How to make a girl cum: Easiest way to make her orgasm over and over

How to make a girl cum

how to make a girl cum

While learning how to make a girl cum may seem juvenile or immature, it’s the opposite of that.

If you can figure out how to make a girl cum, you can keep her coming back for more.  This is good if you’re a player or playboy looking for casual sex, or even if you’re looking to keep your girlfriend loyal and satisfied.

It’s not that hard once you get it down.  And there all kinds of ways to make her cum.  We’re going to start with the easiest way, followed by some other powerful methods.


The first step is foreplay.  A lot of sex and having orgasms for women is in their head.  Which is why you need to do a lot of foreplay.  Start with kissing, then feel her body up.  Eventually, you start kiss and bite her neck.

Make your way down to her tits.  You can take off her shirt and bra and lick her tits to get her excited.  With your dominant hand, go ahead and reach down and run her pussy over her jeans/pants.  Do this for a while until you feel she’s really wanting her pants to come off.  You can then unbutton her pants… or better yet, have her be so horny that she unbuttons her own pants and helps you take them off.

The point of foreplay is to tease her and get her thinking about cumming.  If she’s making it feel you like you’re going to slow and she wants you to speed up, then you’re in the perfect position.

Easiest way – Rub her clit

Every girl is different.  Some will cum very easily over and over again, and others will take a long time and only cum a few times.  But almost every girl will cum when you rub her clit.  You can use your middle finger, or use your middle finger and pointer finger.

What you want to do – once her panties are off then start rubbing her clit.

You can start off slow and then build up speed.  Put pressure on her clit and rub in a circular motion with your fingers.  The majority of women, about 2/3, prefer to cum with the clit versus g-spot anyways.  But even the 1/3 or so who are g-spot dominate will still cum with clit stimulation.

The clit is big on some women and small on others.  But it’s in the same spot.

The easiest way to learn how to make a girl cum is to be able to find her clit and stimulate the fuck out of it.

Study this picture so you’re able to find it.

how to make a girl cum - finding the clit

As you can see, the clitoris (aka her clit) is near the top of her pussy.  You need to rub that clit for dear life and make her cum as many times as you can.  In fact, if you can figure out how to make a girl cum by rubbing her clit, then she’ll be more likely to come when you start actually having sex with her.

Eating her pussy

The next way to make a woman orgasm is similar to rubbing with your fingers.  Except this method involves eating her pussy.  I normally advise men not to eat pussy, as it puts you in a weaker position and puts her in the dominant position.

That being said, it’s an easy way to make her cum.

The method is similar, except this time you’re using your tongue.  This may actually be easier for beginners, because you can see the clit up close.

In fact, if you isolate the clit with your fingers and the so small licks with your tongue, she’ll have tons of orgasms.  A lot of women move around when you do this, as they’re orgasming and can’t control how good they feel.  That’s why it’s important that you hold her hips down with the weight of your arms so you can still lick her clit as she’s cumming.

Nothing fancy here, just aim to lick the clit.  Don’t stop when she starts getting excited and moving her around.  Do your best to keep licking.  If you do this then you can make her orgasm longer and more powerful.


The g-spot is  2 or 3 inches inside her vagina.  If she’s laying on her back with her stomach up, then the g-spot is on the top wall.  You can get the g-spot with fingering with a “come here” motion with your pointer and middle finger.

However, I prefer to use the fingers on the clit to give her a few easy orgasms first.  And then I like to use my dick to get her g-spot while having sex.

Missionary – From the front

missionary variation

You can learn how to make a girl cum during sex from the front or from the back pretty easily if you aim for her g-spot.

From the front is just another way to call it missionary.

It’s going to be hard to really hit the g-spot head on with just normal missionary.  You’re going to want to have her legs over your shoulders or even higher up (see image above).  If you can have her sit on a pillow that will arch her hips up and help a ton.

Then you need to aim your dick up at her g-spot.  You don’t even need to stick your dick in all the way.  A few inches aimed up will hit the g-spot head on.  If you can do this for even a little while chances are very high that she’ll cum and have a g-spot orgasm.

Missionary is great for learning how to make a girl cum because you can also rub her clit with your free hand.

Doggy style – From the back

doggy style to make her cum

Another way to get the g-spot is from the back.  The way to do this isn’t actually to do as deep as possible.  Doing deep will get you the a-spot, which we’ll touch on later.

From doggy style, you want to get at a high than normal position, and then aim down with your dick (see image above).  That’s because her g-spot will be closer to the ground from the doggy style position.  Again, you don’t need to go super deep.  The g-spot is only a few inches in.  You can push past it, but if you just go straight in you won’t be hitting it.

If you do this then she’ll be sure to have a powerful g-spot orgasm.

You can also smack her ass or pull her hair.  In fact, the vast majority of women I’ve slept with loved when I pulled their hair, grabbed their neck, or bit their back while fucking from behind.  Grabbing the hair / neck is the easiest to do while also aiming up at their g-spot.

It also takes a fair amount of endurance and leg strength, so make sure you’re in shape for this endeavor.

Pro tip

  • most women love doing it from the back too because of the animalistic feeling of it.  Just be sure that you’ve read my article on how to last long in bed.

Dick control

It’s crucial that you have dick control, especially with doggy style.  Doing it from the back feels amazing, and it’s the position that most guys have trouble lasting with.

  • Myth buster – thinking of gross or weird things isn’t going to be of much help

Instead, doing your reverse kegels that I mention in the above article will help you to stop yourself from cumming.  Because you need to be able to control your own orgasm if you want to learn how to make a girl cum.  Since women can cum multiple times during sex and you inly got your one shot.

So you better make it last.

Powerful orgasm – g-spot and clit

Earlier I mentioned that from missionary you can get her g-spot and clit at the same time.  You do this by rubbing her slit with your free hand while also hitting her g-spot with your dick.

You can do this from doggy style too.

Just be sure to reach around her hips with one of your hands and rub her clit with your free hand.  It might feel a little awkward to reach around, especially if you’re excited and just want to smack her ass or put your hands on her hips.  But putting in the little bit of extra effort to stimulate her clit along with the g-spot will ensure that your woman will have powerful orgasms.


speaking to her soul - becoming a sex god

You’ll need to have a 6.5 inch dick to get the a-spot on most women, if not 7 inches.  This is where you’ll do deep in and feel like you’re “in her guts” according to her.

Let me be clear that you definitely don’t need to get the a-spot for her to have an orgasm.  The clit and the g-spot will get her to cum plenty.  So don’t feel bad if you don’t have the dick size to do it.  It takes a well above average dick to be able to reach this.

That being said, if you have the endowment to reach it, then going as deep as you possibly can can give your woman an a-spot orgasm.  This really depends on dick size and also stamina.  Figuring out how to make a girl cum by rubbing her clit is one thing.  But reaching that a-spot requires deep and powerful strokes.

Start off slow, and then increase your speed as you feel her reacting well to going deep inside of her.  Having her legs over you in missionary, or better yet, classic doggy will help you to get deep enough to pull this off.

How to make a girl cum hard

Once you learn how to make a girl cum, you need to step it up.  Not all orgasms are created equally.  If you want her to get completely addicted to you, then you need to make her cum hard and long.

Because unlike a man’s orgasm, women can cum for much longer, cum harder sometimes than others, and cum over and over again.  If you’re a complete beginner, then just work on making her cum once or twice.  That’s most than more men will do.

But once you’re able to do that, focus on making her cum hard.

Tease her

The first step for how to make a girl cum hard is to make her want it.  Whether you’re licking her pussy, or doing deep for the a-spot.  Go slow at first.  Like you’re teasing her.  If you’re going down on her, kiss her body and bite her legs before you even touch her pussy.  Get her moving her body and frustrated to the point where she’s putting her pussy in your face for you.

Make her want your dick

If you’re having sex, then rub your dick on her clit before putting it inside of her.  This will get her excited but also build up anticipation.  Then when you do put your dick in her, only go a little ways in.  Then go halfway.  After that go 3/4 of the way.  Finally, put the whole dick in.

Go slow at first

slow sex to make her cum hard

Then go slow and deep.  Or if you’re going for the g-spot, aim up at it.  But start off very slowly.  She should beg you to fuck her harder and faster.  Eventually, go a little faster, and a little faster.  When you finally pick up to a normal speed, she should be so close to summing.  And when she does cum, it’s going to be hard and powerful.

Try this method out of teasing her and watch as she had intense orgasms.

How many times should you make her cum?

Some women cum a lot and some not as much.  If you can make her cum anywhere from 3-8 times, you’re doing a great job.  There will be the freaks who want to cum 20 times, and then the girls you’ll be lucky to just get them to cum 3 or 4 times.  It depends how long they can last and their preference.  Because having that many orgasms tires them out.  It’s exhausting when she meets a guy who knows how to make a girl cum over and over again.

The rule of thumb is to at least make her cum a few times.

If you’re doing this, then you’re doing your job of giving her a good time in the bedroom.  One time is better than none.  But just like when you’re a player, one is too close to none.  If you want to stand out and really get her addicted to you in the bedroom, go for as many as possible.

When in doubt, make her cum before you have sex

If you’re new to the sex game, then you need to focus a lot on the foreplay.  You must master your dick control and ability to hold back your orgasm.  Otherwise all of the other sex stuff won’t work because you can’t last.

But… you can still hyper focus on that foreplay beforehand.  And by that I mean go after the clit.  Rub it with your fingers.  You can even finger her with your pointer + middle finger and rub her clit with your thumb or other hand.

If you’re using your tongue then just lick that clit until you can’t anymore.  New guys will be surprised at how quickly your tongue can tire out if you’ve never done this before.  But just keep on focusing on how to make a girl cum by going after that clit.  Even if you suck at the actual sex, you can still make her orgasm a lot beforehand and keep her coming back for more.

Then you can progress and start to implement the sex.  And once you know how to make a girl cum hard during sex then you can really have a lot more fun with this.


Practice, practice, practice.  It takes effort to get good at this.  You need a few girls you’re seeing on the regular or even a girlfriend.  You’re not going to get better by just reading about the methods.  What you need is practice so you can implement what I’m saying and then really realize how it works when you try it yourself.

From there you’ll develop your own variations and ways you like to do things that also works for the girls.  And once you learn how to make a girl cum whenever you want, you’ll be the man that all the girls want.  This will benefit you whether you just want that loving girlfriend or you want to learn how to be a player.

If you want to take things to the next level then check out the guide on how to have sex and master the bedroom.  This takes information here but adds in a lot of new stuff to take your sex game to the next level.

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