What is the red pill? And how to use it

What is the red pill?

the red pill

The red pill is a lense to view the world in.

It’s another tool to in your shed to use to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life.

Red pill definition


The red pill is a philosophy that states the world doesn’t work the way we were trained to believe it does through traditional societal programming, and that learning the truth of how things really function can help us to get the results we want.

We can apply this to all areas of our life. The biggest two it can directly apply to is game / relationships and business.

Sexual strategies

sexual strategies

When people think of the red pill, they usually think of its application to sexual strategies.

That can be

or a many other avenues when it comes to relationships with women.

The red pill community online is dedicated to using real strategies to succeed with women, whether you’re a player or in a relationship.

My site is usually considered a red pill site, and that’s fair to say.


Not as common, but growing, is the red pill philosophy applied to business.

This is beneficial to achieve success in the business world through methods that aren’t taught in school and aren’t typically “programmed” into us by society.

Just like Disney movies lead us to believe we have to be a good boy to get women, school teaches us to be a good boy to have a nice, safe career.

But applying the red pill to business can show you that the path to success in your career is going to take more than just the 9-5 average job.

How to use to achieve success

achieving success

Implementing the red pill outlook on your dating and career can mean great things for you.

This doesn’t mean that you go around telling girls your see about the natural of hypergamy or break down the concept wage slavery at work.

This will just hurt you in both areas.

Even if you manage to convince someone to see your new point of view, it won’t be worth the damage you do in the process.

Instead, it means you use your insider knowledge to give you an advantage.

Applying the red pill to dating

Dating, or your sexual strategy as the red pill world calls it, is the reason the concept got popularized in the first place.

Applying the ideology to dating means to look at your relationships with women based on what happens in the real world, not what you’re told relationships should work.

Nice guy vs. bad boy

nice guy vs bad boy

In movies, you see the nice guy win over the girl from the bad boy through his good deeds.

Oftentimes he’ll get her from her rich, good looking, jerk boyfriend.

In real life, the bad boy, or confident man, gets the girl.

Only when women reach 28-35 will they settle with a beta if they can’t get an alpha to have kids with.

And even then… they’ll usually cheat with a more fun guy behind their hubbies back.

This is just one example of a red pill truth.

Not to say every wife is a cheater… but the percentage of cheating that goes on in long term relationships is much higher than you might expect.

Other red pill truths 

There are other things that you discover when you take the red pill that can be applied to relationships.

Hypergamy is real

Women want the highest quality man, and will leave her man if she can get another man of higher quality.

What “high quality” constitutes can differentiate upon the preferences of the woman, but is a mixture of the guys looks, money (resources), status, confidence, style, and so on.

Marriage is a bad deal for men

avoid getting married

Marriage is a dangerous deal for men and can end in gruesome ways.

It doesn’t take much effort to look at men in their 40’s and 50’s today.  More than half of these guys are divorced, and the majority lose in the divorces.

Only a rich guy can survive a financially devastating divorce, and even then he’ll lose more than half his net worth.

Many men who’ve never even heard of the red pill are avoiding marriage because it just doesn’t make sense in today’s social and political climate.

This should be one of the more obvious red pill observations.

It’s so bad I wrote an article on 10 reasons why you shouldn’t get married.

And more…

There are so many other things you’ll figure out while about women and dating that are different than what the mainstream indoctrinates you to believe.

Even once you nail the basics down, you’ll realize more and more as you tend to get more experience with women.

Applying the red pill to work / career

applying red pill to business

While dating and women is one of the main areas to apply this way of thinking, it’s not the only way.

You can see new truths with women in your day to day life very easily.

It mostly comes down to women want the top men.

Just like men want the top women, like we see in nature with animals.

But you can also apply the red pill to your work life.

Sold a lie

You were sold a lie.

The lie was that you had to go to college, get a safe job, work that job for 40 years, save for retirement, and have 20 years to enjoy your old age.

That model is outdated.  And not possible to follow in today’s economy.

If you just apply the red pilled thinking to your work life like you do your dating life, you realize that you were sold a lie.

It’s similar to the dating script.

You’re supposed to get married.

Then you’re expected to get drained from your wife, kids, and die with not much left to your name.

The safe corporate job becomes the trap.  Because you have a mortgage, kids, and no other real high paying skills that will allow you to escape.

What do to

realize they're not real

You can do something different instead of falling into the trap.  Something different than paling the great illusion that most people fail to see.

Applying the red pill to work / career means that you realize your job is your life.

So you need to get a job that pays you well, gives you flexibility to live how you want, and one that will help you to actually build wealth.

And one that you also actually enjoy.

Something that you can find purpose in.

For most people who aren’t born wealthy, this is only possible as an entrepreneur.

Start a business

start a business instead

The only path for a red pilled man is business ownership

A man needs financial independence.

He can only achieve this by owning a business and controlling his own income.

Starting a business allows you to make money for yourself.  You can choose something you love to do and work everyday to be the best at it.

There’s not a better way to spend your time on this earth.

The red pill is not all powerful

When people have a “red pill” realization, they’re usually figuring out something to be real for the first time.

Most of my red pill realizations have held true.

But this isn’t always the case.

We’re still individual human beings.  Our views develop and change over time.

Some hold true, while other vanish as we adopt new ideas.

If many men have the same red pill realization, then there’s a good chance it’s true.

But you still can’t assume that for yourself.

The angry mob

angry mob

There’s times where I see men in their red pill rage or anger make bold claims about the evilness of women or the world.

And then there are a shit ton of guys who feel the same way.  Angry men who were cheated on, dumped, divorced raped, and so on.

We even have incel men who are desperate beyond belief and are convinced women are evil incarnated.

Your own life experience 

However, in my experience that’s not a true statement.

Women aren’t evil, nor good, they’re just humans like men.  Most are fucked up to one degree or another, a few are decent for the most part, and quite a few are really fucked up.

And the fact that many women like to fuck around in the modern era is fine by me.

I choose to take advantage of this for my own pleasure.

Nevertheless, the point is that the red pill is not all powerful.

It’s just the ideas of men who unplug and disagree with the majority of society.

You probably agree with most of the concepts but disagree with others.

It’s a tool

But take it for what it is.

It’s a helpful ideology you can use to see more light on how the world really is.

That’s the extent of it.

It’s not a physical thing you can touch or hold.

It’s just a set of ideas.

Use it to change your outlook and improve your life.  But don’t become obsessed with it.

It shouldn’t be your new religion or your savior.

The red pill is just there to wake you up from the matrix of the world and get you to think for yourself again.

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