Ignoring her when she goes cold: Ignore her to attract her

Ignoring her when she goes cold

Ignoring her when she goes cold

Ignoring her when she goes cold in the only real option you have.  Your girlfriend went cold on you for whatever reason.  Or maybe she’s not your girlfriend.  Regardless, the reasons are the same.

The steaks are higher when it’s a girlfriend whose going cold on you.  If it’s a girl you see casually then you shouldn’t get too worked up over it.  But maybe she’s really hot.  Or you have a big ego as a lot of get in the game.

There’s tons of reasons she goes cold.  You could’ve:

And in general giving her too much attention and not being masculine.  Or she goes cold because she’s thinking about a guy at work, have friends saying bad things about you, and so on.  She goes cold for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s your fault but many times it’s not.

What you do determines how the relationship will play out.

If a girl goes cold on me, I immediately pull back my attention.  She’s basically starting to ignore you.  Ignoring her is the only option you have if you want her back on your dick.  And even if you don’t want her back, it’s the best way for you to begin to move on and live life.  You also save face for later.

Ignoring her

Ignoring her

Ignoring her when she goes cold is the best option you have.  Because she’ll either drift apart, and you’ll be able to move on.  Or she’ll realize she’s losing you and she’ll try and win your attention back.  Her attraction for you will grow again.

Guys ask me will ignoring her work?  And the answer is yes.  Sometimes you ignore her completely if it’s casual, and sometimes you just ignore her for a few days or by not showing as much affection.

Drifting apart and getting over her

This varies a lot depending on the relationship you have with a girl.  If she’s a new girl you’re seeing casually and she goes cold, then you really shouldn’t even make it a big deal to yourself.  She could be talking with an ex and trying to work things out, busy with life, seeing other dick, and so on.  A girl you’ve fucked 3 or 4 times might not even trying to be going cold on you.  Unless you’re amazing at sex and really charismatic, she’s not going to have a big attachment to you yet.

If she’s your girlfriend or a girl you’ve been seeing for a long time then it’s a little bit different.  She should have an attachment for you.  But she goes cold for the same reasons still.  She could be cheating on you.  Or even just considering cheating on you.  She could just be losing attraction to you because you’re acting weak.  There’s many reasons.  You don’t need to be a detective and figure it out.  If you’re acting weak then you probably already know that.  And if you were doing everything right then you know something is off on her end.

Either way, she’s drifting off.  Ignoring her is the best option.  It will allow you to get over her and live your own life.

She’ll come back to win your attention

red pill relationship

They always come back.  Especially if this girl was your girlfriend or someone you’ve been seeing + sleeping with for a long time.  Ignore her to attract her.

If she’s ignoring you and you’r ignoring her, then it may take a while to hear from her again.  But you need to let her come back to you.  Regardless of it was you being weak or her being up to no good.

For girlfriends

If it was your mistake, as in you became too weak, too needy, etc., then you can try and keep the relationship going.  However, if she was drifting off because she was cheating on you, then cut that hoe off.  You don’t deserve dealing with that negative energy in your life.

For causals

If things were casual, then you can let her come back, be submissive, but still maintain the casualness.  She might’ve met another guy or been dealing with other guys.  But you two are just casual so it shouldn’t matter anyways.  You’re not making her your wife.  You’re a player and using her for casual sex.  She’s also using you for casual sex and to be validated my a high value man like yourself.

How to ignore her

But the hardest part is actually ignoring her.  She’ll likely come back around.  But it’s not easy ignoring her when you really like her, she’s really  hot, or she was the only female you had in your life.

  1. Follow your purpose
  2. Get in the gym
  3. Pursue other women

1. Follow your purpose

man figuring out purpose

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it.  Your purpose needs to be your #1 focus in your life.  It’s when you combine something you enjoy and something you’re good at in a way that can provide value to others.   You can turn your purpose into your own business.  This business will allow you to quit that job you hate and have financial freedom.  Whether you want to be a minimalist and travel often or work to build your wealth up, you’ll have options.

And as the CEO of your own company, you’ll gain more money and status.  Your sexual market value will rise.  It takes some sacrifice in the short term to get it going.  This means you might get less women and sometimes no women because you’re so busy building your business.  But after two years of grinding on the side, you can quit your full time job, have your own business, and still have left over time to date + fuck high quality women.

When you start building momentum on your purpose – ignoring her, this girl that you’re stressing about – won’t even be an issue.

2. Get in the gym

But in the short term, you’re going to need to keep yourself busy, feeling good, and also boost your smv.  Get your ass in the gym.  Lifting weights is one of the best ways of ignoring her when she goes cold.  It allows you to focus solely on building muscle.  You’ll feel like a beast afterwards.  And you’ll have an easier time getting new girls.

3. Pursue other women

how to get one night stands

Which brings us to other women.  Talking to, dating, and sleeping with other women is essential to get your mind off of this girl.  Unless you;’re 100% dedicated to your purpose, which most of you won’t be yet, pursing other women will give you something to do.  You’ll be able to put your sexual attention and urges towards someone else.

What will hold most of you back from ignoring her when she goes cold is that she was your only or biggest source of sex and attention.  Even as guys we like attention, although not quite dependent on it as women.  It still makes us feel good to have women who want us.

You have the power

You need to be ignoring her when she goes cold so she understands you’re the one in charge.  Otherwise she can’t respect you and she’ll continue to lose attraction.  Let her come back to your leadership, or never hear from her again as you move on like nothing every happened.

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