How to get One Night Stands

How to get One Night Stands

how to get one night stands

Discovering how to get one night stands seems like the pinnacle of a young man’s life.  If you’re not use to one night stands, or getting a girl to fuck on the first night, then it can be fun to be able to get good at this.  Of course there’s much more important things like building wealth and escaping from wage slavery.  But even the most experienced guys can recall the excitement about sleeping with a girl shortly after meeting her for the first time.  You feel like a boss.

After you get some you should realize it’s not a big deal, but just something that’s fun.  You still need to put in some effort to get a one night stand with a girl.  However, the more you can make it about being fun, non-judgmental, flirty, and almost coincidental, the easier time you’ll have learning how to get one night stands.

What’s a one night stand

A one night stand is when you get laid on the first night you meet a girl.  And it typically implies that you don’t see the girl after that night.

I advise you guys to continue to see most girls, especially if they’re attractive and fun.  That’s the player way of doing things.  When you fuck a girl well and get her addicted you can there start to see her for consistent sex.  Which will obviously bring you sex on a regular basis and also give you an abundance mindset with new girls.  Even if you start off sleeping with 6’s or 7’s, having the consistent sex will make you feel more like a player and make you less desperate.  Therefore you’ll be able to get more 7’s and 8’s, and then maybe even 9’s or 10’s once in a while depending in your smv in the city you live.

But hey, that’s a discussion for another article.  If you choose to keep them around or make it a one night stand is your call.  You may want to get over a girl you had oneitis for and have some one night stands.  Or maybe you’re traveling.  Whatever the reason, it’s your life so you can decide whether you keep the girls around or not.  Sometimes when you’re out of the game for a while, like after a relationship, you just want to prove to yourself that you still got it.

This article will teach you how to get one night stands so you can get laid more often when meeting women.

I’m also going to include first dates / meets ups.  If you meet a girl at a club and then go on a date with her the next week, that’s not a one night stand.  But if you meet her on tinder and she comes directly to your place or to a bar and then your place and you two fuck the first time you meet, I’d consider that a one night stand.  If you don’t that’s fine, but just for the context of the article.

How to get a one night stand

one night stand, man and woman at bar

In order to know how to get one night stands you need to:

  1. Nail down logistics
  2. Set the mood
  3. Invite her back
  4. Know when to stay with it and when to call it a night

1. Logistics

The first step is nailing down logistics.  The easiest possible set up is to have a girl come to your place from online dating like tinder.  She comes over and you can fuck right away.  Or you can drink some wine, turn on a movie, and then fuck.  Either way, it’s pretty easy to imagine how getting a one stand is simple this way.  You just need to know the how to turn her on and get to it.

But even though I’ve had girls come over directly, most will want to meet at a bar first.

And this is where location comes in.  You want to live in a trendy part of the city you’re in.  As long as you have your money right, rent should be the most expensive thing you have.  And you should  go minimalistic on most other things.  But having an apartment in a central location is key for knowing how to get one night stands.

This is for both girls you meet online and for women you meet in real life.

Bar or nightlife near your place

central location in city

If you’re meeting girls online at a bar, then just invite them to a bar right near your place.   Living in a trendy part helps a ton because they’ll likely be down to come near you.  You don’t even need to say you live near there.  Just suggest “this cool bar I know of”.  And then when you mention your place, you’ll be conveniently only a few blocks away for a one night stand.

Living in a trendy spot is also essential for the nightlife. You cannot live in a suburb if you want to get one night stands consistently.  You need to live in a city.  And in the poppin parts of the city.

That way you can live near the nightlife you’re going to.  Or at the very least be a short uber ride away.  Because then when you meet girls at the club or bar you’ll be able to take them back to your place for an easy one night stand.  Being close to the nightlife will make getting one night stands so much easier.  It’s still possible with bad logistics.  But the girl needs  to be super into you.  And even then it might not work.

If the girl is at least into enough for a one night stand and you’re only a 10 or 15 minute walk away, then it’s easy for her.  She can justify it to her friends much easier, or even sneak off and meet them back later.

Regardless of how you’re meeting the girls, having killer logistics can make getting one night stands a common thing for you.  You’ll cockblock yourself with bad logistics and you’ll have so many “only if I lived close by” moments.  Live in the city if you’re young and trying to get one night stands.

2. Setting the mood

So you have the girl on a date from tinder, or you just met her at a club/bar.  Logistics are the first and biggest factor in getting a one night stand.  That’s if we’re factoring in that she already likes you.  Which she most likely does if she’s meeting you for drinks or if you two are engaging for a while the first night out.

But setting the mood is important nonetheless.  You need to go for the go for fun bad boy over nice guy.  She probably already perceives you like this to some degree.  Especially if you’re at a dive bar or anything that’s not upscale.

Flirt with her.  Tease her and touch her a little bit.  If she does the same kinds of things back to you and is into it, then you’re setting the mood right.  She’s also into you and you can skip to the next step which is inviting her back to your place.

If she’s not really into it, but it still semi into you, then you can continue to try and set the mood.  Do this by stop being flirty for a bit and pull back your attention.  Then when she steps up and start showing more effect, you can try making the situation sexual.

Don’t need to say “hey I’m going to try and have sex with you”, but need to keep the vibe sexual.  It’s all about vibes with women.  If you make things sexual and she gets on bored with your town, now you can invite her back to your place.  If she doesn’t, then you need to go to #4, which is deciding on when to call it a night.

3. Inviting her back to your place

man leading woman home

Once she’s into you, or is at least acting like it, it’s time to ask her back to your place.  After all, that’s how you get a one night stand.

Ideally it’s just her and you.  If you met her online then this is easier as it should naturally just be you two on a date.  But if you just met her and you’re at the club/bar, then her friends could be a problem.  Sometimes her friends might be chill and let you take her home if she is down.  But a lot of the times she won’t want to leave her friends.  And that’s when you will have to skip to #4 and determine whether she’s worth the continued effort.  Even if you don’t get the one night stand, you can till fuck at a later date.  But the sooner the better.

Let’s assume she’s not with her friends or it’s not an issue.  You can ask her back to your place indirectly or directly.

  • Indirect – let’s stop by my place to have a drink, do x or y
  • Direct – let’s go back to my place

Pretty similar.  If you’re more direct or the sexual energy is strong then you can just invite her back directly.  But sometimes you want to be more sly, especially if she seems like she wants an excuse for a one night stand.

Direct is powerful when it works

When direct works, it works well.  The girls will love you for being direct.  It’ll make you even hotter and more alpha.

But many girls will react better to indirect as it gives them an excuse.

Example of indirect

best places to meet women

For example, I got drinks with a girl I met off okcupid other night at a bar.  I usually meet girls at a bar close to me for logistical reasons, as that’s the best bet.

But this girl was responding right away to everything and wanted to chill.  So the interest level was high.  I asked if she wanted to get a drink and she said yes.  Then before I responded she gave me the address and it was a 15 minute walk from where I live in the city.  I said fuck it, it’s still pretty close to where I was.  If it wasn’t, then I could’ve tried to convince her otherwise but hey, it worked out.

I showed up and there she was having a glass of wine by herself, waiting for me.  I ordered myself a drink, talked with her for 45 minutes.  And then I asked her if she wanted to me my side of town.  She said yes.  On the way there I said I was thirsty, asked her if she was (and she also was).  We stopped by my place to have some water.  We were both actually thirsty.  And then we fucked.

I could’ve just said “hey wanna see  my place” to get this one night stand.  And I’ve done that before.  But she seemed more shy about talking about sex, even though she was very sexual in how she looked and touched me at the bar.  So indirect was better with her.

4. When to stay with it and when to call it a night

Is she hellbent on staying with he friends?  Get her number and call it a night.

Is she touching you even when she’s not that drunk?  She actually finds you attractive, and is more likely to do a one night stand.  In this case you should stick with it.

Sometimes it’s better for your sleep schedule and sanity just to call it a night.  Othertimes your efforts will pay off.  If you’re following her and her friends, you might get some action here and there.  But it might be 1/5 times.  Enough for it to happen sometimes, but not the majority of the time.

If you’re in a phase where girls and being a player is your main focus, then go for it.  Dating is fun for me, but my purpose is my number one.  So if it was too difficult to get the one night stand, I’d call it a night and try and see the girl another time.  If you’re in the same place in terms of your life situation then you’ll understand.  But if you’re trying to get your notch count up or care more about one night stands then go for it.

Screen her for your chances of a one night stand 

don draper - turning a girl on

Screen her.

Some promiscuous girls do one night stands all the time.

Other less promiscuous girls don’t do them often but will do them for a guy they’re really into.  Either way, you’re screening for a girl whose showing high interest.  The easier she’s making it to advance, the more likely you’ll get a one night stand and should push for it.

The more excuses she makes, less physically she gives you, the more likely you should just call it a night.  If you’re unsure, just ask her back to your place.  The worst thing she can do is say no or make an excuse.  And going forward she’ll know your intentions are to fuck.  Which lowers the chance of you sticking around for her as a nonsexual source of attention.  Which means you might fuck in the future if you two are from the same city, or not.  But you won’t be stuck in the friend zone.

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