Men should not get Married: 10 reasons why you Need to Avoid Marriage

Men should not get Married: 10 Crucial Reasons

avoid getting married

In today’s modern era, men, under no circumstances should get married.

Well, unless of course your future wife is much richer than you and you plan on keeping it that way.

But, assuming she makes less or the same as you, which is the case in 95% of married couples, you simply can’t do it.

Here’s are the 10 reasons why men need to avoid marriage at all costs.

1. Divorce and financial devastation

divorce and losing money

There’s a 50% chance any given married couple getting a divorce.

A coin flips the wrong way and your fucked.

That stat includes older generations too, where there are many older married couples.  And it doesn’t take into account younger generations who are less conservative and where divorce rates are higher.

And they’ll continue to rise, despite the media telling us that they’re steadily declining.

As a business man, would you take a bet where there’s a 50 percent chance of nothing happening and a 50 percent chance of you losing half of your assets?  No, you would just walk away from that deal and not even consider it.

So why consider getting married?

If you stay married and don’t get divorced, nothing happens.  If you get divorced, you’ll likely lose half of your net worth, and will continue to pay alimony and child support if you have children.

This will totally crush you.  The only men who can afford divorce are multi-millionaires.

You’ll never financially recover from a divorce, unless you’re young and have littler to offer when it happens.  This usually isn’t the case for most men.  Divorce will financially devastate you.  Whether you’re a young guy trying to build wealth or an older guy who’s already started to build some.

If you’re on the path to be a man in a world full of defeated males, don’t get married.

2. Emotional devastation from divorce

emotional devastation divorce

Not only is the financial devastation, but you’ll be emotionally devastated as well.

Imagine, the woman you loved, taking all of your assets.  Getting fucked from behind by other men in the house you’re making payments on.  In the bed you bought because she liked how comfortable it was.

Yes, that’s tough on your wallet.  But that’s even tougher emotionally to take.

Even if you don’t find out about your ex-wife fucking the town, you’re going to be hear broken from the divorce.  Especially if you two were together for a long time.

Getting over a break up can be brutal, but divorce is another story.  You have to deal with the emotional turmoil of a likely long relationship.

You thought she was “the one”, and there are years of your life you won’t get back now.

3. Less Freedom

less freedom

A married man has less freedom.

You won’t be able to go out with the boys like you used to.

You can’t do what you want, when you want.

Tied down.  Two words that describe the rest of your life, if you happen to stay married that is.

Even if you have a lot of your freedom at first, that will slowly and surely erode.  Getting married is like a relationship but with the threat if taking half your shit instead of just a broken heart.

Which means your balls are as good as gone, and freedom is only something you dream about.

4. False Security

false security

Getting married is going to give you and your wife false security.  False security that you are each other’s forever.

This will lead to letting yourselves go and a lack of motivation to keep the relationship alive.

The false security is a lie.  You won’t be each other’s forever.  Eventually, you’ll get divorced or one of you will die.

A marriage can’t last forever because people don’t live together.

The false security that because you’re married you’re “all good” or can take it easy are wrong.

Life is now on hard mode for you.

5. One vagina for the rest of your life

1 girl for rest of life

Signing the dotted line means there’s a 50% chance of losing half your shit, or a 50% chance you get one vagina for the rest of your life.

The same one, forever.

As men, we have instincts to go out there and spread our seed.  Getting married means we’re sacrificing this natural desire to make the marriage work.  No more going out and sleeping with beautiful women.

Now, I’m not saying you should get married and cheat on your wife or have an open relationship.  Cheating will make you paranoid and open relationships are stupid as fuck.  That means she’s fucking the town while you deal with her bullshit.

Keep in mind that if things work out, you’re signing up for fucking no more new girls.

Am I against monogamy?  Believe it or not, I’m not.  Committed relationships can be great.  But when you get married, you lose the ability to walk away like you did before.  Which means your woman can get the upper-hand inn the relationship much easier.  It’s still possible to maintain your leadership and be the man in your marriage, but it’s much harder to do than if you avoided marriage.

6. Less Sex

less sex in marriage

One vagina, but at least more consistent sex, right?

Well, maybe at first.  But once that honeymoon faze wears off… you’re in for a real surprise.

What’s this surprise you might ask?  That’s less sex once you’re married.  Married couples tend to have less sex once they’re a few years into their marriage.  You’ll likely have kids, which will tire you out, and between work, will have little energy to get it on.

Those who do are able to keep the chemistry alive.

Most men in marriages aren’t in great shape or don’t stay in as good in shape as when they were single due to false security.  Well, all of this, factored in with the familiarity of living with your wife will lead to less sex.

There are exceptions to this, but for the most part it holds true.

It’s difficult to keep the flare when responsibilities start to add up.  It’s possible to do but you have to make time to lift weights and stay in your masculinity.

7. Cheating

married couples cheat

Estimates vary, but around 30-60% of all married people in the US cheat during their marriage.  And it’s likely on the higher side, especially with the way things are heading with younger generations of women having more sex partners before marriage.

And the fact that women like to fib about their sexual endeavors, even on surveys.

Likely half of all marriages include cheating.  This means that there’s a good chance you or will wife will be fucking behind the other’s back.

That’s no way to live.  If it’s you, you’ll feel like shit.  Because if your conscience or because you’re worried you’ll get caught and get divorce raped.

If she cheats, the divorce is likely anyways.  Plus that means she’s taking dick from someone else while you have to deal with all of the other shit that comes with being married.

8. Costs for Wedding and Ring

marriage is expensive, wedding and ring

Marriage is expensive as fuck.

Whatever you save in tax benefits is little compared to the cost for most weddings and rings.

The average cost for a wedding in the US is over $30,000.  And if you live in a city, you can expect that to be $50-80,000.

And the rings alone average almost $6,000 for an engagement ring and even more for the wedding bands.  So you’ll spend $42,000 on average, and more if you live in a city or make a good living.  Then your girl will expect the fancy treatment.

I know guys who made six figures to drop $50,000 on a wedding.  They save for a few years, have some solid back up cash, and then blow it on a wedding.

Almost free from the grind, and now they’re paycheck to paycheck.  Getting married will drive most men into debt.  As a man trying to rise up, you need to spend less money.  Not spend more money on things that will give you no return on your investment.

9. A coin’s flip chance of losing your kids

coin flip chance, losing kids after being married

I don’t have kids, so I can’t imagine the pain I see older men who have them get taken away.

But it looks like it’s a terrible experience, and something I don’t need to have happen first hand to know it’s bad.

Paying child support to a woman who is likely to spend a lot of that money not on your flesh and blood is difficult.

It will be up to the courts if you’ll get to see your kids if you get divorced.  Some marriages end okay in the sense that you still can see your kids every other weekend.

But it’s at the total mercy of your ex-wife and the courts.  I wouldn’t want to leave time spent with my kids at the discretion of an ex-wife and the judge.

10. Hurt your chances for Greatness

marriage hurts greatness

There’s few men who can achieve greatness while being married.  Especially in today’s world, where you’ll have to work harder to live a middle class life than ever before.  Men in the past could engage in getting married to a woman and still achieve greatness.

They could follow their purpose 50-100 hours a week and not have to worry about home duties.

But that’s not how marriage is today.  You and your wife will each have to work 50-80 hours a week if you have normal jobs and want to be able to support your family.  Very few man can achieve greatness like that.

You need to work more, not less, in order to achieve greatness.

The ones who do reach high levels of greatness get married after the achieve great things or have a more traditional structure to their relationship.

Don’t get married – it’s not an option

stop, don't get married

Marriage is simply not an option.  I know many of you have a Disney fantasy of finding the perfect girlfriend and getting married to her.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a female companion, you can’t go any farther than having a girlfriend.  Getting legally married is imply too risky for men.

Want to have kids?

You can do that without getting married, it’s been happening ever since sex was invented.

Want the tax benefits?

Who actually gets married just for this?  The cost of the wedding and ring will outweigh this unless you’re rich.  And in that case, you’ll probably spend way more on those things.

Want the companionship?

You can have a girlfriend without getting married.  If she gives you an ultimatum then you can dump her and get another one.

Bottom line

Even if things go sour and you have to pay child support, that can be worth it if you want kids.  Yes, child support can be expensive.

You know what’s more expensive than child support?

  • child support < child support + alimony + half of your net worth at the time of divorce

The risks are simply way too high to get married.  It’s a legal contract that binds you into a relationship.  It gives her the security of leeching from you if you or her (likely her) decides to end it.  Most women are the ones who initiate divorce.  If the threat of divorce wasn’t so big, and the consequences weren’t so great, then maybe you could do it.

But that’s not the current state of affairs.

If you’re a man who’s trying to be successful in life, you can’t get married, period.  You’ll hurt your chances of building wealth.

Don’t sign a contract that can fuck you over when the reward is little to none.

Instead, focus on your purpose, and try to get get rich.  Live life on your own terms.  If you want to have kids and a long time girlfriend that’s up to you, but don’t sign that contract.

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Despite this post, research shows that married men are happier: As a 23-year-old educated woman with a more conservative outlook on building a family, I would never willingly ruin my life by giving a man any children before he agrees to marry me. There are plenty of good men who are willing to take this deal. Marriage brings stability for the family and no girl who has respect for themselves and cares about their future should ignore this fact. And for the “one pussy, less sex” approach: what makes you think that this is the case for every woman?… Read more »

Parson Jim
Parson Jim

Except most of this research does not include divorced men (previously married men) in their studies, so the data are complete irrelevant garbage. Nice try.


This is typical of the garbage science so much social science research on marriage produces. If you ignore the outcomes of divorced men (who were once married) And only look at marriages that persist, of course that’s the conclusion you could make, given the distorted data set.

Would you assess the safety of motorcycles by ignoring those that crashed? That’s the same logoc in your cited paper.

John Phillips
John Phillips

That is a great article. And lets not forget all the money wasted during the marriage. Perhaps the greatest loss of all. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine? Many women speak that language. And if she has previous kids? Good luck buying your son a new video game without buying her Johnny one too. It blows my mind that women today want “women’s rights”, (which they should, and is totally fine by me) but on the other hand still want something so traditional such as marriage?? Hmm, something isn’t right here. Wake up. Marriage unfortunately is a… Read more »