How to Make her Miss you

How to make her miss you

how to make her miss you

Uncovering how to make her miss you isn’t hard to learn.  It’s easy in theory.  But you need to stick to the steps.

Whether she’s an ex girlfriend that you should be getting over or a girl you see casually who fell off, sometimes you need to know how to make her miss you.  If she’s your ex, the best move is to just move on.  I know you won’t listen to me though.  If she’s just a plate / girl you see casually, then knowing how to make her miss you can be beneficial to getting her back on the team.

And just knowing how to make women want you is powerful.  Because it gives you the power.  It gives you the options.  Women have feminism to empower them.  But they only have the ability to get tons of sex.  While as men we find this valuable, but most women could care less.  We have the power of to choose relationships, which is what women value.  You develop a godly frame when you can focus your energy away from particular women and destroy attachment.

You want women to chase you.  And it’s a battle of who has the stronger will power, and whose a stronger, more valuable person.  I challenge you to make that person you.  Here’s how.

No contact

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

The first thing you need to do in determining how to make her miss you is to stop talking to her.

You can’t make her miss you if you two are always talking.  Cut off contact.  No texting, calling, nothing.  If she does contact you invite her over to your place.  If she says anything but yes or figuring out logistics then stop responding.

What she wants is validation.  She wants you to talk with her and give you or attention.  Don’t give any of it.  Unless she’s coming over to fuck you need to go no contact.  Do not contact her first.  Otherwise she will know that you need her.

No contact is so important.  Whether it’s birthdays, valentines day, christmas, whatever.  You can’t contact her, especially first.  It’s not as big of a deal if she contacts you first.  In fact this means she misses you and wants validation in the form of your attention.  Like I just stated, you can invite her over.  If she’s unwilling, just wants to talk, meet in a public place, or is out of town, then ignore her.

Most men will cave and become desperate.  They put the pussy on a pedestal.  The girl will then keep the man on his toes with a pity text or call once in a while.  He’ll become hopefully that he can get her back as a girlfriend or even as a casual thing again.  But in most cases she’ll just keep him there for her emotional needs.

Be strong

Don’t become that guy.  She’s fucking and sucking other dudes.

You’re not going to make her miss you terribly if you’re weak and always hitting her line.

Which is why you need to stick to no contact.  Do not hit her up first.  And if she’s not coming over then stop talking to her.   I can’t say this enough.  I want to program it into your heads so you don’t make the mistake of giving your attention away.

No contact in it of itself if often times enough to get her to come back.  Stick to your masculine frame.  When she does contact you invite her over.  And if she decides to come over then fuck the shit out of her.  Then ignore her for a while before doing the same thing.  Even after you sleep with her again you still need to know how to make her miss you.

Which means making her earn your way back into your life.  No contact will work if she was super attracted to you or had a big emotional investment in you.  When men ask me “how do I make my ex miss me” I’ll tell them just do no contact, assuming the break up is fresh.

Even with girls you see casually, no contact could be enough if you gave them the best sex of their life and got them attached.

For the rest of you, no contact in it of itself won’t be enough.

Improve your life

ways to invest in yourself, start a business

So you need to improve your life.  If this girl comes back into your life then cool.  But if not then also cool.  You can’t learn how to make her miss you if there’s nothing to miss.  A desperate man whose doing nothing with his life is boring and of low value.  And that means she won’t be coming back to you anytime soon.

In fact being a loser further proves herself right to as why she shouldn’t miss you.

You need to man up and improve your life.  Do this by elevating your

  • Purpose/Money
  • Body/style/looks
  • Social life


steps to become a millionaire

This means creating a purpose or immersing yourself back into it.  If you don’t have a purpose then you need to make one for yourself and then turn it into a business.  This way you can do what you love, create wealth for yourself, and use this to develop the ultimate lifestyle for yourself.

You’ll never have the options a hot women has unless you become mega famous like Leonardo diCaprio.  But you can hyper focus on your purpose and use that to keep you busy.  And not just busy.  But passionate and fully engaged in something that will elevate your life.  That will attract tons of women to you in the not so far future.


Lift weights in the gym.  Diet well and get your abs back or make them better.  Get your style on point.  Get a good ass haircut and feel fresh.  Get some clothes that make you look great and feel amazing.

Working on your looks will make you feel better, help you professionally, and increase your sexual market value.  Other women will notice and you’ll have more women that want to sleep with + date you.

Social life

salsa dancing

Another way to know how to make her miss you is to have a social life.  Creating a dynamic social life for yourself will keep your mind distracted from her.  You’ll develop connections with other people.  And you’ll meet girls either through your friends or through going out more with the boys.

Having a social life will also help you have more of a dating life.  Besides directly meeting new girls you’ll also feel better about yourself.  Any man who is caught up on having a woman miss him is in some kind of energy slump.  Going out with the boys, getting tighter with your circle, or even starting a circle from scratch will help you to get out of this bad state.  And in doing so, you’ll create the avenues and opportunities for her to do so.

Creating an abundant social life leads to the next point.

Show it off on social media

Most guys will tell you to stay off of social media.  I say fuck that.  Don’t lurk.  But with some basic will power, social media can be an incredible tool for you in the game.  It’s a great way to get social proof with new girls and an easy way to know how to make her miss you.  Making girls miss you is way easier if you have social media.

The one you want to stick with is Instagram.  As long as the girl still follows you then you can guarantee she’ll view your profile to keep tabs on you.  Which is what you want.  Don’t block her.  Simply have the will power to not look at her profile.

Post and get off

spend less time on dating apps

Go on Instagram, post something sick from your life.  Since you’re improving yourself and being more social, you just need to get friends to take pictures of you doing dope shit.  A post once a week or so is fine.  Once every few days if you have the pictures for it, but no need to overload.

Post your pic and get off.  Like some of your friends pics if you want.  But that’s it.  Most people spend hours on social media yet don’t produce any content.  They just look at what their friends and enemies are doing.

But not you.  You’re going to post shit on social media and get off.  Don’t even check it until the next day.  You’re not using it for validation, although it does feel good when people interact with it.  Instead you’re using it for bait.  Bait to get new girls more interested in you.  And bait to make other girls miss you.

Sound devious?  I don’t give a fuck.

Women use Instagram all the time for thirst traps to get free attention from guys.  You’re using it to market yourself and show off.  Who cares.  That’s what it’s for.  Leverage Instagram and social media to make people jealous of your life.  Social media is used to portray the best possible version of your life events.  As a player in the game you need to use that shit to your advantage.

Make girls miss you

Making girls miss is fun thing to do and at the end of the day it’s a self validation ego boost.  However, if she was a girl you saw casually then learning how to make her miss you is beneficial to get her back on the team.   And if she was your ex girlfriend, then figuring out how to make her miss you is extremely useful in getting her back.  Should you actually get back with her?  No.  While learning how to make a woman miss you seems like a great way yo get your ex back… I don’t recommend it.  But it’s up to you what you do after making a woman miss you.  That’s a topic for a different article.

At the end of the day, all of this comes down to living life for yourself and making it as awesome as you can.  You’ll be able to move on or get the girl back in your life.

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