How to have Sex Dreams: Easy Guide for Lucid Dreaming about Sex

How to have sex dreams

How to have sex dreams

I got a question from a reader asking how to have sex dreams.  He said he’s not control of his dreams, and is jealous of friends who talk about dreams they have about sex.

Having sex dreams is easy if you can get control of your dreams and then decide to have sex in them.  It’s pretty straightforward once you learn how.

The purpose of having sex dreams

There really isn’t some huge purpose for learning how to have sex dreams.  If you’re doing it, then it’s really just to have fun while you sleep.

Of course I’d recommend you guys get laid with girls in real life and not even need to bother with dreams about sex.

But I got a question from a reader asking how to do this so I figured it’s harmless to tell him.  Having sex in your dreams sounds lame, but I guess it’s still much better then watching porn.  Maybe it will help you to develop your sexual desires or give you some kind of abundance.  If you can’t get laid or just want extra fun, you can always dream about it right?

If anything learning how to have sex dreams will at least be something that’s fun and something completely in your control.  It’s in no way essential or really needed for a man’s development.

Controlling your dreams

However, controlling your dreams in general can be of some value, and dreaming about sex is a good motivation to learn this skill.  Controlling your dreams, also known as lucid dreaming, can be extremely useful in bringing you out of nightmares.  Nightmares and bad dreams – actually called Nightmare Disorder if a consistent problem – can be a major cause of bad sleep, which leads to an unproductive and difficult day.  Lucid dreaming can also allow you to feel good by starting off every morning in a good mood.  You’ll wake up from a dream you both remembered and enjoyed, which can carry momentum throughout the rest of the day.

Lucid dreaming to cure nightmares

And going back to the point about nightmares, lucid dreaming is perfect for stopping nightmares.  Many people in general get bad sleep from nightmares but then forget about the dream after waking up.  However, they can feel the effects of the poor sleep throughout the day.

When you gain the ability to lucid dream, you can stop nightmares and give yourself the best chance at getting a good night’s rest.

How to lucid dream

how to lucid dream

Figuring out how to lucid dream isn’t actually that hard.  It just takes some consistency over a few weeks.  And once you learn how to lucid dream, you’ll know how to have sex dreams.  Because lucid dreaming is the ability for you to realize you’re in a dream and then control it.

That’s the first step.  Consistently recognizing when you’re dreaming is the key.  Once you’re in a few dreams and you realize they’re dreams, you’ll be able to manipulate those realities to whatever you want.

Here’s how you can start lucid dreaming:

  1. Keep a notebook next to where you sleep
  2. Write down dreams right when you wake up
  3. Do this every night and every time you wake up
  4. Come up with a sign, like snapping your fingers twice, touching your nose, whatever.  Do the sign when you’re awake a few times a day.  You’ll start do to this when you dream, and eventually you’ll realize you’re in a dream.  This can take a week or a few weeks, maybe a month.  But soon you’ll realize when you’re asleep and in a dream.
  5. From there you’re lucid dreaming and can control your dreams.

Learning how to have sex dreams is just about taking control of the dream once you’re lucid.  You can imagine you’re in a house in bed with a hot girl and do whatever you want.

And that’s all you need to do.

Take the first step

Start by writing down your dreams when you wake up.  Just write down as much as you can remember.  Each day you’ll be able to remember more and more.  This will bridge the gap between your sleep self and your awake self.

You also need to come up with a sign that you do everyday.  Ideally something physical you do to yourself. I mentioned above snapping your fingers.  Try snapping your fingers and then looking at your watch or phone.  A big give away that a dream is a dream is the time on your watch or the screen on your phone will be off.

This may seem stupid to point out when you’re awake.  However, dreams feel very real when you’re in them when you’re asleep.  If you want to learn how to have sex dreams by lucid dreaming, then you need to have a sign you do when you’re awake.

You’ll end up doing this during your dream as well.  And then one night in a dream you’ll recognize that you’re asleep.  From there you’ll probably be able to lucid dream that night or within a week.

You’re still just asleep

Don’t get too caught up with dreaming.  It can be fun but you’re still just asleep for a few hours.  It’s a unique way to spend your sleeping hours.  This is even more true if you’re learning how to lucid dream in order to have sex dreams.  And if you’re learning how to lucid dream in order to get rid of ongoing nightmares, then it can be a huge value add to your life.

Lucid dreaming can take away from real life

Real life won’t be as good as your best dreams.  So why not just live for dreaming then?

Well you can.  But you’ll realize that in your dreams the world around you is fake.  It’s fabricated.  And while you have complete control, sex, partying, or anything you do in a dream will never be satisfied.  You’ll wake up each morning knowing that your few moments of fun were just an escape from a reality you probably hate.

Focus on making your real life better

man up like the rock

Figuring out how to have sex dreams can be cool.  But once you do it a few times you’ll come to understand that it’s nowhere near as fun as having sex with girls in real life.

It’s not a bad thing to do, and thankfully it’s not that difficult to be able to figure out.  But I want all of you guys focused on real life.  If anything, use lucid dreams to plan out your day and all the shit you’re going to get done. Learn skills that will benefit you in the real world.

With dating you’ll benefit from knowing how to fuck women properly, flirt, lead in relationships, and how to text them. With money you’ll benefit from learning about financial freedom and building a business.  Lucid dreams are fun, but keep your eye on the prize, which are your goals you have in real life.

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