How to get Beautiful Women: The 1 thing that’s holding you back

Getting beautiful women

beautiful women

Every man wants to do well with beautiful women.

Whether you’re a player and want to have the hottest chicks in your roster, or you’re a dater and you want to have a girlfriend.

We always want the best quality, including inside and out.

But why do most guys fail with beautiful women, or can’t get them consistently.

Well, if you’re an ugly or less than average attractiveness, old, or overweight, then you’re going to struggle with beautiful women.

But let’s say you’re 18-35, or even 18-40.  Your decent looking, or maybe even pretty good looking, in shape, have your own business or a good job, and have decent style.

You have it going on, but you still can’t get the most attractive girls.

It’s probably because you’re doing something you don’t realize…

Pussy on a pedestal 

pussy on the pedestal

No, that it can’t be it!  You don’t put girls on a pedestal.

Or do you?

Most guys who get decent with women still fuck up when it comes to the most beautiful women.

They text them more, push harder for dates, and ultimately come across as weak.

Guys, beautiful women, the 9s and 10s, are just like the 7s, 8s, and even 5s.

Yes, they get all kinds of guys eyeing them all day, and get more DM’s from thirsty dudes.

But these women rarely find a guy that won’t pedestalize them.  When they do, then they’ll end up chasing this guy, just like all other girls will do.

The key to getting the hottest women is to treat them like the rest.

Once you begin to worship their beauty, or get in the mind frame that you need to fuck her, then you’re screwed.

You’ve already fucked up at that point.

I’d be happy fucking a 9.  But if she treats me with disrespect or has a bitchy attitude, I’m also happy to cut her off.

I’d rather spend my time on feminine 7 than a bitchy 9.

Which is why I’m able to get the 8s, 9s, and occasional 10, because I don’t need them.

Need no one

need no one

A real man has to learn to be alone.

Once you’ve mastered this, then you’ll no longer need validation from anyone.

Then you’ll only be fucking girls for the pleasure of fucking them and having some feminine energy to balance out your masculine energy.

Ironically, once you don’t need something, you’re more likely to get more of it.

The same holds true to women.

If you’re seeing multiple women at the same time then you’re not locked in to any of them.

That’s the great thing about being a player.

Back up options give you abundance

The biggest mistake a player can make is becoming addicted to chasing the most beautiful women, and ignoring their back up options.

You’ll put yourself at more risk to being desperate once you cut off the 7s you had that were easy, consistent fucks.

You’ll be more needy when you’re trying to get and maintain the 8s and 9s.

Always have some back up chicks.

Don’t ever think you’re bigger than the game just because you’ve fucked a lot of women or you’ve boned some beautiful women in the past.

Never say 10s don’t exist

If you think 10s don’t exist, then you’re putting these women on a pedestal.

I’ve had a friend tell me only the hottest 2 or 3 women in the world are “true 10s”.

Who gives a fuck if a woman is a “true 10”.  No human being is perfect.

Everyone has some flaw, even if small.  I say a 10 is a woman who is pretty much as hot as it gets, whatever your type is.

If a woman is pretty much as hot as you can find a woman to be, then I consider her a 10.  Probably the hottest 1-2% of girls in a decent to big sized city are 10s.  The top 6-7% are 9s and above.

Give or take on your preferences.

I don’t hold the “10 category” to be some sacred title to be worshipped by beta dudes.

Get this shit out of your head that there’s no such thing as a 10.

A girl can be pretty much as attractive as it gets and she’s a 10.

I’m definitely not saying every guy can fuck the girls they find most attractive, but many guys can from time to time.  And once you are able to do this you realize it’s not even that big of a deal.

Real life situation

getting drinks

Let’s say you’re getting drinks with a 9 on a first date.

A 9 out of 10 is a very beautiful woman.

And let’s say she says something that goes against you as a person, like she thinks guys who box are violent and assholes.

This situation actually happened to before.

I’m by no means a pro fighter or compete, but I box to keep in great shape.

If I didn’t have any back up options, I maybe I would’ve brushed it off or not mentioned that I box.

She was a gorgeous girl and had a great body.  So of course my goal was to fuck.

A simp might have even agreed with her.

But because I have a few regulars that I’m already fucking, I don’t have the need to comply with what she says.

I smiled and said “I’m definitely an asshole, but violent is a bit of a stretch”.

You should’ve seen the shocked look on her face.

She asked if I was a boxer, and told her yes.

She quickly apologized.  Then said she had an ex boyfriend who was a boxer, and she shouldn’t have stereotyped me.

In fact, now she felt bad and was started chasing my validation.

We went back to my place, had another drink, and then she trying to joke with me that she could beat me in a fight.

I said something sarcastic back, and the night ended with us fucking.

Be authentic

Now, it’s great this worked in my favor.

When you are authentic and don’t pedestalize women, then they’ll have more respect for you.  She had respect for me, and therefore felt bad when she knew that she was putting those same traits on me without really knowing me.

If she didn’t respect me, then she might’ve just ended the date right there.

I’m not saying being alpha will always get you laid.

But it will increase your chance of getting laid, and it will save you some self respect.

Imagine if I would’ve lied about being a boxer, and I didn’t get laid.  I would’ve lost the respect I had for myself.

Be authentic, never need anyone, and watch the positive results that come from it.

You’ll have more fun with beautiful women and you’ll also respect yourself.  Win-win.

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