Pump and Dump: Stop Hitting and Quitting Every Girl you Sleep with 

Pump and dump: stop hitting and quitting every girl you sleep with 

Pump and dump: stop hitting and quitting every girl you sleep with 

You may think an anti pump and dump article is written by a woman whose been forgotten by numerous men.  After all, a woman whose been pumped and then dumped numerous times by tons of cocks is eventually going to get sick of it.  She could do a better job of choosing her sexual mates if that really mattered to her though.

But alas, this isn’t coming from a woman.  The person telling you to lay off the pump and dump, fuck and fuck, hit it and quit it, however you want to call it… is coming from a player in the game.

A common problem I see from some of my readers who write to me who are single and in the game is the pump and dump.  Many of the potential players are doing pump and dump on every girl they meet.  This is going to hurt you in the game.

I’m not talking from an ethical perspective.  Sometimes you fuck a chick and even though you know how to fuck a woman properly, you’re just not feeling it.  Or maybe you dipped below your own standards.  Pump and dump has it’s place.  But pump and dump as your usual practice is bad.

Why pump and dump is bad

Pump and dump is what the typical playboy or pick up artist will do.  And because they only do pump and dump they’re always having to chase the next piece of ass.  Pump and dump as your go to method is bad because:

  • Lose out on consistent sex
  • Won’t be able to get better at managing relationships
  • Lower quality sex
  • Will lead to dry spells

1. Losing out on consistent sex

girl initiate sex

The first and most obvious reason why pump and dump is bad is because you lose on consistent sex.  Unless you’re a celebrity, it’s difficult to consistently fuck new girls everyday of the week.  And even if you can, you’re wasting too much time on just trying to get girls.  As players not just with women but in life, you also need to be making money.  Whether you work a wage slave job or you own your own business, you’re going to spend most of your hours working.

You don’t have time to spend M-F trying to cold approach a million girls like a low value man would do.  As a high value, or aspiring to be high value man, you’re doing shit.

Which means you need to have girls they you see more than once if you want consistent sex.  Getting girls on a schedule to meet up with isn one of essential steps in becoming a player.

In business they say it’s much easier to keep a current customer than go out and get a new one.  It’s the same with women.  It’s much easier to have a girl come over once a week then to get laid with a new girl.  And if you manage your time well, you can have a few girls come over once a week each.  Which means you’re getting laid multiple times a week in the evenings, while still having tons of time to work on your purpose.

If you just pump and dump the majority of girls you fuck then you won’t have consistent sex.

2. Won’t be able to get better at managing relationships

how to be the leader in a relationship

Men with girlfriends have direct experience with managing relationships.  It’s a way for you to practice being the alpha in the relationship you’re in.  However, you don’t need to be in a long term relationship to necessarily work on your relationship management skills.  You can still get better when you’re single.  Because each girl you see casually is still like a mini relationship.

With girls you pump and dump, there’s only the flirty part of the relationship for a few hours.  A man who only pumps and dumps only gets good at getting laid quickly.  And a few years down the line and he decides to get into a relationship, he usually becomes the beta, despite having been with a lot of women in the past.

That’s because pump and dump doesn’t allow you to be around women long enough to actually lead and manage.  A single man might wait 10 years for another long term relationship.  But with women he doesn’t hit and quit, he’s still able to pass shit tests, walk away, and learn how to lead properly.

3. Lower quality sex

The best sex you’ll have is with women you have a connection with.  You can have a connection on the first night of meeting.  And you can have great sex the first time.  But the best sex you’ll ever have is going to be with women that you see consistently.  Usually girlfriends, but sometimes just flings that you had an intense passionate time with.

Either way, a man who does pump and dump isn’t going to have nearly the same quality of sex.  He won’t have time to learn the little nuances of a woman’s body.

And when he does have great sex with a woman, he’ll pump and dump her because he’s just focused on getting his notch count up.

4. Will lead to dry spells

she never texts first

Pump and dump leads to dry spells.  Unless you have the smv of Leonardo diCaprio or you have extreme status, pump and dump will eventually lead to a lack of sex.  You’ll fuck a girl, another  girl, then a bunch, and then a dry spell.  And so on and so forth.  You’re always chasing pussy because you don’t keep it around.

You get an abundance mindset by having consistent sex with attractive women.  If you have a few girls you see regularly then you’ll always have an abundance mindset.  Your dick is getting wet often.

When you hit n quit it every time, you will go periods without sex.  Which leads to lowering your standards, acting desperate, and regret.

Consistent sex

Consistent pussy will give you an abundance mindset.  You won’t be desperate for sex when you go out and you’ll be able to do better with women.  You’ll be able to sleep with/date hotter women when you’re already having other girls in the lineup.

When to hit it n quit it

However, hitting and quitting it can be useful sometimes.  There are times when you should pump and dump her so you’re not bringing bad energy into your life.  Times like when:

  • She’s crazy
  • Alpha female
  • Not attractive

She’s crazy

drama queen

So you slept with the girl.  You had a good time.  The sex was amazing.  But the thing is that you already realize she’s crazy.  It’s time to pump and dump.

All girls have a little bit of crazy in them.  However you shouldn’t notice anything too insane the first time you fuck.  By the time you’ve gotten the pussy and you already realize she’s crazy, pump and dump her.  Red flags usually appear within the first few weeks or month or two of knowing a girl.  If you can already see that she’s going to be nothing but drama then cut your loses and pump and dump her.

Alpha female

The alpha female is always going to want to take charge and control you.  She’s masculine in her energy like you.  Alpha females can still be hot physically.  But she’ll be the one trying to pull you.  While this seems nice it’s going to just be a struggle.

She’s going to want to be on top during sex.  She’s going to want you lead you and make you the beta from the get go.  Most women will shit test you and try to get power over time.  But if you stand your ground, pass their shit tests, and lead her, then they’ll happily follow you.  Not the alpha female.  She wants a man she can lead.

If you can already tell she’s an alpha female then you should pump and dump.

Not attractive

And of course, you can pump and dump her if she’s simply not attractive.  I would advise you guys to not sleep with girls you don’t have any attraction too.  But hey, we’ve all been there.  Once and a while – hopefully not more often then that – you fuck a girl whose not up to your typical standards.

No need to do yourself and even her a disservice by trying to keep seeing her.  If the though of fucking her doesn’t excite you, then it’s better to pump and dump.

Be a player not a playboy

player smile

Be a player and not a playboy.  A player will sleep with girls consistently, as well as new girls.  He might see a few girls once a week in the evenings after a hard days work.  And then he’ll go out to the club/bar or go on new dates a few times a week.  He always has an abundance mindset.

The playboy is always going out trying to get new ass.  He chases women and once he gets them it’s pump and dump to the next.

While hitting and quitting is necessary sometimes, it shouldn’t be your go to strategy.  A player needs to have some consistency.  This will allow him to work on his purpose and also sleep with hotter girls.  When he’s already sleeping with 8’s and 7’s, the 9 isn’t as intimidating.  The playboy has no back ups, and therefore he’s going to be desperate with higher quality women.

Don’t pump and dump every girl you bone.  Keep them around to give yourself a great sex life, save time, not be w weak desperate man hitting on every girl he sees, and to do better with new women.

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