Power in relationships: Always be willing to walk away

Power in relationships: Always be willing to walk away

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There is always power in relationships between a man and a woman.  One person always has more power than the other.  If you’re willing to walk away easier than the other person, you’re the one with the power in a relationship.  As a man, it’s more beneficial for you to have the power in the relationship.  This will make your relationships with women more fun, easier to maintain, and more plentiful throughout your life.  But you first must understand that no sexual or romantic relationship between a man and a woman is equal.

No relationship is equal

Some friendships are close to equal.  Maybe you have power in relationships that is seemingly split between family members.  You can debate that it’s never truly equal, but for all practical purposes, many relationships in life can be close to equal.

However, there is always power in relationships with women that is never equal.  In the dating game, one person always has more power.  It may be 60 / 40 or, 70 / 30, or  90 / 10.  But it’s never equal.  There’s no sharing power in relationships.  As the man, you need to know how to have power in a relationship.

If you don’t accept that, then you won’t be able to fully digest the rest of the article.  In my life experience, and that of every man who has experience with women, we all come to realize that someone has the power in the relationship.  I’d rather it be you as the man.

Why should you want the power in relationships

Simply put, a man who has power in relationships with women can still love or care about the women he’s with.  But if a woman has the power in the relationship, her love / attraction for the man will decrease, and they’ll either break up or be unhappy.

If you want to:

Then you need to need to understand power in relationships and be the one with it when it comes to the women you’re dating.

Women want a dominant man

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Women want a dominant man.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a physical abuser or do anything illegal.

Being a dominant man means you go after what you want.  In terms of your career and your women.  You have a clear goal and you go for it.  In relationships, a dominant man steps up and takes control.  He’s dominant during sex, which feminine women absolutely love.  A dominant man also makes his dominance known.  He makes the plans.  Or he delegates tasks to his female.

He’s the leader.  If his woman disagrees with him or says something that could cause harm to the relationship, he doesn’t just bow down and give in to her.

Has the ability to say No

A dominant man says no to a woman when that’s the answer he feels.

And women want that.  They don’t enjoy just hearing “no” all the time.  But they are turned on by an authentic man.  A real man who tells them no when she acts crazy or unreasonable.  A man who isn’t afraid to argue.  Because a man who stands up to her isn’t desperate for sex.  He’s desired by other women.  And he’s also likely to stand up to other men.

Women want a strong, dominant man.  They want a man who has the power in relationships.  That’s why they like the alphas.  Alphas have the power because they’re willing to walk away and not get desperate.  If you gain the ability to walk away easier than her, then you’ll have the power in the relationship.  You’ll become the alpha, at least when it comes to this girl.  If you can do this with every girl you date or start to see, then in time this will become apart of your character.

How to get the power in relationships

There’s always someone who has the power in a relationship.  And the power in a relationship lies in who cares the least.

Which means that to get power in relationships, you always be willing to walk away.  This is possible with any relationship you have now or in the future.  That being said, it’s tough to do if you already have oneitis for a particular girl.  If you’re single or aren’t too attached to a particular woman than this is much easier to do.

However, any man can learn how to get power in relationships with women.  He just needs to be willing to walk away and care less than her.

You can still care.  And if you’re not a robot, then you will.  Especially if you’re in an exclusive relationship with a girl, aka you have a girlfriend.  But the key is just to care less.  This isn’t something you just fake.  You care less by:

  1. staying focused on your purpose
  2. keeping your smv high
  3. checking her when she disrespects you
  4. guarding your heart

1. Staying focused on your purpose

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

Your purpose needs to be the number one focus in your life.  If you organize your life like this, with your purpose being number one, then you’ll be able to care less have power in relationships.

Your purpose is something you love to do, something you’re good at, and something that provides value to others.  It’s a business started by you, owned by you, and grown by providing value to those who will benefit from it.  Life has no eternal purpose.  That’s why we must make our own purpose.

In the past, survival was the purpose.  For most of us, we have survival taken care of.  Which means we have no primary purpose that we strive towards.  At least not consciously.  However as men, we always try to make something our purpose.  If we don’t proactively choose our purpose then it might end up being a whole bunch of things.  Most commonly it ends up being a woman.  And when you make a woman your purpose, you end up becoming attached to her and lose all the power in a relationship.

And ironically, she’ll become less attracted to you for this.  She’ll dominate the relationship before eventually dumping you.  If you’re married then she’ll likely divorce rape you and then leave you for a man who keeps power in relationships.

But all of this can be avoided if you develop your own purpose and stick to it.  This way you keep your own personal power and therefore can maintain power in relationships much easier.

2. Keeping your smv high

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Keeping your sexual market value high is an essential part of maintaining the power in a relationship.  It not only keeps your girlfriend physically attracted to you, but it also keeps her on her toes.  She’ll know that you’ll be able to leave her and replace her if need be.

In return, she’ll need to work hard to keep you happy.  And she’ll be way more likely to not fight you so hard for the power.

With a high sexual market value, you’ll be able to go out there and find other women.  Women can always find other men to fuck, but they can have a hard time finding another man for a relationship that’s not a beta.  And if you’re a high value man, then she won’t want to risk losing you and needing to go out and compete for another man of equal stature.

And high sexual market value gives you leverage.  You’ll be able to run dread game much more effectively which will help you maintain the power in relationships with any of the women you date.

3. Checking her when she disrespects you

man checking woman

High smv and keeping your purpose makes checking a girl much easier.  Checking her means you stand up to her when she disrespects you.  If she’s giving unnecessary attitude or disrespects you, you need to check her.  Don’t apologize when you didn’t do anything wrong.  Never let a woman you date get away with attacking your character or throwing shade at you when she’s in the wrong.

Women want men to check them.  They like when a man is able to tell them no.  As touched on earlier, she wants a dominant man.  This doesn’t mean you hit her.  And it doesn’t mean you need to yell at her.  But it definitely means you tell her when she’s wrong.  And if she gets upset or angry, you don’t change your mind like a bitch.  You’re a man.  You tell her what’s on your mind.  And you tell her to get with your program.  It’s your way or the highway.

There’s a time for compassion.  Just like there’s a time to argue and establish that you’re not going to take disrespect.

Checking a girlfriend when she disrespects you gives you the power in a relationship.  It’s essentially passing the shit test that’s going to determine whose in charge.

If you let her break you down then she’ll have the power in the relationship.  But if you fire back and hold true to your stance then you’ll have the power in a relationship.  Especially when you get to the point where you’re willing to walk away.  Then you’re in the prime position to actually lead and make the relationship as good as it can be.

4. Guarding your heart

guard your heart - mac miller

You care less than her and keep power in relationships by guarding your heart.  When you protect your emotions, you’ll be able to walk away when the time comes.

But most men don’t guard their heart.  It’s understandable in your first major relationship.  But when guys go from relationship to relationship and always get heartbroken, they need to learn the lesson already.

Staying focused on your purpose, keeping your smv high, and checking a girl can all help with guarding your heart.  But if you don’t watch how you feel from the beginning, then even doing these things later in the relationship might not be enough.  Because unless you actually believe you’re the prize, you might not stick to these behaviors.

And in order to maintain that you’re the prize you need to guard your heart.  This means avoiding getting too attached to her.  You’ll still love the girl you’re with.  But you need to be monitoring your emotions and the emotional response you get from her.  It’s great that you two can make each other happy.

No power in a relationship means you’re screwed

But when you depend on her for your happiness, you’re setting yourself up for a huge failure.  Failing to guard your heart will mean that you’ll lose power in relationships.  And you’ll be worse off because of it.  Your girlfriend didn’t fall in love with the weak man who put her on a pedestal.  She wants to strong, flirty, fun version of you who was confident.  when you become too attached, you worry about losing her.  And then you lose all of the power in the relationship.

Always be willing to walk away

In all relationships, even ones that last, you’ll need to be willing to walk away.  You need to be able to go no contact or walk out the door so she knows you’re the man.  She needs to know that you don’t need her.  You can’t be afraid of getting over an ex girlfriend and moving on.

That way she’ll need you.  Your attention, your validation, and your masculine presence.  Whether you take a woman back is up to you.  But you always need to know what pimps and CEO’s understand, and that’s the power of value.  Whoever is able to walk away easier has more value and therefore more power.

Only when you’re willing to walk away can you have power in relationships.

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