regret it or ask for her back.  She needs to show she’s changed and come back and beg for your attention.

But if you are willing to walk away and your girl isn’t submitting to you, then this is how you can gain dominance over her.  Calling her out for her bullshit and putting her in her place in necessary at certain points in the relationship.

So it’s not that I actually don’t ever recommend doing this.  In fact you must if things are getting worse.

It’s just that you need to be serious and stick to your guns on this one.  Learning how to get a girl to  submit to you means you must be willing to lose her.  You can’t control any woman, but you can maintain your masculinity.  If you do that, the chances of her staying, and also submitting, are high.  If she does leave, then chances are she’ll come back begging for more.

Give her less attention

Ignoring her when she goes cold

The second option for dealing with shit tests is to give her less attention.  This should actually be your go-to strategy, with calling her out being a back up if things don’t improve.

Women thrive off of attention.  Especially from high value men.  If she desires you and you can give her less attention when she’s starting to act off, then you’re showing how much of a man you are.  That’s because the only real power you have is the power to give less attention.  The ultimate form of that is dumping her or leaving her.  However, you need to do a mini-dump within the relationship all the time in order to pass her shit tests.

Meaning stop giving into her demands.  She’s giving you less sex?  Okay cool, come back home later and stop pursuing sex for a while.  Hit the gym, up your style, and hang out with your boys.

She mentions other guys?  Cool, ignore that shit and work on that motherfucking business and get closer towards financial freedom.  Stop giving her attention and be cold towards her.

Women are excellent and manipulating and shit testing men.  You need to be able to manipulate her as well when she starts doing this shit.  And you do that by giving her less attention.  It’s not about being the bad guy or being evil.  She’s the one trying to test you.  So you respond to that by being a masculine man and not giving into her demands.

You need to have Unquestionable Confidence

A man who wants to learn how to get a girl to submit needs to have unquestionable confidence.  It’s okay if you’re not all the way there right now.  You can work on this.  Getting real world experience passing shit tests, working on yourself to build your value, and using positive affirmations can get you there.

But you need to be the masculine man.  The women in your life want you to be that.  There are so many betas and alphas that turn betas in relationships.  That’s why all of these women can’t keep a man.  It’s why she has so many failed relationships.  Most men become weak.

By understanding how to make a girl to submit to you, you’ll put her in her naturally feminine state where she can be happy with you.  You can make her feel loved, protected, and happy that she has a man who makes her feel like a woman.

In order do this, and continue to do this throughout the relationship, you need to be dominant.  Not controlling, which is usually another term for weak men who get needy and stalker-like.  But a man about how you handle shit.  Don’t let her take control of the relationship.  She doesn’t want to do that but she will if you let her.

Know internally that you are the man.  If you two end then she’ll be fucking up by losing you.  You’re the catch.  You’re going somewhere in life.

Think like this and knowing how to get a girl to submit you to you and feel your dominance will simply happen on its own.

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This is gold. I wish I read this when I was younger. I’m 25 now but when I was 19-21, I fucked up by taking the blue pill and thinking life was how it’s fictionalized in the movies. It’s not. Thanks to trial and error, women and sex have been much more frequent lately, but it’s still refreshing to read your insight on it. Appreciate it brotha