How to use Instagram to get Laid: Post and Get off

How to use Instagram to get Laid

how to use Instagram to get laid

You can learn how to use Instagram to get laid and have it as a valuable tool in your arsenal.  Because as a player in the game, you’re always looking for more ways to play.  And with Instagram being the best social media platform to help get girls, you should have a profile to help you get some ass.

Like anything else, high status famous guys are going to have their pick of the litter.  But you don’t need to have 1.5 million followers to do well with Instagram.  It won’t be a magical pussy magnet.  You’re still better off with relying on meeting girls in real life and using dating apps.  But you can figure out how to use Instagram to get laid with girls you meet other places and use it to add to your sexual market value.

While some guys can rely on it too much, I view Instagram as a solid addition to add extra social proof with girls just meeting you and even girls on your team to run dread game.

The pick up artist approach

The basic Instagram pua approach is simply just to

  • DM girls until you can make something happen

This is when you send them a direct message.  While DM’ing can work, I don’t advise you spam this.  It’s thirsty behavior.  Meaning you’re validating women and not getting much in return.  Plus if you do it to enough women, you can get screenshotted and put on blast by her.

It’s different on tinder or dating apps because the two of you matched.  But when you just DM all types of girls, it’s unsolicited and can hurt your reputation.  Meaning other girls will see you be thirsty and get denied and therefore also not fuck with you.  Of course, if you two have no mutual followers or friends then this can be reduced.  And the less strong you come off, the more you can play it off.

However, I recommend at least getting your profile up before doing this so you’ll look like a guy she might want to fuck with.  This means you need to adapt a player approach.

The player approach

how to text a girl, man texting

Some smarter pua’s and every player will use the player approach in order to figure out how to date a girl from Instagram.

The player approach means you’re playing the best hand you got.  And doing everything in your power to build value in yourself.  This is the best way to figure out how to get laid on Instagram.  Instead of messaging every cute girl you see, you want to build yourself up into looking like a fun, attractive man.

You do this by:

  • Post pictures of you traveling, pics by yourself where you look good, with your bros, with women
  • Grow follower count above 1000, 2000,0 5,000, etc
  • Get a solid ratio of follower to following

The pictures are advertising you and your life.  Get a mixture of pictures of just you, you traveling, pics with your bros, with women, with family, with dogs, and so on.  Basically you want to look like a fun man who’s living life.  This is what is going to give the women something to think about and talk with her friends about.

Some pictures can be just you where you look good.  Others should be with people so you can have social proof.  Pictures with bros and family are good.  And pictures with other girls, especially attractive ones, are some of the best you can get.

Besides good pictures you’re going to want to have a decent follower count.  Like I said, you don’t need 1.5 million followers to learn how to get laid on Instagram.  And you don’t always need more followers than her, but that definitely helps.

Getting follower number up

And for all the Instagram hoes with 5,000 and 10,000 followers, there are plenty of cute girls that have 1000 or less followers.

So if you can get past 1000 followers then you’re doing decent.  And if you can get to 2,000 or 5,000, then you’re in great shape.  And of course you want a decent ratio.  Meaning you’re following less people than are following you.

You  can do this by following a bunch of people for a few days (up to 50 an hour), then unfollow foe a few days, and so on and so forth.  It does take some time to grow your Instagram following at first.  But in a matter of a few weeks or months you can have a decent following.  The more people you add from real life (don’t unfollow them if they’re cool), the better engagement you’ll get on pictures.

Some men will complain of the work needed for Instagram.  And I’ll tell them to shut the fuck up.  It takes no brain power, just some following and unfollowing for a month or two or three.  Then you can keep going or be done with it and just post once a week.  The ROI in terms of social proof you get is worth it.  You can get laid on Instagram, or at least with the help from it.  So if you want to have a lot of women in your life, or even keep a girlfriend in check, then I’d highly recommend using it.

Selfies or no?

Once in a while yes.  While taking selfies may be considered “being a tool”, if you take good ones and have a lot of female followers, this is like a thirst trap for them.  The key is quality.  And also the majority of your pics shouldn’t be seflies.  A selfie here and there is fine.

I get emails from guys saying that selfies are lame or toolish.  But some of my best pictures are high quality selfies.  This way I can show off my face and things like a new haircut really well.  As long as you have other social pictures, it’s totally fine having selfies.  Especially if you’re good looking.  If you’re not as good looking then I’d recommend less selfies.

And hell no to mirror selfies.  Those suck ass.  Those are only for when you’re sexting a girl.

How to use Instagram to get girls

How to use Instagram to get girls

Let’s discuss how to use Instagram to get girls.  You can either use it indirectly to support the rest of your game, or use it directly.  I prefer indirect and just use Instagram to get laid by having it as a supplement, but you can use it directly if you want.

And let’s clear something up.  This guide isn’t going to discuss how to date an Instagram model.  If you’re not meeting this type of girl in real life then you stand no chance.  A woman with 50k or 100k+ followers is fucking with the big ballers.  Instead, you should focus on women with less followers than you.  There are still plnety of attractive women who lurk on Instagram but who don’t post all the time, and therefore don’t have big followings.

It’s possible to fuck 7’s and 8’s, and the occasional introverted 9 from Instagram.  If you want to know how to find thots on Instagram and fuck the super hot 10’s, you’re going to need to be a famous guy yourself.

Alright, so let’s get back into actually how to get laid using Instagram.


The way to use Instagram to get laid indirectly is to:

  • have a good profile
  • add girls you meet in real life on Instagram
  • let them lurk your pics and stories, which will help to increase their interest
  • good for girls you just met, are fucking, and even girlfriends

Even if you never DM a girl, having a good profile acts as social proof will increase attraction.  It won’t do the whole job.  You still need to be able to talk to girls in real life, know how to flirt with them, and know how to fuck them well.

But Instagram is great at being a tool to get them into you.  You can post on Instagram and then you’ll realize that one of your fuckbuddies you haven’t heard from will hit you up later that day or the next day.  Or you post a cool picture of you having fun during a night out and your ex girlfriend will text you that same night wanting to hook up.

Maybe you just met a girl and added her on Instagram.  You have plans for this Saturday.  Thursday you post a picture with you and two other girls.  She sees that and decides not to flake on you because you’re in demand.

These are all ways you can use Instagram to get laid indirectly.  Of course it will be tough to determine what specific things came from Instagram or not.  But you’ll definitely notice that by having a fun, attractive profile, you’ll get more action and interest from girls in your life.


man stalking girls instagram - obsessed with girls

The direct way to determine how to use Instagram to get laid is simply:

  • DM’ing girls

This is when you message a girl directly.  If you’ve never met a girl before, this can backfire if she puts you on blast for being thirsty.  That being said, women like the attention and most won’t out you on blast.

If you’re going to DM girls, it’s best to do it when you have 2,000+ followers, have a good ratio, have a fun profile, and go after girls with less followers  than you.  It’s nota requirement, but will increase your chances.

And the other thing to do is play it cool.  Meaning don’t message her something stupid like most thirsty guys and say “hey sexy” or “you’re beautiful”.

An easy one is to go after girls in a city you’ll be visiting and ask them if they have recommendations for fun things to do.

  • Then you can say “sounds fun, you should show me around” or “so what bar are you taking me to” or even “ever been a tour guide before?”
  • Come up with something original or steal what I wrote.

If she’s in your city, then you can come up with something else.   If you just moved to the city then you can go in a similar direction as the example above.

  • But if you’re both from there then you can just say something like  “you look like  you know NYC (or your city) pretty well”
  • and then follow up with”ever been to ______ (bar near your place)”
  • and then follow up with “you should try it with me”

You’re still hitting on her, but you’re playing it cool and having fun with it.  Of course you’re going for a date, but you’re keeping your dignity.

How often to post

I post around once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.  I’ll take a few weeks off and then post twice in a week and switch things up.  This gets girls into your life, then they wonder about you, then see you again.  It’s just like being a player in managing relationships.

You can post to your story more often.  I tend to post to my story 1-4 times a week.  And if I’m traveling somewhere or going somewhere cool I’ll post more.  You can see who views your content which is cool because you can see which chicks are stalking you.  But don’t get addicted to the validation of it.

Use Instagram as bait

using Instagram as bait

Use Instagram as bait.  You learn how to use Instagram to get laid by realizing it’s about your perceived life.

Even if I have a bad day you wouldn’t know it by my Instagram.  And that’s a good thing.  Because it’s always positive vibes and big dick energy.  Which means you’re indirectly gaming girls all the time.  All the women who follow you will see your bait.  Women you already fuck will see your social life and know they are competing with your friends, other girls, and life activities.

It’s even bait for guy friends as well.  Other cool guys want to be friends with winners not losers.  When you post cool pictures of you doing fun things , being happy, chillen with girls, and kicking it with your bros, other guys will want to be your friend.  It’s human nature.

Post and get off

Instagram isn’t a holy grail for getting laid.  You can avoid using Instagram to get laid and still fuck plenty of girls.  But if you just post and get off, then it can be a solid way to boost your smv up with little effort.  It just takes some self control to not stay and lurk on it for hours.

Use Instagram to get laid by using it as a way to reel girls in.  You can reach out to girls not in your area, or be cool about it and not too thirsty, or you can just use it as a bonus to help indirectly game women you’re already talking to.  It really does help with girls you just met because they see you’re a cool, social, fun guy, and therefore feel better about sleeping with you.  And even with girls you already see, it keeps them on their toes because they get the perception you’re living a fun life, which keeps them attracted to you.

Don’t make it a competition with you and other girls.  Don’t look at their profiles often.  Just post and get off, and use Instagram to get laid by letting it blow up your value in the eyes of the women who you meet and know.

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