How to Make a Girl Like you over Text: Easiest Method Ever

How to Make a Girl like you over Text

how to make a girl like you over text

Knowing how to make a girl like you over text is essential in the modern dating era.  Texting is the main form of communication when you’re not in person.

I’ve experimented with all types of texting girls.  From being funny, to flirty, and everything in between.  There’s something to be said with dirty texting a girl you’ve already been fucking.  However, with a girl you’ve slept with, the texting game isn’t that hard.  It’s all about showing your value.  Women love men who are worth more than them in her eyes.  So if she thinks you’re worth more than her, then she’ll want to meet up with you.

The problem guys make is they try to hard to come up with funny lines or questions to keep the girls entertained.  But a short laugh here and there will be forgotten in a moment.  It’s much better for tension to build up and let her think about you more and more.  That way she’ll become a little obsessed with hearing back from you.  With will lead to her wanting to fuck you.

So how do you show your value?  Assuming this is a girl you haven’t gotten with yet, there’s one method that’s always worked best for me.

And it’s really easy.  Like it’s a joke.

The easiest way to learn how to make a girl like you over text is to simply keep things short.  Stop texting them so much.

Text… then disappear

Text the girl, and then disappear.  Go away for a while.  This will get her wondering what you’re doing and why she’s not a priority.

And I’ve learned this works really well when the girl is hot.  Beautiful women are surrounded by thirsty guys.  Even when some men play their cards right and get her number, she loses interest because they get too needy.

Why does this work?

less is more, man smiling texting

This works because knowing how to make a girl like you over text is about getting her to think about you more.

Women think about men when they don’t know where they stand.

That’s why women are always trying to get you to talk about yourself and judge the status of the relationship.  And this isn’t just for couples.  This goes for a girl and a guy who haven’t even fucked yet.  If women feel secure in knowing that a guy likes them, then they lose attraction.

Women like nice guys because nice guys always validate women.  The girls know where they stand.  On the flip side, women never know where they stand with bad boys and alpha males.  And that’s why they like them.

If you’re texting a girl back right away and sending her long messages, she knows where she stands with you.  She knows you’ll be available whenever she needs you.  And therefore she’ll never need you.

Take a step back.

Imagine if you didn’t text her back right away.  Especially if she’s hot.  That doesn’t usually happen.  And when it does, she knows the man has other options.  She gets self conscious and starts to wonder if she’s good enough.  Her attraction and interest in you will rise because you’re not slain by her pussy.

Imagine she’s less attractive

Imagine the girl is a 5, 6, or 7.  Or whatever number that you’d fuck her, but only if you’re bored.  If you never heard from her again you wouldn’t give a fuck.  And if hotter girls are down to meet up then you’ll flake on her.  Maybe your bros want to hang out so you flake on her.  But if there’s nothing better to do, you might sleep with her.

If you can adopt this mentality, you wouldn’t text her right away anyways.  Because your value is higher than hers.  So you’re not worried about what she thinks or making her feel good with a quick response.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.  Because a girl is less attractive in your eyes, you give her less attention.  And her attraction to you will grow.

Treat the hotter girls the same way.  Even if it feels unnatural, try it.  Treat them like the 5’s or 6’s.  She’ll be turned on because you’re showing you don’t care.

It may seem wrong to you to do this.  However, think about it.  If you had 20 beautiful women who were all perfect 10’s in your phone trying to meet up with you, you’d take your time texting them back.  And you wouldn’t be worried about them losing interest or getting mad at you.

Won’t she get annoyed?

she likes you, complains you're a slow texter

She might.  And in fact the less guys that do this to her the more she will.  Even if this article blows up, most men won’t do this because they’re too desperate to commit to be a slow texter.  They don’t have other things going on in their lives.  They don’t have other women they’re talking to.  And they’re not focused on getting rich.

But when you’re committed to be a man in all areas of your life, then you don’t care.  You’re naturally text slow and not be trying to impress her.

So she might get annoyed.  Girls have even tried calling me out for being a bad texter or say something to my face when they see me.  But the fact that they get annoyed about it, or even mad, shows that they’re used to men worshipping them.  By simply treating her like a regular human you’re ahead of the pack.  Treat her as if she’s a 5 or 6 and she’ll start to think you’re an 8, 9, or even 10.

There are some girls who will get so annoyed and might not meet up with you.  But these are the small minority.  Most girls will get annoyed, but their attraction in you will grow and they’ll become more thirsty for you.  The amount of girls that will become more attracted and will be willing to sleep with you far outnumber the ones who might get too butthurt.

If you’re not willing to take that small risk, then watch as you text back fast.  Her attraction will drop and you’ll probably get flaked on if you two even get as far as making plans.

How long to wait?

Respond a few hours later, a day later.  Once in a while respond within a 30 minutes, then wait a while.

There’s no rules specifically when it comes to texting her.  But with a girl you haven’t slept with, I’d stick with no more than once or twice a day.  If you’re naturally busy on your purpose then you won’t have time to be texting these girls all day anyways.

And whether they think you’re busy making money or busy with other girls, your slow response time and lack of thirsty-ness will be a big turn on.

Some level of attraction to build more

texting girls - girl worried

A woman needs to have some level of attraction for you in order for you to have a chance.  But since you’ve already gotten her number, or maybe you matched with her on tinder, then there’s some interest.

And once she responds to your first message, it’s not hard to know how to make a girl like you over text.  You just have to be slow to respond.

Do you hate it when a girl takes forever to respond and you just want to meet up?  Many of you guys send me questions about situations like this.  The same logic works on girls.  You taking a long time to respond to her will show that you’re more valuable than her.  While she may get frustrated, confused, or seemed annoyed, her attraction to you will rise.

Because she’s not the most important thing to you.  Which means you’re a high value man.

Don’t go into panic mode day of a date

The one exception is when she’s trying to come over and needs help getting to your place.  Still lean on the side of being slower to respond and shorter.  But if a girl is trying to fund your apartment and is lost or can’t find the bar, then you can obviously respond.

However… if you two have plans and she is slow to respond, don’t go in panic mode.  Many men fall victim to going in panic mode.

This is when they have a date with a hot girl, then the day of the meet up she’s slow to respond, not responding, or seems like she might flake.  Don’t double text her to confirm anything, call her, or do anything stupid.

Instead, have 2 or 3 other dates lined up after her.  So if she flakes then you won’t be desperate.  This will help you stay more calm.  Which means you won’t spam her out of desperation and she will likely not flake.

Texting rule of thumb

man smiling, texting a girl

The texting rule of thumb is to have the girl text you more than you text them.  Women want men who are higher value than they are.  Just like in relationships.  The woman needs to like the man more than he likes her in order for the relationship to work.  When the man likes her more, then she starts to lose attraction and the relationship will eventually fall apart.

Apply the same logic to texting a girl you want to sleep with, date, or whatever.

If you can do this, then you’ll know how to make a girl like you over text.  And you’ll be able to transition that into her wanting to get with you.

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Know how to make a girl like you over text and you have ammo to learn other skills with women.  Remember to be patient, develop an abundance mindset, and never to become dependent or too hopeful about getting texts back from any one girl.

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