Hypergamy: Understanding Female Nature + How to Take Advantage of it

Hypergamy: Understanding Female Nature


Hypergamy is talked a lot about in the red pill community.  It’s a way to describe women’s sexual strategy for their success in the dating game.

When you understand female nature and what makes them act the way they do, you can avoid the pitfalls of things like monkey branching and instead get what you want our of relationships.  But if you don’t know this information, you can end up bitter, angry, and drained of your resources.

What is Hypergamy?

Hypergamy is just a fancy word for how women exercise their reproductive + survival strategy.

They go for the highest value male they can get, and will leave that high value man for a higher value man if they’re able to.  If they leave a man for another, this is referred to as money branching or simply branch swinging.

When monkeys swing from branch to branch, they grab ahold of the next one before they let go of the first one.  Otherwise they could fall if they let go of the first one and missed the next one.

Just like it’d be risky for a woman to leave one man without having a backup man ready to go.  The backup man may be another relationship or just sex.  But the point is she has her options lined up.

Why do Women Monkey Branch?

woman thinking about monkey branching

Women want the highest quality man they can get.  On a subconscious level, they want to mate with the alpha males.  This way they have the a higher chance of having strong kids who will make it to adulthood and continue to lineage.

Women monkey branch so they can avoid the pitfalls of not having a man.  While in todays society, it seems unnecessary, as most women have jobs or have a support system, this wasn’t true in the past.

Throughout most of history, if a woman lost her man, due to his death, or him just leaving her, she was in a very bad position to survive.  She had no physical protection against other tribes who might want to rape or kill her.  And she also had no way to get food and protection of kids without a man.

That’s why it’s in her best interest to have a strong man who she can mate with.  While branch swinging may seem outdated in the modern world, we’ve only been in complex societies for a short amount of time relative to overall history.

Evolutionary drives

Primitive instincts are still strong and very much alive.  Women are sexual and many just want new dick.  But there’s also a deeper force that drives them to have men lined up.  Hence we have female nature and men who have uncovered it the hard way.

Hypergamy is survival instinct

Hypergamy is simply a survival instinct.

If you think about it objectively, it makes sense why a woman would want to have another man lined up.  That’s potentially continued access to sex, money, protection, and less emotional pain from a break up / separation.

I’m not saying I love hypergamy, but that’s just female nature.  It’s not evil or good, it simply is what it is.

The mistake many men make is getting bitter about it.  And that’s because they usually get cheated on or left by a woman who money branches to another man.  It’s understandable why a man would be frustrated.  But the best way to approach things is to be objective as you can.

If you accept that people are naturally promiscuous, then you won’t be surprised when this happens.  I’d go on to say that people vary from being promiscuous to monogamous depending on their hormones and stages of life.  Some people are most consistently monotonous and some are more promiscuous naturally.  But most people are somewhere on the spectrum and go through stages of one or the other.

It comes down to options

monkey branching - women have options in sexual market place

That’s people with options by the way.  Many guys will tell me that they’re virgins or not experienced but they just want a girlfriend.  And that’s fine.  But I’m willing to bet many of these men would sleep around, at least for a little bit, if they got more attention from women and had more options.

Even men and women with plenty of options will usually get tired of just being promiscuous and try monogamy for periods of time.  Then get bored of that and go to promiscuity.

But it comes down to options.  When people have more options, they’ll choose the best ones.  If you had 9s and 10s lining up to fuck you, you would sleep with those women, at least for a while.

Many of you guys here are players, and many more are relationship guys.  Either way, it’s important to understand female nature.  Women will go through stages of being promiscuous and then wanting a relationship.  When you get this, then you won’t get as attached or angry if the girl you see starts sleeping with other men.  Because that’s just the game.

Female Hypergamy: Dating Strategies

In the past, female hypergamy still existed, but it was on a smaller scale.  Sure, women would still cheat and leave their husbands for another man.  But this wasn’t nearly as common as it is today.  And that’s because women relied on men, especially their husbands, for all of her needs.

For her

  • financial needs
  • sexual needs
  • and for social acceptance by the rest of the community

Divorce would ruin a woman 50 years ago and throughout most of history.  When marriage wasn’t a construct, women depended on their man for all of these things as well.  She can always get sex anywhere, but her chances at being financially stable would reduce dramatically if she left her husband.  And it was extremely shameful to be a divorced woman throughout most of history.

If you think that all marriages were perfect back in the day then you’re mistaken.  But the woman had a clear role and had incentives to stay in that marriage.  That’s not the case anymore.  I’m not making the argument that woman should be forced to stay in a marriage.  They should be allowed to.  But on the condition they don’t get to divorce rape the man.

Divorce – change in access to financial needs

divorce rape

However, things have dramatically changed.  Women aren’t socially shamed with divorce and they are actually encouraged to meet their financial needs by taking half of their husbands net worth via divorce rape.

Agin, I’m not saying people shouldn’t be allowed to get divorces or that women should be forced to be married to someone. But to give a huge financial reward for leaving a man when she doesn’t want to make a relationship work anymore is a crime.

And this lets female nature run loose.  Females have a desire to fuck the highest quality men they can.  Some women think the highest quality are the best looking, others think the highest quality are the richest, and some think the highest quality are those with the most status.  Most have a preference for a combination of the three.

Humans are promiscuous 

But no matter how you look at it, it’s female nature for women to want to be promiscuous.  Some are less promiscuous then others and go through stages.

Similar to men.  Male nature is also promiscuous.  We want to spread our seed as far as possible.  While women want to get the best seed as possible.  There’s nothing inherently wrong or evil with female nature or male nature.  It’s how we’ve evolved and gotten to the point where we are today.

The issue is that men are being punished for their nature while women are being heavily rewarded for theirs. When men talk and complain about female nature, it’s really because the system is set up to appeal to hypergamy while it’s set against men.

It’s important to understand this.

Humans are naturally promiscuous in order to have the best genes make it through the breeding process.  But when society, through laws and enforcement of laws, allow one gender to take advantage of their nature and punish the others, then you have an imbalance.

How to take advantage of Female Nature and Hypergamy

So you know about hypergamy, female nature, and what’s going on in today’s society.  But what are you going to do about it?

You can either do the same stuff you’re doing and get played.  You can opt out of the game.  Or you can play the game to your advantage.  I choose the last option.  You should take advantage  of female nature and enjoy the benefits of it, while reducing your risk of being burnt by it.

Study the Pimp Game

gorgeous dre - pimp

Pimps are extremely charismatic, masculine, and know female nature better than most other men.

You don’t have to become a pimp.  But studying the pimp game gives you a glimpse into female nature and how to come out on top.  Things to learn from pimps are that

  • man is the value
  • don’t be jealous of a woman, have her be jealous over you
  • one is to close to none
  • never give a woman power of you by getting oneitis
  • woman want a strong, powerful man in their lives
  • lead and give direction
  • always be ready to walk away and cut a woman off

Pimps understand female psychology and hypergamy well and use it to their advantage.  They literally profit off of it.  Again, don’t become a literal pimp.  You’ll end up in jail and will be surrounded by negative energy that comes with that world.

But if you can apply things pimps know then you can have more control over your relationships and interactions with women.

Become a Player

how to be a player - build a pipeline

Instead of becoming  a pimp, your best best is to learn how to be a player.

Players take advantage of female hypergamy.  They know what a woman wants.

What a woman wants is validation from a man, especially an alpha male.  When she gets validation, then she knows she can get resources from this man.  But once she knows she can get resources, then her interest will drop.  That’s because an alpha is strong and would never give all of his power to a woman.  So then she’s on to the next and monkey branches to another man.

The player knows this.  So he has the women chasing his validation and attention.  He has sex with multiple women, fulfilling their sexual needs, while having her chase him for their other needs.  The key is to never give her control over you.

The player appeals to the promiscuous desires of women.  And he has her on a mission to try and lock him down so his resources are only for her.  However, the player knows better than to actually give in.  He sells her a dream and keeps her coming back until she locks him down or she can’t take the non-commitment and moves on to a man who will date her seriously.

Today is the best time for a player

In the past, only the leaders of the tribe could have multiple female sex partners.  And once they got killed or died, then it was for the next alpha male to take over.

But in today’s era, you can be a player without being the ultimate alpha in your city.  The women still want the best guys they can get, but now you actually have a chance.  Many betas don’t realize that in the past, they would’ve been killed off by the alphas or forced to do work for the hunting trip but have no access to women.

In modern society, you can become an upper tier man and still do well with women.  You don’t have to kill other men and go to war to get access to more women.  You simply need to raise your sexual market value and go out more.  The modern beta who works on himself can have more pussy than an alpha 5,000 years ago who slept with 5 women in his tribe but died at the age of 24 to an infection or by the hands of any enemy.

You don’t have to be a player forever.  But being a player for a little while will at least open your eyes up to female nature.  That way you’re not surprised later on.  And you’ll know to avoid the wrath that hypergamy can bring to your life.

Leverage – never get married

avoid getting married

And that wrath is divorce after marriage.  The biggest way to lose against hypergamy is to get married.  Because you’ve now give her the ability to get access to half of your net worth plus alimony, possibly for the rest of your life.

When you get married, you’re giving up your power.  And then if she decides to monkey branch or leave you for someone else you’re screwed.  Her sexual needs will be met by another man while her financial needs will be met by you.  She can then get financial needs met by the other man as well, maximizing her survival and reproductive strategy to its fullest.

But the biggest way to enjoy female hypergamy without being hurt by it is to never get married.

Society supports women by giving them access to financial resources and sexual needs through marriage laws.  But men can simply go around this, legally, by avoiding marriage.  When you don’t get married, you protect your assets.  If a woman want to give in to her female nature and fuck someone else, then you have the ability to walk away.

You maintain power of independence.  Which is necessary for every man who wants to the leader in the relationship.  And it’s absolutely essential for every man who wants to have leverage against hypergamy.

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Gabriel Dejango
Gabriel Dejango

Great article!
This valuable information is necessary if we as men want to survive and thrive in this gynocentric society!
It must be shared at the high school level.
This knowledge must be protected from liberals, laws and feminists at all costs!


from what ive seen there are women who want what other women got. if you dont own your own home, are financially stable enough to make them financially free, then chances are they will monkey branch, these women want men with zero baggage but want them to except their own baggage , its so messed up