How to have a consistent sex life

How to have a consistent sex life

Learning how to have a consistent sex life will increase the quality of your existence.  As men, we want to fuck all the time.  There’s no denying that.  Especially young men with a high sex drive.  But even most older men still want to have a consistent sex life.

Regardless of age, profession, income, cultural, upbringing, or geographical location, men across the world want to have consistent sex with attractive women.  Some men want to fuck only one woman, others want to fuck man, and some aren’t sure what the fuck they want.

We all want to fuck and want to do it often.  Sure, you can masturbate.  But the satisfaction you get is none.  Compare that to having sex with a woman you’re attracted to and it doesn’t even come close.

Is sex everything?  No, there’s a lot more to life then just getting laid.  However if you can’t get laid consistently, then it’s going to detract a lot from your experience.  Men with consistent sex lives can then have the mental satisfaction to do other things like try different hobbies or travel.  Men who can’t get a consistent sex life are always worried about sex and often turn to masturbation and porn.

Consistent sex life is something all men want

I’m assuming you’re a normal man who wants a consistent sex life.  If you don’t, then you can get the fuck off this site because you’re a liar.  All of us want that.  We can choose to go through periods of monk mode in order to raise our smv, get ahead financially /  with a business, or for spiritual reasons.  But if we could choose to have a consistent sex life in addition to have a good life outside of sex, we would.

Denying the fact does nothing for you.

I see a lot of guys accept the fact that they can barely get laid, let alone get a consistent sex life.  But then they tell me they live at home with their mom, have a minimum wage job, and don’t work out.  No fucking wonder.

All of you can get a regular, consistent sex life if you put in the work.  I don’t guarantee you’re going to have 9’s and 10’s fuck you when you’re a 4.  But if you put in the work, and choose the best option for your position, you can get a consistent sex life.

How to get sex consistently?

So how to have a consistent sex life?  The two ways to do it:

  1. Player way
  2. Girlfriend

You could pay for it, but that’s low vibrational beta shit.  If that’s you then do you, but that’s not what I’m promoting you to do as a man who wants to be the best version of himself.  Plus, for the vast majority of you, you’ll go broke doing that.  And it just will kill your confidence and masculine energy in the long term.

You can either do things the player way, or have a girlfriend / wife.

Player way

how to be a player - build a pipeline

The player way.  Also known as dating multiple women.  You don’t have multiple girlfriends, but multiple girls you see on a consistent basis.  You can call it having a fuckbuddy.

How many girls does a player see?  Well there’s no concrete answer.  But 1 is too close to none.  Ideally you see 2-4 women a week, and then have some time open to see new girls.  It does take time to build up your roster of women if you’re starting from 0.  This is even more true if you’re just getting out of a relationship or just getting into the dating game in general.

However once you have a roster of women, it makes meeting new women that much easier.  And you can have a consistent sex life without relying on one woman.  The major list of pros and cons to being a player:


  • can have sex with 3 or 4 consistent women a week, plus new women
  • lots of variety, sexually and personality wise
  • extreme confidence
  • Deal with less drama and bullshit from each individual girl, can cut off when needed
  • No commitment to any one girl


  • need to have high smv if you want to be a real player
  • takes time to manage multiple women
  • takes time to meet new women
  • need to be able to cut women off when needed and will constantly have to change your rotation as women come into your life

Being a player takes work

If you’re not a stud, it can take time to build up your smv.  That being said, the efforts you put in will have tremendous pay off.  Once you get to decent smv and get familiar with women, you’ll be able to sleep with a lot of them.  The game becomes easy when you realize what women want, how to get laid with them on the first date, and how to keep them interested.

The player can have an incredible sex life filled with all different types of women; be it body type, nationality, personality, and so on.

Players get a lot of experience with not only a consistent sex life, but also seeing how women act.  Women are different from one another, but there’s so many common themes.  When you get this kind of experience, you’ll realize how they all say stuff like “I never do this on the first night” or “I haven’t had sex in forever”.  While this might seem trivial, the experience a player gets helps him to avoid being manipulated by women.  He understands women are hypergamous.  He doesn’t pedestalize hot women.  how to get what he wants and can have a very satisfying dating life.

On the flip side, not every guy can be a player.  It takes a lot of mental capacity to manage multiple women.  It takes a lot of time to maintain each woman on top of meeting new ones.  This can be difficult for a man trying to escape wage slavery or obtain financial freedom.  And you need high smv to even be a player in the first place.  You need to be better than average if you want a steady supply of women in your life.


how to choose your girlfriend

The next option is having a girlfriend or wife.  Many of you on here want this, or even want to lock down a girl whose not your girlfriend.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, you need to let the woman pursue the relationship.

Anyways, having a girlfriend or wife is actually a great method for having a consistent sex life.

Especially if you’re average smv, don’t want to put the effort in talking to a bunch of girls, or simply are too busy.  If you’re a business owner or you’re trying to build your career, and you still work out, it’s tough to also manage being a player.  Being a player is like having another job.

That’s why having a girlfriend or wife can be a good strategy for many men out there who want a consistent sex life.  The majority of pros and cons are as follows:


  • Only have to deal with one woman
  • Greater connection and intimacy
  • no condoms
  • Ideal for having kids if that’s part of your plan


  • The bullshit and stakes are much higher
  • Frame must be on point, passing shit tests and maintaining manhood is even more critical
  • Generally gets more sex in the beginning, and less sex over time
  • Can get heartbroken, dumped, and have to start over

One vs. many

Men with girlfriends or wives only have to deal with one woman versus many.  They don’t have to spend time constantly chasing new ass and instead can use that on something more productive.  You can have much greater intimacy and connection with a woman when the both of you only have sex with each other.  And you don’t need ton use condoms, assuming you’ve vetted her properly and chose a good girl.

All of you guys who are players better be using condoms.

But for men  with girlfriends, you can have a consistent sex life condom free.  This means the sex feels way better, and you have a deeper connection.

The cons to have a girlfriend or wife is that for most men, they tend to get less sex over time.  They become more beta in the relationship.  And they go from having sex everyday to having sex once a week.  Having a girlfriend or wife also can lead to a heartbreak and depression as follows.  Does this mean you should avoid relationships at all costs?  No, you can have relationships if you choose and they can be great.  But you need to make sure you stay focused on your purpose and guard your heart.

Having a girlfriend or wife isn’t going to be the goal for many of you red pilled men on here.  But it can be a way to get consistent sex, take some time off from being a player, or a solid option for guys who want kids or more intimacy.

What’s right for you

Some men are players for life, others deal with relationships their whole life, and some men go back and forth.  For most men in the world, having a girlfriend is going to be the best way to have a consistent sex life.  Simply because that’s the only way they’re going to get consistent sex.  Most men don’t have the smv and game to be a player, at least with girls that look decent.

However, I realize most men reading Rebellious Development are guys trying to up themselves in life.  If that’s you and you have the smv to be a player, then that could very well be your best option.  It’s good to have a relationship or two at some point so you know how you act in one and therefore can work on aspects of yourself.  Especially if you want to have kids or say goodbye to the player game.

The game never ends, but being a player is tough to do for life.  If you’re going to be a player in the dating game, it’s good to have a relationship when you’re young (teens or early 20’s), then be a player for a good 10 or 15 years.  Then in your later 30’s or 40’s you can settle down.  Or you could keep on being a player if you have the smv and sexual drive.  While some men are destined to be the next Hugh Hefner, most men lose smv to get the hottest girls and also lose the drive to go out all the time after a certain age.  No shame about it, that’s just the natural order of life.

Have options and fuck well

sex positions, doggy style

But you have options.  Whether you choose to go the girlfriend route, date multiple women, or go back and forth, every one of us wants to have a consistent sex life.  Evaluate the best option for yourself and have some good fun.  And remember to fuck your woman (or women) extremely well.  This is how you actually get women to look at you as a sexual object.  You want them thinking about you while they work.  Whether you’re a player or a relationship guy, you’ll always have a consistent sex life if you’re giving the girls amazing sex.  If you aren’t good in the bedroom, you’re going to have women who ghost you or girlfriends who don’t want to fuck.

If you put in a little bit of effort to make sure she cums over and over again, then she’ll want to have sex consistently with you.

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