How to meet women at Nightclubs: the 3 ways to do well at the Club

How to meet women at Nightclubs

How to meet women at Nightclubs

Learning how to meet women at nightclubs can be a great way to meet more attractive women.  I wouldn’t say nightclubs are always the best place to meet women.  Or not regular ones.  If you learn how to dance, meeting women at a salsa / bachata nightclub can be one of the best ways to build your pipeline of attractive women.

In this article we’re talking about regular nightclubs, not my favorite place which are salsa/bachata clubs.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  Many guys online complain that it’s too hard to figure out how to meet women at nightclubs.  And that it’s simply not worth the energy.

Nightclubs can be a great place to meet women 

But they’re wrong.  You can learn how to meet women at nightclubs.  In fact you can meet attractive women at nightclubs consistently.

They’re not one of the worst places to meet women.  They’re actually a solid option, if you play the game right.

How to pull a woman in a club on the first night you meet her is a different story.  Usually this is going to come down to logistics, meaning how close you live to the club and how much she’s into you.  I’ll save that for another article.  But the majority of girls you meet at the club will lead to numbers and dates.  However, you can still learn how to attract girls in clubs and get one night stands occasionally, but don’t expect that to be necessary to have a good time.

Nightclubs are different

Nightclubs are different than the rest of the world.  They’re a place where men and women come together to drink, dance, and interact.  Men are trying to meet women, women are trying to show off, and everyone is evaluating each other.  If the sexual marketplace in a city manifested, the nightclub would be that manifestation.

The only problem is that nightclubs will eat alive the average guy.  The average guy has little status and in general doesn’t have much to offer.

Most men stand in the corner and do’t do anything.  Other men try to learn how to meet women at nightclubs by getting drunk and approaching them.  But they usually just get shot down and rejected.  And then they complain that nightclubs are terrible places for meeting women.

But if they looked around and noticed the guys who succeed, it’s not hard to do well.

Besides being a stud or really good looking guy, there’s only 3 ways to do well in the nightclub.  If you can use just one of these three ways, then you can know how to meet women at nightclubs and actually enjoy yourself.

The three ways to meet women at nightclubs

The three ways you can meet women at nightclubs consistently

  1. be rich and have a table/bottle service/VIP section
  2. learn how to dance
  3. work at the venue or be the club owner

Each are viable options to meet hot women at the night clubs consistently.

1. Rich / have a table

table with girls at nightclub

If you’ve put in the work to get rich then many things in life can be easier.  Including meeting women at nightclubs.

Get a table + bottle service with yourself and your friends.  Dress nicely.  And let the girls come to you.  Go in with the mindset that you’re there for a good time and if you meet women that’s a bonus.

And to clarify, by rich I mean you could get bottle service twice a month and you wouldn’t even notice it on your bank account.  If you’re struggling with your finances or you haven’t achieved financial independence then I don’t want you wasting money on bottle service at nightclubs.  You need to spend less money and build your wealth up.

But for any of the rich guys reading this, utilize your money at the club.  Get into the VIP sections and let the girls come to you.  You’re not here to meet your wife your mother of your future children.  You’re at the club to meet women and get laid.  So spend some of your money to elevate your status at the venue.

2. Dance

learn how to dance and meet hot women

I have a ton of money saved up and I’m building a solid income.  I don’t have any debt and have a lot more mobility than my peers.  But I’m not rich yet.  So while I could do bottle service + table, it’d be a massive waste of money for me.

But I can dance.  So I go out on the dance floor and I dance.

This is what I recommend most guys do because this is what nightclubs are for.  There’s women who go to nightclubs to meet men. Some women go just for attention.  And others just dragged out by their friends.  But the vast majority of them all dance.

And the majority of guys don’t actually dance.  They try to get a girl to grind on them or they stand in the corner. But guys who can dance get the girls to come dance with and on them.

You don’t even have to be that good

I’m not the worlds greatest dancer.  When I go to hip-hop clubs I do salsa dancing by myself, then sometimes with a girl or she’ll grind up on me.  There’s no one way to know how to dance at a club.  Whether you do basic side steps, can dance hip-hop, do salsa or bachata steps, or just wild out.  It depends on the song and the beat.

But I go out there and dance.  I’m not looking around to see of the women will come up and help me out.  I’m just focused on vibing to the music and have a good time.  Sometimes I’ll just step side to side, sometimes I’ll do a basic bachata step that can work well with most top 40 songs.  I’m there to have a good time, and women looking for a good time will come find me.

If you take salsa or hip-hop dance classes, you could be dancing in the club within a few months and look decent. And even if you don’t look that decent, girls will think you look fun and they’ll move to you.

This is the best option for the majority of men.  It’s not too hard to learn how to dance, and it’s what nightclubs are for.   Instead of walking around and trying to talk to girls who just want to dance, how about you just learn to dance and have them come approach you.

Be there to have a good time

You don’t need to be Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, or some incredible dancer.  You just need to be able to vibe to the music without looking for approval.  Many guys at nightclubs dance, but they look around for approval from women.  When girls don’t dance with them after a song or girls around them aren’t dancing, they get worried and stop.  You should dance and vibe to the music if you want regardless of girls.  If you do this and don’t look for approval, plenty of women will make themselves available to you at the nightclub.

3. Work at the venue

bartender, status at bar

The third option is to work at the venue.  Ideally you’re a bartender or bouncer.  These guys have access to tons of women at the nightclubs.  And they naturally have some status, with the additional benefit of girls having easy ins to talk to them.

Even if you look decent at the nightclub, women aren’t going to be as willing to approach you unless you’re dancing.

But if you work at the venue then talking to the bouncer or the bartender is an easy excuse for a woman to start a conversation with a man.

The downsides to this is that you still have to work.  So while you’ll meet a lot of women and can schedule dates, you’ll miss out on some immediate opportunities since you won’t be able to stop working to go fuck at your place.  That being said, you’ll still have a new way to meet tons of women and this is an easy way to get a lot more experience in a short amount of time.  Plus you’re at least making some money at the club versus losing it like the first two.

Pick an option or opt out, but don’t complain

You can show off your money and status by having a table.  Or you can learn how to dance, which is what I recommend.  Or you can become a bartender or bouncer.

These are all viable options.  Obviously becoming rich takes time, but you can get your money right within a few years of grinding.  Or you can just learn how to dance so you can have a good time and meet women and not waste money.  Maybe you need the extra money and want to benefit form the extra pussy.

Whatever method you choose is up to you.  But don’t complain about how nightclubs are hard.  Yes, some have worse ratios than others.  And that’s an important factor at a venue.

But if you’re a guy with a table, you can dance, or you’re the bartender, you’re going to get women.  It’s not hard to figure out how to meet women at nightclubs.  You simply need to raise your status by doing one of these 3 things.

You know what to do

If you choose to complain after you know how to meet women at nightclubs then I can’t help you.  The right choice is to do one of these things or to opt out all together.  But to call a place where men and women go to drink and dance as a bad place to meet women is just ignorant.  It’s a bad place if you’re at the lowest point of the social hierarchy.

But if you raise your status in this marketplace, you’ll meet lots of women at the nightclub.

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