How to Talk Dirty in Text + the Bedroom: Full Dirty Talk Guide for Men

How to Talk Dirty in Text + the Bedroom: Full Dirty Talk Guide for Men

how to talk dirty in text and in the bedroom

Want to know how to talk dirty in text and in the bedroom?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Dirty talk is a powerful tool you can use to get women to think about you in the best kinds of ways.

But most men don’t do dirty talk, or have no finesse when they do it.  They’ll put their dick in and then say “take it slut” and proceed to jackhammer without setting the tempo.

Knowing how to talk dirty, what to say, and when to say it, is an easy thing to pick up for any sexually active man.  And your girlfriend or the women you sleep with will thank you for knowing the right way to talk dirty to them.

Dirty talk is a turn on for 99% of women

Let me say that dirty talk, when done right, is a turn on for 99% of women.  Besides 1% or less who might have bad associations with it (being attacked or abused), the vast majority of women like when a man knows how to talk dirty.  So get in in your head that it’s not bad to talk dirty to girls.  There’s a time and place for it.

You shouldn’t be talking dirty to a girl in public who’s not into you.

But when you have some common sense, and know what to say from this article, you can be confident that your dirty talk will be more than appreciated.  If you think that the girl you’re seeing doesn’t like dirty talk in any capacity, you’re probably a fool, a liar, or you just need to know how to dirty talk better.

Don’t be afraid to talk dirty

dirty talking to a girl

Don’t be afraid to talk dirty.  It’s one of those things where you can get it right after a few times and have it down.  You can always expand your vocabulary and improve your tonality.  You’ll learn how to channel your sexual energy in powerful ways with practice.

But it really doesn’t take that long to learn how to dirty talk to a girl.  Unlike other things like learning how to fuck a girl properly, or how to escape from wage slavery, figuring out how to talk dirty over text or in person is levels easier.

So don’t be afraid to take the tips here and plunge in.  It’s meant to be fun and make things more sexy with you and the girl, not more intense / serious.

Two places to use dirty talk

  1. over text
  2. in the bedroom

You can flirt with girls in person, and be sexual, but you’re generally not going to use explicit dirty talk in public, unless you’re whispering something in a girl’s ear that you’ve already been fucking.  More on that later.

The two main ways to learn how to talk dirty are when you’re texting girls and when you’re already fucking them.  You might use a lot of the same words, but the context is way different.  One is used to get a girl to desire you, and the other is used to enhance your sex life.  Let’s break down how to talk dirty in text and in the bedroom, and then I’ll tell you how to actually combine the two in a much more powerful way.

How to Talk dirty in Text

girl happy to get text

Learning how to talk dirty in text isn’t too hard.  The biggest thing is to know when to time it, and who to use it on.

In general, you shouldn’t be trying to dirty talk a girl you just met but haven’t fucked.  It’s really more for girlfriends or girls you’ve slept with at least once.

I’m not saying you can never dirty talk over text with a girl you met but haven’t fucked.  I’ve done this before, but just not the majority of the time.  You can flirt with girls over text, and keep things lightly sexual and playful.  But it’s better to use text as a tool to meet up with the girl you haven’t slept with.

Dirty Texting is a tool

And even with girls you have slept with, texting is still just a tool.  When you text a girl, you should have a goal in mind.

  1. Meet up with her
  2. Get her thinking about you / invested in you

Dirty texting women can be used for both.  For example, you can send her a dirty text like

  • “It felt so good to be inside of you this past weekend.  I loved the way you put my big dick in your mouth.  Let’s see if you can still handle it again”

You’re not hard closing her to meet up again.  But you’re planting the seed.  You’re getting her to think about the fun you two had, and getting her invested in trying to please you.  And if you fucked her well, she’s going to respond positively.  Which will eventually lead to you two meeting up again.

You could’ve just texted the girl

  • “this past weekend was fun, around next Thursday?” or something similar

I might do that with a girl I just fucked.  And there’s a big power to playing it cool.  But when you learn how to dirty talk in text, you bend some typical guidelines you might normally follow.

Creating Desire in her mind

how to fuck a girl properly - bdsm and bondage sex

Dirty talking is about painting a picture.  It’s about using your words like a pimp in order to create an image in her mind.  You’re using words to invoke feelings of sexual desire.  You’re using the fulfillment of the past in order to create demand for the future.

Another point is that when you use dirty talk over text with a girl, it’s okay to throw light compliments.  Usually I tell you guys never to compliment girls.  But it’s a little bit different when you’re dirty texting.  Because the compliments are associated with sex.  And it’s not in a sexual harassing or desperate way, since you’re referring to a past experience that you both willingly participated in.

Most compliments are meant to validate women, which make you look weak because you want the pussy.  But in this case, you’re already gotten the pussy.  And it’s strictly sexual.  You’re encouraging the woman to be sexual with you again.  If the sex was great and she likes you, she’s going to want your sexual validation again.  So giving her a compliment like “you took my cock so well in your tight pussy” isn’t going to make you look weak.

Dirty Talk Texting lines

So you know some of the reasoning of the purpose behind dirty texting, which is to create more desire in her mind and to meet up.  Let’s use some dirty talking lines to text a girlfriend or a girl you’re sleeping with.

Examples of dirty talking lines to text a girlfriend or someone you’ve been fucking for a while:

  • “I love how wet you get for me”
  • “I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do to you this weekend”
  • “Next time I see you, I want you to wear the red dress (or whatever), so I can pry it off of you.  Have the black panties and matching bra underneath too for me to take off your body”
  • “I want you right now”

Examples of dirty talking lines to text a girl you just started sleeping with

  • “You were so wet the other night”
  • “I didn’t expect for you to be so tight went I went all the way in”
  • “Your body was soft and your pussy was dripping wet.  That’s something I might need to explore again”
  • “It felt so soothing to be inside of you.  Your pussy was so wet and I loved the way you sucked on me cock.  Round 2 will be even better”

You can use these exactly, or tailor something to your situation.  You can insinuate a round 2 or meeting up again if it’s a girl you just started fucking.  If it’s a girl you see consistently, then you can mention plans you already have (like seeing them this weekend) or not even bring up meeting because it’s implied.

Even just learning how to talk dirty in text without scheduling plans will prompt her to want to meet up with you.  Be open ended, sexy, but cool about it.  Like it was fun to fuck, or it will be, and it’s something you want, but you’re not actually desperate to make it happen.  Telling girls “I want you right now” or “I need to explore you again” may seem like they go against this.  But they’re not actually desperate because you already got the pussy and you’re not actually in need of meeting up.  Even though you say you need her, you’re not closing for a date on Saturday at 5 just yet.  You’re making her want you more before you go in for the kill.

How to Talk Dirty in the bedroom

dirty talk during sex

Once you know the basics of how to talk dirty over text, it’s time to learn how to talk dirty in the bedroom.  This is where it really counts.  Talking dirty over text is still great, it plants the seeds to create more desire, and it’s fun to do.

But dirty talk in the bedroom is what is going to really turn her on.  It will enhance the sex itself.  Talking dirty to her will get her to be more involved during sex.

It will get her to be more in her feminine, and will keep you in your masculine.  The tension between you two will create a hot atmosphere.  Just make sure you know how to last long so you don’t bust too early and are actually able to use dirty talk effectively.

Before sex 

Dirty talk before sex is optional.  Most of the time I’m going to sleep with a girl, and I’m with her in my room, I save the dirty talk for when things get sexual.  Especially if it’s a newer girls that I’ve just started sleeping with.  Because then sex is already expected.

But if you have a girlfriend or someone you’re treating like one, she could just be at your apartment without sex.  In that case, knowing how to talk dirty can come in handy if you want some action.

You can say things like

  • “you’d look really good if you took all of that off” (then start taking her clothes off)
  • “hey come here, I could use you for second” (then proceed to throw her on the bed)
  • “that was odd of you to put all of those clothes on, cause I’m going to rip them off” (have your player smirk on)

If you’re laying in bed with her, you can whisper in her ear and tell her something similar like “I think you’re wearing too much babe, I want to feel you.”

The point of this kind of dirty talk is to get her in the mood if she’s in a neutral state.  Learning how to talk dirty to a girl is a great way to turn her on before you even touch her.  If she’s already turned on, as in there’s already sexual tension, then this can also be used but it’s not needed.

Right before you put it in

how to have sex - make her cum before fucking

Most of you guys just jam your cock in as soon as you can.  If you read my material, especially my article how to fuck a girl to get her addicted, you known the importance of foreplay.  You should be making a woman cum by rubbing her clit before you even fuck her.

And the first place you can learn how to dirty talk when things are physical is before you put it in.

When she’s naked, on your bed and has already orgasmed, she’s going to be begging you to fuck her.  Don’t put your cock in right away.  Rub the head of your dick on her clit.  Tell her how much you’ve been waiting for this.  You can tease her and ask her “you want me to put it inside” and when she says yes, you can follow up with “I need you to say please”.

Starting off slow

Once put it in, start off slow.  Go in and out slowly.  You’ll speed up later.  Match your dirty talk with the tempo of sex.  Since you’re starting off slow, talk to her dirty, but calmly.  Tell her things like

  • “it feels so good to be inside of you”
  • “I’ve been thinking about this all week”
  • “You always get so wet for me”

You’re still going slow, so your dirty talk right now is light.  But don’t worry, you’ll be able to take things to the next level.

Ramping up your dirty talk

You should be going slowly, starting to speed things up.  Rub her clit with one hand and aim for her g-spot with your dick.  Make her cum.  Now you can slow down again, and then speed things up.

This is the time to start increasing your dirty talk, in terms of volume and intensity.  As you’re speeding up, still not jackhammering, but building a strong pace, say things like:

  • “Fuck, I can feel you get so wet for me”
  • “You’re so dirty for me”
  • “You’re such a good girl, the way you open yourself up”
  • “I’m so deep inside of you”

And then you can say profane things like

  • “You’re such a dirty slut for my cock”
  • “Take this massive dick, you’re so tight”

I’ve found that using profanity can help if you’re a beginner.  It’s not necessary by any means, but can help you get into a different mindset and help you feel dominate.  I don’t use a ton of it anymore, in terms of calling girls whores or little sluts, or other names like that.  But maybe that’s because I’m more boring now.  I prefer to use words like “fuck, cock, pussy” and so forth, and then mix that in with other dirty talk that’s meant to get in her head.

However, when you make her submit in the next section below, it doesn’t add much value.  Calling her dirty names is fine, but when you really want to get her to submit to you, you want to have a sexual, powerful, yet semi-serious tone.  Dirty names kind of kill that.  They still turn women on, and by all means use them.  But when you take things to the next level, you’re better off being more intentional with each word you use.

Making her submit

And once she starts cumming for the third or fourth time, continue to dirty talk to her.  Except this time, use more than regular dirty talk.  Make her submit to you.  Don’t ask a girl questions like “Is this my pussy?”  “Tell me it’s mine”.  No, instead just tell her,  command her.

  • “I love how you submit yourself to me”
  • “Your pussy is mine”
  • “Give yourself to me”
  • “I own your pussy, your whole being is mine”
  • “Keep looking at me when you cum, I’m stealing your energy”

This is next level shit.  You shouldn’t use this level of dirty talk on every girl you sleep with.  But if you have a girlfriend or a girl you want to keep on your team, then this will get her addicted to you.

The things above may seem corny or weird if you’re not an experienced player.  But when you’re in the moment and not just say these things, but say them and mean them, the woman will surrender herself to you.  Which is not only a massive turn on that will make her cum 10x harder, but she’ll also get addicted to you.

Combining dirty talk with text and with sex

speaking to her soul - becoming a sex god

You can learn how to talk dirty in text and in the bedroom, and you can also combine the two.  That way you really get in the girls head with your dirty talk.

Alls you need to do is reference things you said over text when you’re in the bedroom fucking her. For example, let’s say you dirty texted the girl something like:

  • “I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do to you this weekend”

Then when you’re going for sex, you can say the usually dirty talk.  When things are getting hot and heavy, you can say something like”

  • “You know how much I was thinking of this, you underneath me like.  I know you’ve been fantasizing about this too”
  • or something like “It feels so good to be inside your pussy with my big cock.  I can tell you’ve been wanting this, the way you’re moving your body right now”

You don’t need to directly say “remember I texted you?  now we’re fucking”.  Just bringing up similar language to what you texted her will cause her brain to make the connection.  And doing this will get her to fantasize even harder the next time you use dirty texting with her.

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