How to Turn a Girl On: Erogenous Zones of a Female you must know

How to Turn a Girl On: Erogenous Zones of a Female

how to turn a girl on

The process of knowing how to turn a girl on starts from the moment you meet her until you’re inside of her.  But in this article we’re focusing on the erogenous zones of a female and how to turn a girl on sexually.  We’re getting to the real stuff.

Knowing how to turn a girl on will keep the mood alive and make her want to have sex with you.  If you act awkward and don’t know what you’re doing then you could cause her to second think.  Which will lead to you not getting laid.  That’s why I’m going to arm you with knowledge of erogenous zones of a female so you’re able to know how to turn a girl on sexually and escalate to sex.

This is essential for all of the players out there, and even for guys with girlfriends.  When you’re a player, you’re going to need to know how to turn a girl on to get her excited.  That way girls will want to sleep with you after a first date, second date, or a one night stand.  But even for men with girlfriends, you need to know how to turn women on.  Otherwise you won’t be able to turn your girlfriend on, which leads to less sex, worse sex, and most likely an eventual break up.

So if you want to know how to turn a girl on, whether you’re looking to turn women on you just met or girls you’ve known for years, continue reading.


One of the most underrated erogenous zones of a female is her neck.  This goes from kissing her neck, to biting it, to putting your hands on it.  Every girl I’ve ever fucked has been turned on by kissing / lite biting of the neck.  And the far majority of them also loved it when I lightly choked them.  In fact there’s maybe one time where a girl didn’t like that.

However the far majority loved it.  But regardless of if you choke and show dominance, the neck is one of the major turn on spots for women.  You can try it for yourself and find out how to turn a girl on by focusing more on her neck.



Lips should be an obvious choice for erogenous zones of a female.  Women love kissing and making out as a foreplay before sex.  It gets them in the mood and helps them to feel your energy.

A tip is to also look at her lips.  Women will look at your lips when they want to kiss you.  They’ll take a glance at them as a way to express their interest.  When you’re giving her eye contact take a second to look at her lips and then look back at her eyes.  This is only a slight movement in your eyes but she’ll notice.

You can also use your own lips as a way to kiss her body.  Doing this is a great way to learn how to turn a girl on because you can see what she reacts to best.

Upper back – near bra strap

I separate the upper back and lower back because they’re almost two distinct parts.  The upper back is her shoulders, back of her neck, and upper region around her bra strap.

This is a powerful erogenous zones of a female.  Touching her in this area is done easily if you’re watching a movie with her and want to escalate to sex.  You want to be spooning her, with her facing the movie / computer screen and you behind her.  Then you can lift up her shirt and start massaging her and touching her neck with your hand.  You can run your fingers around her bra strap.  This will get her thinking about you taking her bra off which will turn her on a lot.

How to turn a girl on: 3 overlooked spots

Before we get to the obvious turn on spots for a woman, there are 3 overlooked areas that are major turn ons for girls.

Lower back

lower back, turning a girl on

The lower back is below her bra strap region and above her pants.  Even just touching a woman’s lower back is an easy way to learn how to turn a girl on.  If you’re making out with her then you can almost do a small scratching motion (without going too hard) on her lower back to turn her on.

If you’re cuddling/spooning, then you can just run your fingers on it.

Inner thighs

The inner thighs are another erogenous zones of a female that will get her wet.  It’s a great spot to go to before her pussy.  It’s still sexual and will turn her on, but it’s also teasing her.  You can massage her inner thighs if you’re watching a movie to really turn her on and distract her from the boring netflix drama.

If you’re going direct and making out, grinding, then you can rub/grab her inner thighs with your hand to get her excited.

Lower waist

Before we get into the basic erogenous zones of a female you already know, I’m going to mention the lower waist – front of her body0.  Running your hands along here, especially slipping your fingers into her pants, is an easy way to know how to turn a girl on quickly.  If you want to go a step further you can kiss her around here, which will turn her on sexually in a big way.

The lower waist, inner thighs, and lower back are 3 overlooked erogenous zones that you should spend extra time on.  Most guys know that the neck and lips are good.  And most guys will go for the next 3 I’ll mentioned as major turn ons for girls.  But don’t ignore the lower waist, inner thighs, and lower back.  These can often be what turns a woman on instantly, and will get her really wet and wanting to fuck you.  This will destroy any last minute resistance that happens later.



The ass is the first of the stereotypical erogenous zones.  It’s great to grab when things are hot and heavy.  It’s also nice to turn her on further when you’re already having sex.  You can spank her if you’re doing it doggy style or grab it firmly if you’re missionary.

When you’re still escalating to sex, slipping your hands into her pants and grabbing her ass is a great way to turn a girl on.


Breasts are my go to to ensure a girl is wet and dying to have sex with me.  I’m probably more of an ass guy from a visual perspective , but focusing on the breasts is the way I learned how to turn a girl on.

Once her bra is off, you don’t need to go right for the nipples unless things are super hot and you two are going fast.  Tease her by kissing around her breasts.  Then kiss her breasts but avoid the nipples.  You’re building anticipation by doing this.  Eventually you can make your way onto the nipples and when you do, you should see her arch her back a little bit.  Almost as if she’s lifting her breasts a little bit to make it easier for you.

I’ve done this many times without even touching the pussy and have had girls take off their own pants + panties begging for me to fuck them.


Last but certainly not least of the erogenous zones of a female is her pussy.  This is ultimately how you’re going to make her cum over and over again.  You can use your fingers, your dick, or even your tongue – but you should limit how often you go down on a particular girl, not from a turning her on perspective but because it’s submissive.

Most guys make the mistake of going right towards the pussy after they start making out.  You need to know how to turn her on mentally by going after the other erogenous zones before you go straight for the pussy.  Of course many women will still go for this and will let you rub them or finger them right away.  But if a girl is going to have last minute resistance then going right for the kill can cause her to pull back.

You’re better off kissing her neck, her breasts, and grabbing her inner thigh to get her warmed up.  Then you can rub her pussy with your hand on top of her pants.

It’s always better to make sure you know hot to turn a girl on by warming her up first.  But once you start using your fingers directly on her clit, you can make her cum over and over again before even putting your dick inside.

Step by step game plan – on your bed to in her panties

erogenous zones of a female

If you’ve slept with plenty of girls then you know there’s not always one way things escalate to sex.  Sometimes the clothes just come right off and you’re fucking in a matter of minutes.  Other times you’ll be making out, grabbing her ass, she’ll blow you, and then you start fucking.

But I’m going to lay out to general scenarios for you to follow so you know how to turn a girl on and maximize the chances of sex happening.

Blowjobs are awesome, but not covered here

girl initiate sex

I won’t be covering blowjobs here, as a girl who blows you is submissive and generally will also want to fuck, although not always.  And it’s much easier to get a girl to blow you after you’ve fucked the shit out of her and got her addicted to you.

If a girl does start going down on you then let her do her thing of course.  This will happen, especially when girls are very attracted to you.  Let her blow you and then she’ll be ready for sex afterwards.  Or you can let them blow you after you fuck them.

But getting into it, the two main ways to know how to turn a girl on by using the erogenous zones of a female are escalating to sex direct and indirect.


Direct is when you go for sex when she’s on your bed.  You don’t have a movie playing or some excuse.  You just go for it.

This is how I initiate sex most of the time nowadays.  It’s the the fastest way to get laid and I’m very comfortable just going for it.  But if you’re not then don’t worry, go for the indirect method.

Eyes and kiss

First step is to look into her eyes and go for the kiss.  Look at her eyes, then the lips, then go for a kiss.  You can put a hand on her chin or even on her neck.  But if you do that then start out very lightly and not rough yet.  Then you should be on top of her and make your way down to her neck with your lips.  You can stimulate erogenous zones of a female by reaching behind her and touching her back with your hands.

Making your way down

Undo her bra with your hands while still kissing her neck.  Lift up her shirt.  Then make your way down to her breasts with your lips.  Like mentioned above, kiss her breasts, and tease her until you eventually kiss her nipples.  You can put one hand on her neck and another on a breast.  Or you can switch things up and put one of your hands on her lower back and then grab her ass.

After warming her up, you can use your dominant hand to grab/rub her inner thigh.  Start with a light grab, then starting rubbing a thigh.  You’ll still kissing + licking her breasts with your mouth while doing this.

Stimulating the Erogenous zones of a female

start sex slow

Continue to stroke your hand up and down her thigh near her pussy.  Once she starts moving around in pleasure, put your hand on her pussy.  No need to attack aggressively.  Start out rubbing her pussy in a circular motion.  Then you can apply more pressure firmness, and intensity.

From here you can do one of four things

  1. undo her pants and take them off
  2. tug at her pants to signal to her to take them off
  3. whisper in her eye to “take her pants off”
  4. or wait until she takes her own pants off

Most women will take their own pants off once you’ve learned how to turn a girl on really well.  I love to tease them to the point where they’re begging me to fuck them.

If you’re patient then teasing them like I do will get them to cum quickly and hard when you do fuck.  But you can also do any of the other options as well.  I’ve done them all well plenty of success.

If you think the girl will give any last minute resistance, then teasing her until she takes them off will be in your favor.  This way it’s her that’s doing the action instead of being pressured by you to fuck.  But for most women who seem very turned on, you can be more aggressive and just take her pants off or tell her to.


Indirect is fine to use if you’re newer to sleeping with women or if you feel the girl might have second thoughts.  This way you’re taking the process slower and learning how to turn a girl on more smoothly at first.  This gives her a chance to feel seduced and make her feel less guilty about sleeping with a new man.

Netflix on computer

netflix - get laid on first date

The way I do indirect with the most success is set up a movie on netflix.  Even though I have a T.V. I tell the girl it’s not working so we’ll use my computer.  Then I set up the computer on the bed.  If she hasn’t gotten on the bed, I tell her to come on the bed so I can cuddle her for the movie.

Most girls will get into position, but if she doesn’t then you can ask her to lay down here and get comfortable.  You say all of this casually, gently, and in a flirty way.  Not in a demanding or harsh tone.  She already wants to fuck, but she might just be nervous or more shy.  Or it could be that you’re a newbie.  Either way, set it up so you’re spooning her.

Movie and light touching

Play the movie.  As it starts playing you can run your fingers along the side of her body.  Within a minute or two you can use a hand to give her a neck massage.  Some women will get turned on by this alone.  You’ll be able to tell if she starts moving her body.

Continue to massage her neck with your hand that’s on the side you’re laying on.  For example, I lay on my left side.  I don’t lay on my arm though.  I have my arm out – like I would balance my head on my arm.  But instead I use that hand to massage the girls neck.  I also have found it very useful to massage her head and run my fingers through her hair.

Take your other hand and put it up her shirt.  Massage her back.

Undo bra

Undo her bra strap with this same hand.  Take your hand, and run in gently down her back all the way until you get to her pants.  You only need to use a finger or two for a very light lunch.  If she moves her lower back a little bit, and her hips, this is a huge sign she’s turned on.

The next step is to start going after the other erogenous zones of a female.  You can turn her from her side to her back and start kissing her breasts.  The indirect method bypasses kissing lips if that’s not your thing.

Focus on her breasts like you would do before.  You can let the movie play or close your laptop at this point, as long as you don’t stop stimulating her.

Continue to kiss her breasts, and follow a similar pattern to the direct method from here.  Which means go after the inner thigh, then her pussy, and eventually to the point where her pants are ready to come off.

Turning a girl on

don draper - turning a girl on

The vest way to turn a woman on is to be cool, take things slow, and make her want it every step of the way.  Once you get enough practice it’s not hard to know how to turn a girl on and get her horny.  Every girl can be a little different in how they react and what really turns them on.  But the erogenous zones of a female are the same and you’ll be able to get her wet and horny with these methods.

After you know how to turn a girl on, you just need to make sure you’ve mastered your sex skills and know how to fuck her right.  Then she’ll keep coming back for more and you’ll have the sex life of a true player.

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