How to get a Hot Girl: To every man that wants a beautiful woman

How to get a Hot Girl

How to get a Hot Girl - halle berry

It’s one thing to lose your virginity or get laid, and it’s another thing to know how to get a hot girl.  Some guys start off strong with hot women in their early days, relying on looks and having a fun or cool attitude.  Some men start off somewhere less than ideal and work their way up to more attractive women.

Most men get with a women they find very hot once in a while if they spend any long time single, but they kind of just stumble upon it.  They don’t know how to get a hot girl, they just got lucky or played the numbers game

To an extent, that’s what it takes.  If you talk to enough women, eventually you’ll learn how to get a hot girl to like you just by playing the numbers.  And the dating game, especially with tinder and online dating, is for sure a numbers game.

But you can get hot women consistently, or at least much more consistently, if you’re willing to change a thing or two.  Not every girl you fuck or date will be a 9 or 10.  However, you can get to a point where there’s no more 5’s or 6’s, and maybe even only an occasional 7, and date mainly 8’s, or some 9’s and 10’s here and there.  Try not to get too caught up on an exact number for every girl you fuck though.

If she gives you a strong erection and you think she’s hot, then that should be the kind of girl you want to be able to fuck with more often than not.  Having a good personality is also a big bonus, but we’ll save that for another article.

Raise your smv high, especially your looks and status

can money increase your smv? or make you beta bucks? jeff bezos

The first thing you need to do to figure out how to get a hot girl is to become a hot guy yourself.  Do this through maximizing your looks as much as possible.

Jeff Bezos  is no stud, but even over the course of many years he was able to increase his looks by hitting the gym and dressing better.  And of course he is a billionaire with more status than anyone.  The point is that even if he wasn’t, the above transformation would still have been very beneficial for him in the sexual market place if he was a normal person.

And while money is important, and I actually think it’s more important for you individually, it’s status that will help you date hot women more than money.  Famous guys might not all be as rich as you think, but girls fuck with them cause of the status.

You absolutely need to have financial freedom.  Like I previously mentioned, I think this is much more important than just trying to get some hot ass.  But it’s status that will help you get laid and get hot women attracted to you much more than money.  They often go hand in hand, but they are different.

Social media can help inflate your status

If you don’t plan on becoming a famous actor, the some easy ways to increase your status are to build your social circle and to build out a good social media profile.  Right now Instagram is the best one to focus on.  When women add you that you meet in real life, having a fun, popular Instagram will either raise your status in her eyes, or at the very least, make it seem like you’re a fun normal dude.

Believe it or not, in the era of Instagram models with millions of followers, there’s plenty of hot women with less than 1000 and 1500 followers.  So if you get to least 1,500 or 2,000 followers and have good pictures of yourself living your best life, then you’re going to be in a good position to do well with tons of women.  Of course you actually need to be able to flirt with girls, text them, and escalate towards sex and lead relationships.

Instagram or other ways to get status doesn’t make up for lack of game.

But the whole point of increasing your sexual market value with your looks and status is to give you more opportunities to play the game.  And the higher your smv is, the more hot women will like you.  Which gives you more chances to not only learn how to get a hot girl, but how to get them, keep them interested, and have an abundance of them in your life if you so choose.

Cool factor – something cool like bartending, dancing, riding a motorcycle

bartender, status at bar

Something that is also a way to know how to get a hot girl often or at least every so often is to be cool.  This goes nicely with looks or social status, but on its own can still give you a “cool” type of status and get you a hot girl.

The cool factor can be related to status, as it’s a type of status, but doesn’t necessarily need to have the same effect everywhere.  For example, a bartender has status at the bar he’s working at.  He’s naturally already cool.  In most cases he’s not making that much money and his status doesn’t carry over a ton outside of the bar.  But within the bar, he has plenty of opportunities to meet hot girls that he might not normally have because of his position.  He literally has to talk to them to make drinks.  Women will often flirt with him.

And even when he’s not at the bar, telling girls he’s a bartender is a cool thing about you.  It can’t be the end all be all.  But it’s just one of those things that gives you a slight cool factor not in the bar and a huge cool factor within the bar.  Even if you’re successful, a guy whose a bartender or used to be a bartender is able to know how to make drinks and probably has a ton of stories.

Plenty of things that can help your coolness

Other things can give you a cool factor as well.  It can be as simple as riding a motorcycle, having some tattoos, or knowing how to dance.  You won’t be completely unique for any of these things, but you’ll have things that are cool about you.  Women will be able to see this in real life and in your pictures.  This makes you interesting and a solid candidate for them to consider fucking or dating.

Of course, you shouldn’t get a tattoo just to get girls, you should only get it if you want one.  Same goes for riding a motorcycle or doing other “cool” things.  That being said, if you’re doing something you enjoy, and it happens to help get you women, then you’re in a win-win situation.

Improve your game

how to get hot girls consistently: look good and gain status

When you fuck with hot women, you realize that while they get more attention than less hot women, gaming them is the same.  Treat them the same as you do with less hot chicks and you’ll do well.

Easier said than done.  If you haven’t been successful around attractive women this will take some practice.

You can work your way up with girls you know you can get.  Improve your smv and start talking to more attractive girls that look your way.  You’re only going to get better by actually talking with girls and trying to flirt with them in real life.

Game is just your ability to talk with girls and get them onboard with your gameplan, which is usually a date, sex, relationship, etc.  Essentially it’s your ability to manage her interest in you.

Talk to multiple girls

The best way to naturally have good game is to date multiple women at the same time.  You’ll naturally have a state of abundance, won’t be desperate, and will be confident to make moves with each girl.  Eventually getting laid, texting girls, escalating to sex, and even maintaining attraction in a relationship will happen.  However you need to practice and get experience with girls.

Once you start being a player, you’ll realize that kind of state you need to be in.  That’s the state of a cool, masculine man, whose not desperate yet still pursues what he wants, in a calm, smooth, and powerful way.

Then you’ll realize learning how to get a hot girl is the same as getting any other girl.  Once she’s initially attracted to you based off your looks, status, your personality (aka game) is what will increase that further.

When in doubt, remember to have fun with her but take the pussy off the pedestal.  Treat the hot women like any other woman.  You’d be willing to fuck her or date her like she’s a 7, but it’s not your top priority.  This will put you in the best mindset to do well with her.

And if you actually end up talking to multiple hot women, this will be your natural frame.

Go somewhere where your smv is higher

You hear me say raise your sexual market value all the time.  And I’ll still keep saying it.  It’s not the only thing that counts but it’s a big deal and will make your life way easier.  But let’s say you’ve raised it lot and you’re still only a 6 or 7.  You can get other girls around your league, but have trouble getting the girls you really want.

One way to instantly boost your sexual market value is to change the market you’re in.  You can either go to a new country where you have high smv, or just move to a city within your own country where your smv is higher.

Women don’t need to be the sole reason you move, but your ability to get a hot girl or a girl you really like can determine how much you enjoy an area.

Going to a country where there’s a small percentage of men that look like you will yield the best results.  For example, a man  with darker skin will do well in Europe, where as a man with lighter skin will do well in Latin America or Asia.  You can get into specifics and there’s a lot of factors.  But essentially, going to a location where people who look like you aren’t common will give you a boost in smv in most cases.

You can also relocate to a city within your own country.   In the US, New York City is diverse and good for men of any race or background.  The gender ratio is in a man’s favor.

There may be a certain part of your country that is better for men in general.

Knowing how to get a hot girl can sometimes be much easier if you’re willing to move to a better location.

Become a valuable man

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

What it comes down to is becoming a valuable man.  Whether you’re valuable because of your looks, status, how cool you are, or for whatever else, women want to fuck with the men at the top.  You can rise to the top where you are right now or go somewhere else.  Or you can luck up once in a while by talking to every girl you see.

I prefer to live a dope life, do things I enjoy, make money doing what I love, and being the man women want to fuck with.  Then it’s less about figuring out how to get a hot girl and more about how to choose which ones you want to let into your life.  That’s a much better position to be in then trying to talk to every girl you see and get lucky.  Make yourself a man that women, hot, average, and ugly, all want to get lucky with.

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Hi, first of all, big thanks to you, really appreciate your work. I found this gem of a blog a month ago, and it has given me a huge boost to my motivation, I’m working hard now towards earning my master’s degree, whereas prevously i was slacking off for 4 years, battling mild depression, and developing oneitis for 3 girls simultaneously. Recently, I’ve also given thoughts about finding a purpose (and a good job for starters) and moving out of my parent’s house. The early morning workout & cold showers are also a boost to my confidence. Now, there’s a… Read more »