Player vs. Playboy: The key difference

Player vs. Playboy

player vs playboy

Many guys use the words player and playboy interchangeably.

Usually to refer to a guy that’s good with women.

But as a man who advances in the game, it’s important to know the difference so you can utilize both approaches depending on where you are in life.

The player

player method

The player is a guy who’s fucking multiple women at the same time.  He has a rotation of women that he sees, which he refers to as his team.

I don’t mean threesomes or that you’re literally fucking women as the same time.

More like you see Sally on Monday evening, Susan on Wednesday evening, and Maria on Saturday evening.

A player can lie to women and say he’s not seeing someone else, leave it open ended and say that he is.

Most women in western cities are seeing multiple guys at the same time, so they’re like female players in a way, looking for the best catch.

However, players aren’t looking for a girlfriend.

They have multiple women who fulfill their sexual needs.

In addition to their team, players also have new girls that they fuck and see if they can be a fit for the rotation.

Regulars and new comers 

They’re getting consistent pussy + new pussy.

Most girls will burnout after a few months to a few years because the player won’t commit.  So he always needs new pussy to replace his regulars.

The highest end players are also building a business, advancing in their career, and are producer’s in society.

That being said, you can still be a player with women and have a shitty job or no other ambition.

It will limit your game but that’s how most lower level players operate.

If you’re a cut above the rest, you can become an entrepreneur and shift the employee mindset to that of a business owner.

The playboy

fuck more women like dan bilzerian

The playboy is similar to the player in a lot of ways.

He’s used to getting a lot of women.

He’s talking to a lot of women at the same time and is generally trying to fuck as many girls within his standards as possible.

The difference though is the playboy is usually a hit it and quit it type of guy.

He’ll fuck a girl once, maybe twice, and then ghost her.

His main objective is to get a feeling of accomplishment with each new fuck he adds to his arsenal.

A playboy doesn’t really have a staple or team of girls to fuck.

He’d rather chase only new pussy.

A lifetime playboy will generally fuck more women then a player and be a wiz at one night stands because that’s his main focus.

When to be a player

when to be a player

I’m a player when it comes to the game of life.

And with women I’m generally a player.

I have consistent girls I see for quality sex, and am always trying to find new girls to add to the team.

Being a player will give you the advantage of consistent sex.

I’ve had tons of fun with one night stands, but sex usually gets better as you’re with a girl multiple times versus just one and done.

Being a player allows you to enjoy other benefits of women that playboys don’t get.

You get women to cook for you, clean for you, do your dishes, and even give you money if you reach the level of a mack.

A player doesn’t try to add every girl he fucks to the team.

Some new chicks won’t be a good fit.  And others will be a solid inclusion.

But he gets to have the benefits of regular pussy and new girls.

You should be a player for most of your time in the game.

If you ever decide to get a long term girlfriend t have kids with, you’ll still have experience in mini relationships with the women you’ll see that will carry over to your relationship.

When to be a playboy

when to be a playboy

Playboys don’t invest much in a girl once they fuck and aren’t looking to fuck again.

It can be fun to be a playboy for a while because you can rack up a big notch count by constantly fucking new women only.

The best time to be a playboy is when you’ve gotten out of a relationship or if you’re laser focused on starting a new business.

Just broke up

If you just broke up, then you probably will feel like you’ve missed out on some fucking.

So going out there and fucking 10 girls or more will help you to get over your relationship and prove to yourself that you still got it.

Plus it’s fun to fun through a bunch of new pussy when you haven’t done so in a while.

New business grind

When you’re starting a new business, the best thing you can do is to go monk mode.

This is where you’re not fucking anyone, and even better not even ejaculating at all.

This will allow you to use all of your sexual energy on your business.

Nonetheless, being a playboy is more realistic for most men rather than not seeing any women.

It will allow you to fuck new girls while also growing your business.

You won’t have to worry about managing the girls you’re fucking while also getting a head start on growing your wealth.

Being a player is fun, but is almost a part time job.

It’s good to focus on your purpose in a serious way for months at a time, while fucking new girls on the side as a reward for your success.

The player mindset

james bond player mindset

The player mindset is about being a player in all areas of your life.

A player is always looking for the best outcome in every situation.

You can apply the player mindset to your business and career path as well.

When it comes to women 

Having regular, quality girls to fuck, while having new girls that you try out, is going to be the best option for most of younger years.

It makes sense to be a playboy when

  • you’re new to the game
  • just after a break up
  • when you’re traveling
  • when you’re laser focused on building a business

It makes sense to be a player when

  • you’ve had a business for a few years and are steadily growing it
  • have a solid career
  • want to have mini relationships and new women simultaneously
  • want the benefits of a relationship (cooked meals, better sex, affection) without the commitment of one

Some men can be a playboy for the majority of their time and enjoy it.

If that’s you then go for it, you should do what you prefer.

Avoid being a playboy for too long

But if you’re a playboy and haven’t been in many relationships, you could suffer from a bad case of oneitis if you ever do meet a girl that you fall for.

That’s why you see a ton of musicians or actors get married, then get divorced raped.

Even Brad Pitt, a Hollywood stud, going through a divorce.

Even though he and others have probably fucked hundreds of women, many of them never developed relationship skills.  Or not to the degree that they need to maintain a successful relationship.

And then they end up putting the pussy on a pedestal, like they’re a schoolboy with a crush.

Spend most of your time as a player

women want an attractive man

I recommend you be a player for most of your time in the dating game.

And you can have hints of being a playboy when you’re too busy for the regulars or after a break up.

Experiment with both and enjoy the company of beautiful women in you life.

Except when it comes to all aspects of your life, you should be a player.

A playboy is just going for the easy money while a player will play the game to get the best result long term.

Players experience one night stands and mini relationships with many women.  We understand concepts like why women want attention and why long distance relationships don’t work.

But we’re also similar to the playboy in that we know how to get laid on the first date and how to talk about sex with a girl.

At the end of the day, you need to live your life how you want.

Get experience with women, and make sure no matter what they you never legally get married.

And if you decide to settle down, never forget the red pill lessons you learned about the game in your days as a player or a playboy.

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