Incels are Nothing New: Why Desperate Men Need to Improve

Incels – Nothing new


Incels are geeks online who identify as involuntary celibate.

They can’t get laid for shit.  And they’re mad about it.

Maybe some of them are ugly, overweight, or just weird and creepy.

Whatever the reason, they can’t get women.

Toxic beliefs 

These incel guys have toxic beliefs.

They think women are evil and they should be deserving of female attention.

But they don’t know the truth.

Nobody owes you anything in this life.

Yes, having women in your life is a great thing.  Having consistent sex and female energy can do a lot to make a man feel powerful.

But at the end of the day, true men don’t need women.

It’s something we want, but we can say no when we need to.

Incels believe that:

  • they deserve hot women
  • the world is against them
  • nothing they do will ever get them more women

If they got rid of these beliefs then they could achieve some level of success with women and life.

Entitled to pussy

not entitled to pussy

You’re not entitled to get pussy.

There’s a sexual market place.

You have to compete with every other guy out there to get some.

If you’re not getting any women, it’s because you aren’t providing anything of value that they want.

If you’re uglier or weird, you need to achieve success in order to get the hottest women.

But even just a regular job and okay social skills will get you average or below average women.

The world is against them

The incels believe that there’s injustice in life.

Life’s not fair, but the world isn’t against you or for you.

It’s neutral.

You only perceive it as good or bad based on your current perception.

Incels believe that the world is against them, and this leads them to be so negative about girls.

Nothing they do will work

believing nothing they do will work

The worst one is they believe nothing they do will work.

Even if you thought the rowed was against you but you could do something about it, then you’d at least have a shot.

Incels believe there’s nothing they can do to improve their chances with women.

That’s wrong.

Any guy can get a girl.  It doesn’t mean it will be easy, and it doesn’t mean you’ll get the hottest women.

But if you are in shape, have a decent job, and talk to enough girls, then you will luck up eventually.

And it will get easier over time.

Even studs get rejected by girls all the time.  So as a man with lower sexual market value, you have to put in more work.  Or better yet, become successful and sky rocket your sexual market value.

Incels and similar outlooks are bad

incels are bad

It’s bad when guys are killing people because they’re mad and can’t get laid.

It’s a problem when this is a growing trend.

Instead, work on yourself.

Improve who you are and get more women.

It’s not rocket science.  But it’s hard.

Incels are lazy fucks who bitch and complain instead of doing what needs to be done.

They lack the producer mindset that’s needed to achieve success.

You don’t have to be a good looking guy to be a man.

But you need to put in the effort for what you want.

We’re all lucky to be alive and even have the opportunity to chase women because our other survival needs are met.

Most of history was shit for the majority.

The elites got to choose from the villages the women they wanted while many regular men didn’t get to have a wife.

If you lived in a smaller tribe without elites than maybe you got one wife.

Incels fail to see how much life is better in current times.

They could improve their conditions and sleep with one girl each year over the next 10 years, and will have slept with 10 women.

That’s more than the average man does in his life time.

It’s a terrible outlook on life.

Incels take out their anger on inflicting harm on other people with mass shootings and killings.

It’s time for Western Men to Man the Fuck Up

man up like the rock

Western men in general have become ball-less.

A lot of that is due to the influence of feminism and what’s being taught in the school system.

But it’s no excuse for us to continue in this direction.  Regardless of the programming, we’re still men.

We need to man the fuck up as a whole.

Even if you can’t get laid for shit, at least do the best to live your own life.

The weak males, the incels, are a disgrace to masculinity.

These guys are the extreme version of the beta male who is not good with women, sits on his ass all day, and never does what he wants to in life.

It’s important to call the bullshit out.

The incels, while a small minority, reflect on how weak men have gotten in America and in the west in general.

We need to build ourselves up and learn how to be men again.

That’s why I do what I do.

To give men some piratical advice and strategies to succeed in life, win in business, and get better with women.

It’s painful to see guys stoop so low to kill other people because they can’t get pussy.

Solution to Incels

If you’re part of the incense, or view yourself as borderline, and want to change, there’s a few things you can do.

  1. Handle the virginity, see a professional
  2. Raise your sexual market value
  3. Lower your standards
  4. Accept it and move on

1. Handle the virginity, see a professional

This option means you see a professional.  You pay for sex and lose the v-card.  Virginity isn’t that big of a deal once you take care of it.

I don’t recommend most guys see prostitutes consistently.  Mainly because you should value money over sex.  However, there’s nothing morally wrong with it between two consenting adults.

And you’re doing it to lose the v-card.  Many men handle their virginity this way.

No shame about it.  Once you do this, then you’ll realize sex isn’t as big of a deal, and you can try and have it with regular girls.

2. Raise your sexual market value

Raising your sexual market value will give you more options.

More women will be into you, and you’ll have a better chance at getting laid.  You raise your sexual market value by

  • improving your body and style
  • increasing your money
  • becoming more confident
  • working on your conversation game
  • raising status by becoming good at something, like dancing, martial arts, business CEO, etc.

3. Lower your standards

Many incels want to not just fuck women, but they want to most attractive women.

But that’s not realistic for most men.  Even men who get laid consistently aren’t fucking the most attractive women most of the time.

If you’re a good looking player in the game, you’ll fuck some 8’s, an occasional 9, and a “practical” 10 a few times in your life – depending on your standards for a 10.

If you’re an average or below average dude, you’re not going to get the most attractive women unless your famous.  Now, a guy who’s a 5 can make himself a 6 or 7.  And he can get an occasional 8.  But it takes effort and time.

Incels who want to get laid need to start off by lowering their standards.  Fuck a few 4’s or 5’s if you have to.  You’re not entitled to the hot women.  Get in where you can fit in.

Then you can rise up and get 6’s and even some 7’s.

4. Accept it and move on

Ideally, you lower your standards and work on yourself.  Maybe you fuck a hooker to lose the v-card.  Then you get in with some easy girls, get confidence from getting laid, and work on other aspects of your life.

Eventually, with more game and a higher sexual market value, you can get more attractive women.

But not all guys want to put in the work.  Fine.  Then accept it and move on.

You can accept that you can’t get attractive women, but not be mad about it and just live your life.  Nothing wrong with being a virgin if you don’t make it a big deal.

Accepting in and moving on will at least allow you to still enjoy your life.  Giving in to the negative energy of incense will just bring you down and make your life worse.

Avoiding ideologies

avoiding ideologies

It’s best to avoid ideologies, especially ones that lead to negative beliefs.

Ideologies and philosophies are ways to look at the world.

But they’re not the world.

The world is simply your own experience.

Even the red pill, which I’d consider my content to be, or similar to, is just a way of thinking.

I call my material because is resonates with other material identified by the same terminology.

But at the end of the day, it’s just an indentity to classify things.  You take what you can and apply it to your own life.

There have been guys who can’t get laid for as long as humans have existed.

These incel guys think they’re somehow different, they’re not.  They’re just losers who aren’t doing shit.

Not everyone can get laid like a rockstar.

Not everyone can be a player and fuck lots of hot, beautiful women.

Play your best hand

But you can be a player in playing your best position giving the hand your dealt with.

That’s what a man does.

If you move to a decent sized city, make a decent income, lift weights, and dress well, you’ll be able to fuck women.

They may not be the hottest women, but you’ll get some.

Even if it’s just a girlfriend or a fuck here and there, every man can work on himself and get laid + attention from a girl.

PUA’s have fucked up the game by saying all guys, fat, old, ugly, can get even the hottest, youngest girls.

That’s a lie, looks, money, and status matter.

But any man aged 20-50 can get at least one girl if he puts in the effort.

Even if you’re not an incel, you need to do everything in your power to live your best life.

Gain back our Power and Manhood

how to be a man

We need to build up the masculinity in the west again.

Whether it’s getting girls, building a business and creating wealth, or chasing your purpose.

Otherwise, incels and others like them will continue to rise and it will lead to our downfall.

This quote sums it up quite well:

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

G. Michael Hopf

We need men that are going to work more to build themselves up and put in the effort to live a great life.

If we let the negativity and weakness win, then the West will fall.

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I think there are solutions for incel problem: 1. Stop virgin shaming. It’s nothing wrong with being a virgin, no matter what age. Being a virgin doesn’t make you any less manly. But your attitide to it does. So, instead of thinking as a sign of failure, try to focus on more positive things of virginity: – you can get married with a pure conscience. I don’t know how in other faiths, but in christianity you are expected to lose virgnity only after getting married, and getting married just to lose virginity is rush and stupid. You’ve got plenty of… Read more »


Suuper good post mate!


In fact men doesn’t have to improve for hoes but for themselves, so it is the other way around my lovely neocuckservative!

Black Pill MGTOW is the solution.

Stop focusing on vaginas you little manginas. Hoes can go fuck themselves.

Also, you can ignore the Black Pill and get fucked yourself – on repeat.

GLHF simpin’, you cucks 🙂

Better safe than sorry
Better safe than sorry

“Incel” is a new term to shame a particular kind of people who want to get laid, but can’t get a woman. That’s not the same as men who decided that they want to stay single due to the poor marriage climate. Lots of men CHOOSE not to get a woman in their lifes, and for good reason. So the best thing if someone can’t get a women is to get education, get a good job, work hard and make good money so that you become financially sound, if not beyond that. Get into a sports club and meet other… Read more »