How to get Stronger Erections and cure Erectile Dysfunction

How to get Stronger Erections

How to get Stronger Erections

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or weak dick strength and you’re sexually active, it’s vital you learn how to get stronger erections.

Many men get hard naturally no problem.  But through my research and talking to guys online, I’ve learned that many men, even young guys, suffer from erectile dysfunction.  And other men can hard enough to fuck but not rock solid.

And while I’ve never had problems getting a boner, besides the occasional whiskey dick (drinking too much), I’ve explored what’s out there in terms of male sexual enhancement.  Even men with healthy sex lives and dick power still would like to have stronger erections.

In this article I’m going to give you the truth on what works so you can learn how to get hard dick.  There’s a lot of bullshit out there, and guys just really want to know what works and what doesn’t.

Because after all, you want to have a rock solid dick if you’re going to have a chance at fucking a girl properly.  Thinking about the best positions or the dirty talk you’re going to use in bed mean nothing if you can’t maintain a solid erection.



The best option straight off the bat is cialis.  No lie, no bullshit.  And it shouldn’t come to a surprise.  It’s manmade with the purpose of giving you stronger erections.

Cialis is the best, quickest, and easiest option to figure out how to get hard dick.

The only thing that can be a negative for some guys is that it’s not over the counter in many countries like the United States.  You can still order it online from certain pharmacies.  But you didn’t here that from me.  Do your research, and you’ll be able to find some cialis.

Cialis dosage

I’m not a doctor so this is for entertainment purposes only.

For younger guys who don’t actually need cialis, taking 5 or 10mg will be plenty.  10mg will give me super strong erection for up to 48 hours.

I get 20mg pills and cut them down accordingly.

Start out small and see where you go from there.  No need to take 40mg or some crazy amount without testing out 5mg and 10mg.  A little goes a long way.

Benefits of cialis

benefits of cialis

The great thing about cialis is that it doesn’t just give you a boner for 4 hours like viagra.

It gives you the ability to get a very hard dick when you’re turned on.  And will help you stay rock solid hard.  But cialis doesn’t make you hard on the spot.  It’s nice to use because it doesn’t make you feel like you have to have sex right there and then after you take it.  Plus, you might not have the luxury of choosing the exact time you’re going to fuck.

Maybe you’re going out with friends and trying to pull that night.  You’re not going to want to take a viagra and have a raging boner in the club.  Learning how to get stronger erections on command is easy as fuck with some light doses of cialis.

Take 5mg -15mg once every days.  If you need more, you can up the dosage slightly  And remember, this is NOT official health advice.  Please consult a doctor.


The go to method to solve the problem of how to get hard is viagra.

Viagra will give you a rock solid erections for a certain amount of time.  It’s strongest after the few few hours you take it, and then tapers off.  The effects are still present 8 to 10 hours afterwards, but not nearly as powerful as the first few hours.

I think viagra is overrated.  Cialis is much better in men opinion due to you still have control of your erection and don’t have ton have an instant boner.  Although you still get hard much easier and not always wanted with cialis.

With viagra, it’s great if you have severe dick problems and know for sure you’re going to have sex.  Or if you’re a heavy drinker who gets whiskey dick and has a good shot at having sex.

Viagra, cialis’s ulgy cousin

Test it out with similar dosages to cialis and see what works for you.  Viagra is one of those where it’s not really needed for guys who don’t have bad erection problems.  And even then, most guys who can’t get hard easily will still have an easy time with cialis.  The only way I see recommending viagra over cialis is of you’re 50+, need it to get a hard dick, and know you’re going to have sex that night with your wife or a hooker.  Or you’re a young dude trying it just for fun.

But it’s not a good ongoing option for learning how to get hard dick.  That being said, it definitely will give stronger erections, so it does what it claims it’ll do.

Natural methods

stronger erections to cure erectile dysfunction

Besides man made drugs for your dick, there are a few “natural” methods for getting your dick hard.  By natural, I simply mean they’re not drugs made by humans.


Yohimbe is strong.  This may be natural, but it almost feels like it’s not.  Figuring out how to get hard dick can be as easy into walking to gnc and buying this.

Side effects

There’s more side effects to Yohimbe than cialis.

I have a high caffeine tolerance for reference.  But with Yohimbe, I definitely noticed a big increase in anxiety and heart rate increasing.  It still delivered on the stronger erections.

However, it was uncomfortable for me to take a on a regular bases.  That being said, others have taken it with little to none of the side effects I’ve gotten.

Here are some of the reviews on gnc.


  • affordable
  • over the counter and easy to get
  • effective dick power, no known long term side effects
  • “natural”


  • Anxiety / increased heart rate,
  • varies from person to person, may be worse or nonexistent for you


I’ve taken tons of different vitamins for my health.  And I’ve taken many with the hopes of getting stronger erections.  But none of the vitamins I’ve ever taken have given me a harder dick.

You can try for yourself.  Maybe if you’re deficient in something and get certain vitamins that will help.  But in all honesty, they’ve never done anything for me.  Again, I can get a hard dick without any problems and I’m still relatively young.

Horney goat weed

I’ve heard good things about horny goat weed.  Not a vitamin but a supplement that’s available. I’ve heard especially good things from men 40+ on this helping them with libido.  Horny goat weed did absolutely nothing for me.  But if you’re an older gentleman, it could be worth a shot.  And just from some positive feedback from others in general.

This might help if you suffer from real ed.  But for just learning how to get hard, strong dick, I didn’t notice any effects.


bathmate to help with erectile dysfunctio

Bathmate isn’t technically natural, as it’s a penis pump device.  But it’s not taking a drug, so I’ve included it in this section.

Bathmate is typically used by guys trying to get a bigger dick.  And it does just that.  Overtime, using a bathmate consistently can help to add an inch or even 2 inches on your dick length.  It will add to your girth as well.  In the short term, like 24-48 hours, bathmate temporarily makes your dick longer and girthy in a very noticeable way.

Hard + bigger dick with bathmate

But besides the added size, using a bathmate also will get your dick harder.  Whenever you get horny within a 24-48 hour period after using it, you’ll notice you’ll have much stronger erections.

For me, they are almost as strong as cilias.  Not quite there, but definitely enough to be very noticeable.  If you want to learn how to get hard dick, or just want that edge without taking any drugs, using a bathmate on a consistent basis might just do the trick.

Natural Exercises

You can also do natural exercises to help get stronger erections.  A good one to do is a dick control exercise called jelqing.  This has actually been a practice for centuries coming from Chinese culture and have been used by men to cure erectile dysfunction.  In this video, the man talks about using this a jelqing technique in order to have mutliple orgasms without ejaculation.  while that takes more effort through controlling your energy, the “massaging” techniques he discusses, what we call jelqing in the West, will definitely help you get stronger erections.

That being said, while the effects are positive, it’s not the same potency as cilias or even the 24 hours after using bathmate, both which will cure erectile dysfunction.

Address Erectile Dysfunction and get Stronger Erections

stronger erections will make your sex life better

If you’re having serious problems with erectile dysfunction, then it’s worth it to get a prescription for cialis and handle your shit.  I wrote this as a quick, no bullshit guide to learn how to get hard dick in a short amount of time.  If you’re severely overweight or out of shape, handling that shit might help with stronger erections.

But if you’re just looking for an extra boost or want to experiment, then there’s nothing wrong with trying out different methods.  Whether that’s a bit of cialis here and there, or just getting a side benefit form using bathmate.

After all, it can be fun to have an extra hard dick.  Just be sure you’re responsible and watch out for the health of your dick and libido when you’re learning how to get stronger erections.

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